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I was doing so well, and then the Olympics. (Women's basketball is my favorite, I have tremendous girlcrush feelings for Diana Taurasi.) Sigh.

But they're finally over, which means I'm actually a productive adult again. Sort of. And things have happened in the interim!

My birthday! )

And somewhere back there, I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man, or whatever it is - the new one. Spoilers! )

[personal profile] idriya and I also went to see The Bourne Legacy. Also spoilers. )

And then yesterday there was the Closer finale, and the pilot of Major Crimes. Spoilers again. ) HELP ME I CANNOT HAS OBJECTIVE OPINIONS.

And that's probably enough of a textwall for one post. Next chapter of LttE has cracked 15k with only a couple of sections left to go, so I swear to god it's coming. /o\

Also: my mother only recognized Taio Cruz during the Olympic closing ceremony because of that Korra vid I made. Win.
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First things first, tiny PSA: I had almost forgotten this was going to happen, but LJ finally migrated my Scrapbook over to the new system. I don't think my image links are broken yet, but I can only assume they will be soon? Which is the perfect incentive to get me to actually migrate everything to Photobucket - and maybe redo some of the formatting on ItO, while I'm at it - but if they do break before I finish that process, I'm sorry!

But also there have been things. Like the end of S2 of The Borgias. Spoilers. )

And for reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture, I've also watched GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra. Yes, really. )

And The Closer! Nothing really to say except YAY MARY MCDONNELL YAY; I actually need to rewatch the end of last season before I can come up with anything more in-depth.

I've been distracted most recently by my first tentative forays into vidding, which may or may not result in a very basic Borgias vid popping up here fairly soon. Much more importantly, I've now hit 10k on the next chapter of LttE! So it's still going to be really late, but I'm getting there. SO MANY THINGS ON MY LIST. :P
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So where did that two weeks just go? D: Yikes. I am glad it is at least properly cold now; all that remains is for it to snow a little bit more than this incredibly pathetic inch-ish we have right now, and then it'll actually feel like December, instead of November being clingy. And oh, god, the Christmas presents I need to buy. DDDDDDDDDD:

But, okay, before I get distracted yet again: media exists! And sometimes I consume it! Spoilers abound.

Last week's Closer. )

Last week's R&I. )

This week's Once Upon a Time. )

I also skittered off my reading list once again and devoured The Magicians and Mrs. Quent. )

I think that's everything? My most recent Netflix is a Donald Strachey movie, which I have not yet watched but fully expect to like; and of course there is Yuletide. The odds are heavily against me finishing all three of the treats that I've started, but hope springs eternal. As does my verbosity, because at least two of them are over the minimum already. /o\

I have also started The Secret Circle, but considering I've only watched an ep and a bit, I can't really say much about it yet. Except that I had never truly considered a Twilight/Charmed crossover. Also Faye is gorgeous.
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I managed to remember my TV this week, which is really good, because Monday was the summer finale day for both The Closer and R&I.

The Closer; spoilery, of course. )

R&I, also spoilery! )

I so can't wait for this weekend - I feel like a cartoon person running on a barrel, there's so many things I want to catch up on! D:
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I've been going to bed early and sleeping like a rock this week, and yet I feel more tired today than I did on Monday. :P

I missed Burn Notice because my mother's Netflix was extremely long, which I am bummed about; I did catch The Closer, about which I only wish to say I love Sanchez, CAPTAIN RAYDOR YES, and small spoiler! ) Rizzoli and Isles, well. I wash my hands of their ability to plot out a crime whose portrayal and resolution do not make me cringe for one reason or another; I am watching this show for the ladies, Jett Jackson, and the third-to-half of each episode that isn't about the Crime of the Week, and in those respects I enjoyed it relatively well. Another couple spoilers. )

I spent yesterday enforcing consistency - in terms of format and grammar, hence the icon - on our faculty handbook, which included redoing the table of contents with revised page numbers twice. I hate page numbers. D:<

And it looks like I spoke too soon when it comes to thunderstorms dropping trees on my bedroom; I think I may sleep downstairs when Irene hits us, just in case. And I should probably kiss the power and the internet goodbye for the weekend, unless we get reeeeeeally lucky - which means I'd better post my [community profile] genretwisting bingo fic tonight.
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You can tell when I'm feeling guilty about not having written enough, because I stop posting completely. :P Although, to be fair to me, I was marathoning Harry Potter the weekend before last, so I wouldn't have had time then anyway. :D

But! TV. The Closer, R&I, Burn Notice. )

Also, I have discovered the beauty and wonder of having a DVR, and I am steadily filling it with movies, partly to remind myself which ones I still need to get from Netflix. I've watched Salt like five times, and The Losers like three times, and by the time our preview month of movie channels is over I'll probably have at least a few dozen more.

