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Update on further developments re: #yesGayYA from cleolinda.

(ETA to clarify: the wankery tag's for stuff in which any single party is behaving, um, questionably - #yesGayYA itself is not the subject of my judgment at all.)
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Ugh, schedule fail: the end of this chapter is totally kicking my ass. On the plus side, though, I will almost definitely be able to get it done tomorrow, and I think it's going to be a little longer than usual. WHY SO MANY SUBPLOTS AAAAAAA.

And probably everyone has seen this already, so this is mostly for my own reference: elf's ManderFail roundup post.
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So, I finished yesterday's post about two seconds before I flipped over to my reading page and saw the news/discussions beginning about FictionAlley and Pepsi Refresh, and I have basically been reading stuff about it ever since (in between bouts of work on my NaNo, of course), including posts by: seperis, here and here, schemingreader, melannen, futuransky, obsession-inc (with handy table, plus more links), justira, and katekat. Plus, of course, the unfunnybusiness post, and the update about FA withdrawing.

I'm kind of surprised my head hasn't exploded. :P Everybody has said just about everything; what it comes down to for me is that it was badly managed, pretty much. I'm glad to see the sort of counterswell of insistence that fandom has value be paired with not excusing FA's bad handling - I've been working hard recently on not letting myself feel ashamed of my fannishness, as exemplified by my arguments with M and my mother about it, and I think I'm getting pretty good at it. As for FA, mostly it makes me feel vague nostalgia; I don't think I was ever actually part of the site, but back in the day, I did visit it quite a bit, and F_W often had links to epic explosions that I now think of with a certain fondness. When I get home, I think I'll chip in a little to their actual donation drive, now that they've withdrawn. Oh, Harry Potter fandom. Even if I manage to finish the epic HP AU, I will never quite quit you.

More boringly, the end of this week is going to be hell at work. My supervisor is going to be out for the rest of today and all of tomorrow, and unreachable entirely tomorrow, which means I am left with the epic task of sorting out the proofs for the school's ENTIRE FALL MAGAZINE and getting them sent out, in addition to getting a Thanksgiving card set up and off to the printer's and attending a management meeting in her stead. None of which I have ever done before. D: She did leave me with a little handout/summary thing of the work that's been going through our office lately, so it's possible I can get away with giving that out, nattering about it a little, and leaving it at that. Still, these are not going to be the best two days ever. :P
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Through celli's post: o look, pro author fail.

Not a week ago, I was just thinking I had to get around to reading some Elizabeth Moon. Now, suddenly, I'm not really feeling it. Funny how that works.

In less srs business, the Covert Affairs two-hour finale. Spoilers. ) I'll keep watching, but between it and Warehouse 13, I think Warehouse 13 is winning.

Also, I did a crazy thing and ordered a new computer. I rationalized it a lot, and the rationalizations are all true and logical, but mostly, it comes down to how utterly tired I am of having my current computer's shitty graphics card determine what games I can play. /o\ I'm so shallow. So that should come sometime next week, which gives me time to come up with a name. The computer plus the dentist thing means no more frivolities (well, aside from a birthday gift for my mother, but that's not quite in the same category of unnecessary expenditure as stuff for myself) until after a couple more paychecks, and then nothing but donations until Christmas rolls around. I am Gibraltar. [/Mr. Feeny]
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My submission to [community profile] ladiesbigbang was accepted, which means my face is now stuck somewhere between :D and D: - on the one hand, I have been marked as acceptable by an objective outside source! Not that they're screening for quality (and lucky break for me there), but still. Standards were set, and I met them! :D On the other hand, I now have to actually put the fic somewhere where other people will see it. Not that they're necessarily going to, if the summary is boring enough, but the possibility will exist. DDDDDDDDDDDD: I suspect I'm going to be doing a lot of test posts before the 12th - I know what I've found useful in the past as far as navigating a multi-chapter fic goes, but I've never tried to actually code it before. Maybe if I just stick it on the AO3? So many choices!

Anyway. Back to TV.

Rizzoli & Isles. Spoilers, but still no especially deep thoughts. )

Covert Affairs; a few spoilers, but not big ones, since I didn't see the most recent ep. )

Burn Notice. Spoilers, I guess, but it's been a while. )

The Closer, I am still watching, but I have no thoughts, because ... I don't remember what it was, but there was something going on - oh, it might have been B messaging me, now that I think about it - that prevented me from paying full attention. :P So I'm going to need to rewatch this week's over the weekend.

