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That catch-up meme thingy, me edition. )
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Still not dead! This is somehow easier to talk about because it's now resolved: I got fired late last July, and was unemployed for quite a while before I suddenly got another job this June, and also moved to a new apartment with [personal profile] idriya. Which is great! But also stressful and kind of exhausting; I've been super-busy about half the summer, and the other half I've been aggressively not accomplishing anything, so as to keep my head from exploding.

I'm starting to ease back into the groove of the internet, though, at last, and what better way to do that than rewind all the way back to June and complain about Revolution? ) I'd wash my hands of this show except a) Charlie and b) Rachel, and also the new season can only get worse better more Revolutiony. 2.01 aired yesterday; I'll probably watch it this weekend.

I think there were also some episodes of OUaT. ) Kind of hard to believe it'll be back on Sunday.

I haven't been keeping up at all on Defiance, but I should now that I can marathon it - with some shows, marathoning just works better for me. As for new shows this fall: the first two episodes of Sleepy Hollow ), the pilot of Agents of SHIELD ).

Also new this fall: Korra, 2.01-2.03. ) Overall, I think I had better wait and see.

And: Yuletide already, what. Guess I'd better start reviewing the nominations spreadsheet and furiously drafting a preliminary letter!

And I know it's been a year (!!! THE GUILT), but at long last: the next chapter of Listen to the Earth is at 10k and counting.
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HAHAHA oops. Man, if I don't post on Monday I'll just let the whole week slip by me, because I'm a winner. (Doesn't help that we are creeping closer and closer to graduation at work. Nothing piles the last-minute work on like graduation.)

But anyway! No Korra this week, but that's okay, because I never said anything about last week's. )

And The Borgias, I am caught up on that, too. ) It was a bit odd to watch because one of my more recent Netflixen was MirrorMask, which has the same actress in it - clearly she makes all things more awesome than they would otherwise have been.

Work tomorrow, for at least part of the day, because there's some stuff that essentially no one else can get done. And honestly I'm probably not going to return to any kind of frequent postery for another week or two, until graduation is safely behind me and the work level drops off a bit. (So, uh, next chapter of LttE = late. Sorry!)
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GOOD: I came randomly unblocked, and the exceptionally belated chapter of LttE is now over twelve thousand words long! I am caught up on OUaT and Burn Notice! I accidentally wrote a whole bunch of something that will never see the light of day but is still really satisfying!

BAD: I am sick. Said sickness has caused me to miss a professional conference I was supposed to attend with my boss, who is presumably now aware that I am a FAILBOAT, and if I do not get better by Wednesday, I pretty much have to go in anyway, because it is getting far too close to crunch time on a major event for the year and I am one of the people with some serious heavy lifting to do. This weekend has been pretty awful and this week is only going to be awfuler, most likely.

In conclusion: uuuuuuugh. I am going back to sleep.
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How is it Tuesday already WHAT. D: The end of last week was, like, the least relaxing Friday I have EVER had - Thursday night involved traversing a road that hates me, on foot, to find a place that would copy a document which I discovered on Friday had been missing a page, and needed to be picked up Saturday morning, only for the person who wanted them to find that, erroneously, the cover was in black-and-white instead of color. :P (Not a fatal problem, but he was not happy.)

And then I had a [personal profile] daemonelix for the weekend! Which was AWESOME, obvs., but not conducive to my usual relaxing sit-around-doing-nothing routine - we made brownies and took a good long walk and went kayaking. So yesterday was actually the do-nothing-iest day for me. Our school does not have "Columbus Day" off, precisely; but there was a local fair, and all the kids were there for the day, which meant I could sit in my office with the lights off and spend eight hours double-checking the parent-student directory and getting it ready for the printer. Good times.

