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Whoo, I've got some catching up to do.

Last last weekend: colonial gardens, swimming, failures to communicate. )

Last weekend, by contrast, was much less exciting; with the weight of my guilt lifted, I could go kayaking with my mother with a totally clear conscience. Technically, we also went last last weekend, but we picked a rather boring lake, with nothing to recommend it but two unexpected loons going fishing. Last weekend was way better - little peninsulas with nooks and crannies, fish and frogs and a great blue heron, and some really lovely water lilies.

But! I have also been watching TV.

The Closer, spoilery. )

Rizzoli & Isles. Also spoilery, and not especially pleased. )

I have not seen HPDH.2, because I am still pretty sure I'm going to cry like a baby; but I may have to do it just for Neville and Luna. (No epic HP fic until ItOverse is finished, self!) Also, The Daily Show: I had no idea Daniel Radcliffe was so awesome. I cannot get used to his face with no Harry!glasses, though.
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Man, I am going to need a fic sticky soon, it is starting to take a lot of scrolling to find the Book One master post again. Which, by the by: a final round of edits and timeline checks, and, my internet connection willing, the first chapter should be up tomorrow evening.

It is finally maybe going to snow less often! The geese are coming back! I have seen a handful of deer and like eight wild turkeys! It might just be spring. Oh, and: there was an adorable tourist (out-of-state plates, at least) who stopped their car on my route home to take a picture of cows. Cows. I pass, what, four? five? farms on my way to work every day; it is fascinating and marvelous to me that someone might feel the need to photograph a cow while on a trip. I mean, I shouldn't assume; maybe they just like cows. Still, it was cute.

Work: good times. We have a new system for the daily newsletter that means I have to essentially re-code the content of at least one webpage every day. At least I am learning more HTML? What I really need is CSS; I'm hoping that posts from [personal profile] foxfirefey's upcoming S2/CSS/DW styles course will help. As terrible as I am at HTML/CSS, I am still way ahead of pretty much everybody else in the office, though. **weeps**

I have also watched some things relatively recently!

Rango: spoilers. )

Also, Never Let Me Go. Spoilers, if anyone still cares. )

Perhaps I am just too shallow to appreciate these things.
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It's been a few weeks, which is about half on purpose - I procrastinated so dreadfully on my [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic that I ended up feeling massively guilty every time I opened a dreamwidth window, so I resolved to cut back on distracting online activities. Which ended up meaning, of course, that I posted nothing for nearly three weeks, and just spent the last three days churning out nearly nine thousand words of fic.

The upshot: I got to the point that I had previously identified as my likely stopping point way back when I realized there was just no way I was going to get through the whole first book by today, and I managed to edit in a couple important changes that needed to be there. So, about ten minutes ago, I turned in my fic. ... **chews nails off** I really hope it's all right that it's the start of a WIP, not an expansion of an existing WIP; but, hey, even if it's not, it's not like I can't still post it eventually. And the challenge was a really great way to get my brain moving - it's not like getting out a qualifying fic is the only purpose behind a fan-creation challenge.

Work is picking up a touch, which is great; I know how to do a little more stuff now, and I suspect that mild experimentation and a little googling has given me a more in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS than my supervisor. Which, I know barely anything, so, pretty sad, really - but if I ever do anything with it, my supervisor's going to think I'm a genius. :D I also wrote up some text for her the other day, which was the first project she gave me that involved me actually creating text, not just taking other people's text and shining it up; and today she told me she was very pleased with it. \o/

So. Things I have been holding off on posting about:

Wildlife; very boring to everybody but me, prolly. )

Inception, now that everyone else in the world has said everything anyway. )

Warehouse 13 and Eureka; spoilery, but not super in-depth. )

And now I really need to go to sleep, because I have work tomorrow. D: If I remember tomorrow, though, I also want to talk about Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, and Rizzoli & Isles.
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I just ran over one of the scariest bugs I have ever seen in my life while mowing. It was like a fly, except a fly the size of a Junebug. This is cruel of me to say, but I am really glad it was dead, because, eep. EEP. D:

Anyway. The A:TLA movie continues to get bad reviews, which is joymaking, although I wish some of them focused more on the, you know, giant racism thing (or at least didn't dismiss it). I am also given to understand, via jedifreac's review, that there is also a good helping of genderfail, and possibly that Suki got cut from the movie entirely? I mean, not that I needed any more reasons to avoid this movie, but if I had, well. That would make for a pretty friggin' big one. (I'll admit that a tiny part of me is drawn to it in a very oh-god-a-car-crash-I-can't-look-away sense. Just how many things did they screw up, anyway?)

