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All my regular TV shows are basically pleasing me and so I've got basically nothing to say about them. [personal profile] idriya and I are working our way through Fringe, via Netflix, and also through Blindspot, but so far I don't have much to say about those either except OLIVIA and ASTRID and SIF, yay. So instead I guess I'll talk about a) movies and b) shows that are dead or else I have problems with them. Whee! These are in order from "least to say" to "most to say", and are cut for spoilers.

Man from UNCLE (the movie). )

Quantico (TV). )

Strange Empire (TV). )

And, of course, STAR WARS: TFA. )

Man, I should chop that up and post it to tumblr as meta. It would be more content than I've managed to generate over there in years. :D

Also, there was this AO3 meme that was going around ... oh, before Christmas sometime, I'm sure—anyway, I copied it into the document where I draft posts, and now that Yuletide reveals are well behind us, I've finally filled it out!

These stats include anonymous works and do not include vids. )
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I don't know what arcane power it is that Star Wars has over me, but every now and then I just can't resist tuning in for Spike's weekend marathons. And I can't bear to turn it off before the "DEMOCRACY!" fight, either, because it is just so hilarious. /o\ Plus, I am always unbelievably tempted to buy the movie novelizations after I watch the prequels, just because I think they'd be the best kind of cheesetastic. (I read part of the AotC novelization, and, my hand to god, the first scene I idly flipped to had the phrase "chocolate orbs" in it. It was beautiful.) There's such a weird push-pull, for me; parts of the universe are genuinely interesting and compelling, but the prequel canon is so ... bad, in an amusing, at-least-all-these-people-are-hot kind of way.

And, bonus, they make me think of [livejournal.com profile] iharthdarth every time. ("i love you like i'm blind." "what?")

ETA: Of course, there is also no misogynistic bullshit quite like the misogynistic bullshit in the ads that air on Spike. Here's a big fuck you right back atcha, beer commercials.


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