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So we got about four inches of snow, which is way less than a lot of people, and yet we still somehow lost power this weekend - off and on, even, which meant I had to drag myself out of bed at like 5:00 AM yesterday to turn off lights and yet when I woke up for real there was no power. :P

But! It came back on with plenty of time for me to post one of my complements and also my fic for [community profile] thelittlebang, although it looks like the fic post is still trapped somewhere in the moderation queue. I tried really hard to not write the same story again, because, let's face it, there are a lot of ways Avatar-the-movie could be improved; but I probably repeated myself at least a little. /o\

But I still feel very accomplished! Two big bangs within a week of each other! Granted, my [community profile] genretwisting bingo has fallen by the wayside; one story, I'm trashing and replacing with something else, and the other grew a zombie army and is 16k and climbing, so there's no way I'm going to get that done before the deadline of ... um, today, but. I'm still planning to finish them even if it won't "count" officially because I'm a rebel.

NaNo starts tomorrow! OMG I AM EXCITE. :DDDDDDDDD I'm sure there will be angst and pain later, but right before the first of November I am always filled with joy and sunshine and puppies. I have so many things to finish, I really shouldn't be doing it; but it's a tradition! I've done NaNo every year since high school, I can't just not. I am going to be watching the homepage countdown alllllll day.
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YAY I DIDN'T FORGET TO POST YAY. \o/ I put a reminder in my calendar and everything, ugh, I was so nervous. :P Though the general drift of the story is, um, my usual (male character bites it, ladies everywhere, happy endings all around), it's kind of different stylistically - more serious, and probably more pretentious. D: But I think it turned out okay, and, bonus, I really like the title. (I hate titling things.) [personal profile] idriya is making absolutely BEAUTIFUL art, which I temporarily have all to myself because she's a perfectionist and insists that it's not done yet. But it should be up soon, and I will definitely link to it (less likely) or post it myself (far more likely, because [personal profile] idriya is lazy that way unless it's my birthday).

... **starts planning for [community profile] ladiesbigbang Round 2.5**

And [community profile] thelittlebang is having another extension! It's awful that the mods are having RL difficulties, but I can't say I'm not grateful for the extra time to prod my draft, because this story's sort of huge and I'm still not sure the pacing's quite right.

But! I watched the pilot of Once Upon a Time. ) I set the TV up to record this one, so even if I forget when it's on I should be able to keep up pretty easily.

... I really will try to get a chapter of LttE out before Christmas, I swear.
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How is it Tuesday already WHAT. D: The end of last week was, like, the least relaxing Friday I have EVER had - Thursday night involved traversing a road that hates me, on foot, to find a place that would copy a document which I discovered on Friday had been missing a page, and needed to be picked up Saturday morning, only for the person who wanted them to find that, erroneously, the cover was in black-and-white instead of color. :P (Not a fatal problem, but he was not happy.)

And then I had a [personal profile] daemonelix for the weekend! Which was AWESOME, obvs., but not conducive to my usual relaxing sit-around-doing-nothing routine - we made brownies and took a good long walk and went kayaking. So yesterday was actually the do-nothing-iest day for me. Our school does not have "Columbus Day" off, precisely; but there was a local fair, and all the kids were there for the day, which meant I could sit in my office with the lights off and spend eight hours double-checking the parent-student directory and getting it ready for the printer. Good times.

BUT. There are still a whole bunch of things I need to do. )

I am buying myself so much candy for Halloween.
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Uggggggggh I am such a failboat - it's like I have some kind of quota for fannish activity. I haven't been posting consistently AT ALL, but I've finished(ish) both of my big bangs, I'm working furiously on my two remaining [community profile] genretwisting bingo squares (YAY EXTENSION YAY), and I have three wallpapers to finish. D: This is almost the most pathetic my posting frequency has ever gotten, and yet I don't think I've ever interacted with so many fannish people at once, independent of replying to comments on fic. It's kind of blowing my mind.

God I hope these wallpapers turn out okay.

But! We still haven't quite run out of our movie channel free trial time, and I happened across I Am Number Four the other day, and I don't even know but I sort of loved it? I have no idea whether anyone even cares about spoilers for this, but just in case. ) I do not even a little bit need any more fics to write right now, but I am SO GLAD I taped this movie. (Why is my taste in movies so irrational? /o\)

Judging by reaction posts I've spoiled myself with, I should be glad I've drifted away from 5-0, or at least its source material - fandom usually makes me happier than canon anyway, but sometimes the difference can be very dramatic SG:A I AM LOOKING AT YOU.

And to end on a very mundane note: I successfully went to the dentist! By myself! And after calling them on the phone to check the time of my appointment! (I realize this sounds ridiculous, but: anxiety. It was in the midafternoon, so I was about an inch from hurling for a lot of yesterday.)
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Ugh, long week was incredibly long, which would be why I sat around and did nothing but war on the UK this weekend. Victoria is such a beautiful, beautiful time-waster; I am the furthest I have ever gotten now that I have reached the 1870s and begun producing telephones, and I won a chunk of Canada and part of Ulster and I feel SO ACCOMPLISHED. Probably this is not interesting to anyone but me! ) Plus I think it's making me better at geography.

