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I guess if you have to have your sleep constantly interrupted, it's best that it be constantly interrupted by kittens. If only I could nap like they do, I would be golden; but I'm a terrible napper, napping makes me grouchy and horrid.

Went to see Les Mis, which I am incapable of critiquing in any honest or objective manner; I don't actually like the story much and never have, and I cried the first time someone died and didn't stop until the end. I was recovering a bit by I don't know if this even counts as spoilers, but hey. ) At least I saw it with all my friends in one go, so I won't have to go to it again. Small blessings.

I think I'm caught up on TV - at least, the TV I don't have to download. (Download TV, I am always behind on, because I already rack up overage charges as it is. Damn you, Verizon.) OUaT is still making me happy, mostly. )

And! Finished a couple of books, at long last.

The Broken Crown (The Sun Sword, Book 1). )

And, suiting a completely different and yet partly the same portion of my tastes, The Stepsister Scheme (Jim Hines's Princess Series, Book 1). ) As I so often have to say, I couldn't list its objective merits, but I really enjoyed it, and I'm glad I have two more to read.

Because I can, I signed up for a [community profile] trope_bingo card! Here's hoping I can use it to finish some stuff I've already started. (Thank god I got a "forced to marry" square, I finally have a reason to finish the Yue/Zuko arranged marriage fic.)
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I can't have a real catch-up post until my folks come back from Italy, because I will be pretty un-caught-up until that happens; but there are a couple things that I've already finished and merely failed to post about.

Revolution, 1.08-1.10. ) Odds are I'm going to keep watching this, but not because it's good.

Chicago Fire, 1.01-1.08. )

Beauty and the Beast, 1.01-1.07. )

Three other small things: I have a tumblr now ([tumblr.com profile] damkianna). Not because I'm making any kind of shift or am at all likely to prefer it; because lots of pretty pictures of ladies, and because I might as well have somewhere to dump the results of me screwing around in Photoshop.

In rl news, the sad and sudden death of our remaining cat was followed a day and a half later by the acquisition of two stray sibling kittens who needed a home. Currently unnamed, although siblings + one boy and one girl = Luke and Leia are strong contenders. They are tabbies, about eight weeks old now, and completely adorable. (They hide every time someone enters the bathroom we've set aside for them; but they've begun coming out to play while people are around, and relax relatively quickly when held.)

And: under my RL name, I may have actually managed to sell a short story. \o/ I'm lurching back and forth between REALLY PLEASED and terrified; but I really want the magazine to do well, and I'm glad I could contribute!

I finished my Yuletide assignment, but somehow I am still feeling BEARS. I have no idea how many times I've gone back to edit it, but if I did I probably wouldn't want to post the number. /o\


Dec. 3rd, 2012 11:13 pm
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I'm glad it was fast, and I hope it didn't hurt too much; I wish that clot had never happened, but I'm glad that if it had to, it took ten years to do it. You should have lived longer. I'm sorry there was nothing we could do, and I'm glad I got to see you again before you went.


Feb. 9th, 2012 05:43 pm
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I loved you very much, and still do; I won't forget you. I hope you weren't uncomfortable, and I'm sorry I wasn't there to say goodbye.
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I adore Tiny Dog (yeah, that's still her name) but her habit of barking at 5:30 is THE ANTITHESIS OF CHARMING. >:E I'm sure that it's not the only reason I'm still annoyingly tired, but I bet it isn't helping. Also, blah blah work. )

But! It hasn't rained yet today, which is a tiny miracle, and I think I have the general direction of the subplots for Book Three sorted out, which is GREAT. Seriously, I am getting all GRRM up in here; I need to sit my fics down and have a talk. Every minor character does not need their own storyline, okay. (And now I sound like a PSA: "When's the last time you talked to your fics about plot kudzu?")