My [community profile] ladiesbigbang is going beautifully, and as long as I can stick to my outline I'm only a few scenes from being done; I'm nearly finished with my first [community profile] genretwisting bingo story; and I just made myself rewatch a chunk of Avatar this morning and take notes, so I can start working on filling in the gaps of my fic for [community profile] thelittlebang. \o/ Now if only I didn't have to actually get some work done. :P
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Whoo, I've got some catching up to do.

Last last weekend: colonial gardens, swimming, failures to communicate. )

Last weekend, by contrast, was much less exciting; with the weight of my guilt lifted, I could go kayaking with my mother with a totally clear conscience. Technically, we also went last last weekend, but we picked a rather boring lake, with nothing to recommend it but two unexpected loons going fishing. Last weekend was way better - little peninsulas with nooks and crannies, fish and frogs and a great blue heron, and some really lovely water lilies.

But! I have also been watching TV.

The Closer, spoilery. )

Rizzoli & Isles. Also spoilery, and not especially pleased. )

I have not seen HPDH.2, because I am still pretty sure I'm going to cry like a baby; but I may have to do it just for Neville and Luna. (No epic HP fic until ItOverse is finished, self!) Also, The Daily Show: I had no idea Daniel Radcliffe was so awesome. I cannot get used to his face with no Harry!glasses, though.
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Ugh, I am fail; I need to get organized and set up that crosspost before I forget completely. Granted, it's mostly for consistency's sake, at this point - being able to find everything in both places, that kind of thing. On the up side, I am definitely making progress on Chapter 10 of ItO. \o?

I missed H50 last night because I needed to sleep, but I WILL catch up. As for The Closer, well. ) Let's just say I will miss this show when it's over, but my nostalgia probably will not be centered around this ep.

I'd love to do a year-in-review post, except ... I sort of can't, because I only started posting fic in September, so it wouldn't be much of a year. Still, for about a quarter-year of posting, 120k words isn't half-bad. (Of course, it's not like I wrote the first six chapters of ItO in September - quarter-year of posting, not quarter-year of writing.) This year, I hope to break out into fandoms without the word "Avatar" in the name. :D Maybe I can finish some Newsies or Hellboy or something. And I totally need to start planning for the next round of [community profile] ladiesbigbang!
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Hung out with everybody yesterday at J's house, so we could get together before J's family leaves for a vacation together in Mexico. Cut for tl;dr. )

We also ... uh, interacted with the source I wrote my Yuletide treat for, to be as vague as possible, which amused me deeply; and I stayed an extra half-hour or so after everybody else left, talking to J about fic. J's current active fandoms are mostly the Percy Jackson books, which I have never read but am vaguely tempted to at least try, and The Hunger Games series, which I am avoiding like the plague because I am almost certain I would hate it by the end. (I will probably be completely certain by the time Mark Reads the Hunger Games is over, depending on how detailed his reviews are.) However, I do know enough about The Hunger Games to keep track of things when J is talking about it, so.

Also! My final set of Christmas presents arrived, and I am now happily devouring Magic Under Glass, Silver Phoenix, and the first volume of Ursula Vernon's Digger. (I've read quite a bit more than the first volume online, but I always forget to go back and read new pages as they come out, so having the beginnings of a collection of it in print is GREAT.) More awesome ladies, pls! Particularly if they are wombats!

I did watch The Closer two-parter, but I'm still not totally sure what I think - except, of course, ILU CAPTAIN RAYDOR. :D Every scene she and Brenda are both in is basically made of gold. And I miss Burn Notice already. Be here faster, summer.

