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So there's actually a couple other things I want to post about eventually, but today I really just have two things to say.

Book Four of Korra ended! SPOILERS. )

And! YULETIDE. The deadline held no bears for me; I finished my assignment weeks ago and have been working on treats since. But TWO GIFTS (!!) were posted for me today and I am THRILLED. I only have timing coincidences to guide me when it comes to present-shaking, but whether I'm right about which fics are mine or not, the selection of stories in fandoms I requested is just SOLID GOLD this year and I am so happy. omg yay. TIME TO CHANNEL MY DELIGHT INTO MOAR TREATS. \o/
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Maybe I'll just try to work my way up to posting twice a month, and see how that works out. /o\

[community profile] femslashex happened! I wrote a Sinbad (Nala/Rina) treat for [personal profile] muccamukk, which is to say I've had an idea sitting half-written in my head since last femslashex, having watched Sinbad at all solely after reading muccamukk's letter that year, and then she asked for it again and this time I was able to write the story down fast enough to meet the deadline. \o/ One of these days I'm going to have to get around to a set of Sinbad posts - it's such an adorably terrible show! Things I enjoyed large parts of but really want to tweak are always the ones I get most fannish about. I'd do a recs post except I still haven't read everything I have open in tabs, but basically if you haven't checked the collection for anything in your fandoms, you totally should.

And since the last time I posted, there's been:

Sleepy Hollow! Spoilers, obvs. )

Korra! Spoilers, obvs. Also probably don't click this if you're generally pretty happy with the show this season. )

Elementary! Spoilers, obvs. )

Not caught up yet on SHIELD; I'm also watching Forever and portions of Flash mostly for the hell of it, no real commentary to offer there.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo, but not precisely by the rules, because I'm counting words I write for Yuletide; so far this is working out well, and I may even wholly avoid bears this year. (My recipient and I could not have more divergent approaches to Yuletide if we were trying! This has proven exciting but wholly manageable, and as a bonus I should have plenty of time to edit my assignment/work on treats. \o/)
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Tell yourself you can take a week off from posting because you're traveling, and suddenly it's a month and a half later and your delinquency is only worsening. OOPS. I'm going to have to pick out one of those post-a-day meme thingies just to get back in the habit.

ANYWAY. Between my last meaningful post and today, I saw Maleficent like four times and completely fucking loved it. Spoilers, if anyone still cares. )

And then also Book 3 of Korra happened! I can't even imagine how annoying this whole airing schedule/swap-to-online mess was for anybody who'd been following along solely by watching Nickelodeon, and I really hope they aren't kidding about the show having had better viewing online anyway. I haven't posted about this season since the leak, so I suppose I might as well run through the whole thing at once, and divide it by feeling like always. (Feel free to read the cut whose tenor appeals most to you and not touch the other two!)


Meh. )

Aaaaaand bleh. )

Sleepy Hollow has also started! Yay I'm so happy. <3 I love everybody in this bar everything about this show, from the ridiculous "historical" shenanigans to the hugs, and everything in between. Cut for spoilers. ) The only thing I want for Halloween is more things for Katrina to do besides be menaced by the Nice Guyiest Nice Guy. She has PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS. GIVE HER THINGS TO DO ALREADY. (Somebody's written the AU where she's the one who woke up and is buddy cops with Abbie as her powers slowly recover, while Ichabod appears in her dreams giving her cryptic warnings—right? Right?)

And somewhere in there, the first book of ItO cracked 10k hits! I remember when I was posting happily about 500, I am SO THRILLED. (That is almost 3x the population of my hometown! I mean, I know hits != unique visitors. BUT STILL.)

I think that's everything I have feelings about; I haven't watched the new ep of SHIELD, or Guardians of the Galaxy. Back to working on treats for [community profile] femslashex!
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One day, I'm going to start posting more often again; but probably not this month, because I feel like all the spare time I have to write things needs to go STRAIGHT TO LttE, not ~frivolous things like Dreamwidth posts. To that one person who commented on the pacing last chapter: you were so right. This chapter is (unbelievably, ridiculously, ludicrously) 25k already, and I'm only somewhat more than halfway through the outline, so I'm guessing I'm going to have to cut it into two parts; but I want to post both parts at the same time, because it really was always supposed to be one chapter. (I know, I know, I'm turning into freaking Robert Jordan over here.) By the time I get to Book Four, each chapter is going to be its own goddamn novel, at this rate. /o\

But! Major Crimes has started back up again. I've only watched last week's, not this week's, but I'm just SO HAPPY to see everyone again. SHARON. AMY. RUSTY. TEEEEEEEEAM. So many hearts.

