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So, wow, June. You are ... almost gone. D: Also it's going to be like a hundred degrees tomorrow, and that is barely even an exaggeration. BLEH.

There was graduation, finally, and my head did not explode; and then I took vacation and pretty much ignored EVERYTHING, and I went to Boston (and was lost for nearly three hours, but I wasn't driving) and Providence (lost for perhaps twenty minutes, and I was driving) and also a hot air balloon festival, and then I stayed up until six in the morning and almost didn't go to sleep again. (But then I gave in and did.)

And during aaaaaaall that time, things happened!

Like Snow White and the Huntsman, which I went to see with my mother and [personal profile] idriya, and all three of us quite enjoyed it, so I guess no one should ever listen to me about movies ever. Maybe I am so generous with holes because I am perfectly happy to fill them in with headcanon, but ... I pretty much liked it? I will totally concede that I don't think they'd quite worked out their point. The beginning bit, with the queen adding in the strength of the rose to her wish (which I LOVED) and everyone on about Snow White's heart kind of made it seem like - like they meant Ravenna to almost be misunderstanding, like she thought the mirror meant physical beauty (hence her choosing to leave the river women alone when they scarred themselves, because Ravenna's understanding of what beauty means precluded their having any anymore) when actually it was about heart-fairness. Except that doesn't quite jive with the mirror's words - unless you interpret the scene with the brother eavesdropping as evidence that Ravenna was hallucinating the mirror, or that at least the mirror was not what it seemed.

... I guess what that ridiculous paragraph shows is that they left a lot of room for interpretation. :P

Anyway! I was fascinated by the inclusion of religion, in the Our Father that Snow White recites and the church in the middle and the bishops at the coronation; it was kind of an interesting touch in a world so clearly not our own, and I'm not even totally sure what it meant. I actually really like KStew, she tends to give her heroines a brand of uncertain sincerity that really works for me; HI THOR HI; and Charlize Theron was obviously having a blast. I kind of figured the kiss had to be from someone who loved the ... kissee, not from someone whom the kissee loved (half the time the ladies haven't even met the dudes until the kiss, in the stories), and so that did not strike me at the time as the contravention of Snow White's choice that it could certainly have been read as. I was also really busy being so incredibly pleased that everyone in the love triangle was awesome. Even post-kiss, William did not become a dick, or do anything that suddenly exposed him as "the wrong one" and a terrible person. It was amazing! Mostly the love story didn't even matter, in the end; she could just as easily have been raised by, idk, the White Hart appearing in the church to bless her, and she led the troops and took down Ravenna and got herself crowned, the guys were just sort of ... there. I don't know, I thought it was sort of great. It didn't seem to me like the main plot at all. (And technically speaking, the only person Snow White herself chose to kiss was Ravenna. So, so up for an AU where "having Snow White's heart" is more metaphorical than anybody thinks.)

They also managed to tread a pretty good line for me between reasons why Ravenna was the way she was, and not excusing her because of them; but maybe that's me filling things in with what I wanted to see. I can't even tell anymore! Maybe I just shouldn't be allowed to talk about movies, I clearly have no useful critical faculties.

Books, on the other hand: I cannot turn my brain off. I am maybe a hundred pages into the second Bourne novel (I only just obtained the first), and holy crap that is some -ism bingo material right there. The writing is way too florid for my taste even if Robert Ludlum weren't apparently challenging himself to use the word "Oriental" every two pages and trying not to give any woman a name except Marie, and the way he describes Hong Kong and the residents thereof makes me want to just about weep from rage. I'm sure the movies have their issues, but I'm going to need to marathon them just to get the taste out of my mouth. Yikes.

Far less painfully, Korra has happened! A bunch! I almost can't even say anything about it, because I'm not sure quite where they're going to go with this or what they're going to do, but I am so looking forward to finding out. (I do confess that my interest in Mako as a character is undergoing a severe slump - he's just sort of bland next to Bolin and Korra, and even Asami, who has not had nearly as much screen time as the rest of them; and he seems to have a weird streak of ~manly protectiveness going that really rubs me the wrong way. I still can't believe he got away with telling Asami he and Bolin would go down to her dad's lair and find things out for her. That was so ridic.)

BUT ANYWAY. Still enjoying it! I am mentally rewriting all the love triangle tensions into Asami/Korra, for the record, and I probably miss at least a quarter of the lines just because I'm staring at Korra's shoulders. I knew the second Pema had a cramp or whatever that she would have that baby at the worst possible moment; and LIN, omg, that was so amazing. I'm hoping they're going to keep pushing at the potential complexity of this bender vs. non-bender thing, because I still don't feel like they're quite plumbing it - I liked Tarrlok's argument with Korra, but I have had the experience of thinking a villain was being permitted to make a valid point only to have a show/book turn around and insist they were Evil McSatanson and everything they said was a terrible lie. So I still don't quite trust that they won't make me sad inside. But here's hoping! I can't believe there's so little left before we have to wait for another season. D:

There was also Burn Notice in there somewhere, but this post is getting really long and there's another ep tomorrow, so I'll save that.

At long, long last, next chapter of LttE: 3.5k. I'm thinking this is going to be a long one.
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