As for tonight, my sister and a friend of hers and I are planning to go to the New Year's Eve contradance at the town hall, and then I will probably sleep until noon tomorrow. I can't believe reveals are so soon. D: omg so nervous.
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Ugh so tired. I came home this afternoon and napped for an hour, and it probably would have been about three times that except one of the cats woke me up with her yowling. :P On the upside, the drive home was unexpectedly gorgeous; it was cloudy and snowing directly overhead, but the sun was low enough that it was shining across everything sideways, and the snow falling in the distance was all lit up and making everything bright.

But enough! Monday night TV, and it's a double dose of yay this time, because I watched The Closer instead of The Event. \o/

The Closer. ) CAPTAIN RAYDOR FOREVER the end.

H50. )

Also, I just powered my way through a big chunk of ItO that was stalling me like nobody's business, which is a big relief. :P I hate getting stuck, it makes me feel so faily. How do I keep acquiring more and more projects? D:
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Yesterday was somewhat less than awesome; it started off with a department meeting nobody had warned me about, during which I had to talk about what exactly I've improved about the website, and ended with a dentist's appointment where the card I was supposed to use to pay got declined. :P

But! The fic posting two days ago went off without a hitch (though there are some small edits I need to remember to make to the AO3 version), which is way better than I was expecting for my first ever. I think after this I'm going to write the fics with formatting tags in place; going back through to find every instance of italics and tag it appropriately was a big time sink. I'm hoping I can get the rest of it done soon (the rest of this book, I mean; the whole series is going to take quite a bit longer), but I'm supposed to drive up to visit Br and AT this weekend, so. We'll see.

Anyway, on to last night's pre-hiatus finales. The Closer. Spoilers. )

Rizzoli & Isles. Also spoilery. )

Final verdict: <3 MY SHOWS.
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So I let my Rosetta Stone lessons slide a little, and then the day I was considering picking it back up again, I stepped on the cord connecting them to the computer - just stepped on it! Nothing crazy, I swear - and crack-pwing, I had a USB board, two casing halves it took nearly five minutes to find under the couch, and a very nice set of earmuffs. :P

Fortunately, my sister came over on Sunday - after an extremely difficult and emotional conversation with my mother about lawnmowing, no lie - and we went shopping. Generally speaking, I hate shopping, but there are two exceptions to that rule: 1) when I am shopping for things I have been thinking about for a while and have definite plans for, and 2) when I am shopping for books. This trip fell under both exceptions, and so I had a marvelous afternoon that ended with six new skeins of yarn, three books, and a pile of stuff from Staples - including a lovely new pair of headphones with a mic. \o/

I am now moderately caught up, and so, without further ado ...

The Closer; spoilery. )

Rizzoli & Isles; also spoilery. )

Also, I watched what I think was the episode of Covert Affairs that I'd missed. Spoilers, but they're a little dated by now. )

So, time to feed the pets, and then keep crocheting. (Most of the yarn's for a blanket, which ... I sense that I'll need more soon, because this thing is shaping up to be huge.)
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Man, it feels like even longer than it's actually been since the last time I posted. I don't even have a good excuse, really, except that I'm even lazier than I thought I was. :P

The job's going well, though it still hasn't picked up much; about a quarter of the time there's nothing for me to do, and another quarter of the time there's stuff I ought to and/or want to be doing, but I don't know how to do it, or whether I should. The remaining half is split between stuff I find really satisfying, like taking the godawful and practically unnavigable page for the athletic handbook and filling it with internal links, and the stuff I find incredibly tedious, like adding new students to the website database by hand because the place that does our data processing is ridiculously slow. (To be fair, it is August, so I assume they're getting a lot of new student processing requests right now. But still.) I've also started daydreaming about being able to make my own database and fill it with minor characters and details from the great HP AU. Seriously, you could do great and hilarious multimedia fannish/RP things for Harry Potter, with a fully functional school website. (Teacher pages! Grades and comments! Schedules! Quidditch games on the athletic calendar! ... I am totally losing my sense of perspective.)

Anyway. Fannishly, I finally got off my butt - and the weather was good enough for long enough - for me to get mostly caught up on Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, and The Closer. I'm not caught up a hundred percent on Rizzoli & Isles, but I'm working on it. Now I just need to catch up on Warehouse 13, and I'll be all set. A little nattering, mild spoilers. ) Mostly, though, I really do not have any deep thoughts.

