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Two weeks late: I AM SO DELIGHTED by my [community profile] rarelywritten assignment! YES. Just like last time, it wasn't necessarily the fandom I was expecting to match on, but OMG YAY YES THIS IS GREAT. I have a complete draft of one story that fulfills my assignment and I'm really really hoping to write at least one more; we'll see how it goes. SO EXCITE.


Aside from that, my sister and I have been watching Battle Creek. Cut for spoilers. ) I'm not 1000% in love, but I'm more than willing to give this show a season to convince me.

I also watched the new Cinderella. )

And! Jupiter Ascending, which was EVERYTHING THE INTERNET TOLD ME IT WOULD BE. Take that as you will. :D

The weather here has been veering back and forth between abruptly balmy and degrees in the teens Fahrenheit—but it is above freezing as of this moment and is supposed to remain above freezing for the next two days! It really IS spring.

(And now I should get back to work.)
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It's flurried snow off-and-on a couple times this week - finally, March is acting like March again! \o/

But anyway. There was a weekend back there, which means there was also new OUaT! )

And, um, probably there's been another ep of Awake, but I haven't seen it. First two eps of Fairly Legal: check! How much do I love Kate and Lauren and Leo? SO MUCH, the end. ♥ I also feel like almost the only person on the internet who kind of wants to see John Carter (those books were a staple of my youth okay) and really really doesn't want to see The Hunger Games (I have spoiled myself extensively for those books and the story just does not seem like something I will ever enjoy). I guess this might be a little spoilery? ) Maybe when I'm older.

Next chapter of LttE: 8k and counting. I used to laugh to myself at the idea that one day every chapter of this would be at least 15k, but I don't anymore. /o\
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Ugh ugh ugh. Not gone, just preoccupied. :P But not preoccupied enough to have not watched OUaT!

Last week ... )

... and this week. )

I also have Fairly Legal to catch up on, and I watched part of In Plain Sight but I am soooooo behind on that show that I cannot talk about anything in context. So all I have to say about that is MARY, YOU ARE SO GRUMPY AND AMAZING.

And, oh, yeah, KORRA IS COMING IN APRIL YESSSSSSSS. I almost am not sure I'll be able to watch it while it's airing; I only got to A:tLA after it was all over and I had been thoroughly spoiled, no hiatuses or anything. This is going to be SO STRESSFUL. (But I think we actually get Nickelodeon now, which we definitely did not before this year.)

The weather here is disgusting. It is fifty-seven degrees, in March, and that is a DROP from the revolting heights of yesterday. Ugh. March, look, it's okay to be yourself. You don't have to pretend to be June.
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Through a combination of growing disdain for my own fail and the need to track words obsessively for [community profile] inkingitout, I sat down on Monday and wrote several thousand words. \o/ Apparently word tracking makes me competitive against ... my own laziness? IDEK. But progress occurred, is the point!

The other significant event of 2012 for me is that I hurt myself. It is extremely cold here, and earlier this week the road was covered in ice, so of course I fell down, though thankfully the car that precipitated my loss of balance did not hit me. My knee is turning gorgeous colors, and you never realize how much you use the muscles in your armpit until you strain them and suddenly a million actions hurt. AWESOME START.

But! There have been Netflixen, and also a trip to the movies.

On the Other Hand, Death. Spoilers! ) I added another to my queue, though I forget which, and hope to work my way through them all.

Inkheart, because my queue is all 2008 all the time. Also spoilery. ) Not bad, precisely, but it didn't quite seem finished. Maybe the script needed to go through a couple more drafts or something.

And then also [personal profile] idriya and I went to see Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Which had some things in it that I quite enjoyed ... )

... and some things that I did not. )

Quite a text wall there, but: ALL THE FEELINGS. Honestly, it's a good thing I had the chance to get my thoughts in order the other day, or everything behind that cut would probably just have said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.
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Lazy day? THE LAZIEST DAY. I did not get up until eleven, that is how much of a slug I am, and I was useless all day. Good start to 2012!

But! Before today is entirely over and I prove to be a total failboat: YULETIDE.

蒸汽 (4568 words) by faviconDamkianna
Fandom: Imperial Steamworks Series - James Ng
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Original Female Character of Colour
Summary: Qinxian cannot ascend to the throne. Backstory for the Immortal Empress. [Warnings: description of chronic illness and painful body modifications/surgery, mentions of suicide.]

More about the story! ) Also, the single guest kudo currently on the story? My mother. /o\

I am not organized enough for a proper recs post, but! I also betaed all three of [personal profile] ambyr's AWESOMETASTIC stories in the Bel Dame Apocrypha section; they are all great and amazing and great, but if you must narrow it down to one and you haven't read any of the source, I would suggest People of the Book.