I will say that it makes working on my LBB fic all the sweeter. :D
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This is going to be a really random amalgamation of stuff that's happened over the last week. My life refuses to pick a theme.

My father's birthday was last weekend - the same day as Father's Day, which is probably a bit of a bummer for him, but is very handy for me, since I only have to remember one date. :D We got him the entirety of The West Wing, which I think made him pretty happy. He annoys me a lot - a lot, at times - but I do love him, and as fathers go, he really is pretty excellent.

I also set a personal record for closeness to a deer. I was out weeding, and kept hearing a crunching of leaves, and thinking, "What is that? A dog? A cat? The wind?" Finally I turned around to actually check, and for a moment, went to WHOA MASSIVE CAT before I figured it out. I was around the corner of the house from where the deer was standing, so I crept out to see it better, and, of course, nearly set off its predator detector. I can now brag that I managed to hold still enough for long enough to make a white-tailed deer change its mind about panicking, which is no mean feat. (Seriously, it took at least ten minutes holding absolutely still.) Partly, I was just lucky; the wind was going in exactly the right direction, it couldn't smell me at all.

And today, something very thrilling happened: I got a call back after a job application. I sent my resume and everything a while ago, and got one e-mail back thanking me for sending it in, and then a second e-mail back a few days later saying they were "moving forward with other candidates" - all very nice, very polite. I sent a reply back to the second one saying that I hoped they found somebody who was a good fit, and figured that would be the end of it. And then suddenly I got a call this morning from somebody at their office, asking me to come in for a meeting, because they had, oh, refined their criteria, or somesuch thing, and I was now a candidate of interest again.

Which I guess is pretty awesome, because this job sounds like basically my ideal - getting paid to edit and post to the web; what more could I ask for? - but also means that I get to start panicking about failing all over again. It was almost better when they weren't interested enough to ask for a face-to-face interview; that meant I could tell myself they'd found somebody else quickly enough that they just hadn't looked closely at me. But if they actually look at me in-depth, and still don't want me? Cue breakdown. D: I have a meeting with them at 10:00 tomorrow morning, and the odds are against me eating breakfast beforehand; just having to make an unexpected phone call can make me hurl, never mind an interview.

But! That is tomorrow. Today, I just have to concentrate on mowing the lawn, in between bouts of rain, and pounding out more [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic. (25k down, about a jillion more to go.)

ETA: Another session of mowing, and I nearly ran over what I think I must call Littlest One; Little One was a small toad, but I don't think it was that small. Amusingly, as I mowed, I was thinking about Little One, and then I paused, and bam! Littlest One hopped out of the grass and started fleeing toward the garden. Oh, toads.
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I got dragged off to go shopping with my mother and sister again a few days ago, along with some other errands (including going to the dump, where I could not resist picking up the novelization of the Constantine movie and yet another of the hilarrible Rogue Angel series at the bookshed). They were the ones who actually needed clothes, but I decided that as long as I was going to be forced to go along with, I might as well buy some more man-jeans, since I've been putting the two pairs I got last time into heavy rotation.

And I still cannot get over how much easier it is to find exactly the clothes I want in the men's section. ) I came home with four more pairs of man-jeans, and a growing determination to crossdress for the rest of my life.

I saw Little One again, which strengthens my conviction that Little One is a very smart toad, as Calvin has killed another couple squirrels and disemboweled a vole since last time, and yet Little One lives blissfully on beneath the porch and remains untouched. The guinea eggs my mother got three weeks ago are slowly nearing what we have estimated to be their likely hatching date, and I have arranged to invite all my friends over at least once before we all go off to school so that they can see the guinea chicks while they're still in their baby-tribble stage, before they get all gangly (which they will, if their growth pattern is anything like that of chickens).

