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Korra S1 finale: spoilers everywhere, and maybe don't look if you loved it. ) I'm pretty definitely not going to stop watching, but I have metaphorically re-fortified my heart so as not to hang all my joys and hopes on Season 2.

Much more happily, we went to see Brave. Spoilers! ) ♥♥♥♥♥

And there was also Burn Notice, which I now find I have no deep thoughts about, but am enjoying even though they're still being a touch heavy-handed about Michael/Fi - not that it isn't warranted in some ways, but I could do with less of the slow-mo table-overturning, I don't need that to remember that Michael loves Fi. :P It is weird but amazing, having a casting spoiler ) around, and I'm glad they went for a Jesse episode. Reserving most other judgment until I have a better idea how they're going to handle this prison storyline.

Blew most of the weekend, so next chapter of LttE: 4.5k, not tremendous progress. But still progress!
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The OTW, the elections, and me. )

Aaaaand the new AO3 site skin. )

Okay, now to slightly less fraught things. I am caught up on Burn Notice but have nothing to say, except TEAM, TEAM ON MY SCREEN, and also MADELINE YAY. And I watched Once Upon a Time in real time for once. Spoilery, of course. )

And! I finished Blackdog, but should probably hold off on the actual review until I have the book in front of me again. (Short version: I definitely enjoyed it! :D)
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4,894 / 50,000 words. 9.8% done!

So I got sick! Which actually was good timing, in a certain sense, because in between naps that added up to like eighteen hours of yesterday, I actually got pretty far on my NaNo. Sometimes being sick is weirdly facilitating to my writing - somehow it can temporarily lower the barrier between the not-words floating around in my head and the actual words I need to be putting down on the page. \o? Obviously I'm not quite done for today, but I think I can manage another paragraph or two this evening, if I don't just conk out on the couch the second I get home. (It's original fiction; I promised [personal profile] daemonelix a looooong time ago that I would reserve NaNo for origfic, because I write fanfic the whole rest of the year. :D)

But! There have been TV shows since last I posted. Once Upon a Time. Spoilers, of course. )

I am also watching Prime Suspect, but I have less to say about that except that I like Maria Bello, and also it makes me want to check out the original. I like watching cranky people be cranky and then also do their jobs, and since I am hitting my oversaturation point on most other police shows, it's nice to have one where I haven't had this ep on in the background while reading/eating dinner/writing fic twenty times already.

And Burn Notice is back tonight yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. ♥♥♥♥♥ Once I hit a certain level of affection for something, I am incapable of ever being objective about it again. Ever.
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So, okay, I missed a bunch of episodes, but I actually remembered to tune in for Burn Notice last night, and I am so glad I did! Spoilers, natch; no particularly insightful thoughts. ) Next week could be either totally awesome or incredibly disappointing. It can be such a strain, being fannish about open canon. I don't know how people do this on a regular basis. DDDDDD:

I'm really glad this weekend coming up is going to be a long one, because I have SO MUCH to write, homg. And next weekend is the start of school, which means work is going to abruptly shift a gear or two up. At least I don't have homework anymore?
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You can tell when I'm feeling guilty about not having written enough, because I stop posting completely. :P Although, to be fair to me, I was marathoning Harry Potter the weekend before last, so I wouldn't have had time then anyway. :D

But! TV. The Closer, R&I, Burn Notice. )

Also, I have discovered the beauty and wonder of having a DVR, and I am steadily filling it with movies, partly to remind myself which ones I still need to get from Netflix. I've watched Salt like five times, and The Losers like three times, and by the time our preview month of movie channels is over I'll probably have at least a few dozen more.

My [community profile] ladiesbigbang is going beautifully, and as long as I can stick to my outline I'm only a few scenes from being done; I'm nearly finished with my first [community profile] genretwisting bingo story; and I just made myself rewatch a chunk of Avatar this morning and take notes, so I can start working on filling in the gaps of my fic for [community profile] thelittlebang. \o/ Now if only I didn't have to actually get some work done. :P
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Also, in case someone has managed not to see it, KORRA TRAILER OMGYESSSSSSSSS.

Ahem. Also, I went and saw HPDH2 on Sunday, with my family. Spoilers, of course. ) I enjoyed it very much; like GoF, which also makes me cry, I may not watch it repeatedly, but it is Harry Potter, and it's going to be a bit of me forever no matter what. Harry Potter is the reason I found fandom in middle school, which means I owe it more than I probably even realize. Someday I will finish that AU, dammit.

