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Long week is being very long. :P On the upside, Chapter Three was grinding along at a snail's pace until yesterday, when I had some kind of mental breakthrough and wrote like three thousand words. \o/

Sunday, I was in Montpelier, stiltwalking in a march over the health care legislation we're trying to pass. It was pretty awesome, but my thighs were killing me on Monday and Tuesday. Clearly I need to stiltwalk more often. Also, we brought my lovely new camera, so I took quite a few pictures.

Some stiltwalker's-eye-view photos. )

And a record was set: only one person asked me how the weather was up there! \o/ (I try to answer with good humor, but I am inevitably thinking, "Yeah, ha ha. I'm three feet taller than you; it's exactly the same, dammit.")

My mother, [personal profile] idriya, and I went to see the new Jane Eyre - my mother absolutely adores the book and pretty much all variations on it, and [personal profile] idriya hates it. A lot. I don't hate it with quite the same fervor, but [personal profile] idriya and I are equal in our inability to see the appeal of Mr. Rochester. :/ (As a character in general, I mean; the actor was perfectly good.) But I did like Mia Wasikowska, and I do think the flashback format worked nicely. Seeing Esca be a stodgy missionary was pretty darn weird, though. o.O
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Had a terrible morning but a very good day yesterday, which was an interesting combination. I was asked to stiltwalk for a candidate for state governor in the Pride Parade in Burlington, so I broke out the stilts and replaced the rubber on the bottoms - which took a fair bit of work; it's tough to cut the right shape out of bike tires, and prying the nails out to put new ones in took ages. I started late enough that I had to finish putting duct tape over them in the car. Which may have been a contributing factor to the motion sickness that hit immediately after. :P Also, I think I'm cursed when it comes to taking 89 north of home. When I go south, from Burlington to home, I meet interesting people; when I go north, I faint and/or hurl.

Honestly, I was hoping this would be a faint; my faints and near-faints tend to be preceded by intense nausea that has inevitably and wonderfully vanished by the time I come to, so it's easy to confuse a fainting day with a hurling day. But I wasn't so lucky, and about halfway there, my mother pulled over so that I could give the shoulder of the interstate the stomach acid it had been missing. After, though, I felt much, much better, and by the time we were actually in Burlington, I was totally up for the Pride Parade.

Which was pretty sweet. I love bright colors and people enjoying themselves, and both of those were definitely in supply. :D However, it was also disgustingly hot, which made it not the best day to stiltwalk up Church Street; lucky there's a Ben & Jerry's on Church Street, too, or I might well have gotten to faint, too.

It all worked out in the end, is the point, and everybody was awesome - it was Burlington, so there were throngs of people cheering for us, and, like, two grumpy out-of-staters who had apparently come to stand around and cluck their tongues. And I think I managed to give somebody who was complaining about the flamboyance of the Pride Parade something to think about, without being too rude. \o/

Fannishly, I had to miss the second ep of Covert Affairs so that I could wake up on Wednesday morning in time to get to Manchester; after I finish this post, I shall have to hunt it down and give it a watch. As for Rizzoli & Isles: some spoilers. ) I can't, like, rec it unconditionally or anything, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep sticking with it.

Also, I don't know whether it's exhaustion or stress or what, but I reread some chunks of my [community profile] ladiesbigbang fic today, and ... I kind of like it. It's not a spectacular work of genius or anything, but I am used to wincing my way through rereads of my own work, and there was not a huge amount of wincing this time. Of course, that could be partly because I've been torturing myself off and on with badfic from the A:TLA wiki's fanon side - I haven't gone through every fic there, but most of the ones I've looked at? Could use some heavy betaing. D:
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I've been exercising for the past three days - not hard, just a half-hour's worth of stretches and things that I remember from circus camp. I've been gaining a little weight, thanks to my ridiculously sedentary lifestyle and the ruinous availability of potato chips at college. I'll take it over the sudden and unsettling weight loss freshman year, when I was tired, homesick, not eating regularly, and then suddenly able to take my jeans off without undoing the fly; but I figured it couldn't hurt to at least slow it down a bit, and maybe get somewhere near as stretchy as I used to be.

Of course, it's only been three days; nothing's happened yet but sore muscles. )

Anyway. It's been very pleasant. At school, I rarely do anything that involves physical exertion except sprinting from Cross-Cultural Communication to Cognition and Language; and certainly nothing that involves enjoying ... well, the physicality of it, for lack of a better word. Sometimes I leave early for Bio, and walk slow in the wind with my hair down and just look at the morning sky; but that's not quite the same thing. And it actually surprised me a little, how nice it was to just concentrate on what it felt like to move; to delight in the soreness, because it's the good kind that means I'm getting somewhere, if slowly. It's a good feeling. If only working on my thesis felt as good. :D
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This is probably going to end up a huge, unwieldy monster of a post, but, again, I have accumulated absolute oodles of things to say.


I went home this past weekend. )

The guineas are enormous - they've got to be at least five or six times as big as they were when they were newly-hatched and fluffed out, and their feathers have come out very fast. Fortunately, their heads haven't changed much, so you can still tell Clary, DG, and Evey apart by looking at the sides of their faces; but I expect that won't last too much longer. Maybe we should write the first letters of their names on their legs with a Sharpie, or something.

While I was at home, I resumed my usual pose of sloth on the couch, which was how I came to end up watching Blade: Trinity. ) And it was very weird to see Ray Kowalski CKR as a bad guy yet again - I don't even know why that weirds me out so much, it's not like I've actually watched due South, and yet a combination of people's icons and Googling have imprinted him on me as RayK. Oh, and John Doe as Dracula was just ... wow. That was very strange. (Not that he didn't do a good job, or anything, but John Doe was so ... well, okay, mild-mannered is the wrong word, considering some of the stuff he did on the show, but.)

