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Also, in case someone has managed not to see it, KORRA TRAILER OMGYESSSSSSSSS.

Ahem. Also, I went and saw HPDH2 on Sunday, with my family. Spoilers, of course. ) I enjoyed it very much; like GoF, which also makes me cry, I may not watch it repeatedly, but it is Harry Potter, and it's going to be a bit of me forever no matter what. Harry Potter is the reason I found fandom in middle school, which means I owe it more than I probably even realize. Someday I will finish that AU, dammit.

Also, I watched Burn Notice. Only a few things. )

And now I should get back to work. :D
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I'm supposed to be working from home right now, because the power's out in the office thanks to the lovely little ice storm we've been having. But! I have things to say.

The specter of FF.net has visited me at last: the somewhat wackily-written and oddly focused review! The person who left it was anon, and left no e-mail address, so I have no way to reply to them; but I have ~thoughts~ in response to their review, so.

On FF.net, I cut Flying Blossoms into chapters, and this person chose to leave about 200 words on why they don't like Ursa as a review for the Ursa chapter. The gist of their argument was that Ursa made no effort to love Azula, and was just as much to blame for "how [she] turned out" as Ozai.

Opinions: I can has them. )

So, long opinion short: I think it's really weird to say that Ursa didn't love Azula. I concede that it's possible that Ursa's absence influenced Azula as much as Ozai did, but I think it's peculiar to blame Ursa for it. And I really want to write that fic. As a side note, I do wish I'd added some more Azula to Ursa's five things; my only excuse is that I was concentrating on the focal point of Ursa's story in the show, and that focal point is alllllll about Zuko.

Anyway! Back to work.
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So, I may have signed myself up for the Genretwisting Deadline Challenge - A:TLA, of course, plus a side of Burn Notice (after all, I do need to expand my fandoms into the Bs). The odds that I'll finish eighteen fics by mid-March are vanishingly low, especially since there are a couple prompts that I'm just not the right person to pull off. But it was blissful just going through the prompt list and imagining. I've got some decent ideas, and 500 words of one fic already down. Good thing Chapter 11 of ItO is going so swimmingly, or I might feel guilty. :D

I went skating with [personal profile] idriya today - only for about half an hour, but it was already rather cold, though it had not yet plunged to the depths that are predicted for tomorrow. And then I finished watching How To Train Your Dragon with M/[personal profile] daemonelix. It was interesting. ) Anyway, thumbs pretty up. I'm glad I got the chance to see it.

Now, back to the first of my six assigned A:TLA sci-fi AUs. :D I will keep the fics short, I will keep the fics short ...
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It was pouring at 4 am when I had to wake up and separate two fighting cats; it sleeted somewhere in between then and now, coating all the delicate little branches on the bushes outside, and all the needles of the pines, with ice; and now it is snowing, giant fat flakes falling almost fast enough to look like rain. I'm supposed to go meet up with M, J, K, Ka, and Q - and possibly a friend of J's from school, the prospect of whom fills me with terror - for lunch, so I ought to hope it stops soon, but I'm willing to drive carefully as long as it keeps snowing and sticking. :D

The tablet has arrived, as have the books I ordered; I'd forgotten just how long it's been since I'd drawn anything. I have giant flashing neon failure issues, and my sister is so much better at art things than I am that I have a feeble love/hate thing going on with drawing - even when something comes out half-decent, it's never quite good enough for something off in the back of my brain. Luckily, when I show her things I write, she likes to draw for them, so the pictures I wish I could put on paper still end up there most of the time. \o/

Monday shows. )

NaNo and fic talk. )

Thanksgiving. )

I would put a big poetical list of things I'm thankful for here, except I'm thankful for so many things it kind of defies belief, and making a list would just make me think of more and more. In summary, though: my family, friends, job, fandoms, and life are all more awesome than I usually give them credit for, and I am grateful for all the small sources of joy in between. ♥♥♥♥♥
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How is it Wednesday already? @.@

I think part of the reason I'm having trouble keeping track of this week is because our magic box TV is broken - not, like, the actual television set itself, but something about the connection between the set and the dish. It maintains that it has not received a satellite signal for about two days now. :P Probably the roofing guys just kicked the cable out of the delicate alignment it requires to function. On the upside, this will give us an excuse to rewire so the cable is taking a route that's actually efficient, instead of winding around three-quarters of the house just to get back into the one-quarter it hadn't touched yet.

