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This should not make me as sad as it does, but my TV is broken. (Technically speaking, it's the satellite that broke, since it fell out of the sky and my mother never actually got our dish repointed, but.) It will not be fixed until at least tomorrow! :((((( So no Burn Notice for me, at least not right away, and also I missed The Closer and R&I. :((((((((((((

But! I have 150% of my [community profile] ladiesbigbang wordcount achieved, and, much more importantly, the end of the story is actually visible from here. \o/ I mean, of course I could make it longer - but I don't have to, I can totally tie up all the plot threads I started with and leave the rest be. Trudy and Grace are still coming along nicely, and I am making at least a little progress in small increments on everything else.

I'd say it's a good thing my TV is out, except that will never ever be true. TVVVVVVVVV *sob*
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Wow, this is like the worst two days at work I have EVER HAD.

Long story short: my old UPS beeped intermittently for like three days, and then on Monday, as I was printing materials for a meeting I have to attend because my supervisor's out, it gave up entirely - my computer abruptly turned off, and the UPS started emitting this utterly brain-piercing EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Possibly not that short a story - but there's a happy ending! )

Man, tomorrow had better be blissfully uneventful. At least I made it to lunch today - not so, yesterday.

In fic news, Chapter 13 (aka THE EEEEEEEEND YAYAYAYAY of Book One) is going swimmingly; a couple scenes and another few readthroughs, and it'll be ready to post on Sunday. After that, I think I am going to take a short break - I love ItO, I do, and every single comment makes my face stick like this :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, but I need to give my brain a rest. Plus I have a ton of outlining to do for Book Two. :D

The second [community profile] genretwisting fic is going a tad more slowly - I have immersed myself in sci-fi, but less so in westerns. I sense I'm going to be watching a lot of AMC on Saturday. Also, I am so far behind on H50 it is not even funny. Time to hit the interwebs and see what exceptionally legal video resources I can find.
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And the TV is broken again. **weeps** I didn't appreciate it functioning enough, I guess; or else I was just blithely assuming the roofing guys would keep fiddling with the cable at the end of every day to keep it working. We tried to fiddle with the cable ourselves, but it didn't help. The actual TV repair people are supposed to come by today - not soon enough to get me prompt Burn Notice, of course, but I'm betting USA will re-air the eps I've missed. This thing where I have to limit the amount of video I watch online is just killing me. :P

Still, it gave me and my mother a reason to actually watch some of the DVDs we've been accumulating recently. The West Wing, The Black Swan. Cut for not interesting. )

I am - mostly successfully, at the moment - juggling my NaNo with racking up more Newsies cliché bingo fic bits. /o\ The NaNo has, as always, gotten kind of unfocused in the process; when I get stuck, I tend to take that as a sign that I need to add a new plot thread, so I am acquiring open plot arcs at a sort of ridiculous rate. Still have a few spare days in there, though, so if I just work through Thanksgiving, I should be able to finish the fifty thousand words just fine - if not, you know, the story. I am so bad at actually completing my NaNos. :P

As for Newsies, I guess I'll just have to give in and let it own my soul for a while. New fandom love is like the Borg: resistance is futile.

Oh, and: snow! Probably won't stick all day, it was really just a dusting, but it did manage to actually accumulate on the ground. :D
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The TV retained its brokenness long enough to make me miss Burn Notice last week, which is wretched; and I really ought not to watch it online, because we keep exceeding our bandwidth allotment even without me watching TV online. But I'm guessing it'll be showing again this Thursday, before the next ep, so. I'll just sit here twitching 'til then.

But! It's fixed now, has been since Sunday, which means I got to watch last night's shows, at least.

The Event. )

H5000000000. )

Also, my sister and I went contradancing on Saturday, after I sawed some small trees down and gave myself a weird bruise on the shoulder; Sunday, I went over to her apartment for dinner, and made her watch Newsies despite her best efforts to escape. :D To be honest, I was half in love with that movie without ever having seen it, just because of all the stuff I read when I stumbled through the fandom back in the day, so she was pretty much doomed.

But now I should get back to pounding the outline of the next chapter of ItO into shape working on my NaNo filling some more cliché bingo prompts with Newsies work.
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How is it Wednesday already? @.@

I think part of the reason I'm having trouble keeping track of this week is because our magic box TV is broken - not, like, the actual television set itself, but something about the connection between the set and the dish. It maintains that it has not received a satellite signal for about two days now. :P Probably the roofing guys just kicked the cable out of the delicate alignment it requires to function. On the upside, this will give us an excuse to rewire so the cable is taking a route that's actually efficient, instead of winding around three-quarters of the house just to get back into the one-quarter it hadn't touched yet.

Fortunately, it was only broken for part of Monday, so I missed neither The Event nor H50.

The Event. Nothing new here, mostly grumbling. )


I am still pressing forward on my NaNo, though it is turning into a bit more of a slog - Week Two is usually like that for me, though, so I'm not super worried. I have a couple days' slack, so if I really get stuck, I can slow down a little and still be okay. I'm also polishing up the Dead Moms, and adding a few more; if I get it all settled, I'm hoping I can submit it for Round 1.5 of [community profile] ladiesbigbang - with an actual title, too, if I can manage it. It's certainly over the minimum, so. I'll admit that I have not yet attacked the next chapter of ItO, but I'm doing a little outline wrangling - I have a fix in mind for the plotting issue that's confronting me, I just need to lay it out in a doc and make sure it all fits together okay.