The LJ/FB/Twitter thing kind of makes me lol at the same time I shake my head. I barely use Facebook, and I only have an account at LJ for crossposting and because maybe I might want to sign up for a challenge there, but I pretty definitely would not want those two things linked together. I could handle some of my RL friends finding me in fandom, particularly the ones who already know I'm into it but just don't know where to look for me; but not all of them, and I also would like to keep fandom way far away from my workplace. D: But I am moved to lol by the reaction - particularly the poll about it - and by how clear it is that LJ wasn't expecting people to mind. Oh, LJ.
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Aaaaand gatorgrrrl digs herself a deeper hole (bonus: translation by nestra). **facepalm** I can't help but sympathize with the urge to explain yourself at length, and I get that having the spotlight of fandom attention turned on you negatively, full-force, for several days, can be really rough. But, look: the conversation isn't going to stop just because you said you were sorry, and getting all sad inside about how you ttly apologized and yet people still haven't magically started acting like nothing ever happened ... is not going to help. Odds are the conversation isn't even about you, your motivations, your intent, or whatever defensive justifications you can muster; it's about what you did. By which I mean a thing that is done; over; complete. Unless you have a TARDIS, you can't change said done thing, so just let people discuss whatever it was, and do your best to learn from the things they're saying.

NB: These "you"s are nonspecific - this applies to a lot of mid-wank/unfunny business apologies.

Also, if your apology contains a line like this: "If anyone has defriended me, I am sorry you felt the need to do so"? Please, please rethink it. To me, at least, it comes off as weird and passive-aggressive and blame-shifting - like, "I'm sorry you got so upset" instead of "I'm sorry I upset you". NOT A GOOD APOLOGY. D: Really, the passive voice in general is probably a bad idea: see the classic "mistakes were made".

(Countdown to me doing something stupid on the internets, forgetting everything I've written here, and coming off like a total failboat: starts now.)
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So, a few days ago my family sat down together to watch Young Sherlock Holmes. I will say freely that the beginning was fairly good. ) The murder plotline was absorbing enough until the surprise!racist explanations popped up; after that, I was pretty much done.

The worst part is that my dad kept arguing after that the quality of this movie was on par with the RDJ!Holmes movie. Which, uh, no. Just no. (Granted, there was some Egyptian appropriation!fail in that one, but the rational explanation at the end made the guys who did it look pretty stupid, in my opinion.)

And, mostly for my own reference, through nestra's post linking to bossymarmalade, and merry's post linking to amazonziti, a fairly clear picture of some recent fail emerges. I will say that I'm glad gatorgrrrl apologized, though I do think the apology kind of derails itself somewhere in the middle. I can't decide whether I hope she leaves the story up - not for the reasons she cites, just so that all of the original comments stay in their original context, and the whole thing remains on the record. I don't want anyone else hurt by it, but when you say something stupid, whether in a post or through a faily story, it seems wrong to make like you never said it. But I don't know - and it's really up to her, in the end.

On a less faily note, I finally watched A:TLA 3.06 (The Avatar and the Fire Lord) and 3.07 (The Runaway). As always, I wish wish wish the eps had been, like, an hour long, because the dialogue could seriously benefit; but overall, they were pretty good. Oh, Zuko. And Toph - for anyone who did not already know, I HEART TOPH. The only thing that bugged me was Ta Min; I knew her part was pretty darn small, but I thought maybe she would at least have a line. :P Still, I can't wait to get to Day of Black Sun. I have been DYING to get to that ep for ages.
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That Diana Gabaldon thing that's exploded all over the place (and made F_W, of course) distracted me like whoa from studying for my Bio final this morning. Fortunately, everything I felt like saying when I first read the OP has already been said, and probably far more articulately than I would have said it.

Somewhat amusingly, I ended up in a half-fight half-discussion with M about the relative merits of original fiction vs. fanfic yesterday, too - probably not the best day for it, considering that I started out already jacked up and full of fandom pride. (For the record, I think of them as pretty much even; each one can do things the other one can't, and they are valuable in equal measure precisely because of those differences. Talking about fanfic as a stepping stone to original fic won't drive me into a frothing rage, but I don't much care for it.) I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though; M doesn't really engage with fandom on a meta level, she's still in a dragons-and-self-inserts kind of place. Which is fine, obviously, but it also makes it kind of hard for me to really have heavy discussions with her about the worth of fanfic. :P It doesn't help that her grasp of feminism is kind of shaky, that she never caught any of Racefail, and that she's not a terribly sex-positive kind of person. Sometimes I have trouble remembering that my IRL friends have not necessarily ever thought about those things.