To conclude: I don't precisely like having the office with the window that faces the fire escape, but there's some kind of large-leafed vine growing up it that makes it almost appealing in summer. Also, I can't believe I have to watch Avatar again, but I can't remember the middle (including who's onscreen when, so no transcripts for me) well enough to finish my fic for [community profile] thelittlebang without it. Curse you, James Cameron.
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Tiny Dog is still tiny, still THRILLED BY EVERYTHING, and still hasn't figured out that if she, say, scratched at the door or whined or something, we'd let her out and the carpet would be much happier. **hands** But I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

Went to see The Adjustment Bureau with [personal profile] idriya and my parents last night. Thoughts: mixed, but generally positive. Spoilertastic. )

So, overall: liked it very much. I question some of the abstract choices they made, and I think they made some mistakes, but I found it funny and enjoyable and sweet, and I actually enjoyed most of the romance, which does not usually happen to me.

My big project for today is a mass reorganization/update of all my ItO notes, so I can start poking at Book Two without having to worry I'll run into a big snarl later. Also, poking at a different [community profile] genretwisting fic, because the one I have been working on just won't go. :P My life: so hard.
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ugh so tired.

We have a new dog, a teeny little Pomeranian/Corgi/possibly a couple other things mix, and she is adorable and sweet and loves to run around in circles for no reason. This is in strong contrast to our other dog - he is adorable and sweet also, but the main feature of his personality is exceeding calm. (Well, I mean, visitors make him bark, and once I made him howl with my Igor impression. But that's about it.) So I've been spending a lot of time taking her for walks and throwing toys and helping my mother clean up after her (she's nine months old, she's not great at handling the continual excitement of LIFE just yet). And then also it is that time of the month where I wake up at 4:00 am with cramps and still have to go to work even though I'd really rather just stay on the couch. Forever.

But! Counterbalancing that, I am still riding the glorious feeling of accomplishment from this past Sunday. A really long fic: CAN HAS FINISHED ONE. :DDDDDDDDDDD I mean, it won't really count until I finish the whole series, because the story is not exactly complete. BUT STILL. \o/

What I really want to make my joy complete is for my dad to get a new hotspot of his own already. I left dialup behind me a long time ago, okay, I cannot handle such a faily internet connection. D: It is harshing my squee like whoa. Also, it makes using the internet at work for frivolous things - the way I am right this second - waaaaaaaaaaay too tempting.
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Hey, look, it's another really long annoying post. \o/

First, two weird/mildly interesting dreams. ) I know I'm probably getting excessive about recording these things, but some of them are really interesting, and I'm hoping I'll get better at remembering them as time goes on.

In Human Cultures last week, we watched a video about the gold rush and consequent white settlement of Papua New Guinea, about which I have a few thinky thoughts. ) Mostly, I ended up wondering what would have happened if the Papua New Guineans had had the chance to control their own natural resources, instead of having them essentially stolen.

I also have new gripes about B to record. For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, she came to Chicago on the trail of her father's killers rented both Princess Mononoke and Life Is Beautiful. Life Is Beautiful, she rented without knowing it was a movie about the Holocaust; along the way, there is a point at which it becomes obvious beyond a shadow of a doubt that the main character's family is Jewish. B responded to this revelation with the following utterly boggling statement: "But [the main character] doesn't look Jewish."

Fortunately for my own self-respect, my mouth did not manage to get in the way of my brain this time; I said something rather acidic about how, yes, right, of course, because you could definitely tell whether people were Jewish just by looking at them. Fortunately for our continuing friendly relations, she immediately turned sheepish, and apologized.

(... For the record, B does not spend every second of every day saying offensive things; just the other day, she paid for a complete stranger's lunch because he forgot his student ID card. I have to start noting the times she makes me glad I know her, too, just so that I don't end up with a ton of bitter entries and nothing nice to balance it out. :D)

And, finally, I spent this last weekend at home. We don't get today off, but Friday was our fall recess, and today I only have - well, would have had - one class, so I skipped and spent an extra day at home. The guineas are truly enormous now; they haven't lost all of their baby feathers yet, so if you had to, you could probably tell Clary, DG, and Evey apart, but it's tough. They have also developed the adorable habit of following anyone that comes within a fifteen-foot radius, including people, the dogs, and the car. They don't like to be without the sound of human voices, so we've put a clock-radio out in the barn, and we turn it on for them to listen to.