The HP AU is now sixteen chapters/ninety pages/a little over forty-six thousand words (not counting the chapter headers or the footnotes as words, natch). Which is about how long it should be, given where the story's gotten to. Unfortunately, the Irrelevant Shipfic has also grown. Alas. I've also done a couple more cliché-bingo-based fics; after branching out to some Merlin and some Warehouse 13, I backed up and wrote a few more Hellboy.

I also watched some more Jeremiah today. ) I have fic to give me Jeremiah/Kurdy, okay; you do not need to keep murdering or otherwise eliminating women on the show. They can have a strong friendship in canon even when there are women around.

I'm hoping to take a few pictures of stuff around my house - Cthulhu, maybe, and some of the views and landmarks, and maybe the house itself, so that I have something to show people at college who've never seen it. I have to remember to do that tomorrow. Also, if it keeps being this hot, I am going to melt. Please, please break, heat wave; if you do not rain like you're supposed to on Friday, weather, I am going to be very put out.
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I have a super thrilling pair of accounts to add to my collection of wildlife stories, both of them to do with what I'm fairly sure were great blue herons. \o/

Account #1: My mother bought some kayaks this summer. )

And then there comes Account #2, where not a day, later, my sister and I are driving home from the grocery store, and what do we get stuck behind? )

I'm pretty sure I've seen herons around before, but at a much greater distance - sometimes we'd catch sight of one in the lagoon by the Montshire, and that kind of thing, but nothing like this. It was wonderful.

Anyway, on to slightly less interesting things - my birthday. Again. My sister's TTLY UNKNOWN present for me ended up getting sent to her old address at Clark University, which is where she graduated a little over a year ago; no word yet on whether they'll be sending it on. (I just hope they caught it in the office before it got to anybody's box; I can't imagine anybody passing on a free copy of ... uh, whatever it is.) However, this tragic news was made up for by the party my friends threw for me yesterday, which was lovely: we made cake and cupcakes and icing ourselves, before going to see Julie & Julia, and then coming back, making dinner, and nomming away. We also played games - Set, and Sequence, and way too many rounds of Spoons. (Sometimes we play things that don't start with S, I promise.)

K, who is very artistically inclined and does beautiful, rather impressionistic paintings of scenery, gave me one such painting; M gave me a lovely, barely-used copy of the fourth Harry Dresden book in French. ("Les Dossiers Dresden - Le Chevalier D'Été"! It's too bad the title puns don't work in French.) Which has had the bonus effect of broadening my library of French books to something other than the second and third Harry Potter books and Le Petit Prince. Not that I don't love reading Harry Potter in French, but it's usually less an exercise for the atrophying French parts of my brain, and more "... Oh, hey, so that's how you say that sentence - which I remember verbatim because I've read HP waaaaaaaaaaay too many times - in French!".

Because I have nothing better to do right now: Julie & Julia. ) It was good; it's not the love of my life, it doesn't reduce me to exclamation points and keyboard smashing, but it was sweet and fun to watch and it made me smile, and sometimes that's all I really want from a movie.

I had a brief argument with J while we were waiting for the movie over two things: first, RDJ as Sherlock Holmes, and second, the concept of slash. Explanation and further thoughts on the first. ) If somebody's going to remix me a funny, gritty, possibly wacky new take on Sherlock Holmes with RDJ and Jude Law in, I am totally okay with that, even if it does deviate from canon. I mean, obviously, I don't know; maybe it's going to be terrible and stupid and I'm going to hate it and wish I had never bothered arguing with J about it based on nothing more than a preview. But I have to say, at this point it looks exactly like my kind of movie.

The second was actually less an argument, and more a brief discussion where J said something I disagreed strongly with, I gave an audible rebuttal that was kind of half-hearted because I didn't want to blow things out of proportion, and then I spent a while poking at it in my head afterward. The basic context is that M said that she didn't really understand what slash was; J's response was that it was crack. ) I think J has adjusted her position somewhat since that point - going to Mount Holyoke has loosened her up a fair bit as far as issues of sexuality go - but I think I had been hoping it had been adjusted further than the baby step between "people only write slash because there's not girls enough for pairing fic" and "people only write slash because they like how crazy the whole idea is". Here's hoping that sooner or later I can maybe get her all the way to "people write slash for all kinds of different reasons, including 'because they ship it, and not as a crackship'", I guess.