BUT. There are still a whole bunch of things I need to do. )

I am buying myself so much candy for Halloween.
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Uggggggggggggh my god last week. I didn't even have to work Saturday the way I did last year, and I still did nothing this weekend but lie on the couch and slowly regenerate my brainpower. (Well, and wash my car, but that was under duress.) Late chapter will be late; apologies! /o\ I'm actually really really glad [community profile] thelittlebang is having an extension - I mean, I hope nothing additional goes wrong for either mod and that everything works out well, but it's a lucky break for me.

Unsurprisingly, I missed all my TV - although on Monday that was because we went to see The Debt. Spoilers. )

Also, I bought myself three books the other week, as I mentioned, and one of them was God's War, by Kameron Hurley. ) I already ordered the second book. /o\

But! Now I should get back to work so I can finish everything I need to do and then write like a writing person this evening to get myself back on track.
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It is all blustery and puff-cloud-y today, which I love. I loved yesterday's massive thunderstorms somewhat less, because apparently the sound of wood cracking is enough to make me sprint out of my own bedroom like my carpet's on fire. (I blame this on the time a tree came down on our porch while I was sitting in the next room over - I saw it falling through the window, it made it look for a second like the house was moving instead. Which was an awesome optical illusion! And then it landed and pulverized the porch railing and our clothes rack was out there and has never stopped looking a little drunken even after we reassembled it, and oh hey it would have come down on my bedroom if it had fallen maybe fifteen feet to the left. DDDDDDDDDDDDDD:)

But! I finished one of my [community profile] genretwisting bingo stories and a draft of my [community profile] ladiesbigbang story, which is only twice as long as it needed to be! I am proud of myself for being so restrained. :D

Now if only I weren't moving to a new office tomorrow, everything would be great. :P My desk has acquired sooooo much crap in a year, this is not going to be easy.
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I adore Tiny Dog (yeah, that's still her name) but her habit of barking at 5:30 is THE ANTITHESIS OF CHARMING. >:E I'm sure that it's not the only reason I'm still annoyingly tired, but I bet it isn't helping. Also, blah blah work. )

But! It hasn't rained yet today, which is a tiny miracle, and I think I have the general direction of the subplots for Book Three sorted out, which is GREAT. Seriously, I am getting all GRRM up in here; I need to sit my fics down and have a talk. Every minor character does not need their own storyline, okay. (And now I sound like a PSA: "When's the last time you talked to your fics about plot kudzu?")

To conclude: I don't precisely like having the office with the window that faces the fire escape, but there's some kind of large-leafed vine growing up it that makes it almost appealing in summer. Also, I can't believe I have to watch Avatar again, but I can't remember the middle (including who's onscreen when, so no transcripts for me) well enough to finish my fic for [community profile] thelittlebang without it. Curse you, James Cameron.
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Long week has been so very very long. :P Possibly exacerbated by how I'm still not really at a hundred percent. Stupid lingering sore throat. Also, if I start griping about work this is going to turn into a giant wall of hate, so I will say that I came back from Plague Week to a very full inbox and leave it at that.

On the upside, I should now be successfully signed up for ALL THE THINGS ([community profile] thelittlebang and [community profile] ladiesbigbang, and, of course, [community profile] genretwisting is still in there), and - well. In terms of pure wordcount, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be fine; it'll be finishing the actual story plots that will be the hurdle. D:

I am getting stupidly fond of Trudy and Grace, though. Honestly, they're practically McShep, except for the part where a) they're women and b) canon is not about them and c) they both die. Which, gosh, I wonder how much a) has to do with b) and c)? (Answer: I am trying to avoid giant walls of hate today, so no comment. Except that that would make a kickass fusion AU. Teyla + Trudy = BFFS FOREVER OMG.)

But! For the next few days, I will be concentrating desperately on LttE, in the hope that I can actually get this chapter done. /o\ ugh i am so fail.
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Friday started out perfectly average and became a long slow spiral of despair. [personal profile] idriya informed me, early and rightly, that part of the arc of Chapter 1 was just not working and needed an overhaul, and I could totally have gotten the revisions done in time if my afternoon had not then been taken up with photos for an update of the website half of the school store, the complete dissolution of the day's newsletter, and my car needing a tow AGAIN. WHYYYYYYYY.