It has been raining all evening. This is not acceptable, January. I realize this is your first day, but WINTER MORE BETTER.
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So where did that two weeks just go? D: Yikes. I am glad it is at least properly cold now; all that remains is for it to snow a little bit more than this incredibly pathetic inch-ish we have right now, and then it'll actually feel like December, instead of November being clingy. And oh, god, the Christmas presents I need to buy. DDDDDDDDDD:

But, okay, before I get distracted yet again: media exists! And sometimes I consume it! Spoilers abound.

Last week's Closer. )

Last week's R&I. )

This week's Once Upon a Time. )

I also skittered off my reading list once again and devoured The Magicians and Mrs. Quent. )

I think that's everything? My most recent Netflix is a Donald Strachey movie, which I have not yet watched but fully expect to like; and of course there is Yuletide. The odds are heavily against me finishing all three of the treats that I've started, but hope springs eternal. As does my verbosity, because at least two of them are over the minimum already. /o\

I have also started The Secret Circle, but considering I've only watched an ep and a bit, I can't really say much about it yet. Except that I had never truly considered a Twilight/Charmed crossover. Also Faye is gorgeous.
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I am alive! Looks like the worst of the wind missed us, possibly because we're in something of a valley, even with our house on the side of a hill; it rained from about midnight to late Sunday afternoon, with continued drizzle that evening, and we lost power for maybe seven or eight hours. The dams on the Connecticut seem to be doing their jobs, but parts of New Hampshire that I drive through to get to work were flooded this morning - I ended up having to turn around and take an alternate route at one point, and at least one mall that I passed on the interstate had a parking lot that was covered with water. (Unsettling, but not a huge surprise, given that the major shopping areas in West Lebanon are on a floodplain. Hopefully the damage is relatively minor.)

For us, it was a fairly quiet day. We watched the weather on the TV until the power went in the early afternoon, and then read until dinner, when we fled to [personal profile] idriya's apartment - she still had electricity. We got back and I broke out the candles to finish a book, and then the power came back just in time for me to brush my teeth.

The book was Guy Gavriel Kay's Song for Arbonne. ) But I did finish it! And I ordered myself three new books as a reward. :D

Here's hoping the power's still on when I get home this afternoon.
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I've been going to bed early and sleeping like a rock this week, and yet I feel more tired today than I did on Monday. :P

I missed Burn Notice because my mother's Netflix was extremely long, which I am bummed about; I did catch The Closer, about which I only wish to say I love Sanchez, CAPTAIN RAYDOR YES, and small spoiler! ) Rizzoli and Isles, well. I wash my hands of their ability to plot out a crime whose portrayal and resolution do not make me cringe for one reason or another; I am watching this show for the ladies, Jett Jackson, and the third-to-half of each episode that isn't about the Crime of the Week, and in those respects I enjoyed it relatively well. Another couple spoilers. )

I spent yesterday enforcing consistency - in terms of format and grammar, hence the icon - on our faculty handbook, which included redoing the table of contents with revised page numbers twice. I hate page numbers. D:<

And it looks like I spoke too soon when it comes to thunderstorms dropping trees on my bedroom; I think I may sleep downstairs when Irene hits us, just in case. And I should probably kiss the power and the internet goodbye for the weekend, unless we get reeeeeeally lucky - which means I'd better post my [community profile] genretwisting bingo fic tonight.
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It is all blustery and puff-cloud-y today, which I love. I loved yesterday's massive thunderstorms somewhat less, because apparently the sound of wood cracking is enough to make me sprint out of my own bedroom like my carpet's on fire. (I blame this on the time a tree came down on our porch while I was sitting in the next room over - I saw it falling through the window, it made it look for a second like the house was moving instead. Which was an awesome optical illusion! And then it landed and pulverized the porch railing and our clothes rack was out there and has never stopped looking a little drunken even after we reassembled it, and oh hey it would have come down on my bedroom if it had fallen maybe fifteen feet to the left. DDDDDDDDDDDDDD:)

But! I finished one of my [community profile] genretwisting bingo stories and a draft of my [community profile] ladiesbigbang story, which is only twice as long as it needed to be! I am proud of myself for being so restrained. :D

Now if only I weren't moving to a new office tomorrow, everything would be great. :P My desk has acquired sooooo much crap in a year, this is not going to be easy.
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Also, in case someone has managed not to see it, KORRA TRAILER OMGYESSSSSSSSS.

Ahem. Also, I went and saw HPDH2 on Sunday, with my family. Spoilers, of course. ) I enjoyed it very much; like GoF, which also makes me cry, I may not watch it repeatedly, but it is Harry Potter, and it's going to be a bit of me forever no matter what. Harry Potter is the reason I found fandom in middle school, which means I owe it more than I probably even realize. Someday I will finish that AU, dammit.

