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I'm taking the liberty of interpreting the prompt for Day 2: Senses REALLY loosely; basically this is just an excuse to picspam the (major) women of Sinbad (TV), but enjoy the halfhearted logic I use to justify it! :D

four different kinds of sense )
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Yay birthday yay! Thank you again to [personal profile] ilthit, and [personal profile] idriya gave me a present that is a present to the whole internets! I present: A:tLA icons liek whoa! HEARTS FOREVER. (Of course I immediately uploaded them all. :D)

And the TV is fixed! \o/ So I caught The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles, about which I have no deep thoughts except UGH I LOVE CAPTAIN RAYDOR SO MUCH and R&I made me cry a little even though the pacing was kind of weird for me. (I think I'm a little too used to L&O.) My dad got me five Errol Flynn movies (five!), and my mother got me a new skirt, and [personal profile] idriya got me AWESOME and ugh. What a fabulous birthday! My heart.

Now I'm going to go eat some more cake. :D
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I am finally inching back up toward healthy after a totally horrible week of coughing and sniffles and incredible tiredness - so, um, next chapter is still in the works, and definitely not going to be done today. /o\

I went to work for part of the day on Tuesday, which was a truly horrible decision. To summarize: my car had some kind of engine issue, which in retrospect was a warning; I spent about three hours sitting at my desk barely functioning; I left early, only to find that my mother's car, which I'd borrowed, had gotten a flat tire. I called my parents (and may have cried a little), and they came to rescue me, but in the process, my mother hit my toe with the spare and now it's all purple, and I literally burned my hands picking up the (black, metal) tools (from sunny pavement) after. WORST DAY EVER. I left work at 11:30 and we made it home by 2:00; I spent the rest of Tuesday lying very still and not touching anything.

But! I have finally gotten coordinated enough to actually do something with some of the photos I took in New York. Be warned: I am a total amateur, and I got a little ~artsy, so these are mostly random things I thought were pretty. And the lions at the Library, because I had to. Also, one of these statues is unclothed. )

Despite the weather, it really was lovely, and even with the illness and everything, I'm glad I went.

And now it's time to sleep some more, in the hopes that tomorrow I will actually be productive. \o/
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God, I had forgotten how long Children of Dune was - and how pretty. I mean, the costumes are still a little hit-or-miss, and the special effects are mostly miss, but still.

Anyway, Irulan! Part 1 here.

Cut for MORE IRULAN. )

w00t. In the process of putting this one together, I managed to cap all the ladies of Dune in one runthrough, which greatly ups the odds that I'll actually finish doing all six of them. ... Probably mostly because it is just fun to unload every spare thought that passes through my brain when I watch these miniseries. :D
damkianna: A cap of Irulan from the Dune miniseries, with accompanying text: "Empress". (Empress.)
Setting this up was actually a really relaxing way to spend the day - sunk deep in fannish joy, composing a giant wall of text about a character I love. \o/

And, uh, not kidding about the wall of text thing; this is a herd of teal dear if all you're looking for is picspam. If you want a summary of basically every second Irulan's onscreen in the first miniseries, though, you are in the right place. I got a little carried away. /o\

This only covers Irulan's role in Dune (2000), not Children of Dune (2003), because I didn't have quite that much free time today. I did have to shovel the porch, after all. (And help the plow guy get out of a snowbank, which, that is an impressive snowstorm right there if it can get the plow guy stuck.) Also, I took the caps myself, so they are not super high quality, and some of them look a little odd because I lightened them up, that kind of thing. Hopefully they're still sort of okay.

Cut for SO MUCH TL;DR. )

So! That is everything you probably never cared about when it comes to me and my ~thoughts~ on Irulan in Dune. \o/ Probably Part 2 will take me waaaaaay longer, unless the Snowpocalypse keeps up.

ETA: Part 2!


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