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I've been exercising for the past three days - not hard, just a half-hour's worth of stretches and things that I remember from circus camp. I've been gaining a little weight, thanks to my ridiculously sedentary lifestyle and the ruinous availability of potato chips at college. I'll take it over the sudden and unsettling weight loss freshman year, when I was tired, homesick, not eating regularly, and then suddenly able to take my jeans off without undoing the fly; but I figured it couldn't hurt to at least slow it down a bit, and maybe get somewhere near as stretchy as I used to be.

Of course, it's only been three days; nothing's happened yet but sore muscles. But it really is remarkable just how good it makes me feel to do it. I've always liked my body, always enjoyed using physics and gravity and whatever middling-to-pathetic musculature I possess to do things with it. I spent every elementary school recess on the playground bars, slowly learning to do spins and tricks and things, and I think it's also why climbing trees appeals to me so much - pulling my weight around, swinging from things, judging angles and distances and arcs in that natural non-mathematical way that your brain can just do. It was also one of my favorite things about circus camp, in retrospect; it's no wonder I liked Spanish web so much. (Too bad I failed so hard at fabric, or I'd probably have been mad about that, too.)

Anyway. It's been very pleasant. At school, I rarely do anything that involves physical exertion except sprinting from Cross-Cultural Communication to Cognition and Language; and certainly nothing that involves enjoying ... well, the physicality of it, for lack of a better word. Sometimes I leave early for Bio, and walk slow in the wind with my hair down and just look at the morning sky; but that's not quite the same thing. And it actually surprised me a little, how nice it was to just concentrate on what it felt like to move; to delight in the soreness, because it's the good kind that means I'm getting somewhere, if slowly. It's a good feeling. If only working on my thesis felt as good. :D


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