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Korra S1 finale: spoilers everywhere, and maybe don't look if you loved it. ) I'm pretty definitely not going to stop watching, but I have metaphorically re-fortified my heart so as not to hang all my joys and hopes on Season 2.

Much more happily, we went to see Brave. Spoilers! ) ♥♥♥♥♥

And there was also Burn Notice, which I now find I have no deep thoughts about, but am enjoying even though they're still being a touch heavy-handed about Michael/Fi - not that it isn't warranted in some ways, but I could do with less of the slow-mo table-overturning, I don't need that to remember that Michael loves Fi. :P It is weird but amazing, having a casting spoiler ) around, and I'm glad they went for a Jesse episode. Reserving most other judgment until I have a better idea how they're going to handle this prison storyline.

Blew most of the weekend, so next chapter of LttE: 4.5k, not tremendous progress. But still progress!
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So, wow, June. You are ... almost gone. D: Also it's going to be like a hundred degrees tomorrow, and that is barely even an exaggeration. BLEH.

There was graduation, finally, and my head did not explode; and then I took vacation and pretty much ignored EVERYTHING, and I went to Boston (and was lost for nearly three hours, but I wasn't driving) and Providence (lost for perhaps twenty minutes, and I was driving) and also a hot air balloon festival, and then I stayed up until six in the morning and almost didn't go to sleep again. (But then I gave in and did.)

And during aaaaaaall that time, things happened!

Like Snow White and the Huntsman! Spoilers, and, well, I sort of enjoyed it? ) I can't even tell anymore! Maybe I just shouldn't be allowed to talk about movies, I clearly have no useful critical faculties.

Books, on the other hand: I cannot turn my brain off. I am maybe a hundred pages into the second Bourne novel (I only just obtained the first), and holy crap that is some -ism bingo material right there. The writing is way too florid for my taste even if Robert Ludlum weren't apparently challenging himself to use the word "Oriental" every two pages and trying not to give any woman a name except Marie, and the way he describes Hong Kong and the residents thereof makes me want to just about weep from rage. I'm sure the movies have their issues, but I'm going to need to marathon them just to get the taste out of my mouth. Yikes.

Far less painfully, Korra! )

There was also Burn Notice in there somewhere, but this post is getting really long and there's another ep tomorrow, so I'll save that.

At long, long last, next chapter of LttE: 3.5k. I'm thinking this is going to be a long one.
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All caught up on Korra, and waiting impatiently for another Saturday. No particular commentary yet, except for how terrible I am at handling fannish feelings in realtime. WHY CAN'T I WATCH THE WHOLE SEASON AT ONCE. OH RIGHT IT DOESN'T EXIST YET. DDDDDDDDDD: I need more to happen, I can't stand getting 22 minutes a week. **sob** Although spoilers! )

And, of course, there was OUaT! Spoilers everywhere. )

I'm not sure why, but I finished A Great and Terrible Beauty. (Spoilers.) ) That got super long! Point is: still not a rec. Bleh.

Re: movies, Johnny Depp as Tonto and character/casting spoilers for ST:RB:II ) force me to say unto Hollywood: what the fuck even are you doing. Just stop.

I got an attack of the spams today; it was on like the oldest entry in this entire journal, but in case they switch targets, sorry for any garbled URLs-and-porn that pops up in here! I'll do my best to clear it out quickly.
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Drive-by update to say: I should absolutely not be doing this, considering I just got all those big bangs and Yuletide off my plate, but! I've put up a fic offer at [livejournal.com profile] help_mindanao, in case anyone has anything left after end-of-year giving - or is interested in making an offer. I haven't even taken a good look at the rest of the comments yet, but more offers are always good! (And there are also offers in other media, it's not just fic.)
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Through a combination of growing disdain for my own fail and the need to track words obsessively for [community profile] inkingitout, I sat down on Monday and wrote several thousand words. \o/ Apparently word tracking makes me competitive against ... my own laziness? IDEK. But progress occurred, is the point!

The other significant event of 2012 for me is that I hurt myself. It is extremely cold here, and earlier this week the road was covered in ice, so of course I fell down, though thankfully the car that precipitated my loss of balance did not hit me. My knee is turning gorgeous colors, and you never realize how much you use the muscles in your armpit until you strain them and suddenly a million actions hurt. AWESOME START.