Also, I watched Burn Notice. Only a few things. )

And now I should get back to work. :D
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So, by "I will almost definitely be able to get it done tomorrow", what I actually meant was "I will forget that we have to go to a parade in the morning to cheer for [personal profile] idriya and then be rendered utterly useless by the heat". The Fourth is not typically a big deal for my family! I forgot! /o\ Oops. I should know better than to say these things - at least I stuck the "almost" in there. :D Anyway, let's revise that to: whenever the chapter's finished and I've made it less bad - which I will try to do quickly - I will post it.

Caught last week's Burn Notice, and, oh, Madeline. Spoilers! )

Google Docs has taught me to type into a browser window and Ctrl+S whenever I finish a paragraph. Good for GDocs; somewhat less helpful for a DW post. **closes the THIRD save-page-as dialog box in the past fifteen minutes**
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I was so tired this weekend, for what seemed to be no good reason at all - maybe it's a time-of-the-month thing, I don't know. :P

But! I did manage to catch up on Burn Notice. Yay show! ) I just wish this show had more ladies. Besides Fi and Maddie, I think there was one on the CIA team, and she didn't have any lines. I don't think there were any in the shadow network montage. :P

Also watched Suits, and I am not sure what I think. On the one hand, YAY GINA TORRES YAY. On the other hand, a show about really smart rude white dudes and how smart they are? Gosh, I have never seen that before. :/ I'll probably catch it sometimes if it happens to be on, because the dialogue seemed pretty sharp and also GINA TORRES, but I don't know that I'll be diligent.
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Oh, I am SO USELESS. D: I was pretty crabby and tired for most of the week that my parents were gone - you have to do so much more stuff when nobody else is around to help out. :P And since then I've just been marking time until I was done with work.

Which was Tuesday. Monday, I took a tin of fudge in to the office - a bit embarrassing, as our tins seem to have kind of a cowboy-Christmas theme going, but everybody liked the fudge, and over half of it was gone by the time I took the container back home Tuesday afternoon. (I ... may have helped demolish it, just a little.) And Tuesday was apparently bring-your-dog-to-work day, so it was very relaxed; I spent about a quarter of it rubbing dogs' bellies, and three-quarters reading a book on graphic design, in preparation for complex things I may soon have to do.

As noted, I am all caught up on Burn Notice. I have nothing in particular to say, except TEAM IS HEARTS FOREVER, and also MADELINE. Well, okay, maybe a couple quick things. )

I finished ordering presents for family members yesterday, which means they will all be here by tomorrow. Friends, I do not yet have sorted, but it's looking like it'll be a bit longer before I see them, so I still have time. I just have to not leave it 'til the last minute again. ... Not good odds, but you never know. :D

That thing I didn't really mean to start writing that I might upload for Yuletide - or, more likely, as an NYR - has ballooned from 3k to 12k. One day, I will write something short. ItO is chugging along, although I was slow last week and I'll admit I spent today and yesterday doing essentially nothing at all. :/ But I still have a couple of weeks before my internal deadline comes due, so. Should be all right. I have a vague itch to start something new, but I'm doing my best to repress it properly.

And now back to Prince Caspian. How do you always snag me, Syfy? :P
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It was pouring at 4 am when I had to wake up and separate two fighting cats; it sleeted somewhere in between then and now, coating all the delicate little branches on the bushes outside, and all the needles of the pines, with ice; and now it is snowing, giant fat flakes falling almost fast enough to look like rain. I'm supposed to go meet up with M, J, K, Ka, and Q - and possibly a friend of J's from school, the prospect of whom fills me with terror - for lunch, so I ought to hope it stops soon, but I'm willing to drive carefully as long as it keeps snowing and sticking. :D

The tablet has arrived, as have the books I ordered; I'd forgotten just how long it's been since I'd drawn anything. I have giant flashing neon failure issues, and my sister is so much better at art things than I am that I have a feeble love/hate thing going on with drawing - even when something comes out half-decent, it's never quite good enough for something off in the back of my brain. Luckily, when I show her things I write, she likes to draw for them, so the pictures I wish I could put on paper still end up there most of the time. \o/

Monday shows. )

NaNo and fic talk. )

Thanksgiving. )