Cut for more griping, aka details. )

To make a long tl;dr short, I took the pictures, I got my car unstuck from the mud, and by the time I got what I needed from the person, it was already 8:00 pm and I had unilaterally decided not to send the newsletter out with only one thing in it. And I only cried a little. :P

But! I had a lovely weekend, I did my taxes and watched RED a second time and made a round of restructuring/rewriting edits that met [personal profile] idriya's approval, hence the posting yesterday. And today's going rather nicely so far, too.

Which, RED. )

And as long as I'm here, totally uninteresting blather about my hair. )

Also, it is April, which means Script Frenzy! Surprise, I am rewriting something: TLA, to be specific, because ow, and also, yay, an excuse to mentally recast it! Good times. :D And I have already started Chapter 2 - I have learned my lesson, I make no promises as to when it will be done, but at least I'm past that initial lump of beginning.
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Man, I am going to need a fic sticky soon, it is starting to take a lot of scrolling to find the Book One master post again. Which, by the by: a final round of edits and timeline checks, and, my internet connection willing, the first chapter should be up tomorrow evening.

It is finally maybe going to snow less often! The geese are coming back! I have seen a handful of deer and like eight wild turkeys! It might just be spring. Oh, and: there was an adorable tourist (out-of-state plates, at least) who stopped their car on my route home to take a picture of cows. Cows. I pass, what, four? five? farms on my way to work every day; it is fascinating and marvelous to me that someone might feel the need to photograph a cow while on a trip. I mean, I shouldn't assume; maybe they just like cows. Still, it was cute.

Work: good times. We have a new system for the daily newsletter that means I have to essentially re-code the content of at least one webpage every day. At least I am learning more HTML? What I really need is CSS; I'm hoping that posts from [personal profile] foxfirefey's upcoming S2/CSS/DW styles course will help. As terrible as I am at HTML/CSS, I am still way ahead of pretty much everybody else in the office, though. **weeps**

I have also watched some things relatively recently!

Rango: spoilers. )

Also, Never Let Me Go. Spoilers, if anyone still cares. )

Perhaps I am just too shallow to appreciate these things.
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So, uh, obviously I didn't finish the first chapter of Book Two for Sunday. Schedule slip, here I come. But! I got hit with the inspiration brick yesterday, and the second half of the book, the part I've been struggling with, just fell into place like it had been waiting for me. \o/ I wouldn't call it done, the chapters aren't properly fleshed out; but the core of it is there in a way it seriously wasn't before. Apparently a weekend of Katara/Suki plus a little spare time at work was exactly what I needed.

I also had half a scene slide right into my head before bed a couple days ago - nothing relevant yet, probably something for late in Book Three or somewhere in Book Four, but I'm still glad I've got it. I managed to write it down before I fell asleep, and it still made sense the next day when I typed it up! w00t.

The only show I am still managing to keep track of is The Event, because my mother is still glued to it. I keep falling asleep early or, like, not remembering when things are on until the day after. :P On the other hand, spoilers. )

And now I should do work. By which I mean draw some more bars on our giant energy use graphs with Sharpie, because, until I started yesterday, they hadn't been updated since we had them printed this summer.
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I'm supposed to be working from home right now, because the power's out in the office thanks to the lovely little ice storm we've been having. But! I have things to say.

The specter of FF.net has visited me at last: the somewhat wackily-written and oddly focused review! The person who left it was anon, and left no e-mail address, so I have no way to reply to them; but I have ~thoughts~ in response to their review, so.

On FF.net, I cut Flying Blossoms into chapters, and this person chose to leave about 200 words on why they don't like Ursa as a review for the Ursa chapter. The gist of their argument was that Ursa made no effort to love Azula, and was just as much to blame for "how [she] turned out" as Ozai.