But! There have been Netflixen, and also a trip to the movies.

On the Other Hand, Death. Spoilers! ) I added another to my queue, though I forget which, and hope to work my way through them all.

Inkheart, because my queue is all 2008 all the time. Also spoilery. ) Not bad, precisely, but it didn't quite seem finished. Maybe the script needed to go through a couple more drafts or something.

And then also [personal profile] idriya and I went to see Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Which had some things in it that I quite enjoyed ... )

... and some things that I did not. )

Quite a text wall there, but: ALL THE FEELINGS. Honestly, it's a good thing I had the chance to get my thoughts in order the other day, or everything behind that cut would probably just have said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.
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Ugh, my god, I am so fail.

To match, this week has been sort of fail: I got a flat tire Friday evening, and the lug nuts were so unbelievably uncooperative that they did not come off until Saturday, under the boots of a lovely road assistance guy, and the tire was not fully replaced until yesterday. Because that was not enough car trouble, [personal profile] idriya got stuck in a rut on the way back to her apartment on Monday (the evening of her birthday, even), and it took until nearly midnight for the tow guy to get there and get it all sorted. And then Tuesday I had a dentist appointment, and because I am a terrible person and never remember to floss properly, I have to go in and get some fillings on Friday morning, because I am cavitous. /o\ Augh.

But! The bidding on [community profile] help_japan has concluded, and I have a very clear winner! \o/ PM, email, whatever makes you most comfortable, [personal profile] alexseanchai; just let me know what you'd like, and I will do my best to deliver.

I am laboriously flailing away at my Book Two outline; the second half isn't going super smoothly, but it's going, and a fair bit of my writing process seems to revolve around spur-of-the-moment off-outline stuff anyway. **hands** I'm hoping I can get the first chapter out this weekend, but we'll see. **crosses fingers**
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Late, so late, but in case anybody's interested: I am auctioning off my lowly fic-writing services for [community profile] help_japan right here. And, once again, I am glued to Al Jazeera's liveblog.

My mother doesn't handle hiatuses well, she's not good at remembering when things start up again after a gap like that, so we only just started watching The Event again. Spoilery! ) That's ... pretty much all I've got.

Seriously, I need some new books.
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I know it does awful things to the roads, but god help me, I love freezing rain. I drove home last night and in this morning through a forest of trees silvered over with ice, curved like dancers with the weight of it. And, of course, since it's been sunny the past couple days, everything is sparkling! It is like Edward Cullen out there. THESE ARE THE TWIGS OF A KILLER, BELLA.

I celebrated International Women's Day by watching that M and James Bond video like fifteen times. Bandwidth well spent. Also, spent some time on Al Jazeera: Ivorian women protest over shootings of female protestors. (Possibly triggering for violence, but the picture with the article is kind of awesome.) And their liveblogging about Libya has been excellent.

I need to buy some more books. If I'm going to keep failing at keeping up with my TV shows, I need something else to occupy my brain. Also, [personal profile] idriya's birthday is coming up. TIME TO SHOP.
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NaNoWriMo! There was never a moment where I quite forgot, but it somehow managed to sneak up on me anyway. I'm going to do my best to get the same number of words down on ItO every day as I write for my NaNo, although who knows whether I'll be able to keep that up all month. D:

And yesterday was the second episode of Sherlock. ) Yeesh.

And now back to my NaNo. D:
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Through celli's post: o look, pro author fail.

Not a week ago, I was just thinking I had to get around to reading some Elizabeth Moon. Now, suddenly, I'm not really feeling it. Funny how that works.

In less srs business, the Covert Affairs two-hour finale. Spoilers. ) I'll keep watching, but between it and Warehouse 13, I think Warehouse 13 is winning.

Also, I did a crazy thing and ordered a new computer. I rationalized it a lot, and the rationalizations are all true and logical, but mostly, it comes down to how utterly tired I am of having my current computer's shitty graphics card determine what games I can play. /o\ I'm so shallow. So that should come sometime next week, which gives me time to come up with a name. The computer plus the dentist thing means no more frivolities (well, aside from a birthday gift for my mother, but that's not quite in the same category of unnecessary expenditure as stuff for myself) until after a couple more paychecks, and then nothing but donations until Christmas rolls around. I am Gibraltar. [/Mr. Feeny]
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I swore to myself that I wouldn't post until I'd done the second [community profile] ladiesbigbang check-in, and I swore to myself that I wouldn't do that until I had broken 30k on the fic. Which I did! Sadly for me, it is ... still not quite half-done. D: Why, brain? Why is it always epics? I also can't wait to edit it, because ... well. It's not as bad as it could be, but it could still use some work.

