damkianna: A cap of Irulan from the Dune miniseries, with accompanying text: "Empress". (Empress.)
Setting this up was actually a really relaxing way to spend the day - sunk deep in fannish joy, composing a giant wall of text about a character I love. \o/

And, uh, not kidding about the wall of text thing; this is a herd of teal dear if all you're looking for is picspam. If you want a summary of basically every second Irulan's onscreen in the first miniseries, though, you are in the right place. I got a little carried away. /o\

This only covers Irulan's role in Dune (2000), not Children of Dune (2003), because I didn't have quite that much free time today. I did have to shovel the porch, after all. (And help the plow guy get out of a snowbank, which, that is an impressive snowstorm right there if it can get the plow guy stuck.) Also, I took the caps myself, so they are not super high quality, and some of them look a little odd because I lightened them up, that kind of thing. Hopefully they're still sort of okay.

Cut for SO MUCH TL;DR. )

So! That is everything you probably never cared about when it comes to me and my ~thoughts~ on Irulan in Dune. \o/ Probably Part 2 will take me waaaaaay longer, unless the Snowpocalypse keeps up.

ETA: Part 2!
damkianna: A cap of Irulan from the Dune miniseries, with accompanying text: "Empress". (Empress.)
So it's the first of February, and ... I have nothing. Big shocker. :D Part of the reason is the stupid auction catalog, which has been consuming an incredible amount of time and energy; but it finally went off to the printer today, so, aside from the inevitable addenda for last-minute items, I am DONE. \o/

I am using my Irulan icon because I maybe have a vague picspam/YAY AWESOME post in mind, and if I do work from home tomorrow due to the Great Snowening, I can probably get that coordinated for tomorrow. I think I need to rewatch a couple parts of the miniseries, though, because it has been SO LONG since I watched it. Really, there is quite a bit of material in there - Irulan, Chani, Lady Jessica, Ghanima. Even Wensicia is pretty awesome, if evil - and who could pass up a chance to cap Susan Sarandon? (NO ONE.) And pretty much all of them are underused. I used to tell myself such bedtime stories about Ghanima, omg.

ETA: And Alia, jesus. Now you know I was tired when I wrote this. :P

... Anyway. It won't really line up with [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon, in the end, but I'm going to try to get at least fourteen somethings about ladies up vaguely during the month of February. **hands** Next year, I have got to remember to start earlier so I can avoid getting waylaid like this. :P


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