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That catch-up meme thingy, me edition. )
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Still not dead! This is somehow easier to talk about because it's now resolved: I got fired late last July, and was unemployed for quite a while before I suddenly got another job this June, and also moved to a new apartment with [personal profile] idriya. Which is great! But also stressful and kind of exhausting; I've been super-busy about half the summer, and the other half I've been aggressively not accomplishing anything, so as to keep my head from exploding.

I'm starting to ease back into the groove of the internet, though, at last, and what better way to do that than rewind all the way back to June and complain about Revolution? ) I'd wash my hands of this show except a) Charlie and b) Rachel, and also the new season can only get worse better more Revolutiony. 2.01 aired yesterday; I'll probably watch it this weekend.

I think there were also some episodes of OUaT. ) Kind of hard to believe it'll be back on Sunday.

I haven't been keeping up at all on Defiance, but I should now that I can marathon it - with some shows, marathoning just works better for me. As for new shows this fall: the first two episodes of Sleepy Hollow ), the pilot of Agents of SHIELD ).

Also new this fall: Korra, 2.01-2.03. ) Overall, I think I had better wait and see.

And: Yuletide already, what. Guess I'd better start reviewing the nominations spreadsheet and furiously drafting a preliminary letter!

And I know it's been a year (!!! THE GUILT), but at long last: the next chapter of Listen to the Earth is at 10k and counting.
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Watched Major Crimes, of course, but I really don't have anything new to say. SYKES. RAYDOR. AMY. SHARON. ♥

And - I blame my mother for this - I watched the pilot episode of Revolution. Spoilers everywhere. ) But I have to say that my hopes aren't super high, considering that IMDb has Eric Kripke credited not only as creator and producer but also as writer. D:

And now it might be time for me to go back to sleep. Why do I always get sick right when I'm starting to actually be productive for once?
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So! I hear LJ's making some fairly major changes to Scrapbook that have caused some people to lose images, and will delete tags and restructure everything so as to remove sub-albums. I guess it's time I quit putting off moving everything to Photobucket and relinking. Oh, for DW imagehosting!

Far more importantly: I'm caught up on OUaT! Last week's ep ... )

... and this week's! )

Also, Korra! Both eps, spoilers. )

Also: the council guy totally had Padmé hair. If you look at his back during technically a spoiler ), it's in long locks separated with sets of rings, which is exactly how Padmé's hair is done when she's disguised as a fighter pilot at the start of ... Attack of the Clones, I think? I can't decide whether that was some kind of tiny shoutout or they just came up with it independently, but [personal profile] idriya spotted it and we had a good chuckle.

And I watched two more episodes of The Borgias. ) Aside from all the sex and death, these two episodes were like a party in my soul. (I don't consider sex and death spoilers for The Borgias; it's The Borgias.)

I have not-precisely-poison-ivy aaaaaaall over my hands. It's not as bad as two years ago, when I basically dunked my hands in calamine lotion every few hours and then covered myself with bandaids; but it's close. WHY ME.
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OUaT! Besides YAY SHOW I MISSED YOU, I actually have only a few thoughts. Spoilery, of course. )

Ugh, so many maps still left to do. If I ever get around to some kind of appendix post for ItO, my appendices, they will block out the sun.

Then we will cite in the shade.

Also, I would like to stop being sick riiiiiight now. Now. Now? **sigh**
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GOOD: I came randomly unblocked, and the exceptionally belated chapter of LttE is now over twelve thousand words long! I am caught up on OUaT and Burn Notice! I accidentally wrote a whole bunch of something that will never see the light of day but is still really satisfying!

BAD: I am sick. Said sickness has caused me to miss a professional conference I was supposed to attend with my boss, who is presumably now aware that I am a FAILBOAT, and if I do not get better by Wednesday, I pretty much have to go in anyway, because it is getting far too close to crunch time on a major event for the year and I am one of the people with some serious heavy lifting to do. This weekend has been pretty awful and this week is only going to be awfuler, most likely.

In conclusion: uuuuuuugh. I am going back to sleep.
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Through a combination of growing disdain for my own fail and the need to track words obsessively for [community profile] inkingitout, I sat down on Monday and wrote several thousand words. \o/ Apparently word tracking makes me competitive against ... my own laziness? IDEK. But progress occurred, is the point!

The other significant event of 2012 for me is that I hurt myself. It is extremely cold here, and earlier this week the road was covered in ice, so of course I fell down, though thankfully the car that precipitated my loss of balance did not hit me. My knee is turning gorgeous colors, and you never realize how much you use the muscles in your armpit until you strain them and suddenly a million actions hurt. AWESOME START.