And, wow, this got long. Clearly today is a wordy day for me - I should go rack up some wordcount on something, before the spirit of verbosity abandons me.
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My birthday was Monday; sadly, it was not wholly stress-free, since I had to do an interview, but it was pretty close. I got an early present over the weekend, so that some birthdaying could be done while my dad was still at home - it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous antique typewriter, whose only flaw is that its spacebar is a little bit overenthusiastic. (Also the part where I can't save anything is very weird. There's no Ctrl key! I am so lost!) Bonus: I now understand why the Shift key is so named.

On my actual birthday, I got only one more present - my sister's present for me hasn't arrived yet, but that just means when I do get it (this weekend, I'm hoping) I'll have plenty of time to watch enjoy it. Whatever it is. Because I don't know. **cough**

Anyway. I got a Polaroid camera - the sort I remember from grade school, where the teacher took pictures and everybody fought over who got to wave it around 'til it developed. My mom went all old school on me this year. :D The cake was awesome, as always.

A few more wildlife encounters to document, also. The fuzzy cheerful one would be a very close pass by a deer in the car, going up the lower curve of the road my house is on; it was standing right by the guardrail, staring over it at me with its enormous eyes. The somewhat less pleasant one would be the one where Calvin caught a squirrel at the end of the walk, and, well. Suffice it to say that it did not end especially well for the squirrel, who now presumably roams the Great Pine Tree in the sky.

A little fic chatter. )

Also, this song has been dogging me recently, so.

J'ai compris que les années se passe vite ... )

And, of course, the translation - again, the work of my fading high school French.

Translation! )

A BAFA is not quite a diploma, if I'm remembering correctly; it's more like some kind of youth leadership certificate. A ZUP is a zone à urbaniser en priorité, a "priority urbanization zone", which doesn't really condense to any succinct English phrase I can think of ("slum" has something of the same feel to it, the same sort of connotation, judging by the way one of my French teachers explained it, but it's not the right word - and, of course, the denotations are totally different).

Man, I get such a nerdtastic thrill out of translating things. :D
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I've been sort of overdosing Harry Potter lately - first going to HBP, and then my mother got OotP on her Netflix because she couldn't remember anything about it, and we watched that, and then also I just got up the nerve to share the few chapters of the HP AU that I've actually written with M (she liked it! Although she's definitely the sort to say that, even if they were deeply terrible - though she would probably add a little concrit to the compliments, if she really didn't like it). So it's possible that I shouldn't be surprised that I had an HP-verse dream the other day. ) I very distinctly remember thinking at this juncture that I was a dreadful Mary Sue, because here I was, an original character (and a self-insert at that!), and I was beating Voldemort about the head with a jacket, and I wasn't dead. (And, of course, in a larger sense, I was fighting Voldemort, which was something Harry, or maybe some of the professors, ought to be doing.)

It was very odd, but rather a fun dream. I must add it to the list. That makes three flying dreams (one with wings, two where it was my superpower), a pirate dream (I was Elizabeth the Red, scourge of the high seas - mostly I remember the part where that was my name, and the part where I boarded a ship by swinging on a bit of rigging), and three fandom dreams (one SG-1, one J2, and this one).

I also must add to my wildlife count for the summer, with two more moles in Mary's garden, a wild turkey crossing the road on the way home, and a deer in the field across from my house, nomming very happily on some grass, and regarding my car with a very blasé kind of air as I passed it.

My thesis research is slowly but surely progressing; I have now completed three interviews, although one is probably not long enough to provide a good speech sample, and have two more scheduled for next week.

My mother is currently updating me daily on the tale of my birth, as my birthday approaches. My due date was three days ago, but my birthday's not until the third of August; I was very late indeed. (If I had been five minutes earlier, my birthday would be the second of August, but no; I felt it was best to wait until 12:04 AM of August third.) She loves to tell us these things, she does the same thing to my sister when March rolls around. I have done a little hinting around as to things I would like, and it looks like the first season of Burn Notice on DVD has a very good chance of happening. \o/!

Syntax is slowly leaching away my will to live. I appreciate the quirky beauty, the intricacy and arbitrariness, the flexibility, of English grammar, really. But I've taken, like, five classes on it. I was kind of hoping that this course would be a little more comparative - a little more about other languages, languages that are very different from English, languages with tenses and moods and particles and other things that don't exist in English. ... Sigh.