Opinions: I can has them. )

So, long opinion short: I think it's really weird to say that Ursa didn't love Azula. I concede that it's possible that Ursa's absence influenced Azula as much as Ozai did, but I think it's peculiar to blame Ursa for it. And I really want to write that fic. As a side note, I do wish I'd added some more Azula to Ursa's five things; my only excuse is that I was concentrating on the focal point of Ursa's story in the show, and that focal point is alllllll about Zuko.

Anyway! Back to work.
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ugh so tired.

We have a new dog, a teeny little Pomeranian/Corgi/possibly a couple other things mix, and she is adorable and sweet and loves to run around in circles for no reason. This is in strong contrast to our other dog - he is adorable and sweet also, but the main feature of his personality is exceeding calm. (Well, I mean, visitors make him bark, and once I made him howl with my Igor impression. But that's about it.) So I've been spending a lot of time taking her for walks and throwing toys and helping my mother clean up after her (she's nine months old, she's not great at handling the continual excitement of LIFE just yet). And then also it is that time of the month where I wake up at 4:00 am with cramps and still have to go to work even though I'd really rather just stay on the couch. Forever.

But! Counterbalancing that, I am still riding the glorious feeling of accomplishment from this past Sunday. A really long fic: CAN HAS FINISHED ONE. :DDDDDDDDDDD I mean, it won't really count until I finish the whole series, because the story is not exactly complete. BUT STILL. \o/

What I really want to make my joy complete is for my dad to get a new hotspot of his own already. I left dialup behind me a long time ago, okay, I cannot handle such a faily internet connection. D: It is harshing my squee like whoa. Also, it makes using the internet at work for frivolous things - the way I am right this second - waaaaaaaaaaay too tempting.
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Really, really not looking forward to driving home today. It was okay coming in - a little sketchy in a couple spots, but okay - but I'm betting it's going to be pretty horrible on the way back. Time to start taking the interstate again, instead of the back roads.

Chapter 13 of ItO is essentially DONE; I just about fainted when I scrolled through and realized I'd actually filled in all the spots where I left a "[stuff happens]". :D Now I just need to reread and make edits, and then it will be good to go. I can even post Book One to [community profile] white_lotus without feeling guilty, now, because it will be complete! Which means it's time to finish the outline of Book Two, clearly! \o/ And maybe I can get away with a long self-indulgent post about my ~thoughts~, aka all the griping and plot-wrangling I've besieged [personal profile] idriya with for the last, oh, year.

Speaking of thoughts: I have caps upon caps and even the text of a post for moar picspams, I have just been too faily to get them set up. Partly, this is not my fault - the internet at home is worse than usual because my dad's separate hotspot died and he is a bandwidth hog, so uploading dozens of caps to my LJ Scrapbook would probably crash and burn right now. BUT. Someday I will get around to those. **shakes fist**

Fannish To-Do List, cut for boring! )

Here's hoping I can leave a little early today; maybe I can get out before the worst of the snow and get some of these things done!
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Wow, this is like the worst two days at work I have EVER HAD.

Long story short: my old UPS beeped intermittently for like three days, and then on Monday, as I was printing materials for a meeting I have to attend because my supervisor's out, it gave up entirely - my computer abruptly turned off, and the UPS started emitting this utterly brain-piercing EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Possibly not that short a story - but there's a happy ending! )

Man, tomorrow had better be blissfully uneventful. At least I made it to lunch today - not so, yesterday.

In fic news, Chapter 13 (aka THE EEEEEEEEND YAYAYAYAY of Book One) is going swimmingly; a couple scenes and another few readthroughs, and it'll be ready to post on Sunday. After that, I think I am going to take a short break - I love ItO, I do, and every single comment makes my face stick like this :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, but I need to give my brain a rest. Plus I have a ton of outlining to do for Book Two. :D