But! There have been Netflixen, and also a trip to the movies.

On the Other Hand, Death. Spoilers! ) I added another to my queue, though I forget which, and hope to work my way through them all.

Inkheart, because my queue is all 2008 all the time. Also spoilery. ) Not bad, precisely, but it didn't quite seem finished. Maybe the script needed to go through a couple more drafts or something.

And then also [personal profile] idriya and I went to see Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Which had some things in it that I quite enjoyed ... )

... and some things that I did not. )

Quite a text wall there, but: ALL THE FEELINGS. Honestly, it's a good thing I had the chance to get my thoughts in order the other day, or everything behind that cut would probably just have said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.
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4,894 / 50,000 words. 9.8% done!

So I got sick! Which actually was good timing, in a certain sense, because in between naps that added up to like eighteen hours of yesterday, I actually got pretty far on my NaNo. Sometimes being sick is weirdly facilitating to my writing - somehow it can temporarily lower the barrier between the not-words floating around in my head and the actual words I need to be putting down on the page. \o? Obviously I'm not quite done for today, but I think I can manage another paragraph or two this evening, if I don't just conk out on the couch the second I get home. (It's original fiction; I promised [personal profile] daemonelix a looooong time ago that I would reserve NaNo for origfic, because I write fanfic the whole rest of the year. :D)

But! There have been TV shows since last I posted. Once Upon a Time. Spoilers, of course. )

I am also watching Prime Suspect, but I have less to say about that except that I like Maria Bello, and also it makes me want to check out the original. I like watching cranky people be cranky and then also do their jobs, and since I am hitting my oversaturation point on most other police shows, it's nice to have one where I haven't had this ep on in the background while reading/eating dinner/writing fic twenty times already.

And Burn Notice is back tonight yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. ♥♥♥♥♥ Once I hit a certain level of affection for something, I am incapable of ever being objective about it again. Ever.
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I am alive! Looks like the worst of the wind missed us, possibly because we're in something of a valley, even with our house on the side of a hill; it rained from about midnight to late Sunday afternoon, with continued drizzle that evening, and we lost power for maybe seven or eight hours. The dams on the Connecticut seem to be doing their jobs, but parts of New Hampshire that I drive through to get to work were flooded this morning - I ended up having to turn around and take an alternate route at one point, and at least one mall that I passed on the interstate had a parking lot that was covered with water. (Unsettling, but not a huge surprise, given that the major shopping areas in West Lebanon are on a floodplain. Hopefully the damage is relatively minor.)

For us, it was a fairly quiet day. We watched the weather on the TV until the power went in the early afternoon, and then read until dinner, when we fled to [personal profile] idriya's apartment - she still had electricity. We got back and I broke out the candles to finish a book, and then the power came back just in time for me to brush my teeth.

The book was Guy Gavriel Kay's Song for Arbonne. ) But I did finish it! And I ordered myself three new books as a reward. :D

Here's hoping the power's still on when I get home this afternoon.
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This should not make me as sad as it does, but my TV is broken. (Technically speaking, it's the satellite that broke, since it fell out of the sky and my mother never actually got our dish repointed, but.) It will not be fixed until at least tomorrow! :((((( So no Burn Notice for me, at least not right away, and also I missed The Closer and R&I. :((((((((((((

But! I have 150% of my [community profile] ladiesbigbang wordcount achieved, and, much more importantly, the end of the story is actually visible from here. \o/ I mean, of course I could make it longer - but I don't have to, I can totally tie up all the plot threads I started with and leave the rest be. Trudy and Grace are still coming along nicely, and I am making at least a little progress in small increments on everything else.

I'd say it's a good thing my TV is out, except that will never ever be true. TVVVVVVVVV *sob*
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omg SO HOT. My tolerance for heat is so unbelievably low; it's not supposed to break 100F in my county, but 95 IS PRETTY BAD OKAY. D:

Also: this is belated because yesterday's post was already way long, but if I get one more nail in my tires this summer, I absolutely quit everything. Is someone strewing them along my route to work or something? whyyyyyyyyyy. Why do I get all the flats. (Nail #2, I am now keeping stashed in my cupholder, in the hope that other nails will sense that my car already has one and leave me alone.)
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So I waited what feels like FOREVER and finally it was June 23 and I was so! happy! \o/ ... and then some relatives on my dad's side who I knew were coming this weekend (but Thursday? Thursday is not the weekend!) arrived today and were over for dinner and the point is I had to miss Burn Notice. ;__________; Also, my ... cousin? God, I am so bad at relatives, and we almost never see my dad's side of the family - anyway, she genuinely could not tell me for certain whether she had seen all of the classic Star Wars movies. D: I'm not sure I can be related to her anymore. (If she hasn't at least read Harry Potter, I may weep and rend my garments. What will we talk about???)

