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I was a little later coming to work than I'd been hoping, because the car was in turtle mode three-quarters of the way there - not that I can blame it, because the warmest (WARMEST) it got on the drive in was eleven degrees below zero. (The coldest? Twenty-two below. \o?) Oh, Vermont. Sometimes you make me want to wrap myself in flannel and not come out until May.

My first [community profile] genretwisting fic is now 3500 words; I will clearly never achieve true brevity, but maybe I can keep it under 40k. **crosses fingers** Why do I always do this to myself? I'll probably end up working on it a bunch today when I'm supposed to be doing actual work things - my intentions are always good, I never plan to write except here and there when I'm waiting for something to upload, but somehow it never quite works out that way. :D (Of course, when something urgent comes along, I don't just blissfully keep writing, I am not a complete failboat.)

Man, today is going to feel so long. I'm used to lunch being a sign that I'm pretty close to being able to leave, not a sign that I have five more hours to go. D: I'm not ready to be an adult yet, dammit.

But: ItO topped 1,000 views! :D :D :D **happydances**
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Very brisk out today, where by "brisk" I mean "five degrees below zero while I was driving to work this morning". D: But there'll be snow tomorrow, and probably at a time that will still allow me to get to work, which is nice.

I made a stupid mistake on Friday with the newsletter, but I think I managed to get the correction out okay today, so it should be fine. Aside from that, the only stupid thing I'm doing is torturing myself with The Last Airbender - I need a project for ScriptFrenzy, and clearly the only thing my brain cares about right now is rewriting things, and then this just fell in my lap! But I have to watch it at least a couple more times, because the first time I was so busy hating it I wasn't paying super close attention. Not that paying attention does anything but make the script even more glaringly terrible. D:

Okay, I'm sorry: I must gripe. I can't hold it in any longer. ) And now I am going to cut myself off, because if I keep thinking about this I am going to blow a gasket. D:<

On the upside, I think maybe I can get on track to post the last few chapters of ItO two weeks apart, instead of four weeks apart. \o/ I might have to take a little time off before I start Book Two, but if I can drop down to a two-week posting schedule, I will be VERY HAPPY. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Also, I am dusting off my old, unused FF.net account and trying to figure out how to post to it - not because I especially want to, but J and Ka both apparently use it, and I figure I should at least give it a try. **dubious** I am probably only saying this because I'm so much more used to it, but: the AO3's interface is so much simpler. :P
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And the TV is broken again. **weeps** I didn't appreciate it functioning enough, I guess; or else I was just blithely assuming the roofing guys would keep fiddling with the cable at the end of every day to keep it working. We tried to fiddle with the cable ourselves, but it didn't help. The actual TV repair people are supposed to come by today - not soon enough to get me prompt Burn Notice, of course, but I'm betting USA will re-air the eps I've missed. This thing where I have to limit the amount of video I watch online is just killing me. :P

Still, it gave me and my mother a reason to actually watch some of the DVDs we've been accumulating recently. The West Wing, The Black Swan. Cut for not interesting. )

I am - mostly successfully, at the moment - juggling my NaNo with racking up more Newsies cliché bingo fic bits. /o\ The NaNo has, as always, gotten kind of unfocused in the process; when I get stuck, I tend to take that as a sign that I need to add a new plot thread, so I am acquiring open plot arcs at a sort of ridiculous rate. Still have a few spare days in there, though, so if I just work through Thanksgiving, I should be able to finish the fifty thousand words just fine - if not, you know, the story. I am so bad at actually completing my NaNos. :P

As for Newsies, I guess I'll just have to give in and let it own my soul for a while. New fandom love is like the Borg: resistance is futile.

Oh, and: snow! Probably won't stick all day, it was really just a dusting, but it did manage to actually accumulate on the ground. :D
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Finals feel like they are iiiiiiiiinching closer, as slowly as possible. :P I'm going to be so fried by the time they actually get here, just from the stress of anticipation.

Also, half as a reminder to myself: I'm going to try to remember not to crosspost to LJ, as a kind of symbolic gesture towards the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw event - this is not going to be three weeks of riveting! creative! content, or even three weeks of lame banal content that anyone is going to care about. But DW is my primary home, I crosspost from it to LJ instead of the other way around, and ... idk, even a little bit counts?

It snowed like mad today - today, in late April, which even in Vermont is not a common thing to have to say, though I don't think it's the absolute summeriest snow I've ever seen. Oh, weather.

Also today: the final CCC exam. And man, is it a relief to have that over with - not because I was stressing about the exam itself so much as because the CCC exams have a take-home pre-exam essay portion that is absolutely awful. Not challenging; relentlessly tedious. It was relentlessly tedious to write it for the midterm, and it was relentlessly tedious this time, too. :P Seriously, it was like pulling teeth, except even pulling teeth has some interesting, if sharply painful, moments. I know I should be grateful that it was take-home, and that it was easy and tedious, not difficult and tedious, but yikes.

After that, though, it was all smooth sailing and my progressively-less-tentative [community profile] ladiesbigbang story, which is seriously filling up my fic notebook. I ... might actually sign up. D: I'm frightened of doing that because it means a visible contract to actually put my writing where other people besides my sister can read it, which is deeply terrifying to me; but I'm already only a thousand words away from the minimum, so it's not like I have to worry about having nothing by the deadline, even if what I have is 15k of crap. **hands** idk, I still have, like, two days to think about it.

