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My media experiences are piling up again, and if I don't post about them, I'd never post about anything! SO.

I realized that despite having had a long post-mortem with [personal profile] idriya IRL, I never actually said anything about the end of Sleepy Hollow's second season. Spoilers and ambivalence below the cut, if anyone still cares. )

All caught up on Forever, and now that it's probably canceled, why not post about it? )

I'm much less at peace with the probable cancellation of Battle Creek. )

I think that's just about everything we're watching on TV right now (except The Flash, but I never have much to say about The Flash. Or Elementary, but for the opposite reason). Which means I can move on to the reason I was actually prompted to make this post: we went to see Mad Max yesterday evening. Spoilers, obvs. )

And now I should actually do some work! (Oh, and I suppose I should say: outlines for Book Three of ItO now perhaps three-quarters wrangled, and I'm about 5k into Chapter 1. God knows how long it'll be, but I'm working on it.)
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Two weeks late: I AM SO DELIGHTED by my [community profile] rarelywritten assignment! YES. Just like last time, it wasn't necessarily the fandom I was expecting to match on, but OMG YAY YES THIS IS GREAT. I have a complete draft of one story that fulfills my assignment and I'm really really hoping to write at least one more; we'll see how it goes. SO EXCITE.


Aside from that, my sister and I have been watching Battle Creek. Cut for spoilers. ) I'm not 1000% in love, but I'm more than willing to give this show a season to convince me.

I also watched the new Cinderella. )

And! Jupiter Ascending, which was EVERYTHING THE INTERNET TOLD ME IT WOULD BE. Take that as you will. :D

The weather here has been veering back and forth between abruptly balmy and degrees in the teens Fahrenheit—but it is above freezing as of this moment and is supposed to remain above freezing for the next two days! It really IS spring.

(And now I should get back to work.)


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