Fortunately, it was only broken for part of Monday, so I missed neither The Event nor H50.

The Event. Nothing new here, mostly grumbling. )


I am still pressing forward on my NaNo, though it is turning into a bit more of a slog - Week Two is usually like that for me, though, so I'm not super worried. I have a couple days' slack, so if I really get stuck, I can slow down a little and still be okay. I'm also polishing up the Dead Moms, and adding a few more; if I get it all settled, I'm hoping I can submit it for Round 1.5 of [community profile] ladiesbigbang - with an actual title, too, if I can manage it. It's certainly over the minimum, so. I'll admit that I have not yet attacked the next chapter of ItO, but I'm doing a little outline wrangling - I have a fix in mind for the plotting issue that's confronting me, I just need to lay it out in a doc and make sure it all fits together okay.

... And, okay, I may also be letting myself fill out a couple cliché_bingo prompts with rambly self-indulgent Jack/David. I am just getting the Newsies stuff out of my head so that it doesn't clog up the works, okay. THAT IS ALL. >.> <.
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Made myself a quick icon of Katara as the Avatar from the ItO story art; much as I love my default, "space cowgirl" isn't quite the right sentiment for those posts. Morgana is beauteous, but I need to obtain Photoshop for her somehow, even if I have to buy it this time - much as Paint has improved since the last time I was forced to use it, um, NO. D:

I finally managed to work out the giant plot block that's been stalling out Chapter Eight; I always forget how satisfying it feels to unravel those brain knots and start churning out words again. \o/

My parents and I all went over to my sister's apartment to watch the first episode of Sherlock, since it was showing on PBS; my mother ran across a review in the paper a little while ago, asked me whether I had heard of it, and was adorably surprised that I had. She still doesn't quite understand how I get information through fandom.

Anyway, Sherlock. )

Overall, I feel decent about it, though god knows whether it'll stay that way.

And now, my should-be-lunch-time is over, so I should get back to work.
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I am SO RELIEVED to have Chapter Seven out; now that I don't have to feel guilty about it anymore, I can post again! \o/ I cut out all the nonessential scenes I was considering in my outline, and it still ended up being 11k. Clearly, by the time I hit Book Four, every chapter's going to be like 50k. D: Let's just hope Chapter Eight doesn't also take a month. I was hoping to do an original fic for NaNo - I hadn't quite decided between self-indulgent dragonrider story or Austenesque steampunk romance - but maybe, just maybe, I should work on ItO instead. 50,000 words should be close to enough to finish Book One, if future chapters don't balloon on me too much.

Part of the reason I am so torn is M; we have a writing exchange system that, at least recently, has been kind of tipped in her favor, but she's simultaneously great at making me feel guilty for not having sent her anything recently and incredibly difficult to nag herself. For her sake, I want to work on the HP AU, because I haven't gotten a chapter of that done in ages; for my own sake, I want to finish ItO, because I adore writing it and there are so many things that still need to happen; and for the sake of the official rules of NaNo, I want to start something new. And, of course, always in the background are the Dead Mom Fics; I never stop wanting to work on those. **hands**

Anyway. Went to the Pumpkin Festival with M and Ka this weekend, which was fun, even though Ka still says things that bother me about once every ten minutes. Namely, things full of stereotyping, misogyny by extension, and misandry. ) Mostly, I think Ka just doesn't think about this shit before she says it, because her friends at school don't call her on any of it. I hope that's it, or our quasi-friendship is headed nowhere nice.