I would put a big poetical list of things I'm thankful for here, except I'm thankful for so many things it kind of defies belief, and making a list would just make me think of more and more. In summary, though: my family, friends, job, fandoms, and life are all more awesome than I usually give them credit for, and I am grateful for all the small sources of joy in between. ♥♥♥♥♥
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And the TV is broken again. **weeps** I didn't appreciate it functioning enough, I guess; or else I was just blithely assuming the roofing guys would keep fiddling with the cable at the end of every day to keep it working. We tried to fiddle with the cable ourselves, but it didn't help. The actual TV repair people are supposed to come by today - not soon enough to get me prompt Burn Notice, of course, but I'm betting USA will re-air the eps I've missed. This thing where I have to limit the amount of video I watch online is just killing me. :P

Still, it gave me and my mother a reason to actually watch some of the DVDs we've been accumulating recently. The West Wing, The Black Swan. Cut for not interesting. )

I am - mostly successfully, at the moment - juggling my NaNo with racking up more Newsies cliché bingo fic bits. /o\ The NaNo has, as always, gotten kind of unfocused in the process; when I get stuck, I tend to take that as a sign that I need to add a new plot thread, so I am acquiring open plot arcs at a sort of ridiculous rate. Still have a few spare days in there, though, so if I just work through Thanksgiving, I should be able to finish the fifty thousand words just fine - if not, you know, the story. I am so bad at actually completing my NaNos. :P

As for Newsies, I guess I'll just have to give in and let it own my soul for a while. New fandom love is like the Borg: resistance is futile.

Oh, and: snow! Probably won't stick all day, it was really just a dusting, but it did manage to actually accumulate on the ground. :D
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The TV retained its brokenness long enough to make me miss Burn Notice last week, which is wretched; and I really ought not to watch it online, because we keep exceeding our bandwidth allotment even without me watching TV online. But I'm guessing it'll be showing again this Thursday, before the next ep, so. I'll just sit here twitching 'til then.

But! It's fixed now, has been since Sunday, which means I got to watch last night's shows, at least.

The Event. )

H5000000000. )

Also, my sister and I went contradancing on Saturday, after I sawed some small trees down and gave myself a weird bruise on the shoulder; Sunday, I went over to her apartment for dinner, and made her watch Newsies despite her best efforts to escape. :D To be honest, I was half in love with that movie without ever having seen it, just because of all the stuff I read when I stumbled through the fandom back in the day, so she was pretty much doomed.

But now I should get back to pounding the outline of the next chapter of ItO into shape working on my NaNo filling some more cliché bingo prompts with Newsies work.
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My submission to [community profile] ladiesbigbang was accepted, which means my face is now stuck somewhere between :D and D: - on the one hand, I have been marked as acceptable by an objective outside source! Not that they're screening for quality (and lucky break for me there), but still. Standards were set, and I met them! :D On the other hand, I now have to actually put the fic somewhere where other people will see it. Not that they're necessarily going to, if the summary is boring enough, but the possibility will exist. DDDDDDDDDDDD: I suspect I'm going to be doing a lot of test posts before the 12th - I know what I've found useful in the past as far as navigating a multi-chapter fic goes, but I've never tried to actually code it before. Maybe if I just stick it on the AO3? So many choices!

Anyway. Back to TV.

Rizzoli & Isles. Spoilers, but still no especially deep thoughts. )

Covert Affairs; a few spoilers, but not big ones, since I didn't see the most recent ep. )

Burn Notice. Spoilers, I guess, but it's been a while. )

The Closer, I am still watching, but I have no thoughts, because ... I don't remember what it was, but there was something going on - oh, it might have been B messaging me, now that I think about it - that prevented me from paying full attention. :P So I'm going to need to rewatch this week's over the weekend.

The LJ/FB/Twitter thing kind of makes me lol at the same time I shake my head. I barely use Facebook, and I only have an account at LJ for crossposting and because maybe I might want to sign up for a challenge there, but I pretty definitely would not want those two things linked together. I could handle some of my RL friends finding me in fandom, particularly the ones who already know I'm into it but just don't know where to look for me; but not all of them, and I also would like to keep fandom way far away from my workplace. D: But I am moved to lol by the reaction - particularly the poll about it - and by how clear it is that LJ wasn't expecting people to mind. Oh, LJ.
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Man, it feels like even longer than it's actually been since the last time I posted. I don't even have a good excuse, really, except that I'm even lazier than I thought I was. :P