Thank god for conlanging, I guess. :D
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I am just feeling all kinds of rambly today, and I haven't posted in a bit, so this is just going to be a kind of random collection of things that have been happening and thoughts I have been having.


To start with: sometimes, I hate plants. I don't think whatever I have is poison ivy, but it's poison something, because there are welts and bumps and LOTS OF ITCHING. After a few days of the welts and the bumps, but not very much itching, I woke up early this morning with the new and thrilling urge to chew my own arm off, if only it would stop the itching. I slathered it with anti-itch gel, and have been periodically coating it with calamine lotion in the hours since; so far, it's working decently well, if not perfectly, and some of the worse bump-welts have diminished. (I would like to make a joke here about how they will soon be sailing to the West, except it seems so wrong to compare my favorite summertime curse to Galadriel.)

However, weeding recently has not been all bad. The cat who was the antagonist in that chipmunk drama a while ago has forgiven me for thwarting her plans for chipmunk murder, and warmed up to me; she came climbing up the slope to visit me on Friday, and graciously allowed me to pet her into a near-coma. A small, silvery, extremely soft-looking creature whom I have since tentatively identified as a mole came bumbling along to within arm's reach - part of the reason I have identified it so is because it appeared to be totally unable to see us, but as soon as I had the cat properly secured and got a hand free to bump the plants near it, it ran like hell.

Or, okay, it was (most likely) a mole, it trundled like hell.

In a similar vein (that vein being nature! yays!), after basically dipping my arm in calamine this morning, I took a walk with my sister and my dad, up the road to the top of the hill and then over and down. The whole thing took about an hour. And my god, it was absolutely beautiful out; it has been horrid and rainy and damp all week, and then today, it was sunny and very breezy and the sky was fantastically blue. I spent a good portion of the walk staring up at the patterns the leaves made against the sky, and against each other, in lovely sunlit shades of green that varied depending on the amount of overlap. Gorgeous.

There have also been fannish pursuits, though, as per usual, none that are going to end up anywhere where anybody but my sister can see them. Cliché bingo has taken my soul and run with it, despite the fact that I did not actually sign up for a card. I took the masterlist of clichés and have started typing out fics - not whole ones, just paragraphs, moments of things that could become fics if I filled in the spaces. So far I have a set for Hellboy (mostly Hellboy/Myers) and a set for Harry Dresden (more on the gen side, I don't ship anybody in those books super hard), and I keep coming up with more things I want to do.

A little bibbling about that. )

Also, I kind of want to try a batch for Harry Potter. But I should save the energies of the HP sector of my brain for the massive AU, and the accompanying Irrelevant Shipfic.

I haven't fiddled with my conlang in a while; maybe I'll work on that this afternoon.
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... and taking a second to be frivolous, here: this week has been pretty toadtastic, so far. I was mowing some super-high grass (it gets mowed maybe - maybe - once a year, tops) with the electric mower, with my sister doing the cord wrangling, and almost stepped on a pretty gigantic toad, who was quite possibly mad at me for ruining its lovely jungle home and leaped at me in toady rage, causing me to throw up my hands and flail around and just generally make my sister think I'd managed to mow my own foot off.

This morning, I was mowing again - and you may think there's a pattern here and I just saw the same toad twice, but no, because this sighting was after I was finished. I clumped up to the little mini front porch, intent on claiming a cup of cold juice and a fan as my own, and saw a sudden burst of movement in my peripheral vision, going from under the mini porch to somewhere beneath a nearby bush. I thought it might be a chipmunk or something, and lowered myself down to see, and, omg, another toad. Definitely a different individual, because this one was smaller, and also in a completely different place.

I'm a little worried, actually - I mean, Little One must be a pretty smart toad if it's managed to avoid death by psychotic killer cat so far, but it's still probably bad that Little One is apparently living so close to the house - how long can it continue to avoid psychotic killer cat??? I'm not worried at all about Big One, because Big One seems to be living quite a bit further away, and also I'm a little more confident in Big One's ability to kick the cat in the head and run.