Anyway. I absolutely LOATHE HEAT, so this hasn't been the best week ever, but I've still managed to get some weeding done by going at about 7:00 in the morning. And then spending the rest of the day lying on the couch trying not to move too much. Before it got too bad, I got another bowl of those magnificent blackberries - well, okay, black raspberries. Whatever. Point is, they're out again this year, and they are just as gigantic and gorgeous as last year. I also had to give up a little blood to pick them, same as last year, and again, I got that funny sense of appropriateness about it. If you want fabulous black raspberries, then you've got to be willing to get pricked.

The Fourth was pretty good. Too hot for my taste, of course, but we got to go over to a friend's family's house for dinner, and show them Stranger Than Fiction, which they had not seen before and absolutely loved. I was a little worried about it; I love that movie, but it can take pretty hefty suspension of disbelief for some people to get past the premise and just enjoy it. But it all worked out! \o/

I wish I had something intelligent to say about Vividcon, but I've never been and I have only just begun to scratch the surface of the wonderful world of vids. Some blithering about my personal opinion below. )

In lighter, more squeeful news, I am getting seriously overwhelmed by shows. I need a Time-Turner, I cannot watch HawthoRNe and Covert Affairs at the same time. :P (Please, Covert Affairs, be good. You don't have to be great, I am not a demanding viewer. Just be decent!) I keep forgetting to post about Burn Notice, but it should suffice to say: ♥♥♥♥♥! I am still happy, and looking forward to wherever they're going with this whole badass-hot-assassin-lady thing. I also managed to catch the end of last season/beginning of this season set of Warehouse 13 episodes last night, and all I can say is: I LOVE CLAUDIA. AND EVERYONE ELSE. Including maybe a bit of a spoiler. )

... I still can't believe I have a job. D:
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Aaaaand gatorgrrrl digs herself a deeper hole (bonus: translation by nestra). **facepalm** I can't help but sympathize with the urge to explain yourself at length, and I get that having the spotlight of fandom attention turned on you negatively, full-force, for several days, can be really rough. But, look: the conversation isn't going to stop just because you said you were sorry, and getting all sad inside about how you ttly apologized and yet people still haven't magically started acting like nothing ever happened ... is not going to help. Odds are the conversation isn't even about you, your motivations, your intent, or whatever defensive justifications you can muster; it's about what you did. By which I mean a thing that is done; over; complete. Unless you have a TARDIS, you can't change said done thing, so just let people discuss whatever it was, and do your best to learn from the things they're saying.

NB: These "you"s are nonspecific - this applies to a lot of mid-wank/unfunny business apologies.

Also, if your apology contains a line like this: "If anyone has defriended me, I am sorry you felt the need to do so"? Please, please rethink it. To me, at least, it comes off as weird and passive-aggressive and blame-shifting - like, "I'm sorry you got so upset" instead of "I'm sorry I upset you". NOT A GOOD APOLOGY. D: Really, the passive voice in general is probably a bad idea: see the classic "mistakes were made".

(Countdown to me doing something stupid on the internets, forgetting everything I've written here, and coming off like a total failboat: starts now.)
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So, a few days ago my family sat down together to watch Young Sherlock Holmes. I will say freely that the beginning was fairly good. ) The murder plotline was absorbing enough until the surprise!racist explanations popped up; after that, I was pretty much done.

The worst part is that my dad kept arguing after that the quality of this movie was on par with the RDJ!Holmes movie. Which, uh, no. Just no. (Granted, there was some Egyptian appropriation!fail in that one, but the rational explanation at the end made the guys who did it look pretty stupid, in my opinion.)

And, mostly for my own reference, through nestra's post linking to bossymarmalade, and merry's post linking to amazonziti, a fairly clear picture of some recent fail emerges. I will say that I'm glad gatorgrrrl apologized, though I do think the apology kind of derails itself somewhere in the middle. I can't decide whether I hope she leaves the story up - not for the reasons she cites, just so that all of the original comments stay in their original context, and the whole thing remains on the record. I don't want anyone else hurt by it, but when you say something stupid, whether in a post or through a faily story, it seems wrong to make like you never said it. But I don't know - and it's really up to her, in the end.

