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So there's actually a couple other things I want to post about eventually, but today I really just have two things to say.

Book Four of Korra ended! And, yes, I totally have complaints, there's no way all of the things bothering me about this season could possibly have been fixed by two episodes. OF COURSE I HAVE COMPLAINTS. But a) they genuinely had Korra solve Kuvira by choosing not to punch her, and b) KORRA/ASAMI IS SO COMPLETELY CANONICAL I COULD WEEP. SPIRIT WORLD HONEYMOON. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Given everything else I didn't like about the last couple seasons, that was the absolute best the finale could have done to make me happy, and for today, at least, I'm willing to sit back and appreciate it. Thank you, show. You weren't really what I was looking for but I still loved you anyway, and those last thirty seconds are the best thing I've seen on television this year. ♥KORRASAMI 5EVER♥

And! YULETIDE. The deadline held no bears for me; I finished my assignment weeks ago and have been working on treats since. But TWO GIFTS (!!) were posted for me today and I am THRILLED. I only have timing coincidences to guide me when it comes to present-shaking, but whether I'm right about which fics are mine or not, the selection of stories in fandoms I requested is just SOLID GOLD this year and I am so happy. omg yay. TIME TO CHANNEL MY DELIGHT INTO MOAR TREATS. \o/


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