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I realize that April must actually have happened, but I feel like I blinked at the end of March and now it's summer. D:

The most interesting thing first, so you do not have to scroll through the beast this post is going to become: Rarewomen 2013 recs! A:tLA, A:tLoK, The Avengers, Burn Notice, The Borgias, The Mummy, Push (2009). )

And I wrote i do not ask for any crown (A:tLA, Yangchen backstory) for none other than [personal profile] ambyr, which was the best assignment I could possibly have hoped for; I'm just sorry I couldn't manage more than one fic, because three out of four fandoms were ones I could have written for and all her prompts were beautiful. ♥

Onward to ALL THE TV:

Once Upon a Time, a bunch of eps. )

Revolution, 1.11-1.14 )

The Borgias, 3.01-3.03 )

I am also watching Vikings, but don't have much to add except that I find the pacing really, really odd, which I assume is a function of the History Channel writing it like - well, like a historical overview instead of like a TV show. I understand it, but it's still weird.

Also, Defiance, 1.01-1.02. )
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As I sort of mentioned a couple weeks back, I've been switching off trying to punch my way through a round of writer's block with learning how to vid! So Baby's First Vid here will soon be followed by a Korra vid, if all goes according to plan. But anyway! First time endeavoring to post a vid, so if anything's screwed up please let me know (and forgive me).

Title: Fairytale (she's only waiting)
Fandom: The Borgias
Song: Fairytale, by Sara Bareilles
Length/Size: 3:13/26.1 MB
Content Notes: Giulia, Vannozza, Lucrezia, Ursula. Mostly S1, some early S2. Implications of sexual assault in a couple spots, and a brief clip from a dream sequence depicting a character's death. But no graphic content. (Which is something of a miracle, considering the source.)
Summary: I don't care for your fairytales.
Links: Streaming and download @ Vimeo | streaming @ AO3. Embed and lyrics under the cut. Vid password is: fairytale.

This is probably the least artistic vid you will ever watch, because I was mostly using this as an excuse to learn how to use my software; in five years I'm sure I'll look back on this and weep at all the too-long cuts and terrible timing. But, for posterity:

can't take no more of your fairytale love )
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First things first, tiny PSA: I had almost forgotten this was going to happen, but LJ finally migrated my Scrapbook over to the new system. I don't think my image links are broken yet, but I can only assume they will be soon? Which is the perfect incentive to get me to actually migrate everything to Photobucket - and maybe redo some of the formatting on ItO, while I'm at it - but if they do break before I finish that process, I'm sorry!

But also there have been things. Like the end of S2 of The Borgias. Spoilers. )

And for reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture, I've also watched GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra. Yes, really. )

And The Closer! Nothing really to say except YAY MARY MCDONNELL YAY; I actually need to rewatch the end of last season before I can come up with anything more in-depth.

I've been distracted most recently by my first tentative forays into vidding, which may or may not result in a very basic Borgias vid popping up here fairly soon. Much more importantly, I've now hit 10k on the next chapter of LttE! So it's still going to be really late, but I'm getting there. SO MANY THINGS ON MY LIST. :P
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HAHAHA oops. Man, if I don't post on Monday I'll just let the whole week slip by me, because I'm a winner. (Doesn't help that we are creeping closer and closer to graduation at work. Nothing piles the last-minute work on like graduation.)

But anyway! No Korra this week, but that's okay, because I never said anything about last week's. )

And The Borgias, I am caught up on that, too. ) It was a bit odd to watch because one of my more recent Netflixen was MirrorMask, which has the same actress in it - clearly she makes all things more awesome than they would otherwise have been.

Work tomorrow, for at least part of the day, because there's some stuff that essentially no one else can get done. And honestly I'm probably not going to return to any kind of frequent postery for another week or two, until graduation is safely behind me and the work level drops off a bit. (So, uh, next chapter of LttE = late. Sorry!)
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So! I hear LJ's making some fairly major changes to Scrapbook that have caused some people to lose images, and will delete tags and restructure everything so as to remove sub-albums. I guess it's time I quit putting off moving everything to Photobucket and relinking. Oh, for DW imagehosting!

Far more importantly: I'm caught up on OUaT! Last week's ep ... )

... and this week's! )

Also, Korra! Both eps, spoilers. )

Also: the council guy totally had Padmé hair. If you look at his back during technically a spoiler ), it's in long locks separated with sets of rings, which is exactly how Padmé's hair is done when she's disguised as a fighter pilot at the start of ... Attack of the Clones, I think? I can't decide whether that was some kind of tiny shoutout or they just came up with it independently, but [personal profile] idriya spotted it and we had a good chuckle.

And I watched two more episodes of The Borgias. ) Aside from all the sex and death, these two episodes were like a party in my soul. (I don't consider sex and death spoilers for The Borgias; it's The Borgias.)

I have not-precisely-poison-ivy aaaaaaall over my hands. It's not as bad as two years ago, when I basically dunked my hands in calamine lotion every few hours and then covered myself with bandaids; but it's close. WHY ME.
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Seriously, without OUaT, there is no structure in my life! D: Still plugging away on auction fic, and on the zombie story; and to give me something productive to switch to when blocked, I am also in the middle of a zillion Alia icons. (Okay, not a zillion, but like a hundred and fifty so far, at least, which is practically a [community profile] ladiesbigbang project all by itself.) I am almost done with the first season of LFN, and have, somewhat to my surprise, devoured Season 1 of The Borgias. Spoilers for S1 and S2; mentions of rape, torture, and violence. ) Given all the awful shit that happens, I can't precisely rec the show, because ... well, I don't precisely enjoy it; I have to do some skipping around to get through most of the episodes without bursting into tears. And of course everything is coated with historical racism and sexism. But! If you are able to bypass or handle the triggery content, it's not a bad way to spend a few hours, particularly if you are into this recent explosion of ~edgy historical drama shows.

I also bought the e-book of Libba Bray's novel A Great and Terrible Beauty, and, uh, the only word in there that expresses how I feel so far is terrible. (Spoilers abound.) )

Also, finally and belatedly signed up for Pottermore. Mostly it's filling me with a sort of nostalgic fondness; I care about JKR's character notes insofar as they are historical documents, background on what she had in her head while she wrote. I mean, I'm sure there are people who consider them canon - we're going to end up with a canonicity system like the one they use for the Star Wars Holocron, if we don't have one already - but there's probably plenty of people who are going to ignore them, too. I suspect I will continue to pick and choose as I always have. The big question on my mind is less how much will be revealed re: Doris Crockford's shady past, and more how the hell I ended up in Gryffindor. I wanted Hufflepuff, dammit.


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