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First things first, tiny PSA: I had almost forgotten this was going to happen, but LJ finally migrated my Scrapbook over to the new system. I don't think my image links are broken yet, but I can only assume they will be soon? Which is the perfect incentive to get me to actually migrate everything to Photobucket - and maybe redo some of the formatting on ItO, while I'm at it - but if they do break before I finish that process, I'm sorry!

But also there have been things. Like the end of S2 of The Borgias! I am finally caught up, and, okay, a part of me is really glad Juan's dead, but augh. It was probably really gimmicky but I don't care, I totally cried a little during that whole long sequence of Rodrigo seeing Juan as though he were still a child. Nothing about any of that, or whatever truth or untruth there was to "I have been in pain all my life", makes anything Juan did okay, but this show tends to make me feel like I understand people who are mostly horrible, even when I can't like them. Other than that, no major commentary springs to mind, except that I do hope there's more Caterina Sforza in future, and also that a happy marriage for Lucrezia will mean they give her a new subplot that is not wholly about dudes.

And for reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture, I've also watched GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra, which, wow. Wow. That was something. I'm not sure whether it helped or hurt that the version I acquired was dubbed over in Russian - like, would I have understood it better if I had been able to hear all the English dialogue more clearly? Or would that just have made things worse? It's so hard to tell.

It was moderately fun to watch, although if they had spent as much time on the ladies and the Black Best Friend as they did on Channing Tatum's jawclench of manpain, it would have been edging closer to actually being a decent movie. Scarlett was awesome; I did get tired of them having her lose all her fights, but they managed to make that a ~character moment in one spot, so at least they were paying some attention? What I really don't understand - plotwise, that is, because let's face it, I understand in Doylist terms - was why they didn't give her a suit. Like, why they weren't developing one for her all along. She's a member of the team, she's passed all the tests, she's basically Hawkeye; don't get me wrong, I loved watching her on that motorcycle until the required rescue moment, but WHY DIDN'T SHE HAVE A SUIT.

And Ana, what. What. what. So she ... broke down because Channing Tatum left her, which he did out of manly guilt over the supposed death of her brother; and then her not-actually-dead brother came back and ... mindcontrolled her because ... he thought it would help? Or something? And then, of course, she broke the mindcontrol because Channing Tatum - oh, I'm sorry, "Duke" - was the love of her life. AWESOME. D:

The one thing I will say that is absolutely in this movie's defense is that everybody on the Netflix page who's complaining about the sinking of ice wasn't paying attention. Not only does the screen show the steel-and-cement tunnels through the ice beforehand, they even spare a line of dialogue to make it clear that "steel and ice" is what's coming down. I concede that it would have helped if they'd shown some ice cracking off and then going up through the water, but they did lay the groundwork for that scene. It's everything else that was ridic.

But hey, the Ninth Doctor was totally enjoying himself. And I confess I have a hankering for novel-length post-movie fic about the Joes pulling strings to get Ana in their custody so she can join the team! and meet Scarlet for real instead of so they can have a chick fight! and get a suit of her own! and have trust issues! It could be done, that's all I'm saying.

And The Closer! Nothing really to say except YAY MARY MCDONNELL YAY; I actually need to rewatch the end of last season before I can come up with anything more in-depth.

I've been distracted most recently by my first tentative forays into vidding, which may or may not result in a very basic Borgias vid popping up here fairly soon. Much more importantly, I've now hit 10k on the next chapter of LttE! So it's still going to be really late, but I'm getting there. SO MANY THINGS ON MY LIST. :P
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