On a less faily note, I finally watched A:TLA 3.06 (The Avatar and the Fire Lord) and 3.07 (The Runaway). As always, I wish wish wish the eps had been, like, an hour long, because the dialogue could seriously benefit; but overall, they were pretty good. Oh, Zuko. And Toph - for anyone who did not already know, I HEART TOPH. The only thing that bugged me was Ta Min; I knew her part was pretty darn small, but I thought maybe she would at least have a line. :P Still, I can't wait to get to Day of Black Sun. I have been DYING to get to that ep for ages.
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Man, I definitely should not have waited as long as I did to start fixing my pants when they began developing holes; good thing I had barely anything else to do, or I could never have blown through multiple patches on each of four pairs in just a few days. I actually like sewing pretty well - it's pinning the patches in place beforehand that I don't care for, because it usually takes me quite a while to get it just right. :P (Of course, my inclinations toward perfectionism probably don't help.)

Fortunately, it wasn't nearly as dull as it could have been, because there was a Burn Notice marathon before the new episode on Thursday. :D And then the new ep! Much ♥, as always. Spoilers! ) Point is: HEARTS IN MY EYES. I am so far from objective about this show, it's a little ridonk. /o\

M came over a couple times; it's probably a good thing that we haven't sunk into another three-hour sexism-and-racism chat. As important as that conversation obviously is, I think it's best to space these things out a little, give yourself a chance to think things over in between long talks.

Relatedly, my feelings about the A:TLA movie are stronger than I think I had previously realized. The screencaps I've seen, and the previews that are starting to show up more and more often on my TV, just ... make me kind of ill. I was never planning to see the movie when it came out in theaters, but I was expecting it to feel like a wrench to have to skip it, and right now? It really is not feeling that way at all. I don't feel angry so much as frustrated - and, okay, I need to stop talking about this, because there are warning signs that I'm about to make myself cry. Just, blergh.

I'm slowly revving up again on my [community profile] ladiesbigbang; this one conversation is slowing me down, I have to make sure all the pieces make sense, but once I get through this scene, it should pick up a bit. (Also, I need to remind myself to let it go a little - if it's not perfect, I can always fix it later, self!) It's funny; I've spent so much time with Yue in various little fic-bits that I actually have trouble remembering how little time we spend with her in canon. Also, of course, I need to actually finish the show; helpful as the wiki is, it'll be good to get the last couple DVDs from Netflix. :D

And now I should really stop posting and pay attention to the World Cup. I'm not intense about soccer, but I like it well enough - and, hey, maybe watching the Cup will turn me into a fan.
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B's mother and sister have come up for graduation - they came a little early, because B has some ceremonies and stuff she's going to before the actual graduation on Sunday, and arrived late last night. I like them both, but I think I've written before about B's mother; she's a pleasant person, but in any serious conversation, I think she and I would start to argue very quickly.

Case in point: our conversation today included her saying (almost verbatim) "There must be a husband in your future somewhere, right? You're such a nice girl!" Which ... I mean, clearly she intended to be complimentary and friendly, but the pure heteronormativity of it nearly choked me. It's possible she meant to link niceness and straightness, but I think it's loads more likely that it just never crossed her mind that I might be any flavor of queer, or that marriage might not be one of my goals in life, or anything else. But it was such an ordinary thing to say; it seems weird to make a big deal out of it, and yet it did grate. Bleh. :P

Anyway. I just let it pass at the time, and avoided the possibility of longer conversations that might shunt me into lecture mode by refusing all their invitations to meals - politely, and in a friendly fashion, of course. Well, okay, and also partly because I don't have much cash right now, and I'm not sure whether any of the ATMs on campus that I usually go to would be accessible. (I will have to check early tomorrow, as M, K, and Ka are coming up to visit, and I probably ought to feed them. :D)

So. Time to microwave me some assumption-free macaroni and cheese.
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Last final this afternoon - Cognition and Language, which was actually kind of nice, because I'm doing pretty well in that class.