The job's going well, though it still hasn't picked up much; about a quarter of the time there's nothing for me to do, and another quarter of the time there's stuff I ought to and/or want to be doing, but I don't know how to do it, or whether I should. The remaining half is split between stuff I find really satisfying, like taking the godawful and practically unnavigable page for the athletic handbook and filling it with internal links, and the stuff I find incredibly tedious, like adding new students to the website database by hand because the place that does our data processing is ridiculously slow. (To be fair, it is August, so I assume they're getting a lot of new student processing requests right now. But still.) I've also started daydreaming about being able to make my own database and fill it with minor characters and details from the great HP AU. Seriously, you could do great and hilarious multimedia fannish/RP things for Harry Potter, with a fully functional school website. (Teacher pages! Grades and comments! Schedules! Quidditch games on the athletic calendar! ... I am totally losing my sense of perspective.)

Anyway. Fannishly, I finally got off my butt - and the weather was good enough for long enough - for me to get mostly caught up on Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, and The Closer. I'm not caught up a hundred percent on Rizzoli & Isles, but I'm working on it. Now I just need to catch up on Warehouse 13, and I'll be all set. A little nattering, mild spoilers. ) Mostly, though, I really do not have any deep thoughts.

Which is possibly because the part of my brain responsible for deep thoughts is too busy buzzing around Arabic. Now that I have actualfax money, and - at least for the moment - no regular bills except gas to spend it on, I splurged a bit on a Rosetta Stone. I'm pretty sure it's Modern Standard Arabic; there are times when some of the speakers are a little difficult to understand, and I think it's partly because of dialectical differences that aren't being covered in the program in general. Anyway, it is, of course, fascinating. I'm only on the fourth lesson, so I haven't gotten a lot further than, you know, "The girls have bikes. The girls do not have bikes. There are three yellow bikes." And the phonetics are tripping me up a little, which I was expecting; I can't always hear the difference between emphatic and non-emphatic stops, or between the velar fricatives and the pharyngeal fricatives. And I definitely can't produce them very well. :P But I'm sure practice will help, at least, even if I'm too old to really get good at it.

Mostly, it's just a ridiculous amount of fun to do. There's nothing I like better than learning languages, and with a computer program, I don't have to do skits or dialogues or worksheets or any of the other stuff that I don't like about regular intro language classes. But I haven't gotten far enough to say for certain whether it works, either. ^^ (If it does, though, I ... may have already composed a prioritized and weighted list of the languages I want to get next. :D)

I'll conclude my wall of text by saying that I have never listened to so much NPR in my life as I have commuting to and from work - which is part of the reason I'm experimenting with taking my pretentious post titles from the Writer's Almanac poem of the day, instead of songs. I could seriously listen to Garrison Keillor talk all day.
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I swore to myself that I wouldn't post until I'd done the second [community profile] ladiesbigbang check-in, and I swore to myself that I wouldn't do that until I had broken 30k on the fic. Which I did! Sadly for me, it is ... still not quite half-done. D: Why, brain? Why is it always epics? I also can't wait to edit it, because ... well. It's not as bad as it could be, but it could still use some work.

Anyway. I absolutely LOATHE HEAT, so this hasn't been the best week ever, but I've still managed to get some weeding done by going at about 7:00 in the morning. And then spending the rest of the day lying on the couch trying not to move too much. Before it got too bad, I got another bowl of those magnificent blackberries - well, okay, black raspberries. Whatever. Point is, they're out again this year, and they are just as gigantic and gorgeous as last year. I also had to give up a little blood to pick them, same as last year, and again, I got that funny sense of appropriateness about it. If you want fabulous black raspberries, then you've got to be willing to get pricked.

The Fourth was pretty good. Too hot for my taste, of course, but we got to go over to a friend's family's house for dinner, and show them Stranger Than Fiction, which they had not seen before and absolutely loved. I was a little worried about it; I love that movie, but it can take pretty hefty suspension of disbelief for some people to get past the premise and just enjoy it. But it all worked out! \o/

I wish I had something intelligent to say about Vividcon, but I've never been and I have only just begun to scratch the surface of the wonderful world of vids. Some blithering about my personal opinion below. )