Oh - and I also broke my record for consecutive hours of consciousness. \o? B had to print out her thesis: three copies, one for each of her defense committee members, and the whole thing with cover and bibliography and all was close to eighty pages. A lot, but not bad, except that she doesn't have a printer. So we used mine, which is a creaky old all-in-one ink printer - I am very fond of it, but it's not going to be setting speed records any time soon. Plus, I had to edit B's thesis before she could print it. I mean, because she asked me to, but secretly, I was just dying to - I've edited B's papers before, and she is just WRETCHED at sentence structure. Like, really abysmal. So that took a while, and then printing out about two hundred and forty pages with my printer was at least a couple hours more. So, in the end, we were up until about 4:00 AM printing.

4:00 AM being past the point where my brain says, "Fuck it," and stops asking me to go to sleep, even getting into bed and lying down and closing my eyes wasn't enough to knock me out. I wobbled and giggled my way through class the next day - apparently sleep deprivation makes me happy - and went to bed early, for a grand total of about thirty-eight hours awake. Good times.

I've also been amusing myself by going back through the [journalfen.net profile] the_hms_stfu archives and enjoying the lolariousness - not that I don't love the stuff that's posted in the comm now, but it's fun to go back to the old days sometimes. Plus, I happened upon a Ron!hate essay that I have been greatly enjoying tearing apart in spare moments.

And now, back to the fic. To sign up, or not to sign up ...
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Outside of the Davis Center on the UVM campus, there are three flagpoles. The first flagpole always has the American flag; the second flagpole always has the Vermont flag. But the third flagpole changes all the time: on Earth Day (and also just randomly) there is a flag with a picture of the earth on it; around Diwali, they put up the Indian national flag; near Chinese New Year, it's a Chinese flag. Today, it was the rainbow flag, which gets put up for national events (like Coming Out Week, for example) and for smaller, UVM-only things - this time, it's an all-day multiple-speaker event, "Faithful Narratives", which I'm fairly certain was organized by UVM's LGBTQA Services office.

Sometimes, I really, really love this school.

Ahem. Anyway: Babel passage! \o/ It is going to be so nice to have a place like this to store this stuff, especially one that's so taggable. Sometimes I drift off into daydreams where my music is taggable, and I can listen to it by picking whichever tag I feel like hearing, instead of having to construct different playlists for everything. trufax.

Babel passage. Not important to anybody but me! )

Cut for grammatical and phonetic chatter, also not important to anybody but me. )

And so on. Glossing is so much fun, but, man, what an enormous time sink. ^^ I always forget just how much of one it is until I'm doing it.

So, a check mark for that. I think I'll hold off on Psalm 23 until I've finished the other one, too. Now I just need to shower and get some writing done, and today will actually have been good for something. :D

(I feel so sad tagging this as Conlang A. I really need to give this a proper, in-language name.)
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So I was mowing the lawn, like you do, because my mother said I had to and also it looked and still looks like it's going to rain this afternoon, which meant I couldn't put it off much. It was cool enough that I didn't have to change into shorts, but I didn't want to sweat through my shirt if I could possibly help it, so I took it off, and stuck with just a sports bra - not my usual, but nice our house is surrounded by trees, nobody could see me and it really was pretty muggy, if not all that hot. And I was listening to music, which meant I ended up doing a kind of hybrid dancing-mowing-mouthing-the-words thing; very dorky, and always cause for me to be glad that most of the time nobody else is home when I mow the lawn.

Another thing on my list of tasks was to trim the kiwi - possibly I have mentioned this, I don't know, but we have a kiwi ... bush? IDEK, that started out as just a little thing next to the south side of the porch, and has now grown into an enormous monster that covers the entirety of the porch railing on the south and east sides, and has only been prevented from swallowing the north end of the porch, too, by some aggressive pruning. (There's another one across the lawn from the first that grew up the fence and ate it; it gets far less trimming, so it's sort of a mass of greenery with great long tendrils winding out into the air, searching for something else to strangle. I like to call that one Cthulhu.)

Anyway, I was taking the kiwi bits down to the compost, still with the music on, and that was when I noticed some blackberries that were pretty much ripe. Less a story than an attempt to preserve a set of moments in my memory. ) Then I climbed up the slope around the side of the patch and onto the driveway proper, and picked a few last handfuls, and then carried the cat and a bowl full of blackberries back up to the house, with my feet coming down on the beat and Regina Spektor in my ears.

So. Today has pretty much managed to get itself categorized as a good day.
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I don't know how many spoilers there can really be, here, but just in case: Cut for nattering about HP6. )

tl;dr: There were parts I liked, and parts I didn't like. The former managed to outweigh the latter, thankfully, and I think that, overall, I genuinely enjoyed watching it.

In other news: I had my first interview today! \o/ And I didn't throw up or faint or cancel at the last minute or anything. I managed to get a full hour of talking out of my interviewee, and I even caught him doing interesting things with glottal stops a couple of times, although most of the time I was actually listening to the (very interesting) things he was telling me. I love Norwich more than I can possibly express, and I love listening to people talk about their memories and their childhoods; it feels like a dream job, like cheating, to be able to make a thesis out of listening to people tell me fascinating things about its history, and their lives in it.


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