When I came back to UVM on Sunday night, B wasn't in the room, so I went upstairs, to visit my suitemates from last year - let's say Br and AT, if I haven't already called them something else. Anyway, they were watching Penelope, which I have already seen once before. ) And, lastly, thank you so very much, every bandom fic that has ever made any mention of the potential resemblance between Gerard Way in drag and Christina Ricci; it was like an optical illusion, my brain kept flipping back and forth between what was actually happening in the movie and "omg if I squint like this I can pretend Gerard Way and James MacAvoy are gazing soulfully at each other!!!1!"

I'd natter some more about my classes, but there's not a lot to say. I am still mildly underwhelmed by Audiology; as always, I love the professor, but she spent at least half an hour explaining something that seemed ... only the slightest bit tricky, if even tricky at all, to me. :P I did finally get my books for World Lit; the Egyptian poetry is just as awesome as I remember, and I want to dust off that one conlang and try translating a few; hopefully, I'll get around to that during all my free time tomorrow. And Cog-Neuro is still simultaneously dizzying and boring, a combination which is not exactly improved by the stultifying heat in that classroom. Blegh.

I did finally manage to force out the seventeenth chapter of the HP AU, which is good, because that was really tripping me up; the beginning of the eighteenth has come much more easily, which hopefully means I won't get quite as stuck on it. And all my free time so far has been incredibly good for my cliché-fic - I now have a bewildering one hundred and eighty-one (181!) snippets, of varying length and equally varying odds of ever being finished, over ... four fandoms (well, four fandoms if you don't count the ones the crossovers cross over with, at least). I am simultaneously impressed and unimpressed with myself.


Jun. 8th, 2009 09:00 pm
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So Saturday was awesome. I walked stilts for so long that I actually kind of hurt my left foot a little bit; I think I made the foot-strap a little too tight, because the side of my foot, the place where the strap crossed around, was all weird and achy. I was anxious about the kids - and people in general, really, as I am good with neither - but it was like I was possessed, or something. People asked me questions, and I answered them! In a kind and friendly manner! \o/ I'm always particularly afraid of what to do when a kid says something I can't understand, or something kind of silly - like, one of them seemed to be having serious trouble grasping the entire structure of the stilts, and kept asking me what the wood was for - but it actually wasn't half bad.

Turns out that being on stilts brings the same set of questions to everybody's mind: how tall are you, how do you get up there, how did you learn, and is it hard. Plus, I have never had so many people try out the "How's the weather up there?" thing on me in my life.

The rest of the weekend was rather unremarkable in comparison. I find myself weirdly enjoying grocery shopping; there was a phase in between when I got to ride on the cart and now when I thought it was the most boring thing in the world, but that seems to be coming to an end.

Today was more weeding - no particularly good stories, sadly, although I do think I managed to make friends with both of Mary's cats - and also a marathon of The Closer. I kind of love The Closer. ) I'm actually typing this during spare moments of the season premiere, which, so far? Awesome.

I used my memories to collect a couple recent posts - specifically, cereta's post on men and rape, and a reaction to it. Reading it and the comments to it has been painfully illuminating; I'd call it a valuable experience for me, except that makes it sound like I'm okay with the pain some of the commenters have gone through because it taught ~*~me~*~ something, which, hell no.


Jun. 6th, 2009 08:19 am
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This week has actually been pretty awesome. I did get some blisters from weed-pulling too much, but I get blisters from, like, walking down the street; I am a very blister-prone person. During crew season, man, I was basically making myself an entire pair of gloves out of hand-tape and bandaids. Good times.

Anyway. There were several close encounters with wildlife on Tuesday - three of these were relatively unexciting (three deer; one groundhog; half a dozen guinea fowl; all on various parts of the road as I drove places). The last - maybe it counts as the last two? I don't know - was considerably more thrilling.

Cut for story! Which is probably much more boring than I think it is! )

The end of the story is all very happy - I eventually did get the chipmunk running off in the right direction, and as far as I know the cat didn't manage to get him. As for me, I managed to do all this and return to work without my boss ever seeing me running around on her lawn like a crazy. Win-win.

Wednesday and Thursday were considerably less thrilling; I spent both of them watching as much Burn Notice as I could manage before going to work, where I mostly got splinters a lot. I got paid on Thursday, since I decided to take Friday off, and then went home, where there was BURN NOTICE OMG ♥♥♥♥♥. )

As for Royal Pains, well. ) It strikes me as the kind of thing that could come out very like Burn Notice, with the blacklisting and the being all noble and occasionally getting paid for it and the trusted pair of snarky allies. Which I would be ALL IN FAVOR OF, let me tell you.

As for yesterday, that ended up kind of being Stilt Day, unexpectedly - or maybe the rehearsal for today being Stilt Day, as the case may be. The Norwich Historical Society is having some kind of big event today, with a group photo of everybody (like, they're trying for every single person in town, no lie) on the Green at 11:00, and then a whole bunch of crafts and games and tours of historical houses. Part of this event is going to involve me, walking my stilts around the games and interacting with small children; yesterday, I went down to the site with my mother, just to scope it out and test-walk for a while.

I love walking stilts, it's so much fun to do, but it always causes me a little internal tug-of-war; I can't say I don't like it when people pay attention to me, but at the same time, it's kind of embarrassing. Plus, I'm constantly reminding myself that I shouldn't be liking it when I'm paid attention to, which doesn't help with the embarrassment thing. But it'll probably be good for me. I'm no great shakes at interacting with children; it can't hurt to practice while possessed of a virtual guarantee that they'll find me interesting. :D


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