Fortunately, the Bio final was somewhat less than taxing - it took me about twenty-five minutes to answer forty multiple choice questions and write a short answer about the immune system. And now I'm freeeeeeee. \o/ And will almost undoubtedly spend the rest of the day writing [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic in my notebook.
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So, I watched the newest (at least, I think it was the newest) ep of The Closer last night.

I had really mixed feelings at the outset, but I think overall more things ended up being right than wrong - I'm not sure, though, it still hasn't totally settled yet. My tentative perspective. Spoilery, natch. ) I was especially leery because of the whole VB-returns thing on F_W, and the attendant pronoun fail that is thankfully mostly over now; but I think the ending at least partially made up for the obnoxious parts of the beginning. I don't know, I'll have to let it percolate a little more.

In academic news, the World Lit final on Thursday went by without much of a hitch. I'm terrible at writing essays by hand, I get so tense I have to shake my hand out every few words or else I can barely write, but I think I managed okay. Then there was nothing until yesterday afternoon, which was the Cog-Neuro exam. I ... probably should have studied for that a little bit more than I did, but I think it turned out all right. This afternoon is Audiology, for which I plan to "study" by making myself a paper diagram of an audiometer and practicing in my room. Fortunately, I can do that without feeling like an idiot, because B finished her last exam and left for home yesterday afternoon. (I know this makes me a horrible person, but: \o/!)

So. Paper audiometer. Right.
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It was B's 21st birthday yesterday, so, naturally, she went out and got drunk.

I don't drink, for a number of different reasons: the biggest one is that I just plain hate the taste of alcohol, but I also actually find the entire idea of drunkenness a little creepy, like, you are deliberately putting yourself into a state where you no longer make the same decisions you would normally make - you are, at least to some extent, a different person. It weirds me out, idk. Plus it doesn't really seem like it's worth it: B tends to characterize it to me as something to do for fun, but A) I have always managed to have fun enough to make me happy without alcohol (M, K, Ka, J, and Q also do not drink, generally speaking), B) it seems to only actually be fun as long as you're drunk, given the number of times B has bemoaned all the drunk-dials she made/stupid things she did, and C) the amount of pain and vomit that follows seems like quite a bit more unpleasantness than any power of alcohol to enhance fun can outweigh.

(NB: All of this applies much more to binge drinking, college-party-type drinking, than going out with friends for a few drinks on a Friday or having a cold beer on a hot afternoon. I'm not, like, morally opposed to the consumption of alcohol in general, or anything like that.)

Anyway, the point is: I feel like a terrible person, but I'm kind of evilly enjoying watching her suffer through her hangover. (I know, worst friend ever. /o\)

I also kind of enjoyed that she was gone last night, because it meant I had control of the TV; I watched a couple episodes of SVU, and then an episode of HawthoRNe that I think I must have missed the first time around. I've come to really love HawthoRNe: I love the predominance of relationships between women, and between characters of color (and, pleasingly often, both at once!); I think I may be developing a girlcrush on Jada Pinkett Smith - and Suleka Mathew, for that matter; and I'm pleased deep in my nerdy soul to be seeing Colonel McQueen from Space: Above & Beyond again. 24 can be fun to watch sometimes, but there are so many things about it that annoy me if I let them; it's nice to have him be on something else. I haven't gotten to watch as many episodes as I'd like to, but I've very much enjoyed all of the ones that I've seen, so.

Also: an awkward conversation with Br. ) Obviously, it's okay to dislike a ship, to not like slash very much or not like het very much or whatever it is - it's personal taste, it can't really be categorized as wrong, as incorrect. I think what bothers me about Br's gripe is that the way she phrased it moves the issue into, or at least toward, the realm of moral judgment, with her on the side of people who are capable of appreciating the beauty of strong, platonic male friendship, and people who ship things like Frodo/Sam on the side of the poor, lust-driven plebes who can't leave well enough alone and get all carried away with that wacky subtext crap.