Also, because I am easily distracted, I keep opening the next chapter of LttE and then ending up actually working on my outline for Book 3. o.O The plots have exploded on me so ridiculously; I think the optimal outlining format for me now would be some kind of three-dimensional interactive model. My kingdom for Tony Stark's computer system.
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Long week has been so very very long. :P Possibly exacerbated by how I'm still not really at a hundred percent. Stupid lingering sore throat. Also, if I start griping about work this is going to turn into a giant wall of hate, so I will say that I came back from Plague Week to a very full inbox and leave it at that.

On the upside, I should now be successfully signed up for ALL THE THINGS ([community profile] thelittlebang and [community profile] ladiesbigbang, and, of course, [community profile] genretwisting is still in there), and - well. In terms of pure wordcount, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be fine; it'll be finishing the actual story plots that will be the hurdle. D:

I am getting stupidly fond of Trudy and Grace, though. Honestly, they're practically McShep, except for the part where a) they're women and b) canon is not about them and c) they both die. Which, gosh, I wonder how much a) has to do with b) and c)? (Answer: I am trying to avoid giant walls of hate today, so no comment. Except that that would make a kickass fusion AU. Teyla + Trudy = BFFS FOREVER OMG.)

But! For the next few days, I will be concentrating desperately on LttE, in the hope that I can actually get this chapter done. /o\ ugh i am so fail.
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I am finally inching back up toward healthy after a totally horrible week of coughing and sniffles and incredible tiredness - so, um, next chapter is still in the works, and definitely not going to be done today. /o\

I went to work for part of the day on Tuesday, which was a truly horrible decision. To summarize: my car had some kind of engine issue, which in retrospect was a warning; I spent about three hours sitting at my desk barely functioning; I left early, only to find that my mother's car, which I'd borrowed, had gotten a flat tire. I called my parents (and may have cried a little), and they came to rescue me, but in the process, my mother hit my toe with the spare and now it's all purple, and I literally burned my hands picking up the (black, metal) tools (from sunny pavement) after. WORST DAY EVER. I left work at 11:30 and we made it home by 2:00; I spent the rest of Tuesday lying very still and not touching anything.

But! I have finally gotten coordinated enough to actually do something with some of the photos I took in New York. Be warned: I am a total amateur, and I got a little ~artsy, so these are mostly random things I thought were pretty. And the lions at the Library, because I had to. Also, one of these statues is unclothed. )

Despite the weather, it really was lovely, and even with the illness and everything, I'm glad I went.

And now it's time to sleep some more, in the hopes that tomorrow I will actually be productive. \o/


Jun. 4th, 2011 10:22 am
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Aaaaaand I have been struck down by whatever [personal profile] idriya has. **shakes fist** So change that from maybe-late chapter to definitely-late - between the sore throat and the fever and the vomiting, I haven't written a thing the past couple days. /o\ Fail!
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Ugh, it has been ages, I am so fail - busy weekend was busy, because J, K, Ka, M, and Q are all home from school. We saw Source Code on ... Saturday? Must have been Saturday. Cut for boring thoughts. ) I mean, probably I shouldn't let the ending color the entire movie for me, but seriously. Whose idea was that?

BUT. Far more importantly, I am writing this post from a lovely bed-and-breakfast in NYC, where I am spending two vacation days because this evening we were part of the studio audience for the Daily Show. I do not think every single thing Jon Stewart says is necessarily right, but HE IS AWESOME AND IT WAS AWESOME AND OMG. Cut for excessive detail! ) I sort of want to watch it later, to see whether I can spot myself in the first pan-around-the-audience thing - probably it'll be too fast, but I can't help it! I am self-centered. /o\ I can't decide whether it was awesome or stupid to wear my Spock t-shirt.

And then we had dinner and it was pretty much the best pasta alfredo I have EVER EATEN. Not that you should believe me, because my taste in food isn't really to be trusted, but. We are going to Uncle Mario's every time we're in New York ever from now on, if I have anything to do with it. :DDDDDDDDDDD Also, the waitress was totally awesome. ♥♥♥♥♥

So, um, in conclusion, the next chapter of Book Two might be a week or two late. /o\ I worked on it a fair bit on the bus, and will again tomorrow on the way back, but in case I can't write several thousand more coherent words by Sunday: it's totally Jon Stewart's fault. :D
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Friday started out perfectly average and became a long slow spiral of despair. [personal profile] idriya informed me, early and rightly, that part of the arc of Chapter 1 was just not working and needed an overhaul, and I could totally have gotten the revisions done in time if my afternoon had not then been taken up with photos for an update of the website half of the school store, the complete dissolution of the day's newsletter, and my car needing a tow AGAIN. WHYYYYYYYY.


