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It's flurried snow off-and-on a couple times this week - finally, March is acting like March again! \o/

But anyway. There was a weekend back there, which means there was also new OUaT. I was pleasantly surprised! Honestly, I was expecting this ep to be something of a departure from the major story in a lot of ways, but I really shouldn't be surprised that Disney's willing to treat Alice in Wonderland and Snow White like two parts of the same world. Hat travel = cool even if CGI = terrible, Emma having magic = AWESOME, and I have such a thing for those scenes where somebody has to half tell the truth to lie - yes, all right, Emma's goal was probably to whack the Hatter over the head all along, but I do think she meant at least some of what she said to him, and I may have made some seal noises when she borrowed the book at the end. YESSSSSSS SAVE THE WORLD and be kickass BFFs with your mother.

And next week looks like Regina backstory! **fistpump** YES PLS.

And, um, probably there's been another ep of Awake, but I haven't seen it. First two eps of Fairly Legal: check! How much do I love Kate and Lauren and Leo? SO MUCH, the end. ♥ I also feel like almost the only person on the internet who kind of wants to see John Carter (those books were a staple of my youth okay) and really really doesn't want to see The Hunger Games (I have spoiled myself extensively for those books and the story just does not seem like something I will ever enjoy). Short-term, a movie where people die afraid and in pain is not something I am able to watch easily, and definitely not in a public setting. Long-term, I'm all for a revolution full of shades of gray, decent people doing terrible things and/or terrible people doing decent things, but there's gray and then there's dismally horrific. Maybe when I'm older.

Next chapter of LttE: 8k and counting. I used to laugh to myself at the idea that one day every chapter of this would be at least 15k, but I don't anymore. /o\
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