Phew. Now that I've got that off my chest: shower time!
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Having yesterday off is screwing me up so badly; I kept thinking today was Monday, and then somehow it had switched to today being Wednesday by midmorning.

Still, I managed to keep my brain from making me miss any classes. Audiology was another stunningly dull review, this time about the anatomy of the ear, which I remember pretty clearly from Speech and Hearing - it wasn't the professor's fault it was dull, she was awesome as always. I have to remember to get my HIPAA training done again; no way am I going to find the certification form from last year, so I might as well do it again.

World Lit was the second half of Gilgamesh, and then a bunch of Egyptian love poetry; the poetry was a mix of dirty, funny, and beautiful that really worked for me. Unfortunately, I don't have my book for that class yet - although it should be on its way soon - so I can't repost any for future reference for a while. Sadface! On the plus side, the discussion was mildly interesting, and I had the presence of mind to write down a whole bunch of the cliché bingo prompts I still haven't written snippets for in my notebook, so I got a fair amount of brainstorming done, if not a huge amount of actual writing. \o/

Cog-Neuro wasn't bad in an objective sense, but there's something about the hour-and-fifteen minute classes that gets to me; I usually lose the majority of my powers of concentration at about the hour mark, and spend the last fifteen minutes fidgeting and counting down the seconds under my breath. ... That's probably a habit I should break.

I bought a new ID card. It has become a ritual for me to lose my student ID at least once a year; this year, I started early. Rather than waiting for it to find its way back to me, as it has with kind of bewildering regularity in the past, I decided to go ahead and shell out the $15 for a new one - the magnetic strip on the old one was starting to wear and need more than one swipe to work, so it was probably time. It's very weird, having a new one. I'm not even a tiny bit photogenic ... ) Whatever, I am so overthinking this. It's just an ID card, self! :D

Anyway. We have a coloring book for Cog-Neuro, along with a normal textbook; we had a whole handful of assignments in it, and I spent most of this afternoon on them, after buying myself some colored pencils at the bookstore. It felt weirdly adult, to have a need for something, and go, without asking anybody or telling anybody or anything, to buy it for myself. Which is, again, making a bigger deal than necessary out of something relentlessly ordinary, but that seems to be the order of the day, here.

B is still driving me crazy ... ) But other than that, it's all been much more tolerable.

Aaaaand now it's basically 11:30, and I have Human Cultures at 8:30 tomorrow, so.
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I have so many things to say today!

First, my Tuesday-Thursday classes:

Audiology. )

World Literature. )

And Cognitive Neuroscience. )

The other thing, which could totally make a post all on its own, is my roommate, B, who is driving me crazier than usual. I met her in freshman year; she was the first friend I ever made in college. She was my opposite in almost every way at the time. ) I'll be the first to admit that I don't know nearly enough about these issues, and it feels awkward to post about it with myself cast as some kind of white knight when actually it's just that I'm slightly less uninformed than B, but it's starting to bother me so much that I just can't keep my mouth shut.

But enough srs business; M, J, K, Ka, and Q will be here in a few minutes, since they've driven up to visit, so I should hit post on this monstrosity and then go meet them.


Sep. 2nd, 2009 07:18 am
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This whole survey thing really exploded, huh?

I've caught up on a lot of the posts about it between classes and such, and have found it hilarious and infuriating by turns. The "slash is like dudes liking transsexuals" comment was bewildering; the responses to it warmed the cockles of my heart. I think that what throws me the most is the staggering number of hugely broad assumptions they are working from already - they are treating things like givens when they are not actually givens, and that anybody who is supposedly some kind of qualified researcher would not know better than that blows my mind.

I have seen it mentioned that the people behind the survey have implied that, because they were not intending any minors to be involved, they did not need IRB approval. (Although I did not actually follow any specific link to a comment containing that implication, so I have no first-hand knowledge.) If that is the case, then I would like to weep for all the time I wasted filling out paperwork just to get an expedited review of my thesis project by UVM's IRB when no minors were going to be involved.