Cut for more griping, aka details. )

To make a long tl;dr short, I took the pictures, I got my car unstuck from the mud, and by the time I got what I needed from the person, it was already 8:00 pm and I had unilaterally decided not to send the newsletter out with only one thing in it. And I only cried a little. :P

But! I had a lovely weekend, I did my taxes and watched RED a second time and made a round of restructuring/rewriting edits that met [personal profile] idriya's approval, hence the posting yesterday. And today's going rather nicely so far, too.

Which, RED. )

And as long as I'm here, totally uninteresting blather about my hair. )

Also, it is April, which means Script Frenzy! Surprise, I am rewriting something: TLA, to be specific, because ow, and also, yay, an excuse to mentally recast it! Good times. :D And I have already started Chapter 2 - I have learned my lesson, I make no promises as to when it will be done, but at least I'm past that initial lump of beginning.
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Ugh, my god, I am so fail.

To match, this week has been sort of fail: I got a flat tire Friday evening, and the lug nuts were so unbelievably uncooperative that they did not come off until Saturday, under the boots of a lovely road assistance guy, and the tire was not fully replaced until yesterday. Because that was not enough car trouble, [personal profile] idriya got stuck in a rut on the way back to her apartment on Monday (the evening of her birthday, even), and it took until nearly midnight for the tow guy to get there and get it all sorted. And then Tuesday I had a dentist appointment, and because I am a terrible person and never remember to floss properly, I have to go in and get some fillings on Friday morning, because I am cavitous. /o\ Augh.

But! The bidding on [community profile] help_japan has concluded, and I have a very clear winner! \o/ PM, email, whatever makes you most comfortable, [personal profile] alexseanchai; just let me know what you'd like, and I will do my best to deliver.

I am laboriously flailing away at my Book Two outline; the second half isn't going super smoothly, but it's going, and a fair bit of my writing process seems to revolve around spur-of-the-moment off-outline stuff anyway. **hands** I'm hoping I can get the first chapter out this weekend, but we'll see. **crosses fingers**
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Wow, this is like the worst two days at work I have EVER HAD.

Long story short: my old UPS beeped intermittently for like three days, and then on Monday, as I was printing materials for a meeting I have to attend because my supervisor's out, it gave up entirely - my computer abruptly turned off, and the UPS started emitting this utterly brain-piercing EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Possibly not that short a story - but there's a happy ending! )

Man, tomorrow had better be blissfully uneventful. At least I made it to lunch today - not so, yesterday.

In fic news, Chapter 13 (aka THE EEEEEEEEND YAYAYAYAY of Book One) is going swimmingly; a couple scenes and another few readthroughs, and it'll be ready to post on Sunday. After that, I think I am going to take a short break - I love ItO, I do, and every single comment makes my face stick like this :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, but I need to give my brain a rest. Plus I have a ton of outlining to do for Book Two. :D

The second [community profile] genretwisting fic is going a tad more slowly - I have immersed myself in sci-fi, but less so in westerns. I sense I'm going to be watching a lot of AMC on Saturday. Also, I am so far behind on H50 it is not even funny. Time to hit the interwebs and see what exceptionally legal video resources I can find.
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Not my best morning ever, so far - one of the cats had another seizure, which was quite possibly my fault, as she seems to be triggered by certain kinds of noise; there was some sort of accident on my way in, which meant a brief moment of terror as I was redirected onto a road I have never driven before and needed to navigate back off of; when I made it back onto the right road, there was a giant truck trailer with a house on it maneuvering around, which meant a wait; and then there was a surprise meeting with a technology consultant, which I almost had to do alone because my supervisor was late coming back from a totally different meeting. :P The rest of today had better be boring.

On the upside, [personal profile] idriya and I managed to successfully jumpstart her car all by ourselves yesterday (using my car, which is now officially mine, new license plates and insurance and all); the neighbors' cats that I'm taking care of for ten days really like me; my first [community profile] genretwisting fic is finished and just about ready to post; and I'm well into the next chapter of ItO, thanks to lingering momentum from finishing the last chapter up. So it's not all ruin and despair.

Still, I'm going to be super glad when this week is over. Yeesh.


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