(The cat I refer to here is, amusingly, named Calvin; we were considering naming him Hobbes, but we must've divined that he would be crazy and weird even at an early age, and went with Calvin instead. He is big, orange, and deeply annoying when it's rainy and he can't go out; also, he likes to kill things. He does not get along at all well with the other cat, Thomasina, who is ... sixteen? seventeen? certainly getting up there, and likes to reign over the house from the couch, where she graciously allows me to be her cushion. And no, we did not name her Thomas and then realize she was a girl; we named her after the cat Thomasina from the book by Paul Gallico.)


Jun. 24th, 2009 09:35 am
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So, I missed out on [community profile] cliche_bingo this time around. I can't decide whether I'm rueful or relieved; mostly, I'm cursing my own brain, and the doc full of snippets of Hellboy fic that just looking at the list of clichés had me writing. :D It would have been nice to have actually been obligated by outside forces to post something; maybe then I'd actually finish something that's not an AU/rewrite.

Hellboy movieverse is one of those fandoms I wish were bigger - I genuinely liked the first movie, and I loved the bits of worldbuilding in the second one, even though the writing and plotting and pacing were not nearly as tight. (Also, I found spoiler, if anyone still cares ) both a little anti-climactic and sort of frustrating. Plus, I missed Myers.)


Saturday - my dad's birthday. Cake, China Miéville, and Up. )

Sunday - a party with friends. Dumplings, Taboo, and the New Moon trailer. )

Monday was pretty uninteresting - a few more encounters with wildlife, including a chipmunk and a baby bird in Mary's garden. There's a groundhog (at least one) living at the base of my road; I saw it again, too.

Yesterday, man - speaking of Hellboy, I had the Samael of flies on my back all day. Usually, an insect has to have a certain spindliness to it for me to be comfortable killing it; mosquitoes, for example. Flies, I can't usually bear to smash - but I made an exception yesterday. And I swear, for every fly I killed, I ended up with two more buzzing around. Ugh.

I'm taking today "off" - which is to say, off from weeding for Mary; I still have to vacuum the house for my mother, and go to the post office, and do some fun coordinatey-type things for my thesis. Which, I should probably get started. :D


Jun. 6th, 2009 08:19 am
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This week has actually been pretty awesome. I did get some blisters from weed-pulling too much, but I get blisters from, like, walking down the street; I am a very blister-prone person. During crew season, man, I was basically making myself an entire pair of gloves out of hand-tape and bandaids. Good times.

Anyway. There were several close encounters with wildlife on Tuesday - three of these were relatively unexciting (three deer; one groundhog; half a dozen guinea fowl; all on various parts of the road as I drove places). The last - maybe it counts as the last two? I don't know - was considerably more thrilling.

Cut for story! Which is probably much more boring than I think it is! )

The end of the story is all very happy - I eventually did get the chipmunk running off in the right direction, and as far as I know the cat didn't manage to get him. As for me, I managed to do all this and return to work without my boss ever seeing me running around on her lawn like a crazy. Win-win.

Wednesday and Thursday were considerably less thrilling; I spent both of them watching as much Burn Notice as I could manage before going to work, where I mostly got splinters a lot. I got paid on Thursday, since I decided to take Friday off, and then went home, where there was BURN NOTICE OMG ♥♥♥♥♥. )

As for Royal Pains, well. ) It strikes me as the kind of thing that could come out very like Burn Notice, with the blacklisting and the being all noble and occasionally getting paid for it and the trusted pair of snarky allies. Which I would be ALL IN FAVOR OF, let me tell you.

As for yesterday, that ended up kind of being Stilt Day, unexpectedly - or maybe the rehearsal for today being Stilt Day, as the case may be. The Norwich Historical Society is having some kind of big event today, with a group photo of everybody (like, they're trying for every single person in town, no lie) on the Green at 11:00, and then a whole bunch of crafts and games and tours of historical houses. Part of this event is going to involve me, walking my stilts around the games and interacting with small children; yesterday, I went down to the site with my mother, just to scope it out and test-walk for a while.

I love walking stilts, it's so much fun to do, but it always causes me a little internal tug-of-war; I can't say I don't like it when people pay attention to me, but at the same time, it's kind of embarrassing. Plus, I'm constantly reminding myself that I shouldn't be liking it when I'm paid attention to, which doesn't help with the embarrassment thing. But it'll probably be good for me. I'm no great shakes at interacting with children; it can't hurt to practice while possessed of a virtual guarantee that they'll find me interesting. :D


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