I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking when I first saw the banners for the survey going around; I've seen that kind of thing before for people's smaller statistics projects and such, and I guess I never really realized that this was at least trying to be an actual official research project. That being the case, the problematic survey items take on a whole new meaning. We spent ages in Measurement of Communication Processes learning about just how careful you have to be about everything when you're making a good survey, including the wording of the items and the various options for the response setup. We had to run our project surveys on a pilot sample and test the validity of the items and chuck the really awful ones and rephrase the only mildly terrible ones and argue for, like, a day and a half about whether we had really picked the right response setup. And that was just for a class project, not for something we were planning on turning into an actual research tool.

Other people have talked quite a bit about the myriad other problems, so: linkspam roundup. I would be so lost by these blowups if it weren't for these roundups.

... And now I have to go to Human Cultures. Sooner or later I will put up a riveting account of my Tuesday, though.

ETA: Obviously I should have checked my e-mail before I left, or I would have noticed I had a comment (on LJ, I mean) before this posted, but somehow my last post about the survey actually ended up in the linkspam. It's like I have some kind of actual presence on the internet or something. o.O

ETA 2: Also, something so basic I forgot to even mention it: every statistics class I have ever taken has hammered home the point that convenience samples are almost totally worthless. Obviously this is a situation where you are aiming to get a particular population, and so a convenience sample, as long as it's taken from that target population, is perhaps slightly less useless than usual, but.
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UnfunnyBusiness writeup.

LC's compilation of some of the most boggling comments.

queenofhell's discussion of why some of those boggling comments may look familiar on a meta level.

Commentary post by esorlehcar.

These are not all of the posts I've read, just a sampling. I hate that this is sucking so hard for so many people; the fact that, as per usual with nasty kerfuffles, it's teaching me something is nowhere near worth it.

ETA: How to code a non-spoilery, screenreader-accessible warning, from amadi.

ETA 2: Commentary post by misspamela.
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I genuinely like Royal Pains now. I'm hesitant to make this a definite proclamation, but it certainly seemed like it was managing to actually start hitting its stride with the second ep.

More bibbling. )

tl;dr: I'm glad I decided to stay up and watch it again. If it sticks to this quality or better, I will be very happy.

As for Burn Notice, I'm not sure I have any really specific squee. ) Mostly, all I can muster in the way of coherent thought is "OMG BURN NOTICE ♥♥♥♥♥ OMG".

(Note to self: I think there's enough about meta and shipping to tip Royal Pains over into having a fandom tag here, so I'm gonna stick one on. If I don't end up using it much, then I have to remember to get rid of it. I'm watching you, self!)

There was also some Tru Calling today; I really like that show, although the main cast is pretty relentlessly white. Not a lot of commentary to offer, because today's eps were from that phase where it was transitioning from solely dead-person-of-the-week to larger mytharc, and since I've already seen a bunch of the episodes from later in the mytharc, I knew exactly what was going on with Jack. His character really yanked on me in some of those later eps, but today's were just sprinkled with ... the occasional moment of yankage, let's say. So it was somewhat less compelling than it might have been if I had seen the episodes in order.

And now I need to go to bed, in the hopes that I'll be maybe a little more productive tomorrow. I was hoping to get stuff done today, but I ended up blowing the morning reading through the Cassandra Claire Plagiarism Debacle writeup for, I don't know, the tenth time? Every now and then I find myself revisiting big old wanks - that one, the Msscribe writeup, and some of the big Harmonian wanks, in particular. Like, not for any real reason or anything, just to kind of skim them, except then once I start, I can't stop reading, and before I know it I've spent four hours reading F_W and I haven't done one single thing from my list. /o\


May. 13th, 2009 10:09 pm
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Today was nerdy fun pretty much from start to finish. I got up early to feed the pets - two dogs, two cats - as promised, only to find that my mother was already awake, and had pretty much done everything. Turns out the loose dog and the more active of the cats had been waking her up intermittently for an hour or two.

So I ended up lounging around for a while reading back issues of ... Asimov's, I think it was, a little sci-fi short story magazine; there were a few disturbing stories, a few stories I'm not sure I totally understood, and a few stories I liked, which is pretty par for the course, as far as me and short stories go.

And then I got up and mixed up some sugar water for the hummingbird feeders, before putting them out. My mom put out some seedlings on the porch to get some sun before she left for work; I checked on them, and ended up putting a skirt - yes, when I say that, I actually mean a piece of clothing, this is not some kind of fancy horticultural terminology - over them, because they weren't quite used to full sun and they got a little wilty.