And then, of course, there's the Korra Book Three official trailer on Youtube (with accompanying discussion post on [community profile] white_lotus)! Oh, show, I wish I knew how to quit you, except mild spoilers? )

And of course checking for new information about Book Three led me to the news that four complete Spanish-dubbed episodes were accidentally leaked online the other week. Because I'm a giant spoilerphile, I immediately found them and watched them. So many spoilers; do not click this if you want to stay unspoiled. Don't even look too hard at this cut text. SPOILERS. )

And now I should really get back to work. :D
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Time keeps passing without telling me it's going to.

Revolution, 2.02-2.08. ) I can't quite make myself stop watching, because a) Charlie and Rachel! and b) a part of me seems to find frothing with hatred cathartic. But, seriously, I hate this show. A lot.

Korra, 2.07-2.14. Herds of teal deer. ) So. Yeah. Some mixed feelings overall.

By contrast, I have almost nothing whatsoever to say about Sleepy Hollow because basically I'm just enjoying the ride. (I haven't seen the most recent ep, I don't think.) Are there plot holes? Sure there are! But the more recent episodes have been much less faily than the first couple, and ABBIE. ABBIE AND JENNY. ICHABOD. CAPTAIN IRVING. The end. *hands*

As far as Agents of SHIELD goes, still watching. ) Possibly I'm too generous! But through the rose-colored glasses of my personal interpretation: still happy.

Not quite on track for NaNo, but close, and if you added in what I've written for my Yuletide story, I'd be ahead. :D
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In between being CONSUMED by the drama of Yuletide signups (my letter did not scare people away from Banlieue 13! FANNISH FISTPUMP), I have actually been sort of keeping up with TV.

Revolution 2.01 ) Sigh.

Sleepy Hollow 1.03-1.04 )

Agents of SHIELD 1.02-1.03 )

Korra, 2.04-2.06 ) Also I'd like the AU where Asami's company does in fact sell weapons and then she becomes Iron Man Lady. Yesterday. (If she doesn't hire Zhu Li away from Varrick to be her Pepper Potts at some point this season, I will cry.)

I also watched Warm Bodies the other day; I have no incisive commentary except that it took me until the balcony scene to really geddit (OMG THEIR NAMES I see what you did there), and I enjoyed everything except wee spoiler. ) But aside from that, it was weird and ridiculous and sweet and funny, and overall I enjoyed it. If you have to keep making paranormal romances about thin straight white people, movie industry, you could at least make them like this.

Next chapter of LttE: 14k. \o/
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Still not dead! This is somehow easier to talk about because it's now resolved: I got fired late last July, and was unemployed for quite a while before I suddenly got another job this June, and also moved to a new apartment with [personal profile] idriya. Which is great! But also stressful and kind of exhausting; I've been super-busy about half the summer, and the other half I've been aggressively not accomplishing anything, so as to keep my head from exploding.

I'm starting to ease back into the groove of the internet, though, at last, and what better way to do that than rewind all the way back to June and complain about Revolution? ) I'd wash my hands of this show except a) Charlie and b) Rachel, and also the new season can only get worse better more Revolutiony. 2.01 aired yesterday; I'll probably watch it this weekend.

I think there were also some episodes of OUaT. ) Kind of hard to believe it'll be back on Sunday.

I haven't been keeping up at all on Defiance, but I should now that I can marathon it - with some shows, marathoning just works better for me. As for new shows this fall: the first two episodes of Sleepy Hollow ), the pilot of Agents of SHIELD ).

Also new this fall: Korra, 2.01-2.03. ) Overall, I think I had better wait and see.

And: Yuletide already, what. Guess I'd better start reviewing the nominations spreadsheet and furiously drafting a preliminary letter!

And I know it's been a year (!!! THE GUILT), but at long last: the next chapter of Listen to the Earth is at 10k and counting.
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Korra S1 finale: spoilers everywhere, and maybe don't look if you loved it. ) I'm pretty definitely not going to stop watching, but I have metaphorically re-fortified my heart so as not to hang all my joys and hopes on Season 2.

Much more happily, we went to see Brave. Spoilers! ) ♥♥♥♥♥

And there was also Burn Notice, which I now find I have no deep thoughts about, but am enjoying even though they're still being a touch heavy-handed about Michael/Fi - not that it isn't warranted in some ways, but I could do with less of the slow-mo table-overturning, I don't need that to remember that Michael loves Fi. :P It is weird but amazing, having a casting spoiler ) around, and I'm glad they went for a Jesse episode. Reserving most other judgment until I have a better idea how they're going to handle this prison storyline.

Blew most of the weekend, so next chapter of LttE: 4.5k, not tremendous progress. But still progress!
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So, wow, June. You are ... almost gone. D: Also it's going to be like a hundred degrees tomorrow, and that is barely even an exaggeration. BLEH.

There was graduation, finally, and my head did not explode; and then I took vacation and pretty much ignored EVERYTHING, and I went to Boston (and was lost for nearly three hours, but I wasn't driving) and Providence (lost for perhaps twenty minutes, and I was driving) and also a hot air balloon festival, and then I stayed up until six in the morning and almost didn't go to sleep again. (But then I gave in and did.)