We also saw someone I used to know in high school, who, at that time, was a giant creeper. I have no idea what he's like now, to be fair, but I'm not super interested in finding out, either. It was weird to see him again, and I had to explain the whole backstory to Ka, since she had already left school by the time the whole extended thing with this guy went down. :P

But! It was a beautiful day; we mostly hung out and talked, which was great despite the issues noted above, and I bought myself a lovely little pumpkin. It was also nice to go back to Cedar Circle again. I'll admit that I had maybe been avoiding it a little, and I think it was feeding my failure issues, so it was good to have a reason to go there. Closure, or something.

And now I should probably stop taking breaks to write this, and get back to work. :D Or at least use my spare moments to work on Chapter Eight, instead.
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Had a terrible morning but a very good day yesterday, which was an interesting combination. I was asked to stiltwalk for a candidate for state governor in the Pride Parade in Burlington, so I broke out the stilts and replaced the rubber on the bottoms - which took a fair bit of work; it's tough to cut the right shape out of bike tires, and prying the nails out to put new ones in took ages. I started late enough that I had to finish putting duct tape over them in the car. Which may have been a contributing factor to the motion sickness that hit immediately after. :P Also, I think I'm cursed when it comes to taking 89 north of home. When I go south, from Burlington to home, I meet interesting people; when I go north, I faint and/or hurl.

Honestly, I was hoping this would be a faint; my faints and near-faints tend to be preceded by intense nausea that has inevitably and wonderfully vanished by the time I come to, so it's easy to confuse a fainting day with a hurling day. But I wasn't so lucky, and about halfway there, my mother pulled over so that I could give the shoulder of the interstate the stomach acid it had been missing. After, though, I felt much, much better, and by the time we were actually in Burlington, I was totally up for the Pride Parade.

Which was pretty sweet. I love bright colors and people enjoying themselves, and both of those were definitely in supply. :D However, it was also disgustingly hot, which made it not the best day to stiltwalk up Church Street; lucky there's a Ben & Jerry's on Church Street, too, or I might well have gotten to faint, too.

It all worked out in the end, is the point, and everybody was awesome - it was Burlington, so there were throngs of people cheering for us, and, like, two grumpy out-of-staters who had apparently come to stand around and cluck their tongues. And I think I managed to give somebody who was complaining about the flamboyance of the Pride Parade something to think about, without being too rude. \o/

Fannishly, I had to miss the second ep of Covert Affairs so that I could wake up on Wednesday morning in time to get to Manchester; after I finish this post, I shall have to hunt it down and give it a watch. As for Rizzoli & Isles: some spoilers. ) I can't, like, rec it unconditionally or anything, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep sticking with it.

Also, I don't know whether it's exhaustion or stress or what, but I reread some chunks of my [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic today, and ... I kind of like it. It's not a spectacular work of genius or anything, but I am used to wincing my way through rereads of my own work, and there was not a huge amount of wincing this time. Of course, that could be partly because I've been torturing myself off and on with badfic from the A:TLA wiki's fanon side - I haven't gone through every fic there, but most of the ones I've looked at? Could use some heavy betaing. D:
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I just woke up from a very interesting dream, of which I actually remember some contiguous parts. ) It was kind of cool in a creepy way - it would have bugged me more if all this had not happened with me under the distinct impression that, should the dream continue, I would be fixing this situation. Also, for at least part of it, dream!me was a dude, which has actually happened several times.

I had a little trouble going to sleep last night because of an extremely long bout of asymmetrical tinnitus. It's the first time that I can remember my ears ever ringing for that long, and I'll admit it makes me a little nervous, after all that stuff in Intro Audiology about how asymmetry usually means a referral, because it could be a sign of something wrong neurologically. However, it's only happened the once, so. If it starts happening on a regular basis, then I might see about getting it checked out.