In lighter, more squeeful news, I am getting seriously overwhelmed by shows. I need a Time-Turner, I cannot watch HawthoRNe and Covert Affairs at the same time. :P (Please, Covert Affairs, be good. You don't have to be great, I am not a demanding viewer. Just be decent!) I keep forgetting to post about Burn Notice, but it should suffice to say: ♥♥♥♥♥! I am still happy, and looking forward to wherever they're going with this whole badass-hot-assassin-lady thing. I also managed to catch the end of last season/beginning of this season set of Warehouse 13 episodes last night, and all I can say is: I LOVE CLAUDIA. AND EVERYONE ELSE. Including maybe a bit of a spoiler. )

... I still can't believe I have a job. D:
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Man, I definitely should not have waited as long as I did to start fixing my pants when they began developing holes; good thing I had barely anything else to do, or I could never have blown through multiple patches on each of four pairs in just a few days. I actually like sewing pretty well - it's pinning the patches in place beforehand that I don't care for, because it usually takes me quite a while to get it just right. :P (Of course, my inclinations toward perfectionism probably don't help.)

Fortunately, it wasn't nearly as dull as it could have been, because there was a Burn Notice marathon before the new episode on Thursday. :D And then the new ep! Much ♥, as always. Spoilers! ) Point is: HEARTS IN MY EYES. I am so far from objective about this show, it's a little ridonk. /o\

M came over a couple times; it's probably a good thing that we haven't sunk into another three-hour sexism-and-racism chat. As important as that conversation obviously is, I think it's best to space these things out a little, give yourself a chance to think things over in between long talks.

Relatedly, my feelings about the A:TLA movie are stronger than I think I had previously realized. The screencaps I've seen, and the previews that are starting to show up more and more often on my TV, just ... make me kind of ill. I was never planning to see the movie when it came out in theaters, but I was expecting it to feel like a wrench to have to skip it, and right now? It really is not feeling that way at all. I don't feel angry so much as frustrated - and, okay, I need to stop talking about this, because there are warning signs that I'm about to make myself cry. Just, blergh.

I'm slowly revving up again on my [community profile] ladiesbigbang; this one conversation is slowing me down, I have to make sure all the pieces make sense, but once I get through this scene, it should pick up a bit. (Also, I need to remind myself to let it go a little - if it's not perfect, I can always fix it later, self!) It's funny; I've spent so much time with Yue in various little fic-bits that I actually have trouble remembering how little time we spend with her in canon. Also, of course, I need to actually finish the show; helpful as the wiki is, it'll be good to get the last couple DVDs from Netflix. :D

And now I should really stop posting and pay attention to the World Cup. I'm not intense about soccer, but I like it well enough - and, hey, maybe watching the Cup will turn me into a fan.
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I ... am so lazy I hate myself a little bit. :P I need to artificially embusy myself - make a schedule or something - because I'm caught in this weird place where I have just enough I ought to be doing that I want to avoid it, and yet so little to be doing that I feel like a COMPLETE FAILFACE for not just buckling down and getting it done. RRRGH.

But now that I've admitted it to myself, I can fix it. I can't believe I'm going to a DCOM for part of my life philosophy, but, self: skate better.

The [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic has - well, the visible output in the actual fic file has stalled temporarily, because I am re-wrangling some plot things that I thought I had already wrangled. Part of the result is an increase in the AUitude of the fic, which I think is probably a good thing but also makes my notes file a touch more complicated. Still, if it will make the fic better, then I had better do it.

Also, BURN NOTICE. ♥♥♥♥♥! ) Conclusion: SO MUCH ♥.

I also caught a little In Plain Sight; I have seen, like, four episodes, but I LOVE that show. Mary is awesome, and I could listen to her banter with Marshall, like, ALL DAY. ALSO ♥. I need to start watching that more consistently. Oh, and speaking of awesome ladies, I have to remember to make a note of when HawthoRNe is airing - and, what is it, Rizzoli & Isles?

And I suppose this might be a good time for me to natter about Iron Man 2, which I only just saw this week. Squeeful thoughts with a hint of meta. ) Anyway, overall, lots of fun; I am cautiously hoping that all of the Avengers movies may actually be reasonably good. **crosses fingers** And I love Pepper and Natasha forever.

And now I probably ought to get moving. Today's a good day for my self-improvement project to kick off, because I actually have a fair amount to do: weeding this morning, picking my dad up from the bus, and stacking wood for a couple of family friends in the afternoon. \o?
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The night before last, I had a dream about which I remember nothing except that it included a whole lot of Sarah Shahi and her perfect face (undoubtedly a consequence of too much Life); last night, I dreamed that I was trying to show somebody that Holmes Tik-Tok vid, except I couldn't find it without playing all this other stuff I had first. I was just about to get to it ... and then I woke up. It was weirdly frustrating. Oh, subconscious. Sometimes you vex me.

