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All my regular TV shows are basically pleasing me and so I've got basically nothing to say about them. [personal profile] idriya and I are working our way through Fringe, via Netflix, and also through Blindspot, but so far I don't have much to say about those either except OLIVIA and ASTRID and SIF, yay. So instead I guess I'll talk about a) movies and b) shows that are dead or else I have problems with them. Whee! These are in order from "least to say" to "most to say", and are cut for spoilers.

Man from UNCLE (the movie). )

Quantico (TV). )

Strange Empire (TV). )

And, of course, STAR WARS: TFA. )

Man, I should chop that up and post it to tumblr as meta. It would be more content than I've managed to generate over there in years. :D

Also, there was this AO3 meme that was going around ... oh, before Christmas sometime, I'm sure—anyway, I copied it into the document where I draft posts, and now that Yuletide reveals are well behind us, I've finally filled it out!

These stats include anonymous works and do not include vids. )
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That catch-up meme thingy, me edition. )
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Three posts in one month? WHO AM I

I was thinking through the list of things I've seen recently and might want to talk about and not coming up with much (Sleepy Hollow: still watching, though not quite as fiercely in love; Major Crimes: still watching, as fiercely in love as ever; The Flash ... is a thing that's happened while I've been looking at it, as is the vague charm of Forever) and then suddenly remembered THE LIBRARIANS. I HAVEN'T POSTED ANYTHING ABOUT THE LIBRARIANS. !!!

Not necessarily a genuinely good show so much as it is EVERYTHING I WANT IN MY MEDIA EVER. (Except in the sense that it's awfully white.) Spoilers. ) Like, take all this with many grains of salt, my taste in media is really forgiving, but I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS SHOW.

Anyway. Also, meme! Seen this in places, and couldn't resist:

When you see this, share 3 lines from 3 random WIPs. Doing as some other folks have done and interpreting 3 lines REALLY loosely ... WIPs in Camelot, Sinbad, Rizzoli & Isles. )
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First, a meme! From various places, I forget whose journal I saw it on first.

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.

2. Write a fic of fifteen words or fewer for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files)
2. Morgana (Merlin)
3. Gwen (Merlin)
4. Karrin Murphy (Dresden Files)
5. Hellboy (Hellboy [movie])
6. Arthur (Merlin)
7. Susan Rodriguez (Dresden Files)
8. Merlin (Merlin)
9. Liz Sherman (Hellboy [movie])
10. John Myers (Hellboy [movie])

I ... failed utterly at sticking to the letter of this meme; apparently I'm almost incapable of expressing myself in exactly/under fifteen words. But I kept them all to under twenty-five words, at least. >.> <.< That totally counts. Also, the lack of variety in fandoms is a little pathetic. /o\ I am so bad at branching out.

Eleven indubitably lame ficlets! )

Kind of figures my first genuine postage of fic would be a bunch of teeny chunks that'll never go anywhere. Although I am actually almost tempted to keep going with a couple of those - never mind the eighty billion things I ought to finish first. Curse you, finals week. I shake my fist in your general direction.

In the unfunny business end of things, I almost cried in Human Cultures today, out of sheer frustration-by-proxy. We finished up the second half of the final part of A Kalahari Family, the documentary by John Marshall, and jesus. Every single time there was a clip of yet another white "expert" talking about how the !Kung were so ~close to nature~, I wanted to punch somebody in the face, because it was so transparently an excuse to keep on failing to actually do anything helpful - like, say, get supplies to fix the pumps needed to keep the !Kung farms running. (Which, I might add, were only broken in the first place by elephants, who, according to Marshall, are not native to the area; they were brought in to give tourists something ~African~ to goggle at.) It was disgusting.

I will say it made me really glad I decided to start using Kiva: I'm not completely useless! Mostly useless, sure, but not completely! \o/

My to-do list at the moment mostly consists of my Human Cultures film journal, which is due next Wednesday, and starting to study for both the last Human Cultures quiz (also Wednesday) and my World Lit final (Thursday, aka the first day of final exams). No matter how many semesters I do this, I'm always so blindsided by finals. The end of the semester seemed so far away before Thanksgiving!
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The survey that's going around: I took it. Some of the questions, I found quite fun to answer. However ... ) Still, it was interesting, and the lure of the internet survey is not one I'm good at resisting.

I moved back to school today; my sister came with, because my parents both had to work. It was strange, as always. I forget every time just how easy it is to slip back into place in the dorms; it seems like such an upheaval for the summer to end, and yet when I actually am back at school, it feels like last May was just a week or two ago.

What else has happened? I saw a small frog last week when I was mowing, whom I have dubbed Littler One. The guineas are growing almost alarmingly fast, with feathers coming out everywhere. My roommate is just as bewilderingly talkative as ever.

And now I should probably go to bed, since I have an early class tomorrow.

(Morning ETA: After reading several more posts about it, I've decided that I would rather remove the reference link; I'm feeling more conflicted, and less like signal-boosting.)
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Cut for quiz results. )

So, that's pretty ... hugely inaccurate. "Verbal" does apply under certain circumstances, I guess, and definitely the part about larger-than-life imagination. But the rest? Not so much.

Birthday-related stuff for me is pretty much always off, because I was born August 3rd, and am therefore a Leo; a lot of the time, that gives me the red-cinnamon-sports car-extrovert kind of results on online quizzes. Evidently being born in August ought to somehow mystically preclude debilitating shyness and a preference for green.

Today was not actually super weird, despite this morning's prediction, although it did involve more use of a push-mower than I was maybe expecting. Mostly, I watched Joan of Arcadia, since it was SciFi's show of the day; I had forgotten just how much I love that show, and it was good to remember. I'm pretty much a total atheist, but I still enjoy a lot of the things JoA has to say about God and life and people. I still don't think I've seen all of the episodes yet, so I'm not up on everything that was going on near the end of the show, but. The first season and change, at least, I heart muchly.

Aaaaand now it's time for dinner. Shiny.


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