And then I proofread a hundred pages of text for Project Gutenberg. :D Aside from the obvious lure of proofreading in general - I got to fix typos! And formatting! It was like heaven! - the pieces of text themselves were actually really interesting. I did a few pages from a book about a young girl trying to become a dancer; another, a very sharp, dryly funny one, about cross-examination strategies in the courtroom; an old children's book about the life of Jesus, including a lavish description of the beauty of "Magdalen" and her "courtezan" lifestyle that made me think of Inara; and another one that seemed to be pretty much a collection of discussions and reviews of equipment for helping gamblers cheat at cards. And when I say reviews, I mean that some of the pages boiled down to "A+++++++++ WOULD CHEAT WITH AGAIN". That one was pretty awesome.

There was also some fail, natch - there was another relatively old children's book about some soldiers attached to an operation to lay railroad through the Rockies, and the part I proofread was the part where they get chased by those horrible savage murderous Indians, who are bloodthirstily persistent in their attempts to take the scalps of innocent white men. ... Yeah. I think it may have struck an especially unpleasant note with me because of MammothFail.

And then, after I decided that I should probably not do more than 100 pages a day, my recording thingy, the one I order because I'm going to need it for my thesis research, arrived! \o/ Whole new avenues of distraction were opened! I don't have much of a voice to speak of, but I do like to sing, so I took the opportunity and recorded some (rather terrible) renditions of songs that I know but do not actually have - ones I learned in chorus, stuff like that. Oh, and the Mingulay Boat Song; I learned that one in elementary school, and became very used to hearing it in soft, sweet, 4th-grade girls' voices, before discovering that most of the professional recordings of it are sung by big growly men. This is a very scarring situation to be in, so obviously I needed a nice high-pitched version to keep me sane.

All told, today was kind of awesome. Shiny.
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This? Makes me cringe. I could probably rant for quite a while about how much I disagree with what this guy has to say, if I could make it all the way through the article, but one pair of lines in particular made me go "bzuh?" and I stopped reading very soon after: "Why ... would any woman want to write or read such fiction? Our goal, when we began collaborating in 1994, was to answer this question."

Now, possibly I am being hasty, here; pretty much everything in this entry is the result of a few minutes' reading and a snap judgment, and it is certainly possible that I'm not giving Mr. Symons a chance.

But ... your goal was to take the assumption that every single person (person, not woman, because not everybody who reads and/or writes slash is a chick - or straight, for that matter) who consumes slash fiction does it for exactly the same mysterious sekrit reason, and RUN LIKE HELL with it? Oh, VERY SOUND METHODOLOGY, THERE. And the assumption that slash somehow provides a special window into the general female psyche, when not a paragraph ago there was a distinct note made that the second author of the article, a woman, was just as confuzzled by the appeal of slash as Symons himself, is pretty idiotic.

Fandom and slash are really interesting phenomena, and I understand the appeal of examining them with the hope of better understanding people through the pursuit of that examination. But the minute you start making sweeping (and stupid) assumptions about the individuals involved - that they are all women, and straight ones at that; that their motivations are all the same; that those motivations will give you insight into all women ever, even those who do not consume slash - you have just so completely lost me. Ugh.

Well, okay.

May. 2nd, 2009 05:54 pm
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So, I could babble self-indulgently about fandom for a really, really long time. Like, pages' worth of nattering, no lie, especially since I've been thinking about it off-and-on since last night (well, okay, early this morning, but).

But I'll just leave it at what I hope will be a relatively short paragraph. )

tl;dr: fandom has made me way less of an idiot than I used to be in about twenty different ways. \o/ And none of it would have happened if I hadn't gotten sucked into trying to find myself good stories about hot people. Go figure.

Aside from musing on the results of my wacky love of all things fannish, I've done ... practically nothing, today. Which is bad - I should totally have been working on revising my thesis proposal for the Monday resubmission - but was also really relaxing. :D I read a crazy man's 80,000-word manifesto on What's Wrong With Harry Potter (NB: link points to a PDF); I think maybe there were a couple of decent points buried under all the pretentiousness and entitlement, but it's hard to say, I was distracted by his continual use of the royal "we". (No, really, he literally wrote the words "Maybe we've come off as a ... git". ??!?!??!)

So. Thesis proposal. And maybe when I've done a little work on that, I'll pop Age of Mythology in again.


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'tis not so deep as a well

October 2017



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