Also, randomly: in a certain sense, I think it's a good thing Burn Notice didn't start until after I got back to school - and thus lost my control of the TV. If I had been able to watch a few eps and then had the TV bent to B's whims, I might have cried a little. (At least the internet here is good; maybe I can catch up online, if USA leaves the eps up long enough.)

There was mass yesterday, which was interesting; the sermon was structured around a box metaphor where the box stood for two totally different things at different times, and the transition between the two was not especially graceful, so that was a little confusing. It was also interesting because it held certain tinges of "omg oppression!" that got my back up a little. Christianity is not exactly an oppressed or marginalized faith, although I grant that Catholicism possibly gets a little more shit in the US than it does elsewhere. I remember being incredibly pleased when Obama mentioned non-believers in his inauguration speech, because it was the first time I could remember hearing anyone include atheism in a list of religious alignments that needed to learn to work together. I don't think Christianity is under attack in the ways the sermon sometimes implied.

Still, the music was lovely; and again, I found myself enjoying the readings from the Bible more than I expected to. I just have such a thing for antiquated text, archaic word choice and phrasing - it gets me every time.

ETA, for future reference: vid post with download link.


Nov. 26th, 2009 09:52 am
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So, it's been two weeks since last time, and man, what a two weeks it's been.

For starters, B did something incredibly stupid, which she has done at least three times before and which has never failed to make a mess of her personal life, yet which she has also apparently somehow not learned to stop doing. I, of course, was the happy receptacle for her problem-wrangling, which is something she tends to do aloud whenever possible; I feel like maybe I should become a diplomat or something, because living with her has taught me SO WELL to not let on when I feel like people are being morons/jackasses/pick your poison. RRGH.

The angst over that is actually still going on, a little - it was much diminished by the news that B's long-distance boyfriend will be coming to the States for Christmas to see her, though, which was a relief for me.

My computer is still mostly kaput. Because I'm running Knoppix from a CD, it can't retain anything - whenever I turn my computer off, and then turn it on again, no files I saved when it was on the first time will still be there. I knew this going in, so there was no catastrophic loss or anything, but since my computer no longer believes it has a battery, every time I knock the cord out, it's like starting from a blank slate. Not hugely troubling, just annoying.

However, those two things put aside, being on vacation is great. I know it was wrong of me to skip classes on Monday and Tuesday in order to give myself a week instead of three days, but. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I got to hang out with my sister at the treehouse (her apartment), and mainline three or four episodes of NCIS:LA, whose smarmy glory is truly blinding. :D I also ordered myself the second season of Burn Notice; I'm trying to get Br and AT properly addicted to it, and we're almost through the first season, so. Obviously I can't get it from the post office today, but it should have arrived by now, which means there is a pleasant moment of actually getting hold of it that is waiting for me somewhere in the future. \o/

And, of course, today is Thanksgiving, which probably means I shouldn't have started this post out with a bunch of complaining. ^^ And I am thankful, for all kinds of things; for every part of my life that has led me to end up where I am, even the ones that seemed unpleasant at the time, because, despite my woes, I'm in a pretty darn good place; and, of course, for my friends and family, for past friends who have drifted away and future friends I haven't met yet, for fandom, for ... everything. For life, for the world, for the inestimable beauty and wonder intrinsic to the universe.

That turned peculiarly existential. ^^ Anyway. I shall create a new tag for entries where I gripe about B, purely for purposes of statistics, and then I shall watch The Closer and help my mother cook and have a marvelous day, and I hope everyone else has a marvelous day, too.
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So, M, J, K, Ka, and Q came up for a visit; we ended up spending it finishing the first season of Burn Notice, which we'd been watching together at the end of the summer.

One of the eps we watched was False Flag, and I was surprised by their reaction to Evelyn. Spoilers (?) for Burn Notice 1.10. ) So. That was an interesting time.

The rest of the visit was a lot of fun, though, and I was sorry when they had to leave. Hopefully I'll get to see them all during winter vacation, though.

I'm still fighting my way through the HP AU; I keep letting myself get distracted by things that are not even anywhere near relevant yet, which is not helping. Hopefully I can finish another few chapters this weekend, though, since I won't have much else to do. And I want to do a couple more cliché-bingo-based snippets. Those are almost embarrassingly fun.


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