Which reminds me: yes, Hearing Rehab is still on notice. Hard. I actually wrote "fuck you" in my notebook two or three times while taking notes, because it was seriously driving me out of my tree. ) If I expect anyone in the world to remember to make that distinction clear and obvious, it's somebody in CMSI who ought to know this shit. And she just ... never did; not once, through the whole class. >.<

Anyway. I also wrote over a thousand more words of maybe![community profile] ladiesbigbang A:TLA fic during class, which I know is awful and wrong and awful and I did it anyway. /o\ I have essentially finished the first chunk, and it is clocking in at over six thousand words. There are supposed to be around twenty such chunks total, which means that if this keeps up, I am staring 120k words of fic in the face. D: And it's not even the first time; I keep cleverly chaining myself to these massive canon-rewrite "what if" AUs, it's like my catnip. The first fic of the HP AU series is nearly 90k words, and those are probably only going to get longer as they go on (this is assuming I ever even make it through them before I die, natch).

why, brain?!? whyyyyyyyy.

Still, I can't complain too much. At least I have a plan, which is a relief; it's not like I'm diving into 120k words not knowing where it's going. That would be scarier.
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I don't know whether I'm imagining these things, or it's getting close enough to the end of the school year that I'm just sick of everything, or what, but watching these cochlear implant videos in Hearing Rehab is starting to seriously make me angry.

Cut for moderate amounts of rage. )

There was also a girl near the front of the room who asked a question about something being different for the deaf/Deaf versus "normal people"; I'm hoping she just wasn't thinking about her wording, but I still wanted to smack her.

Anyway. The biology exam took less than half an hour, and a lot of that was just because I'm not especially quick when I write by hand, so the question at the end that was meant to be answered in a paragraph or two took me a bit. I almost feel guilty, in a weird way; I spent the last however-many classes listening to music and paying not even a tiny bit of attention, and kind of half-assed my way through studying yesterday, and I still left kind of early.

CCC was kind of interesting, just because I always get curious when people start talking about Mean Girls-type relational aggression. That kind of thing has pretty much never happened to me, and either I'm ridiculously oblivious, or there wasn't much of it going around my high school; so it always draws me in a little to hear people talking about it IRL, because the only place I've really seen it is in movies and TV shows.

Mostly, though, the big milestone for today was that - despite my aforementioned slowness at hand-writing things - I somehow got over a thousand words of what may become my [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic down in my notebook. /o\ This would never have happened in high school, man.
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Man, what a weekend.

Friday afternoon was lovely. The day was so beautiful that I took a walk down to the waterfront, which was spiced up somewhat by a small dog - hir owner complimented me on my skirt, which was very kind, and I guess the dog must've liked it, too, because zie tried to take a bite out of it. Fortunately, there was no damage to the skirt, so it all ended well (although the dog was sadly thwarted, I suppose). Then I sat on the rocks for nearly two hours, listening to music and enjoying the breeze and the view. Amusingly, when I was on my way back up, I ran into a woman who had been inside the salon right next to where the Dog Incident occurred, and she stopped me to tell me it had made her laugh - in a very friendly way, not, like, a mean way.

Unfortunately, Friday evening was somewhat less shiny. ) :P

Saturday, likewise, was shaping up to be a lovely day, as AT came by and we ended up going on another walk to the waterfront and talking for a while, and then walking back up, getting lunch and ice cream, and eating both while we watched more Burn Notice. (I've gotten her halfway through the second season, so far. \o/) And then I came back to the room, only for Bailey to turn to me, teary-eyed, and tell me that her mother had called to let her know that her cat had died.

Clearly, me taking walks to the waterfront is just a bad idea.

It looks like today's going to turn out all right, though. Easter mass this morning, and it was definitely more cheerful than Palm Sunday, which was nice; as a bonus, I actually knew one of the songs we were singing, which has never happened to me before. We sang much more than I was expecting, including some parts that are usually spoken, and I was also taken somewhat by surprise by the part where the priest came around and flicked water on everybody. :D Oh, Catholicism. Just when I think I've got the whole routine almost figured out, you throw me a curveball.