My sister got my mother a board game - The Settlers of Catan - for her birthday; we played it about four times this weekend, and came up with at least a page of alternate rules. The most significant alteration was probably our set of changes to the Robber. ) Probably worrying about the meta implications of a board game makes us both complete freaks, but. I like the Reaper a lot better than the Robber. I'd worry about having erased the natives of Catan, except I don't think the game's creators intended for anybody to think of the Robber as such, or, indeed, for anybody to worry about whether Catan had a native population in the first place. Which is kind of fail in its own way, I guess.

I am managing to mostly keep up with SPN through reaction posts; I really, really don't want to spend time and energy watching the show until I know how S5 is going to end. Which I know is wimpy, and possibly even kind of wanky/entitled, but I need to be happy, okay. Unless the ending is in the general vicinity of what I want to have happen, I don't want to get myself super invested, because then I will cry like a baby. A hungry, angry baby. And be sad.

The same kind of goes for Merlin, except without the worry - that's just because I don't have access to the show at the moment.

I spent pretty much the entire trip back on the bus making hypothetical mental vids to the songs that came up on my playlist. Peculiarly enough, the fandom that comes most readily to my mind when I hear Stroke 9's Do It Again is due South, solely because of the "you're a freak" part; every time I hear that, there's, like, a ghost "... understood" that follows it in my brain, and I spend the rest of the song picturing RayK and Fraser.

... Someday, I should actually watch that show.

Also, I did not throw up on the bus, or pass out. \o/


Aug. 24th, 2009 12:47 pm
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We have taken to calling the guineas "peeps", because "guineas" is too long for us lazy people, and I keep forgetting that the proper word for baby guineas is "keet", instead of "chick".


The peeps are deeply attached to me - or, well, to people in general. )

I've been so occupied with them that I haven't written much of anything lately, but presumably that will change once I'm back at school - I tend to end up with weirdly huge amounts of free time when I'm there, which is perhaps because I have almost no social life at all. \o/ I certainly hope it does, since there's oodles of cliché-bingo-based stuff yet to do, and also I am still slogging away at the great HP AU.

I had another very strange dream; not much of this one stuck, except for the very strong impression that 1) I spent at least part of it in some back section of Dan & Whit's that was ... a restaurant, instead of the stock-feed-and-gardening supply part that's actually in the back of D&W's, and 2) at some later point I was at home, and I passed Adam Lambert on the stairs as I went to fish the peeps out of the sink, where they had somehow ended up. Clearly I have been reading too much AI8 lately.
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We have been joined by Evey (V For Vendetta - and Eve, from Wall-E, for short). She's the triplet in the set including Clarissa and Dorothea; Clary and DG, you could tell apart by their beaks, but Evey's looks about the same as Clary's. So we've had to look at their actual feathers: right behind the eye, where their stripes get squeezed as they twist down their heads, Clary has a spot, DG has a line, and Evey has kind of a question mark/hook shape.

They actually are taking after their namesakes a little, if we pretend that Abby was named for NCIS Abby - she is dark-feathered and sweet and bold, and likes to climb things and bolt around with her wings out. Bella has a particular tone of cheep just for griping, and likes to nap when everybody else is running around. Clary's much better-tempered and calmer, as is DG. Evey, sadly, has not had very much time since she hatched at 10:30 last night to show personality, but I'm sure she will.
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Aaaaaand we have Dorothea! (Double reference: Middlemarch, and we may be calling her Dot, as in A Bug's Life, for short. DG is also a possibility.) She looks very, very similar to Clarissa, but the end of her beak is a lighter color. She's not yet fully poofed out, but she's working on it.