... And, okay, I may also be letting myself fill out a couple cliché_bingo prompts with rambly self-indulgent Jack/David. I am just getting the Newsies stuff out of my head so that it doesn't clog up the works, okay. THAT IS ALL. >.> <.
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So I let my Rosetta Stone lessons slide a little, and then the day I was considering picking it back up again, I stepped on the cord connecting them to the computer - just stepped on it! Nothing crazy, I swear - and crack-pwing, I had a USB board, two casing halves it took nearly five minutes to find under the couch, and a very nice set of earmuffs. :P

Fortunately, my sister came over on Sunday - after an extremely difficult and emotional conversation with my mother about lawnmowing, no lie - and we went shopping. Generally speaking, I hate shopping, but there are two exceptions to that rule: 1) when I am shopping for things I have been thinking about for a while and have definite plans for, and 2) when I am shopping for books. This trip fell under both exceptions, and so I had a marvelous afternoon that ended with six new skeins of yarn, three books, and a pile of stuff from Staples - including a lovely new pair of headphones with a mic. \o/

I am now moderately caught up, and so, without further ado ...

The Closer; spoilery. )

Rizzoli & Isles; also spoilery. )

Also, I watched what I think was the episode of Covert Affairs that I'd missed. Spoilers, but they're a little dated by now. )

So, time to feed the pets, and then keep crocheting. (Most of the yarn's for a blanket, which ... I sense that I'll need more soon, because this thing is shaping up to be huge.)


Nov. 26th, 2009 09:52 am
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So, it's been two weeks since last time, and man, what a two weeks it's been.

For starters, B did something incredibly stupid, which she has done at least three times before and which has never failed to make a mess of her personal life, yet which she has also apparently somehow not learned to stop doing. I, of course, was the happy receptacle for her problem-wrangling, which is something she tends to do aloud whenever possible; I feel like maybe I should become a diplomat or something, because living with her has taught me SO WELL to not let on when I feel like people are being morons/jackasses/pick your poison. RRGH.

The angst over that is actually still going on, a little - it was much diminished by the news that B's long-distance boyfriend will be coming to the States for Christmas to see her, though, which was a relief for me.

My computer is still mostly kaput. Because I'm running Knoppix from a CD, it can't retain anything - whenever I turn my computer off, and then turn it on again, no files I saved when it was on the first time will still be there. I knew this going in, so there was no catastrophic loss or anything, but since my computer no longer believes it has a battery, every time I knock the cord out, it's like starting from a blank slate. Not hugely troubling, just annoying.

However, those two things put aside, being on vacation is great. I know it was wrong of me to skip classes on Monday and Tuesday in order to give myself a week instead of three days, but. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I got to hang out with my sister at the treehouse (her apartment), and mainline three or four episodes of NCIS:LA, whose smarmy glory is truly blinding. :D I also ordered myself the second season of Burn Notice; I'm trying to get Br and AT properly addicted to it, and we're almost through the first season, so. Obviously I can't get it from the post office today, but it should have arrived by now, which means there is a pleasant moment of actually getting hold of it that is waiting for me somewhere in the future. \o/

And, of course, today is Thanksgiving, which probably means I shouldn't have started this post out with a bunch of complaining. ^^ And I am thankful, for all kinds of things; for every part of my life that has led me to end up where I am, even the ones that seemed unpleasant at the time, because, despite my woes, I'm in a pretty darn good place; and, of course, for my friends and family, for past friends who have drifted away and future friends I haven't met yet, for fandom, for ... everything. For life, for the world, for the inestimable beauty and wonder intrinsic to the universe.

That turned peculiarly existential. ^^ Anyway. I shall create a new tag for entries where I gripe about B, purely for purposes of statistics, and then I shall watch The Closer and help my mother cook and have a marvelous day, and I hope everyone else has a marvelous day, too.


Nov. 9th, 2009 02:12 pm
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Awesomely enough, my computer picked this weekend to have some kind of enormous flailing shitfit and commit ritual suicide. Or something like that. I spent yesterday trying to handle the internet withdrawal, with moderate amounts of success, and today managed to learn enough about burning CDs and ISO files from my sister to get Knoppix working, so that I wouldn't have to keep borrowing B's computer (which I did this morning for the sake of the aforementioned learning).

At first, I was definitely freaking out, but now that I have some semblance of functionality again, if not access to any of my files (either there's something really wrong with my hard drive, or the crash kept Windows from marking the hard drive as no longer in use, because I can't mount it from Knoppix), I feel quite a bit calmer. If it does turn out to be a complete catastrophic meltdown, I'll definitely rue the loss of fics in progress, pictures, and stuff like that - but on the other hand, a lot of my writing is backed up on Google Docs, and everything else I can probably do without. The biggest thing would be the loss of absolutely all of my thesis data; objectively sucky, yes, but ... to be honest, I never really wanted to do a thesis in the first place. I mean, given that I'm supposed to do one because I'm in the Honors College, I'm very happy with the topic and all, but if I had had a choice, I'd never have done it; I'm not at all married to the idea of graduating with College Honors, which is what the thesis will (if successfully defended) earn me.

... Now I'm going to get myself half-hoping everything got trashed, and then if it turns out to be recoverable, I'm going to be all bummed. Oh, brain.


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