I'm still waffling over whether or not to sign up for [community profile] ladiesbigbang - I'm leaning toward not, because that way I won't have to feel disappointed in myself if I don't finish the fic, but if I do get it done on time, I can still turn it in. Plus I don't need to make anybody produce a complement - I have my sister for that, we've already started trading chunks of story for art. :D I kind of can't believe how quickly Avatar: TLA has taken me over. I mean, I'm still chugging away at the HP AU, albeit a little more slowly because there's some background work I have to wrangle; but the Dead Moms are now edging toward forty things, and I've already got over 2,000 words of the fic I'm considering doing for [community profile] ladiesbigbang. The concerns I have about being able to complete it for the 'bang are in terms of story completeness - somehow I don't think writing 15,000 words is going to be much of a strain. /o\ And yet I can't say, in the end, that I really feel all that faily for wallowing so gratuitously in awesome ladies.

... A little guilty, maybe, for the (ridiculous) amount of effort I'm willing to invest in it versus the (miniscule) amount I find myself caring about, say, Biology; granted. :D
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I think my growth as a person is making it harder and harder for me to care about my thesis.

... Yeah, I know, but it's totally true! I feel like in the last year, maybe two, I've started to like myself more than I used to; or at least feel more comfortable being myself than I used to. I was really obsessive about grades for a long time, because I used to feel like if my grades were bad, that was because they were a manifestation of a fundamental flaw somewhere in me. But I feel less and less like that now - which has somehow translated itself into a severe case of not caring at all whether I earn College Honors for my thesis or not. D: Oops.

Also, I have totally turned ridiculous over my collection of Avatar five-things fics, aka March of the Dead Moms - it has turned into thirty things, half of which are about women who don't even have names in canon. \o? idek. I feel so silly; the show is ... well, okay, probably above average for children's television, but it sometimes hurts me to watch it. And yet there is so much potential for awesomeness, I can't stop prodding it.

... I realize the juxtaposition of these things is highly suspicious. Yes, it is a lot more fun to plot Avatar fic than it is to work on my thesis, but that's only a secondary factor, I swear. I did the last five-things before break, and I have viciously quashed all urges to write since then, because - well, I'm indifferent to the act of finishing my thesis, as noted, but I feel like I ought to at least give it some effort.

(I think that if I were in grad school, these things would not be issues; but doing an undergraduate thesis that works the way this one does - it has no effect on my degree, has no effect on my ability to graduate, and probably won't affect my chances of getting into grad school the way it might for, say, B, who's a history major - is starting to feel like a truly massive waste of time. Doing the interviews was good for me, and fascinating, during the brief snatches of time when I was able to get over the mind-numbing terror; but the analysis is incredibly tedious, and just doesn't feel important enough, either to my life or to anyone else, to be worth it.)
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The blush of new fandom love continues, but, as always, that meta-issues portion of my brain is ticking away. The list of Cliché Bingo prompts that I saved is so, so useful for unloading fic bunnies that would otherwise clog up my mind, and, bonus, it makes me think about things.

For example: Avatar: TLA and its parade of Dead Moms. )

I love Katara and Suki, and I absolutely adore Toph; but it seems pretty obvious that once you look past the main set of characters, the women tend to get the short end of the stick. The way things look at the start of the series, it seems like Azula is likely to become ... uh, a Fire Lady regnant, I guess; and, IIRC, nobody in-universe indicates that this situation is unusual. I was pleased, and surprised, and expecting to find that this had happened before. But when I was noodling around on the A:TLA wiki, trying to put together a series-wide AU for the genderswap prompt, it was all Fire Lord this, Fire Lord that, and, oh, yeah, they were married to somebody whose article is a stub/doesn't exist. The swap gave me four generations of Fire Ladies and female generals, and ... a couple dudes they were married to who didn't do much.

Granted, the Kyoshi Warriors are awesome, and make me very happy; Kyoshi in general makes me very happy, too, and so does Yangchen. But I still kind of wish Azula had been named for her grandmother, the iron-fisted Fire Lady who commissioned the Great Gates of Azula, you know? Sigh.

