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In between being CONSUMED by the drama of Yuletide signups (my letter did not scare people away from Banlieue 13! FANNISH FISTPUMP), I have actually been sort of keeping up with TV.

I did in fact watch the pilot of S2, and I've got the next couple eps - I just haven't watched them yet. But I've got them!

Unsurprisingly, I pretty much wanted to punch 2.01 in the face. There's a chance I could care less about Aaron or Miles, but I don't really know how it would be accomplished, and I cannot believe that Aaron would get all cut up in defense of ~his new woman and totally for real die - I was so happy! - and then wake up again. Since I haven't watched the next two eps, I don't even know why, although I hypothesize it has something to do with the magic fireflies? But seriously, after Maggie and Nora both kick the bucket and aren't coming back ever, Aaron gets stabbed in the chest and comes back to life? GOD DAMN YOU, SHOW. That whole half of the plot was fail anyway - you can tell this gang of evildoers is evil because they take away people's women and rape them! See, they have broken into people's houses to take their women! Good thing Aaron is a Nice Guy who is willing to defend his woman so selflessly! >:E

On the other hand, I'd watch Charlie Han Solo her way across the continent shooting first all day long. I can only imagine what's going to happen next, because this show loves Monroe and his inner pain so much that there's no way it's going to let Charlie kill him - I'm sure there's reluctant partnership or something coming right up. But Charlie! And surely Rachel will have something to do besides weep over Miles soon! Right? Right? Sigh.

So 1.03 was a thing that happened. As with 1.02, if I pretend the plot was just there to prop up the Abbie and Ichabod Show - which, it pretty much was - then I am happy to say I enjoyed the Abbie and Ichabod Show. And JENNY. YAY JENNY. I wait with bated breath for her to die but hope that I will be pleasantly surprised, and in the meantime, 1.04: Abbie and Ichabod and Jenny driving around and having feelings and stopping demons is like the greatest thing in the world, MOAR PLS. If this show basically becomes Supernatural except with hot ladies everywhere, alive, I will be in heaven. Eight seasons, please.

Unlike nearly everyone else whose reaction posts I've read, I'm enjoying this show? 1.02's actual plot was - well, like above, if I consider it just a thing that was there to hold up the Look at This Team Learning to Work Together Show, then, hey, I liked the Look at This Team Learning to Work Together Show. And I like the aspects of SHIELD that are almost SCP-Foundation-y, in the sense that it has protocols for keeping powerful artifacts away from itself, too - its actions feel a little less patronizing to me than they so easily could. I enjoyed 1.03 just because Skye. SKYE. Ward is hilarious to me because he is so RIDICULOUS, he was like raised by cyborg wolves, and I still feel as though the show is cutting him off at the knees on a pretty regular basis - his whole "no, you guys, look, I will special ops alone into the MOUNTAINS and FORAGE TO SURVIVE and INFILTRATE THE COMPOUND" getting interrupted with "yeah, skye got herself an e-vite, so she's gonna go" was gold. Utter gold.


If I could watch this show with my hands over my eyes, I might do it. I WANT TO LOVE YOU. AUGH.

I'm really glad Korra found out Unalaq was not on the up-and-up, and I am SO RELIEVED that the show agrees with me that Varrick is evil, because I seriously hate that guy. The war profiteering and propaganda were enough for me even without the bombings, but now that there are the bombings, hopefully the characters will also hate him. (Eventually. Once they know about it. I hope.)

The characters who are not Mako, that is, because apparently this season he's the only person who's not playing hot potato with the Thoughtlessness Ball. (Korra. You can't FLIP SOMEONE'S DESK OVER just because they're breaking up with you! D:) (Asami. I know you're in a financial hole, but war profiteering is a BAD IDEA! D:) I'm both irritated and disappointed with what they're doing with Lin and the police force - she's been running the police for decades, in a city where the usual interactions between nations are complicated a thousandfold, and she's not willing to take five minutes and consider whether the obvious suspect might not actually be guilty? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I could so easily have learned to like Mako through a storyline where he and Lin investigate this angle together, but as it is, it feels like the show is aggressively sidelining her in order to make this the Mako is Awesome Show. (How many lines of dialogue has she even had? Four? Six?) Watsonian me is cheering for him, because he's somehow become the only character whose actions are not actively baffling to me; Doylist me is pissed off that the show has made it that way.

HOWEVER. I do want to find out where this amnesia cliffhanger is going, especially now that Korra's in the Fire Nation. I started watching 2.06 with my fingers crossed, chanting, "Zuko's daughter Zuko's daughter Zuko's daughter," and I'll probably do the same thing with 2.07. PLEASE, SHOW. Please a new woman this season who has actual dialogue and things to do and is not portrayed as a terrifying marriage harpy of evil. PLEASE. *weeps*

Also I'd like the AU where Asami's company does in fact sell weapons and then she becomes Iron Man Lady. Yesterday. (If she doesn't hire Zhu Li away from Varrick to be her Pepper Potts at some point this season, I will cry.)

I also watched Warm Bodies the other day; I have no incisive commentary except that it took me until the balcony scene to really geddit (OMG THEIR NAMES I see what you did there), and I enjoyed everything except the totally weird and shoehorned "bitches" from M. I get how that probably looked funny to somebody as part of the storyboard, but it felt so much more deliberate and forced than the rest of the movie's self-aware/Genre Savvy humor - I'd argue that it was a bad choice even if it didn't offend me for other reasons. Bleh. But aside from that, it was weird and ridiculous and sweet and funny, and overall I enjoyed it. If you have to keep making paranormal romances about thin straight white people, movie industry, you could at least make them like this.

Next chapter of LttE: 14k. \o/


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