It's weird to be essentially done, even if it doesn't really count for almost two more weeks. I can't say that I really loved college, although I can think of ways in which it was probably really good for me - although I do think that the vast majority of any improvement I've made as a person since freshman year was ... mostly because of fandom, not school. I cried like a hungry, angry baby when I picked up my cap and gown for high school graduation, and not in the good way - in the way where I was pretty much wrecked over everything I was leaving behind. But now? ... Not so much. I mean, I feel sort of nostalgically fond of this place, and I bet I always will. But that's not really the same thing. :P

And I guess this isn't a bad time to round up some WinCon unfunny posts for myself. Given the topic of discussion, there is potentially triggery stuff on the other ends of ... probably most of these links: Unfunnybusiness post; seperis; seperis follow-up; musesfool; tzikeh; sparky77; seperis a third time; mistresscurvy; tabaqui. I don't think that's everything I've read about it, but I got to everything I've read about it through some combination of these posts, so. I'm severely not on board with victim-blaming, but everything I could say about that has been said, and, once again, far more articulately. So all I've got left is to say that I really, really wish people would remember more often to throttle their first defensive reaction to any accusation of wrongdoing, and stop to take a careful look at the actions that led to the accusation, instead.

... Now that I've said that, of course, I'm guaranteed to forget it myself at some future date and end up looking like a complete ass, but. There it is.

Anyway, now that I can cross exams and my own personal linkspam off my list, back to the important stuff: my [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic.
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That Diana Gabaldon thing that's exploded all over the place (and made F_W, of course) distracted me like whoa from studying for my Bio final this morning. Fortunately, everything I felt like saying when I first read the OP has already been said, and probably far more articulately than I would have said it.

Somewhat amusingly, I ended up in a half-fight half-discussion with M about the relative merits of original fiction vs. fanfic yesterday, too - probably not the best day for it, considering that I started out already jacked up and full of fandom pride. (For the record, I think of them as pretty much even; each one can do things the other one can't, and they are valuable in equal measure precisely because of those differences. Talking about fanfic as a stepping stone to original fic won't drive me into a frothing rage, but I don't much care for it.) I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though; M doesn't really engage with fandom on a meta level, she's still in a dragons-and-self-inserts kind of place. Which is fine, obviously, but it also makes it kind of hard for me to really have heavy discussions with her about the worth of fanfic. :P It doesn't help that her grasp of feminism is kind of shaky, that she never caught any of Racefail, and that she's not a terribly sex-positive kind of person. Sometimes I have trouble remembering that my IRL friends have not necessarily ever thought about those things.

Fortunately, the Bio final was somewhat less than taxing - it took me about twenty-five minutes to answer forty multiple choice questions and write a short answer about the immune system. And now I'm freeeeeeee. \o/ And will almost undoubtedly spend the rest of the day writing [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic in my notebook.
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I just woke up from a very interesting dream, of which I actually remember some contiguous parts. ) It was kind of cool in a creepy way - it would have bugged me more if all this had not happened with me under the distinct impression that, should the dream continue, I would be fixing this situation. Also, for at least part of it, dream!me was a dude, which has actually happened several times.

I had a little trouble going to sleep last night because of an extremely long bout of asymmetrical tinnitus. It's the first time that I can remember my ears ever ringing for that long, and I'll admit it makes me a little nervous, after all that stuff in Intro Audiology about how asymmetry usually means a referral, because it could be a sign of something wrong neurologically. However, it's only happened the once, so. If it starts happening on a regular basis, then I might see about getting it checked out.

Which reminds me: yes, Hearing Rehab is still on notice. Hard. I actually wrote "fuck you" in my notebook two or three times while taking notes, because it was seriously driving me out of my tree. ) If I expect anyone in the world to remember to make that distinction clear and obvious, it's somebody in CMSI who ought to know this shit. And she just ... never did; not once, through the whole class. >.<

Anyway. I also wrote over a thousand more words of maybe![community profile] ladiesbigbang A:TLA fic during class, which I know is awful and wrong and awful and I did it anyway. /o\ I have essentially finished the first chunk, and it is clocking in at over six thousand words. There are supposed to be around twenty such chunks total, which means that if this keeps up, I am staring 120k words of fic in the face. D: And it's not even the first time; I keep cleverly chaining myself to these massive canon-rewrite "what if" AUs, it's like my catnip. The first fic of the HP AU series is nearly 90k words, and those are probably only going to get longer as they go on (this is assuming I ever even make it through them before I die, natch).

why, brain?!? whyyyyyyyy.