Also, I watched Burn Notice. Only a few things. )

And now I should get back to work. :D
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omg SO HOT. My tolerance for heat is so unbelievably low; it's not supposed to break 100F in my county, but 95 IS PRETTY BAD OKAY. D:

Also: this is belated because yesterday's post was already way long, but if I get one more nail in my tires this summer, I absolutely quit everything. Is someone strewing them along my route to work or something? whyyyyyyyyyy. Why do I get all the flats. (Nail #2, I am now keeping stashed in my cupholder, in the hope that other nails will sense that my car already has one and leave me alone.)
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I adore Tiny Dog (yeah, that's still her name) but her habit of barking at 5:30 is THE ANTITHESIS OF CHARMING. >:E I'm sure that it's not the only reason I'm still annoyingly tired, but I bet it isn't helping. Also, blah blah work. )

But! It hasn't rained yet today, which is a tiny miracle, and I think I have the general direction of the subplots for Book Three sorted out, which is GREAT. Seriously, I am getting all GRRM up in here; I need to sit my fics down and have a talk. Every minor character does not need their own storyline, okay. (And now I sound like a PSA: "When's the last time you talked to your fics about plot kudzu?")

To conclude: I don't precisely like having the office with the window that faces the fire escape, but there's some kind of large-leafed vine growing up it that makes it almost appealing in summer. Also, I can't believe I have to watch Avatar again, but I can't remember the middle (including who's onscreen when, so no transcripts for me) well enough to finish my fic for [community profile] thelittlebang without it. Curse you, James Cameron.
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It has been raining for like four days. OKAY, WEATHER, YOU GOT ME. **weeps** Now give me back the suuuuuuuun. (Okay, so there was sunshine for about half an hour this afternoon. INSUFFICIENT.)

Yesterday's Netflix: The Snow Queen (2002). Spoilers for a nearly decade-old three-hour-long Hallmark movie no one cares about. ) So that had, like, a plot outline and twenty minutes from an awesome movie, and then there was the rest of it. **hands**

In ficcier news, I tripped and wrote 3k of Trudy/Grace vaguely based off one of [personal profile] ashen_key's prompts from [personal profile] such_heights's female character trope fest, so ... maybe I really will be okay signing up for [community profile] thelittlebang and working on LttE at the same time. (Although it isn't really meeting the minimum that worries me; it's actually managing to wrap up the story by the deadline. :P) I still have some time before signups close, so. We'll see.

Why does everything I write end up so long?!
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Omgggggg weather stop it. Early last week, I woke up to a massive rolling clap of thunder; Saturday (yes, that last one right before Easter), by contrast, it was SNOWING. And sticking. D: And now it's thunderstorming again.

Easter was awesome - my family is not particularly religious, so, while we did watch The Ten Commandments Saturday night, Easter itself was mostly about how much sugar we could cram into ourselves in a day. :D And, for me, how much fic I could write, because I reeeeeeeally wanted to get Chapter 2 out on time. Also, I managed to pound another full-length chapter outline out of my Book Two notes, and I am mentally braving the wilds of Book Three. \o/

But! More interestingly, [personal profile] idriya gave me more art, and I finally got around to uploading it to my LJ Scrapbook, because she is too lazy to post anything herself. :P

Captain Ming-Li of the Yu Yan Archers! )

And Yi Lun taking her sweet time painting over the Blue Spirit graffiti. )

Hearts FOREVER. I mean, she painted the wood grain on the shutters, for god's sake. If she weren't doing these for me, I would hate her. :D (Tagging these with the ItO tag, because they are for Book One, and also I need to remember to embed them later. And! Not crossposting, because, 3W4DW.)
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I know it does awful things to the roads, but god help me, I love freezing rain. I drove home last night and in this morning through a forest of trees silvered over with ice, curved like dancers with the weight of it. And, of course, since it's been sunny the past couple days, everything is sparkling! It is like Edward Cullen out there. THESE ARE THE TWIGS OF A KILLER, BELLA.

I celebrated International Women's Day by watching that M and James Bond video like fifteen times. Bandwidth well spent. Also, spent some time on Al Jazeera: Ivorian women protest over shootings of female protestors. (Possibly triggering for violence, but the picture with the article is kind of awesome.) And their liveblogging about Libya has been excellent.

I need to buy some more books. If I'm going to keep failing at keeping up with my TV shows, I need something else to occupy my brain. Also, [personal profile] idriya's birthday is coming up. TIME TO SHOP.
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I'm supposed to be working from home right now, because the power's out in the office thanks to the lovely little ice storm we've been having. But! I have things to say.

The specter of FF.net has visited me at last: the somewhat wackily-written and oddly focused review! The person who left it was anon, and left no e-mail address, so I have no way to reply to them; but I have ~thoughts~ in response to their review, so.

