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/o\ So ... close ... and then my weekend got devoured by a surprise trip to Boston to see M/[personal profile] daemonelix, J, and Q. UGH I AM A FAILBOAT. Hopefully the chapter will be better for the extra time; I could have finished it Sunday if I had not been in Massachusetts with no computer, but it would have been a hot mess. D:

Boston was nice, though. I am such a rubbernecker, I never go to cities and so when I do I am that awkward person walking down the street sideways with my head twisted around going, "So ... tall ..." And Boston isn't even super skyscrapery; I am just a country bug. It was fun to hang out with J and M and Q, and I am glad I did it. Although next time, it would be great if the total hours I spent on the bus weren't a bigger number than the total hours we got to spend together. That was a tiny bummer. (Tiny, because after years of Greyhound, the Dartmouth Coach buses are BEAUTIFUL.)

Two media things. The bus movie on the way back up was Life As We Know It. )

And more griping about The Event, because, let's face it, part of me loves to hate things. )

I am hoping to finish the first chapter of Book Two in the next day or so, and if I get it done and edited, I will put it up no matter what day of the week it is, because I have been so fail. /o\
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So, uh, obviously I didn't finish the first chapter of Book Two for Sunday. Schedule slip, here I come. But! I got hit with the inspiration brick yesterday, and the second half of the book, the part I've been struggling with, just fell into place like it had been waiting for me. \o/ I wouldn't call it done, the chapters aren't properly fleshed out; but the core of it is there in a way it seriously wasn't before. Apparently a weekend of Katara/Suki plus a little spare time at work was exactly what I needed.

I also had half a scene slide right into my head before bed a couple days ago - nothing relevant yet, probably something for late in Book Three or somewhere in Book Four, but I'm still glad I've got it. I managed to write it down before I fell asleep, and it still made sense the next day when I typed it up! w00t.

The only show I am still managing to keep track of is The Event, because my mother is still glued to it. I keep falling asleep early or, like, not remembering when things are on until the day after. :P On the other hand, spoilers. )

And now I should do work. By which I mean draw some more bars on our giant energy use graphs with Sharpie, because, until I started yesterday, they hadn't been updated since we had them printed this summer.
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Late, so late, but in case anybody's interested: I am auctioning off my lowly fic-writing services for [community profile] help_japan right here. And, once again, I am glued to Al Jazeera's liveblog.

My mother doesn't handle hiatuses well, she's not good at remembering when things start up again after a gap like that, so we only just started watching The Event again. Spoilery! ) That's ... pretty much all I've got.

Seriously, I need some new books.
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Gnargh. I only had two days off; how is it so hard to be back at work again? :P

On the plus side, though: NANO WORDCOUNT ACHIEVED. **fistpump** It's total crap, and it makes no sense if you try to read it through, because there are all these chunks missing and maybe a quarter of it should probably be in a sequel. But it's written, dammit. \o/

On the I-don't-even-know side, I may have gone through the spreadsheet of Dear Yulegoat letters, and I may have bookmarked all the ones with fandoms I feel I could write for, in anticipation of maybe writing someone a treat. I ... may also have accidentally written almost 3,000 words of fic based off one prompt. Hahahaoops.

H50 was a repeat, but I think The Event was new - or at least my mother and I missed it when it showed originally, so it was as though it were new. Cut for griping. ) And yet I can't quite hate it; which is for the best, because my mom is still hooked.

Now I have to finish fixing up the Dead Moms and triple-check it for posting tomorrow. D: omgsonervous.
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It was pouring at 4 am when I had to wake up and separate two fighting cats; it sleeted somewhere in between then and now, coating all the delicate little branches on the bushes outside, and all the needles of the pines, with ice; and now it is snowing, giant fat flakes falling almost fast enough to look like rain. I'm supposed to go meet up with M, J, K, Ka, and Q - and possibly a friend of J's from school, the prospect of whom fills me with terror - for lunch, so I ought to hope it stops soon, but I'm willing to drive carefully as long as it keeps snowing and sticking. :D

The tablet has arrived, as have the books I ordered; I'd forgotten just how long it's been since I'd drawn anything. I have giant flashing neon failure issues, and my sister is so much better at art things than I am that I have a feeble love/hate thing going on with drawing - even when something comes out half-decent, it's never quite good enough for something off in the back of my brain. Luckily, when I show her things I write, she likes to draw for them, so the pictures I wish I could put on paper still end up there most of the time. \o/

Monday shows. )

NaNo and fic talk. )

Thanksgiving. )

I would put a big poetical list of things I'm thankful for here, except I'm thankful for so many things it kind of defies belief, and making a list would just make me think of more and more. In summary, though: my family, friends, job, fandoms, and life are all more awesome than I usually give them credit for, and I am grateful for all the small sources of joy in between. ♥♥♥♥♥
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The TV retained its brokenness long enough to make me miss Burn Notice last week, which is wretched; and I really ought not to watch it online, because we keep exceeding our bandwidth allotment even without me watching TV online. But I'm guessing it'll be showing again this Thursday, before the next ep, so. I'll just sit here twitching 'til then.