Which is possibly because the part of my brain responsible for deep thoughts is too busy buzzing around Arabic. Now that I have actualfax money, and - at least for the moment - no regular bills except gas to spend it on, I splurged a bit on a Rosetta Stone. I'm pretty sure it's Modern Standard Arabic; there are times when some of the speakers are a little difficult to understand, and I think it's partly because of dialectical differences that aren't being covered in the program in general. Anyway, it is, of course, fascinating. I'm only on the fourth lesson, so I haven't gotten a lot further than, you know, "The girls have bikes. The girls do not have bikes. There are three yellow bikes." And the phonetics are tripping me up a little, which I was expecting; I can't always hear the difference between emphatic and non-emphatic stops, or between the velar fricatives and the pharyngeal fricatives. And I definitely can't produce them very well. :P But I'm sure practice will help, at least, even if I'm too old to really get good at it.

Mostly, it's just a ridiculous amount of fun to do. There's nothing I like better than learning languages, and with a computer program, I don't have to do skits or dialogues or worksheets or any of the other stuff that I don't like about regular intro language classes. But I haven't gotten far enough to say for certain whether it works, either. ^^ (If it does, though, I ... may have already composed a prioritized and weighted list of the languages I want to get next. :D)

I'll conclude my wall of text by saying that I have never listened to so much NPR in my life as I have commuting to and from work - which is part of the reason I'm experimenting with taking my pretentious post titles from the Writer's Almanac poem of the day, instead of songs. I could seriously listen to Garrison Keillor talk all day.
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So, I watched the newest (at least, I think it was the newest) ep of The Closer last night.

I had really mixed feelings at the outset, but I think overall more things ended up being right than wrong - I'm not sure, though, it still hasn't totally settled yet. My tentative perspective. Spoilery, natch. ) I was especially leery because of the whole VB-returns thing on F_W, and the attendant pronoun fail that is thankfully mostly over now; but I think the ending at least partially made up for the obnoxious parts of the beginning. I don't know, I'll have to let it percolate a little more.

In academic news, the World Lit final on Thursday went by without much of a hitch. I'm terrible at writing essays by hand, I get so tense I have to shake my hand out every few words or else I can barely write, but I think I managed okay. Then there was nothing until yesterday afternoon, which was the Cog-Neuro exam. I ... probably should have studied for that a little bit more than I did, but I think it turned out all right. This afternoon is Audiology, for which I plan to "study" by making myself a paper diagram of an audiometer and practicing in my room. Fortunately, I can do that without feeling like an idiot, because B finished her last exam and left for home yesterday afternoon. (I know this makes me a horrible person, but: \o/!)

So. Paper audiometer. Right.


Jun. 8th, 2009 09:00 pm
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So Saturday was awesome. I walked stilts for so long that I actually kind of hurt my left foot a little bit; I think I made the foot-strap a little too tight, because the side of my foot, the place where the strap crossed around, was all weird and achy. I was anxious about the kids - and people in general, really, as I am good with neither - but it was like I was possessed, or something. People asked me questions, and I answered them! In a kind and friendly manner! \o/ I'm always particularly afraid of what to do when a kid says something I can't understand, or something kind of silly - like, one of them seemed to be having serious trouble grasping the entire structure of the stilts, and kept asking me what the wood was for - but it actually wasn't half bad.

Turns out that being on stilts brings the same set of questions to everybody's mind: how tall are you, how do you get up there, how did you learn, and is it hard. Plus, I have never had so many people try out the "How's the weather up there?" thing on me in my life.

The rest of the weekend was rather unremarkable in comparison. I find myself weirdly enjoying grocery shopping; there was a phase in between when I got to ride on the cart and now when I thought it was the most boring thing in the world, but that seems to be coming to an end.

Today was more weeding - no particularly good stories, sadly, although I do think I managed to make friends with both of Mary's cats - and also a marathon of The Closer. I kind of love The Closer. ) I'm actually typing this during spare moments of the season premiere, which, so far? Awesome.

I used my memories to collect a couple recent posts - specifically, cereta's post on men and rape, and a reaction to it. Reading it and the comments to it has been painfully illuminating; I'd call it a valuable experience for me, except that makes it sound like I'm okay with the pain some of the commenters have gone through because it taught ~*~me~*~ something, which, hell no.


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