On FF.net, I cut Flying Blossoms into chapters, and this person chose to leave about 200 words on why they don't like Ursa as a review for the Ursa chapter. The gist of their argument was that Ursa made no effort to love Azula, and was just as much to blame for "how [she] turned out" as Ozai.

Opinions: I can has them. )

So, long opinion short: I think it's really weird to say that Ursa didn't love Azula. I concede that it's possible that Ursa's absence influenced Azula as much as Ozai did, but I think it's peculiar to blame Ursa for it. And I really want to write that fic. As a side note, I do wish I'd added some more Azula to Ursa's five things; my only excuse is that I was concentrating on the focal point of Ursa's story in the show, and that focal point is alllllll about Zuko.

Anyway! Back to work.
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Really, really not looking forward to driving home today. It was okay coming in - a little sketchy in a couple spots, but okay - but I'm betting it's going to be pretty horrible on the way back. Time to start taking the interstate again, instead of the back roads.

Chapter 13 of ItO is essentially DONE; I just about fainted when I scrolled through and realized I'd actually filled in all the spots where I left a "[stuff happens]". :D Now I just need to reread and make edits, and then it will be good to go. I can even post Book One to [community profile] white_lotus without feeling guilty, now, because it will be complete! Which means it's time to finish the outline of Book Two, clearly! \o/ And maybe I can get away with a long self-indulgent post about my ~thoughts~, aka all the griping and plot-wrangling I've besieged [personal profile] idriya with for the last, oh, year.

Speaking of thoughts: I have caps upon caps and even the text of a post for moar picspams, I have just been too faily to get them set up. Partly, this is not my fault - the internet at home is worse than usual because my dad's separate hotspot died and he is a bandwidth hog, so uploading dozens of caps to my LJ Scrapbook would probably crash and burn right now. BUT. Someday I will get around to those. **shakes fist**

Fannish To-Do List, cut for boring! )

Here's hoping I can leave a little early today; maybe I can get out before the worst of the snow and get some of these things done!
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So it's the first of February, and ... I have nothing. Big shocker. :D Part of the reason is the stupid auction catalog, which has been consuming an incredible amount of time and energy; but it finally went off to the printer today, so, aside from the inevitable addenda for last-minute items, I am DONE. \o/

I am using my Irulan icon because I maybe have a vague picspam/YAY AWESOME post in mind, and if I do work from home tomorrow due to the Great Snowening, I can probably get that coordinated for tomorrow. I think I need to rewatch a couple parts of the miniseries, though, because it has been SO LONG since I watched it. Really, there is quite a bit of material in there - Irulan, Chani, Lady Jessica, Ghanima. Even Wensicia is pretty awesome, if evil - and who could pass up a chance to cap Susan Sarandon? (NO ONE.) And pretty much all of them are underused. I used to tell myself such bedtime stories about Ghanima, omg.

ETA: And Alia, jesus. Now you know I was tired when I wrote this. :P

... Anyway. It won't really line up with [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon, in the end, but I'm going to try to get at least fourteen somethings about ladies up vaguely during the month of February. **hands** Next year, I have got to remember to start earlier so I can avoid getting waylaid like this. :P
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I cannot brain, I has the tired. :P

Seriously, today was utterly ridiculous. I spent nearly the entire thing working on the stupid auction catalog. Cut for the dulls! )

But it's warmer out, which is great - I think it might have gotten over freezing today, so I didn't have to spend ten minutes wrapping myself in coats this morning. My first [community profile] genretwisting prompt is now almost 9k; Chapter 11 of Ito is definitely on track for this Sunday, which is EXCELLENT; and I will also have new art from [personal profile] idriya to post at the same time. \o/ So all is not lost, I suppose.

I'm still going to be really happy when my supervisor comes back from her conference, though.
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I was a little later coming to work than I'd been hoping, because the car was in turtle mode three-quarters of the way there - not that I can blame it, because the warmest (WARMEST) it got on the drive in was eleven degrees below zero. (The coldest? Twenty-two below. \o?) Oh, Vermont. Sometimes you make me want to wrap myself in flannel and not come out until May.

My first [community profile] genretwisting fic is now 3500 words; I will clearly never achieve true brevity, but maybe I can keep it under 40k. **crosses fingers** Why do I always do this to myself? I'll probably end up working on it a bunch today when I'm supposed to be doing actual work things - my intentions are always good, I never plan to write except here and there when I'm waiting for something to upload, but somehow it never quite works out that way. :D (Of course, when something urgent comes along, I don't just blissfully keep writing, I am not a complete failboat.)

Man, today is going to feel so long. I'm used to lunch being a sign that I'm pretty close to being able to leave, not a sign that I have five more hours to go. D: I'm not ready to be an adult yet, dammit.

But: ItO topped 1,000 views! :D :D :D **happydances**


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