Still, I can't complain too much. At least I have a plan, which is a relief; it's not like I'm diving into 120k words not knowing where it's going. That would be scarier.
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Man, today was a long day - not a bad day, just a long one. Rain all day, which, I do not hate rain, but walking all the way down to Dewey Hall in it is not very much fun. And then Cog-Lang was cancelled, which was obviously good, but meant more walking in the rain than I would've had to do if class had been on. Hearing Rehabilitation was pretty soul-killing; I used to be vaguely interested in audiology, once upon a time, but spending this much time on how assistive devices all have microphones, and infrared waves are light but we can't see them, is just. **hands**

However, we did have kind of an interesting class the other week, where by "interesting" I mean it made me kind of uneasy and angry. tl;dr: deafness, Deafness, and cochlear implants. )

And then, of course, this weekend happened; AT's boyfriend, D, was up, so we watched a bunch of movies together, including The Princess and the Frog. Rife with spoilers. ) Overall, though, I liked it reasonably well. It's not a favorite, but I'd watch it again.

And Sunday afternoon, of course, was Palm Sunday. I did not realize this until I actually got to the Catholic Center, and saw the palm leaves on the table in the lobby, waiting to be blessed. It was very interesting - I was totally clueless about the reading of the Passion, I almost had a heart attack when people started passing missals around because I had no idea what they were doing. I have to admit that I cried a little; the concept of crucifixion is so awful that I can make myself cry just by imagining it a little too vividly, and reading it combined with singing the really lovely responsorial psalm, my God, my God, why have you abandoned me - well. I'm a soft touch. Watching the GoF movie makes me cry, too, and I've seen it at least four times.

Fortunately for my dignity, we had a visiting ... uh, official of some kind - he did the blessing of the palms, and the sermon. And - I know this is awful, but there was something a bit unusual about the way he said things, and he had the hat, and all I could think of the whole time he was talking was the Impressive Clergyman from The Princess Bride. /o\ I am so ashamed. (There was also a moment where he presented political correctness as in opposition to the truth, which was frustrating.)

Anyway. Easter next week - with mass in the morning, instead of the evening. Presumably that one will be a little more cheerful. Plus, I finally get to eat the box of Peeps I've been saving since spring break. :D
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The blush of new fandom love continues, but, as always, that meta-issues portion of my brain is ticking away. The list of Cliché Bingo prompts that I saved is so, so useful for unloading fic bunnies that would otherwise clog up my mind, and, bonus, it makes me think about things.

For example: Avatar: TLA and its parade of Dead Moms. )

I love Katara and Suki, and I absolutely adore Toph; but it seems pretty obvious that once you look past the main set of characters, the women tend to get the short end of the stick. The way things look at the start of the series, it seems like Azula is likely to become ... uh, a Fire Lady regnant, I guess; and, IIRC, nobody in-universe indicates that this situation is unusual. I was pleased, and surprised, and expecting to find that this had happened before. But when I was noodling around on the A:TLA wiki, trying to put together a series-wide AU for the genderswap prompt, it was all Fire Lord this, Fire Lord that, and, oh, yeah, they were married to somebody whose article is a stub/doesn't exist. The swap gave me four generations of Fire Ladies and female generals, and ... a couple dudes they were married to who didn't do much.

Granted, the Kyoshi Warriors are awesome, and make me very happy; Kyoshi in general makes me very happy, too, and so does Yangchen. But I still kind of wish Azula had been named for her grandmother, the iron-fisted Fire Lady who commissioned the Great Gates of Azula, you know? Sigh.

And then, of course, the impending movie makes me kind of ill. That is just not what Katara looks like, and that is not Sokka, never mind totally unsmiling white!Aang; Dev Patel, on the other hand, would be a ridiculously great Sokka, so why he's playing Zuko is beyond me. I'm sure Nicola Peltz and Noah Ringer are decent actors, and I bet Jackson Rathbone is happy to be playing someone who gets to have actual facial expressions; but if there's any movie that fandom absolutely should not have to do an ideal chromatic recast for, it's TLA. (People like this absolutely boggle my mind. When you are unironically echoing character!Stephen Colbert, you need to take a good hard look at yourself. And that's one of the least obnoxious F!Secrets on the topic.)


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