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Abby has now been joined by Bella - yes, really; she's even more ungainly than Abby, and very pale-colored, to boot - and Clarissa.

Yes, for the lack of any real naming scheme aside from nerdery, we are going with the alphabet. (The reasoning is as follows: Abigail is also the name of my sister's coworker's very new daughter, who was also a couple days early; Bella is ... yeah; and Clarissa is the first name of one of my favorite characters, Saunders, from Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Only the latter two are truly nerdy.)

Bella hatched quite excitingly during The Daily Show last night; my dad was the only one who stayed upstairs with the TV, and even he came down once Bella had finally finished kicking her shell off. She dried out relatively quickly, and made friends with Abby almost immediately - it probably helped that they were both very tired, and thus perfectly content to have somebody to nap with.

Clarissa hatched overnight. My mother happened to be up at about three or four in the morning, and decided to check on the eggs, and there was Clarissa, freshly-hatched and about to dunk herself in the water bowl.

All three of them are fluffy, now, and wrestling for the best position on my collarbone, where I am storing them temporarily so that I can use both hands to type. Guineas are relatively easy to tame if you handle them a lot from the very first day; I just can't seem to stop handling them. They just make such sad noises when I put them away in their cage! DDDDDDDD:

Yes, I will probably keep spamming with guinea updates until they're all hatched. Possibly when I get up for lunch, I'll take the opportunity to grab the camera and post pictures. :D
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Well, okay, that's an overstatement - there is only one guinea, a lovely little two-day-early girl we have tentatively dubbed Abigail. She is brown and fluffy and her balance is terrible (I was briefly tempted to name her Bella, no lie). She also cheeps the cheep of the damned whenever I take my hand away from her, which means I'm typing this one-handed and have done nothing useful at all today.

Lucky for her she's so cute.

My mother has heard more peeping from inside the as-yet-unhatched eggs that are still incubating, so hopefully Abigail will have a sister or two out by tonight to keep her company; I am so not holding her all night, no matter how pitifully she cheeps.

... Probably.
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... and taking a second to be frivolous, here: this week has been pretty toadtastic, so far. I was mowing some super-high grass (it gets mowed maybe - maybe - once a year, tops) with the electric mower, with my sister doing the cord wrangling, and almost stepped on a pretty gigantic toad, who was quite possibly mad at me for ruining its lovely jungle home and leaped at me in toady rage, causing me to throw up my hands and flail around and just generally make my sister think I'd managed to mow my own foot off.

This morning, I was mowing again - and you may think there's a pattern here and I just saw the same toad twice, but no, because this sighting was after I was finished. I clumped up to the little mini front porch, intent on claiming a cup of cold juice and a fan as my own, and saw a sudden burst of movement in my peripheral vision, going from under the mini porch to somewhere beneath a nearby bush. I thought it might be a chipmunk or something, and lowered myself down to see, and, omg, another toad. Definitely a different individual, because this one was smaller, and also in a completely different place.

I'm a little worried, actually - I mean, Little One must be a pretty smart toad if it's managed to avoid death by psychotic killer cat so far, but it's still probably bad that Little One is apparently living so close to the house - how long can it continue to avoid psychotic killer cat??? I'm not worried at all about Big One, because Big One seems to be living quite a bit further away, and also I'm a little more confident in Big One's ability to kick the cat in the head and run.

(The cat I refer to here is, amusingly, named Calvin; we were considering naming him Hobbes, but we must've divined that he would be crazy and weird even at an early age, and went with Calvin instead. He is big, orange, and deeply annoying when it's rainy and he can't go out; also, he likes to kill things. He does not get along at all well with the other cat, Thomasina, who is ... sixteen? seventeen? certainly getting up there, and likes to reign over the house from the couch, where she graciously allows me to be her cushion. And no, we did not name her Thomas and then realize she was a girl; we named her after the cat Thomasina from the book by Paul Gallico.)


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