But! More importantly, my [community profile] ladiesbigbang is just about ready to go, and I turned in my first draft for [community profile] thelittlebang, even if it still needs editing. Both of them are at least twice as long as they were supposed to be, and I'm probably going to need at least a couple more weeks for the next chapter of LttE; but overall I feel pretty okay. Which is great, because when I signed up I was kind of figuring two big bangs at once would make my head explode. :D

Which, by the by: [community profile] thelittlebang complement signups are open, and aside from my ridiculous porn-free epic, there are ten fics in ten fandoms (CW RPF! Hanna! My Little Pony! Glee! Power Rangers! ST:TNG/DS9/VOY!) that are eligible and indubitably deserving of art - if anyone happens to have time to put together a wallpaper, short vid, collage, what have you, signups are @ LJ | @ DW. I'll have to take a look around my caps folder and see whether I could pull together cover art, or maybe a wallpaper ...
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Uggggggggggggh my god last week. I didn't even have to work Saturday the way I did last year, and I still did nothing this weekend but lie on the couch and slowly regenerate my brainpower. (Well, and wash my car, but that was under duress.) Late chapter will be late; apologies! /o\ I'm actually really really glad [community profile] thelittlebang is having an extension - I mean, I hope nothing additional goes wrong for either mod and that everything works out well, but it's a lucky break for me.

Unsurprisingly, I missed all my TV - although on Monday that was because we went to see The Debt. Spoilers. )

Also, I bought myself three books the other week, as I mentioned, and one of them was God's War, by Kameron Hurley. ) I already ordered the second book. /o\

But! Now I should get back to work so I can finish everything I need to do and then write like a writing person this evening to get myself back on track.
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This should not make me as sad as it does, but my TV is broken. (Technically speaking, it's the satellite that broke, since it fell out of the sky and my mother never actually got our dish repointed, but.) It will not be fixed until at least tomorrow! :((((( So no Burn Notice for me, at least not right away, and also I missed The Closer and R&I. :((((((((((((

But! I have 150% of my [community profile] ladiesbigbang wordcount achieved, and, much more importantly, the end of the story is actually visible from here. \o/ I mean, of course I could make it longer - but I don't have to, I can totally tie up all the plot threads I started with and leave the rest be. Trudy and Grace are still coming along nicely, and I am making at least a little progress in small increments on everything else.

I'd say it's a good thing my TV is out, except that will never ever be true. TVVVVVVVVV *sob*
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I adore Tiny Dog (yeah, that's still her name) but her habit of barking at 5:30 is THE ANTITHESIS OF CHARMING. >:E I'm sure that it's not the only reason I'm still annoyingly tired, but I bet it isn't helping. Also, blah blah work. )

But! It hasn't rained yet today, which is a tiny miracle, and I think I have the general direction of the subplots for Book Three sorted out, which is GREAT. Seriously, I am getting all GRRM up in here; I need to sit my fics down and have a talk. Every minor character does not need their own storyline, okay. (And now I sound like a PSA: "When's the last time you talked to your fics about plot kudzu?")

To conclude: I don't precisely like having the office with the window that faces the fire escape, but there's some kind of large-leafed vine growing up it that makes it almost appealing in summer. Also, I can't believe I have to watch Avatar again, but I can't remember the middle (including who's onscreen when, so no transcripts for me) well enough to finish my fic for [community profile] thelittlebang without it. Curse you, James Cameron.
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Long week has been so very very long. :P Possibly exacerbated by how I'm still not really at a hundred percent. Stupid lingering sore throat. Also, if I start griping about work this is going to turn into a giant wall of hate, so I will say that I came back from Plague Week to a very full inbox and leave it at that.

On the upside, I should now be successfully signed up for ALL THE THINGS ([community profile] thelittlebang and [community profile] ladiesbigbang, and, of course, [community profile] genretwisting is still in there), and - well. In terms of pure wordcount, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be fine; it'll be finishing the actual story plots that will be the hurdle. D:

I am getting stupidly fond of Trudy and Grace, though. Honestly, they're practically McShep, except for the part where a) they're women and b) canon is not about them and c) they both die. Which, gosh, I wonder how much a) has to do with b) and c)? (Answer: I am trying to avoid giant walls of hate today, so no comment. Except that that would make a kickass fusion AU. Teyla + Trudy = BFFS FOREVER OMG.)

But! For the next few days, I will be concentrating desperately on LttE, in the hope that I can actually get this chapter done. /o\ ugh i am so fail.
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OMG ANOTHER ROUND OF [community profile] ladiesbigbang YAY. :D :D :D :D

I'd volunteer to help out except I am such a n00b - I could never co-mod, and I wouldn't have the least clue about decent graphics or promotions or anything. (If you do, though, you should let them know! Help bring more ladyfic into the world!)

This and [community profile] thelittlebang and [community profile] genretwisting - what an embarrassment of riches, augh, I feel so spoiled. Clearly I should be working on LttE, and yet the siren song of new outlines is so hard to resist. /o\

Too many fics on the dance floor!


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