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Last final this afternoon - Cognition and Language, which was actually kind of nice, because I'm doing pretty well in that class.

It's weird to be essentially done, even if it doesn't really count for almost two more weeks. I can't say that I really loved college, although I can think of ways in which it was probably really good for me - although I do think that the vast majority of any improvement I've made as a person since freshman year was ... mostly because of fandom, not school. I cried like a hungry, angry baby when I picked up my cap and gown for high school graduation, and not in the good way - in the way where I was pretty much wrecked over everything I was leaving behind. But now? ... Not so much. I mean, I feel sort of nostalgically fond of this place, and I bet I always will. But that's not really the same thing. :P

And I guess this isn't a bad time to round up some WinCon unfunny posts for myself. Given the topic of discussion, there is potentially triggery stuff on the other ends of ... probably most of these links: Unfunnybusiness post; seperis; seperis follow-up; musesfool; tzikeh; sparky77; seperis a third time; mistresscurvy; tabaqui. I don't think that's everything I've read about it, but I got to everything I've read about it through some combination of these posts, so. I'm severely not on board with victim-blaming, but everything I could say about that has been said, and, once again, far more articulately. So all I've got left is to say that I really, really wish people would remember more often to throttle their first defensive reaction to any accusation of wrongdoing, and stop to take a careful look at the actions that led to the accusation, instead.

... Now that I've said that, of course, I'm guaranteed to forget it myself at some future date and end up looking like a complete ass, but. There it is.

Anyway, now that I can cross exams and my own personal linkspam off my list, back to the important stuff: my [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic.
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That Diana Gabaldon thing that's exploded all over the place (and made F_W, of course) distracted me like whoa from studying for my Bio final this morning. Fortunately, everything I felt like saying when I first read the OP has already been said, and probably far more articulately than I would have said it.

Somewhat amusingly, I ended up in a half-fight half-discussion with M about the relative merits of original fiction vs. fanfic yesterday, too - probably not the best day for it, considering that I started out already jacked up and full of fandom pride. (For the record, I think of them as pretty much even; each one can do things the other one can't, and they are valuable in equal measure precisely because of those differences. Talking about fanfic as a stepping stone to original fic won't drive me into a frothing rage, but I don't much care for it.) I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though; M doesn't really engage with fandom on a meta level, she's still in a dragons-and-self-inserts kind of place. Which is fine, obviously, but it also makes it kind of hard for me to really have heavy discussions with her about the worth of fanfic. :P It doesn't help that her grasp of feminism is kind of shaky, that she never caught any of Racefail, and that she's not a terribly sex-positive kind of person. Sometimes I have trouble remembering that my IRL friends have not necessarily ever thought about those things.

Fortunately, the Bio final was somewhat less than taxing - it took me about twenty-five minutes to answer forty multiple choice questions and write a short answer about the immune system. And now I'm freeeeeeee. \o/ And will almost undoubtedly spend the rest of the day writing [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic in my notebook.
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Finals feel like they are iiiiiiiiinching closer, as slowly as possible. :P I'm going to be so fried by the time they actually get here, just from the stress of anticipation.

Also, half as a reminder to myself: I'm going to try to remember not to crosspost to LJ, as a kind of symbolic gesture towards the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw event - this is not going to be three weeks of riveting! creative! content, or even three weeks of lame banal content that anyone is going to care about. But DW is my primary home, I crosspost from it to LJ instead of the other way around, and ... idk, even a little bit counts?

It snowed like mad today - today, in late April, which even in Vermont is not a common thing to have to say, though I don't think it's the absolute summeriest snow I've ever seen. Oh, weather.

Also today: the final CCC exam. And man, is it a relief to have that over with - not because I was stressing about the exam itself so much as because the CCC exams have a take-home pre-exam essay portion that is absolutely awful. Not challenging; relentlessly tedious. It was relentlessly tedious to write it for the midterm, and it was relentlessly tedious this time, too. :P Seriously, it was like pulling teeth, except even pulling teeth has some interesting, if sharply painful, moments. I know I should be grateful that it was take-home, and that it was easy and tedious, not difficult and tedious, but yikes.