But! It's fixed now, has been since Sunday, which means I got to watch last night's shows, at least.

The Event. )

H5000000000. )

Also, my sister and I went contradancing on Saturday, after I sawed some small trees down and gave myself a weird bruise on the shoulder; Sunday, I went over to her apartment for dinner, and made her watch Newsies despite her best efforts to escape. :D To be honest, I was half in love with that movie without ever having seen it, just because of all the stuff I read when I stumbled through the fandom back in the day, so she was pretty much doomed.

But now I should get back to pounding the outline of the next chapter of ItO into shape working on my NaNo filling some more cliché bingo prompts with Newsies work.
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How is it Wednesday already? @.@

I think part of the reason I'm having trouble keeping track of this week is because our magic box TV is broken - not, like, the actual television set itself, but something about the connection between the set and the dish. It maintains that it has not received a satellite signal for about two days now. :P Probably the roofing guys just kicked the cable out of the delicate alignment it requires to function. On the upside, this will give us an excuse to rewire so the cable is taking a route that's actually efficient, instead of winding around three-quarters of the house just to get back into the one-quarter it hadn't touched yet.

Fortunately, it was only broken for part of Monday, so I missed neither The Event nor H50.

The Event. Nothing new here, mostly grumbling. )


I am still pressing forward on my NaNo, though it is turning into a bit more of a slog - Week Two is usually like that for me, though, so I'm not super worried. I have a couple days' slack, so if I really get stuck, I can slow down a little and still be okay. I'm also polishing up the Dead Moms, and adding a few more; if I get it all settled, I'm hoping I can submit it for Round 1.5 of [community profile] ladiesbigbang - with an actual title, too, if I can manage it. It's certainly over the minimum, so. I'll admit that I have not yet attacked the next chapter of ItO, but I'm doing a little outline wrangling - I have a fix in mind for the plotting issue that's confronting me, I just need to lay it out in a doc and make sure it all fits together okay.

... And, okay, I may also be letting myself fill out a couple cliché_bingo prompts with rambly self-indulgent Jack/David. I am just getting the Newsies stuff out of my head so that it doesn't clog up the works, okay. THAT IS ALL. >.> <.
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I am SO TIRED of coughing, ugh. :P

But! It's Tuesday.

The Event. ) Mommy's still enjoying it, of course. And, hey, maybe if I get to the end of the season, I'll have enough information to draft an FBI Lady/Assassin Lady AU. :D

Hawaii 5-0. ) Any deep thoughts'll have to wait until I rewatch it.

And I also remembered today that I never actually posted anything about the season finale of Warehouse 13. ) Mostly, though, I want to write an AU season where HG becomes the keeper for Warehouse 2 and runs it with her own team and Myka comes along to help and they fall in love and live happily ever after.

... Ahem.

And as long as I'm working the giant wall of text thing, here, I read Uglies, and the sequel, Pretties. )

Thank god for cuts, or I would feel so guilty about posting these rambles.

And Imagine the Ocean broke 500 views on A03! \o/
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My mother's had a cold for a few days now, and sometime before this past Saturday, she handed it off to me; as has become its habit since college, my immune system chose to magnify it into some kind of quasi-flu mutant. My mother just had a cough and a stuffy nose, and was tired for a while. I've had a cough, a stuffy nose, a sore throat, a brief fever, and have thrown up three times. \o?

So I've been useless for three days - stayed home from work, passed out on the couch, the whole shebang. I've been watching a lot of TCM; it's great for sick days because there aren't commercials during the movies (tuning in and out over and over again takes more concentration than I usually have when I'm sick). Of course, it also gives me brief fannish urges every time I like one of the movies. At least if I ever get up the nerve to participate in Yuletide, I'll have fandoms to nominate?

Anyway, since it's Tuesday, I have vague, Nyquil-blurred memories of my Monday-night shows.

The Event. )

Also, Hawaii 5-0. )

And now I think I need to go to sleep again - apparently the fourteen hours I've already gotten just aren't gonna cut it.
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Ugh, I am so fail. I let the whole weekend go to playing a game for, basically, two days straight - a hopelessly addicting game, and, by design, a giant time sink, but those are excuses, not reasons. :P And Chapter Seven of ItO looks like it might need some trimming, possibly serious trimming. I'm trying to keep the chapter lengths reasonably consistent - not ridiculously so, but I don't want to have mostly 6-10k chapters and then suddenly a 15-20k one.

But! I will prevail. My own innate wordiness will not defeat me. **resolve face**

Last night, I watched two pilots, one of which was by my own free will, and one of which was because I happened to be in the room with the TV and my mother really wanted to watch it.

THE EVƎNT. ) But that stuff is a big pet peeve of mine, so, of course, YMMV. My mother liked it just fine, and I'm fairly certain she'll be watching it again, so. Maybe it'll grow on me.

And then, there was also Hawaii 5-0. ) And that's ... really all I've got on that one. Near 11:00 pm, I'm not a terribly insightful or analytical viewer. :D


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