And during aaaaaaall that time, things happened!

Like Snow White and the Huntsman! Spoilers, and, well, I sort of enjoyed it? ) I can't even tell anymore! Maybe I just shouldn't be allowed to talk about movies, I clearly have no useful critical faculties.

Books, on the other hand: I cannot turn my brain off. I am maybe a hundred pages into the second Bourne novel (I only just obtained the first), and holy crap that is some -ism bingo material right there. The writing is way too florid for my taste even if Robert Ludlum weren't apparently challenging himself to use the word "Oriental" every two pages and trying not to give any woman a name except Marie, and the way he describes Hong Kong and the residents thereof makes me want to just about weep from rage. I'm sure the movies have their issues, but I'm going to need to marathon them just to get the taste out of my mouth. Yikes.

Far less painfully, Korra! )

There was also Burn Notice in there somewhere, but this post is getting really long and there's another ep tomorrow, so I'll save that.

At long, long last, next chapter of LttE: 3.5k. I'm thinking this is going to be a long one.
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HAHAHA oops. Man, if I don't post on Monday I'll just let the whole week slip by me, because I'm a winner. (Doesn't help that we are creeping closer and closer to graduation at work. Nothing piles the last-minute work on like graduation.)

But anyway! No Korra this week, but that's okay, because I never said anything about last week's. )

And The Borgias, I am caught up on that, too. ) It was a bit odd to watch because one of my more recent Netflixen was MirrorMask, which has the same actress in it - clearly she makes all things more awesome than they would otherwise have been.

Work tomorrow, for at least part of the day, because there's some stuff that essentially no one else can get done. And honestly I'm probably not going to return to any kind of frequent postery for another week or two, until graduation is safely behind me and the work level drops off a bit. (So, uh, next chapter of LttE = late. Sorry!)
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So! I hear LJ's making some fairly major changes to Scrapbook that have caused some people to lose images, and will delete tags and restructure everything so as to remove sub-albums. I guess it's time I quit putting off moving everything to Photobucket and relinking. Oh, for DW imagehosting!

Far more importantly: I'm caught up on OUaT! Last week's ep ... )

... and this week's! )

Also, Korra! Both eps, spoilers. )

Also: the council guy totally had Padmé hair. If you look at his back during technically a spoiler ), it's in long locks separated with sets of rings, which is exactly how Padmé's hair is done when she's disguised as a fighter pilot at the start of ... Attack of the Clones, I think? I can't decide whether that was some kind of tiny shoutout or they just came up with it independently, but [personal profile] idriya spotted it and we had a good chuckle.

And I watched two more episodes of The Borgias. ) Aside from all the sex and death, these two episodes were like a party in my soul. (I don't consider sex and death spoilers for The Borgias; it's The Borgias.)

I have not-precisely-poison-ivy aaaaaaall over my hands. It's not as bad as two years ago, when I basically dunked my hands in calamine lotion every few hours and then covered myself with bandaids; but it's close. WHY ME.
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All caught up on Korra, and waiting impatiently for another Saturday. No particular commentary yet, except for how terrible I am at handling fannish feelings in realtime. WHY CAN'T I WATCH THE WHOLE SEASON AT ONCE. OH RIGHT IT DOESN'T EXIST YET. DDDDDDDDDD: I need more to happen, I can't stand getting 22 minutes a week. **sob** Although spoilers! )

And, of course, there was OUaT! Spoilers everywhere. )

I'm not sure why, but I finished A Great and Terrible Beauty. (Spoilers.) ) That got super long! Point is: still not a rec. Bleh.

Re: movies, Johnny Depp as Tonto and character/casting spoilers for ST:RB:II ) force me to say unto Hollywood: what the fuck even are you doing. Just stop.

I got an attack of the spams today; it was on like the oldest entry in this entire journal, but in case they switch targets, sorry for any garbled URLs-and-porn that pops up in here! I'll do my best to clear it out quickly.
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Ugh ugh ugh. Not gone, just preoccupied. :P But not preoccupied enough to have not watched OUaT!

Last week ... )

... and this week. )

I also have Fairly Legal to catch up on, and I watched part of In Plain Sight but I am soooooo behind on that show that I cannot talk about anything in context. So all I have to say about that is MARY, YOU ARE SO GRUMPY AND AMAZING.

And, oh, yeah, KORRA IS COMING IN APRIL YESSSSSSSS. I almost am not sure I'll be able to watch it while it's airing; I only got to A:tLA after it was all over and I had been thoroughly spoiled, no hiatuses or anything. This is going to be SO STRESSFUL. (But I think we actually get Nickelodeon now, which we definitely did not before this year.)

The weather here is disgusting. It is fifty-seven degrees, in March, and that is a DROP from the revolting heights of yesterday. Ugh. March, look, it's okay to be yourself. You don't have to pretend to be June.


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