And then, of course, the impending movie makes me kind of ill. That is just not what Katara looks like, and that is not Sokka, never mind totally unsmiling white!Aang; Dev Patel, on the other hand, would be a ridiculously great Sokka, so why he's playing Zuko is beyond me. I'm sure Nicola Peltz and Noah Ringer are decent actors, and I bet Jackson Rathbone is happy to be playing someone who gets to have actual facial expressions; but if there's any movie that fandom absolutely should not have to do an ideal chromatic recast for, it's TLA. (People like this absolutely boggle my mind. When you are unironically echoing character!Stephen Colbert, you need to take a good hard look at yourself. And that's one of the least obnoxious F!Secrets on the topic.)
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So, I had a thrilling day in Biology on Tuesday, part of which involved a locked door and me taking it upon myself to hold it open for people - and, in my rush to let someone in, slamming my upper thigh into the corner of a chair arm. I now have a similarly thrilling bruise, which, for some unknown reason, has manifested its darkest regions in the shape of a small three-fingered hand. I am not even kidding, it's like I've been groped by a handsy Elfquest elf.

I also had a thrilling day in Biology today, as it happens, although this was thrilling in a better way: I nearly missed the professor's announcement that he was letting class out early because I was listening to music on my not!Pod and planning fic in my notebook. :D

Less randomly, I have suddenly fallen absolutely ass-over-teakettle for Avatar (the cartoon series, not the movie - not either of the movies, for that matter, although technically the word "Avatar" isn't in the title of the more pertinent one). It's one of those things that makes me curse the Animation Age Ghetto (warning: TVTropes link), because the world is captivating, and the animation is often really gorgeous, and the writing ... sometimes hurts me inside. Like, I used to think L&O and SVU got pretty anviltastic, but Avatar ... yikes. The general impression I have is that most of the eps would benefit from being an hour long. ) But I can't seem to stop myself from going back and watching more. Oh, and: I LOVE TOPH. TOPH BEI FONG IS MY FAVORITE EVERYTHING. ♥♥♥♥♥

Given that my first introduction to the existence of Avatar was F_W, and the massive wankpocalypse that struck the hardcore Harmonian Zutara shippers after the finale, I ... kind of can't believe that I've started an Avatar section in my Cliché Bingo prompt list document. /o\ Curse me for being so easily hooked.
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Not by a long shot. Today was Mother's Day - obviously, of course, but bear with me - and one thing my mother is deeply into is plants. Of pretty much any and all kinds. One thing she'd really been wanting lately was a trellis, to put in a new part of the slope garden in the yard, so my sister and I spent maybe two hours making one.

It was that particular kind of fun disaster you get when you try something and it only half-works. We did end up with a decently trellis-shaped structure eventually, but only after a lot of grappling with tree branches and a saw and measuring tape and twine. There was a lot of giggling and getting hit with sticks, and very little in the way of actual, you know, structural integrity.

But my mother was pleased - not that she's a very difficult woman to please, but it was still sweet, and I do think that she genuinely appreciated it, even if it's pretty much the Frankenstein's monster of trellises (trellii?). She is a tiny grey-haired woman with glasses and a big smile and a kind of snorty laugh, who loves talking to people, cooking, growing things, and Talk Like a Pirate Day; she likes to go around saying "ARRRRR" randomly.

Cut for biographical details and other nattering. )

I love her more than I can possibly say, and I am very grateful that she is my mother.

... It feels sort of stupid to follow that up with a little more chatter about TV, but I'm going to anyway. :D I didn't get sucked into any movies today, but I did end up watching some A:TLA with my sister after dinner; we watched ... let's see, I think it was The Waterbending Scroll and the episode right after that one - Jet, maybe? The first I really heard of Avatar was, somewhat amusingly, the finale, since the Zutaran ragefest managed to make Fandom_Wank. I love the world, and the overall storyline, but that isn't always enough to keep me going through the occasional bouts of painfully Y-HELO-I-AM-A-KID'S-SHOW writing. Still, it's pretty good, and right now I am quite possibly more pleased with it in a wide variety of ways than I am with Supernatural, so. Also, my sister's kind of in love with it, which means I have to keep watching it if I want her to leave me alone ever again. Very motivating.


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