After that, though, it was all smooth sailing and my progressively-less-tentative [community profile] ladiesbigbang story, which is seriously filling up my fic notebook. I ... might actually sign up. D: I'm frightened of doing that because it means a visible contract to actually put my writing where other people besides my sister can read it, which is deeply terrifying to me; but I'm already only a thousand words away from the minimum, so it's not like I have to worry about having nothing by the deadline, even if what I have is 15k of crap. **hands** idk, I still have, like, two days to think about it.

Oh - and I also broke my record for consecutive hours of consciousness. \o? B had to print out her thesis: three copies, one for each of her defense committee members, and the whole thing with cover and bibliography and all was close to eighty pages. A lot, but not bad, except that she doesn't have a printer. So we used mine, which is a creaky old all-in-one ink printer - I am very fond of it, but it's not going to be setting speed records any time soon. Plus, I had to edit B's thesis before she could print it. I mean, because she asked me to, but secretly, I was just dying to - I've edited B's papers before, and she is just WRETCHED at sentence structure. Like, really abysmal. So that took a while, and then printing out about two hundred and forty pages with my printer was at least a couple hours more. So, in the end, we were up until about 4:00 AM printing.

4:00 AM being past the point where my brain says, "Fuck it," and stops asking me to go to sleep, even getting into bed and lying down and closing my eyes wasn't enough to knock me out. I wobbled and giggled my way through class the next day - apparently sleep deprivation makes me happy - and went to bed early, for a grand total of about thirty-eight hours awake. Good times.

I've also been amusing myself by going back through the [journalfen.net profile] the_hms_stfu archives and enjoying the lolariousness - not that I don't love the stuff that's posted in the comm now, but it's fun to go back to the old days sometimes. Plus, I happened upon a Ron!hate essay that I have been greatly enjoying tearing apart in spare moments.

And now, back to the fic. To sign up, or not to sign up ...
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So, I watched the newest (at least, I think it was the newest) ep of The Closer last night.

I had really mixed feelings at the outset, but I think overall more things ended up being right than wrong - I'm not sure, though, it still hasn't totally settled yet. My tentative perspective. Spoilery, natch. ) I was especially leery because of the whole VB-returns thing on F_W, and the attendant pronoun fail that is thankfully mostly over now; but I think the ending at least partially made up for the obnoxious parts of the beginning. I don't know, I'll have to let it percolate a little more.

In academic news, the World Lit final on Thursday went by without much of a hitch. I'm terrible at writing essays by hand, I get so tense I have to shake my hand out every few words or else I can barely write, but I think I managed okay. Then there was nothing until yesterday afternoon, which was the Cog-Neuro exam. I ... probably should have studied for that a little bit more than I did, but I think it turned out all right. This afternoon is Audiology, for which I plan to "study" by making myself a paper diagram of an audiometer and practicing in my room. Fortunately, I can do that without feeling like an idiot, because B finished her last exam and left for home yesterday afternoon. (I know this makes me a horrible person, but: \o/!)

So. Paper audiometer. Right.
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Yesterday was quite a day. I left in the morning for Audiology, having lingered just long enough to watch B wake up and discover that it was snowing outside (she loves it when it snows), and when I came back, the door to our room was open and the recycling bin was out in the hall. Hmm, says I to myself, this is unusual, and so I was in some sense braced for it when I came level with our doorway and discovered that the floor was covered in water, and B was hoping desperately that I was the clean-up crew.

The Saga of the Drains, complete with happy ending! )

Today has been much less interesting so far. Turned in my film journal and took the final quiz in Human Cultures, which means that class is officially over as far as I'm concerned, since there's no final exam. The World Lit final is tomorrow at 11:30, and then I don't have another exam until Cog-Neuro on Monday afternoon. w00t.