The second [community profile] genretwisting fic is going a tad more slowly - I have immersed myself in sci-fi, but less so in westerns. I sense I'm going to be watching a lot of AMC on Saturday. Also, I am so far behind on H50 it is not even funny. Time to hit the interwebs and see what exceptionally legal video resources I can find.
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Not my best morning ever, so far - one of the cats had another seizure, which was quite possibly my fault, as she seems to be triggered by certain kinds of noise; there was some sort of accident on my way in, which meant a brief moment of terror as I was redirected onto a road I have never driven before and needed to navigate back off of; when I made it back onto the right road, there was a giant truck trailer with a house on it maneuvering around, which meant a wait; and then there was a surprise meeting with a technology consultant, which I almost had to do alone because my supervisor was late coming back from a totally different meeting. :P The rest of today had better be boring.

On the upside, [personal profile] idriya and I managed to successfully jumpstart her car all by ourselves yesterday (using my car, which is now officially mine, new license plates and insurance and all); the neighbors' cats that I'm taking care of for ten days really like me; my first [community profile] genretwisting fic is finished and just about ready to post; and I'm well into the next chapter of ItO, thanks to lingering momentum from finishing the last chapter up. So it's not all ruin and despair.

Still, I'm going to be super glad when this week is over. Yeesh.
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Home sick today - I'd be annoyed, but I'm too tired, and I suppose it's for the best. I mean, if I'd gotten sick last week, it would have been kind of a disaster, so. It's not so bad this week. ^^

Obviously, it's messed with my writing pace, being asleep until about three hours ago; but I still have a few days, so hopefully that'll still work out okay. The first [community profile] genretwisting fic is literally a scene away from being done, and then one last editing runthrough, and it should be all set. \o/

Now it's time to sleep more. :D
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So it's the first of February, and ... I have nothing. Big shocker. :D Part of the reason is the stupid auction catalog, which has been consuming an incredible amount of time and energy; but it finally went off to the printer today, so, aside from the inevitable addenda for last-minute items, I am DONE. \o/

I am using my Irulan icon because I maybe have a vague picspam/YAY AWESOME post in mind, and if I do work from home tomorrow due to the Great Snowening, I can probably get that coordinated for tomorrow. I think I need to rewatch a couple parts of the miniseries, though, because it has been SO LONG since I watched it. Really, there is quite a bit of material in there - Irulan, Chani, Lady Jessica, Ghanima. Even Wensicia is pretty awesome, if evil - and who could pass up a chance to cap Susan Sarandon? (NO ONE.) And pretty much all of them are underused. I used to tell myself such bedtime stories about Ghanima, omg.

ETA: And Alia, jesus. Now you know I was tired when I wrote this. :P

... Anyway. It won't really line up with [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon, in the end, but I'm going to try to get at least fourteen somethings about ladies up vaguely during the month of February. **hands** Next year, I have got to remember to start earlier so I can avoid getting waylaid like this. :P
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Early update was early! \o/

That's about the only good thing I can say about anything since yesterday evening, unfortunately; today sucked. :P At least this stupid auction thingy is only going to come around once a year. I swear, if somebody sends me one more goddamn updated item list or tells me one more time that I need to add more pictures, I AM GOING TO KILL THEM WITH MY FACE.

... anyway.

The first [community profile] genretwisting fic is a bit of trickery, a climactic fight scene, and a dramatic escape away from being pretty much done. Clearly, time to start outlining the next one! Also, I've already started writing Chapter 12. I think part of the reason these last few chapters seem to be coming so easily is that they haven't changed much since I first started ItO - the middle part needed a lot of reorganizing and reoutlining, but the majority of these last three chapters has been pretty solid since the very beginning. Here's hoping enough outlining of Book Two right now will help that go more quickly, too. :D

Ugh, I am so boring right now, I have no deep thoughts except DIE, AUCTION CATALOG. DIE. :P Partly because I keep missing TV to sleep and stuff. But once the auction's over, I will totally catch up. I have it all planned out: I'm going to wait until it's almost time for a new billing period for the wireless, and then almost max it out the last day, so I don't have to worry about accidentally going over it. There is NO WAY this will fail. >:D


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