I have to admit, I kind of like exam week. Yes, there's studying, but if you pace it right, you end up with so much free time. And it doesn't hurt that my mom sent me a package full of candy to help me through - also doesn't hurt that B is leaving sometime next Tuesday, while I am not leaving until next Friday. ^^

Which reminds me. Yet more things B has done lately that annoy me. ) She put her scarf on again this morning, and asked me whether she looked more Soviet or more Muslim; I told her that all she looked like to me was a person with a scarf over their hair, just like anybody else would if they had a scarf over their hair, but I don't think she got the point. If only I were more articulate.

Anyway, I should stop griping and start studying for World Lit. \o/
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First, a meme! From various places, I forget whose journal I saw it on first.

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.

2. Write a fic of fifteen words or fewer for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files)
2. Morgana (Merlin)
3. Gwen (Merlin)
4. Karrin Murphy (Dresden Files)
5. Hellboy (Hellboy [movie])
6. Arthur (Merlin)
7. Susan Rodriguez (Dresden Files)
8. Merlin (Merlin)
9. Liz Sherman (Hellboy [movie])
10. John Myers (Hellboy [movie])

I ... failed utterly at sticking to the letter of this meme; apparently I'm almost incapable of expressing myself in exactly/under fifteen words. But I kept them all to under twenty-five words, at least. >.> <.< That totally counts. Also, the lack of variety in fandoms is a little pathetic. /o\ I am so bad at branching out.

Eleven indubitably lame ficlets! )

Kind of figures my first genuine postage of fic would be a bunch of teeny chunks that'll never go anywhere. Although I am actually almost tempted to keep going with a couple of those - never mind the eighty billion things I ought to finish first. Curse you, finals week. I shake my fist in your general direction.

In the unfunny business end of things, I almost cried in Human Cultures today, out of sheer frustration-by-proxy. We finished up the second half of the final part of A Kalahari Family, the documentary by John Marshall, and jesus. Every single time there was a clip of yet another white "expert" talking about how the !Kung were so ~close to nature~, I wanted to punch somebody in the face, because it was so transparently an excuse to keep on failing to actually do anything helpful - like, say, get supplies to fix the pumps needed to keep the !Kung farms running. (Which, I might add, were only broken in the first place by elephants, who, according to Marshall, are not native to the area; they were brought in to give tourists something ~African~ to goggle at.) It was disgusting.

I will say it made me really glad I decided to start using Kiva: I'm not completely useless! Mostly useless, sure, but not completely! \o/

My to-do list at the moment mostly consists of my Human Cultures film journal, which is due next Wednesday, and starting to study for both the last Human Cultures quiz (also Wednesday) and my World Lit final (Thursday, aka the first day of final exams). No matter how many semesters I do this, I'm always so blindsided by finals. The end of the semester seemed so far away before Thanksgiving!
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I totally did not miss you even a teeny tiny bit. How do I always end up with so much junk? I don't know how normal people stand it, I have maybe a third as many clothes as anybody else in my suite and it's still a pain in the butt getting it all stowed away. Aagh.

Also? Wow, is my desk disgusting. Like, the floor under it, sure; hair as long as mine is + air with powers of spontaneous fuzzy dust = dustbunnies FROM HELL. But even the surface of the desk, the parts I don't use much because they were covered with crap? Yikes.

It's pretty weird how blank the wall looks. I didn't even have that much stuff up - a few funny Star Trek posters (well, using the word "poster" is probably too generous, they were only regular 8.5x11 sheets), my NaNoWriMo poster, Obama's giant head, and a few postcards and things. The walls were far from covered, is my point. Also, the bed looks really strange without all the cloth on it. It's lofted, and the mattress is supported by this CRAZY STUPID system of interlocking hooks; I ended up hanging a sheet's worth of fabric on the underside just out of self-defense, to keep the hooks from catching in my hair all the time. There was also another piece that hung down the back, and a smaller strip on one side, both of which were more for the sake of color.

I still haven't gone to the library yet, and I should do that before my sister gets here and we have to start packing the car up. (Getting all my stuff to actually fit inside the Prius is always a good time.) However, I'm reconsidering the necessity of asking them about recording equipment; I still have over a thousand dollars left from my last summer job, and I should make a fair amount from this summer's, so it's not like it would actually be too terrible a wrench to spend a couple hundred ordering myself the kind of digital recorder that my advisor was planning to give me before hers broke. It would actually probably come in handy for a fair number of things, and also it might be useful to have one around and be good at using it if I really am going to go for this whole linguistics thing. The part where I don't have to have terrifying conversations with people I don't know in the library is just kind of a bonus. :D


May. 5th, 2009 09:36 pm
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MY PROPOSAL GOT ACCEPTED! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

... Which means I definitely have to go to the library to ask scary people scary questions about recording equipment, and also my weekends over the summer are pretty much written off to asking even more scary people to talk so I can record them, and AUGH. But if it hadn't gotten accepted, things would undoubtedly be even worse. :D

I actually got the e-mail much, much earlier this afternoon, but then I had to go to my Astronomy final - fifty or sixty multiple-choice questions, it was somewhat less than terrifying - and then I took a celebratory nap that ended up being, um, four hours long. Hahahaoops.

Now to introduce my roommate to the wonders of Firefly. I hooked both of my suitemates into watching it, and got one of them to buy both the series and the Big Damn Movie; my last roommate watched it a little, too, although I didn't get the chance to transform her into a proper fangirl. My roommate this semester - a girl I didn't know at all, to replace the girl I'd been living with for the previous year and a half because she was going abroad, and thus VERY SCARY - has, it turns out, seen the BDM, but not Firefly. I cannot fathom this. Thus, now that both of our exams are over: time to fix that!
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Note: the dance is not nerdy because the source of the yay is nerdy, or anything like that; it's nerdy just because I'm doing it. :D

My Scottish Gaelic paper is DONE OMG. \o/ It's not a great paper - it may not even be all that good of a paper - but it's FINISHED. And, frankly, I did well enough in the rest of the class that I can afford to take a minor hit on the paper grade, if it comes down to that. (Sidenote: I am so crazy used to Google Docs that I keep stopping to hit Ctrl+S every few sentences - which Chrome interprets as me trying to save the Dreamwidth journal-update page to my computer, natch. I am such a winner.)

My goal for the rest of today mostly involves more Age of Mythology, although I was also hoping to finish up the first round of word generation for my latest conlang, and maybe get started on glossing some words - enough to translate the Babel passage, at the very least. If I do manage to get the Babel passage done today, possibly I will post it here, just for future reference. I LOVE being able to tag things, I cannot even express how much, except possibly by going ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ a few dozen times. There are times when I kind of wish my computer were just sort of a sea of documents that I could tag appropriately.

Also: this is the CUTEST THING EVER.
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I should be working on my paper. I need to finish this paper, this paper is very important. And yet what have I spent this morning doing? Sleeping, almost an hour later than I usually do; writing more Significant Moments in Insignificant Relationships (it is up to TWENTY-ONE PAGES now, no lie); and stalking people on the internet.

Which leads me to a quick repost, simply for my own future reference, of the poem musesfool posted today: The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart )

Pretty obviously an awesome poem, and especially so for me, given my twin loves of languages and ancient history. ♥.

Okay, self, paper time. *resolve face*


Apr. 29th, 2009 08:09 pm
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No more classes! \o/

... Okay, so there is still work I have to do, technically, like writing that paper on Scottish Gaelic and language revitalization, but it's the principle of the thing. And in celebration of said principle, I did pretty much nothing today.

Nothing useful, at least. I did play Age of Mythology for the first time in months; I built up until I had a decent-sized army, and then basically just went around pulverizing the other teams until they resigned and taking their town centers. But I don't think that counts. :D

I was, however, helpful to other people's academic goals, if not to my own. I spent a while editing one suitemate's archaeology paper - man, do I love editing for grammar and word choice, it is like LOVE and SUNSHINE and PUPPIES and COMMAS, all rolled into one - and then also went through another suitemate's Spanish paper, despite the fact that I ... have never taken Spanish. Which seems stupid, I know, but what I have taken is at least ten years of French; even if I don't know all the words, I can usually get the gist of Spanish, thanks to that. And I did manage to catch one mildly amusing error - where she had meant to write "especial", she had written "espacial", which turned her point about a particular character in a short story being special into a point about said character being spatial. O.o

That's about it, though. Now I'm just trying to put off working on my paper. As it turns out, my sister has developed a twisted affection for that random-minor-character shipfic from my HP AU 'verse that I keep writing dribs and drabs of. In order to make up for the fact that I'm not going home this weekend, I promised to write her a few more bits of that, so perhaps I'll bribe myself with that - for every page of my paper that I manage to get done, I get to write another couple of bits in the Significant Moments in Insignificant Relationships series I have going here. That could work.

... But only if I stop distracting myself by posting! So. Right. Work time.
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My usual strategy with research papers is to absorb all the necessary media first - read all the books and articles I've dug up, often more than once - and then let it percolate for a while. (I've discovered that if I put something on the back burner on the stove of my brain and leave it there for a while, when I come back to it, it will be much better; my mind will have put things together and made connections while I wasn't looking.) Then, I just flat-out write, and save adding citations and footnotes until after the paper's written.

I finished my paper on Saramaccan yesterday afternoon, which meant this morning was footnote/citation time! \o/ And, as noted, it was actually kind of fun. Despite what you might think if you looked at my desk, I do like being organized, especially with text; it pleases me to enforce consistency on things. That's probably part of why I like editing the formatting of things so much - making sure that every instance of a particular formatting choice is the same makes me so happy.

... That was probably the last whisper of a chance of being normal that I ever had flying out the window, right there.

Anyway. The footnotes are all done, everything's cited, the bibliography's formatted. Now I just have to review a couple things for Literature, and then I will totally be ready for the last round of Tuesday-Thursday classes this semester. Today, and gym class tomorrow morning, and then I'm FREE. (Not that there aren't classes I liked - Pidgins and Creoles! Linguistic Anthropology! ♥ ♥ ♥! - but, still. VACATION.)

Also, it had better rain today, or I'm gonna melt. *flop* QUIT PLAYING WITH MY HEART, OUTDOORS.
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*sigh* At least I had Sunday to prepare myself for it getting all warm again. Bleck.

The first half of my gym final - yes, that's right, my final exam in gym - was this morning; it involved ... well, in essence, it involved proving that I could walk nine laps around a track. The more detailed explanation: walking nine laps, aka a mile, in thirteen minutes garnered you ten points; walking nine laps in over thirteen minutes got you five. Now, presumably, the gym teacher was asking for some kind of good-faith effort no matter what, but in a literal sense, the terms of the exam pretty much say that you could take the entire class period to walk nine laps, and you would still get five points.

... \o/!

Needless to say, I got five points. I'm not sure it actually matters that much, since my understanding is that the final is worth ten points total, and you can earn the full ten points on either half; I probably could have skipped today's class and only gone tomorrow, and gotten ten points. That is, if I weren't so compulsive about academics. I was never much for rule-breaking, but I was convinced by a friend to skip class once in middle school, and it scarred me forever; I'm pretty sure I totally baffled the principal, I got sent to her office for it and immediately burst into tears, vowing never ever to do it again if only they wouldn't be mad at me! Even now, in college, where attendance isn't even taken in the vast majority of my classes, I feel wrong and dirty and wrong when I skip.

Anyway. That was obviously a super fun time. I am SO GOOD at walking in circles, it's crazy. :D

I fixed up the first half of my thesis proposal, as my advisor and I agreed I would do for today; I just sent her an e-mail asking whether I should come by with the revised pages in person or just e-mail them to her, and am currently waiting with bated breath for a response. Guess which option I'm hoping she picks!

Either way, this afternoon's going to be mostly fixing up the now-complete first draft of my paper on Saramaccan, and studying for my Literature exam.

... Sometimes I just cannot handle the raging excitement that is my life.

ETA: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Victory is mine, victory is mine; great day in the morning, victory is mine! [/West Wing] \o/ My advisor picked e-mail, which means no meeting, which means no pounding heart, no overwhelming and unreasonable terror, no facing anybody I respect in person and watching them tell me what I did wrong. AWESOME.


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