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One day, I'm going to start posting more often again; but probably not this month, because I feel like all the spare time I have to write things needs to go STRAIGHT TO LttE, not ~frivolous things like Dreamwidth posts. To that one person who commented on the pacing last chapter: you were so right. This chapter is (unbelievably, ridiculously, ludicrously) 25k already, and I'm only somewhat more than halfway through the outline, so I'm guessing I'm going to have to cut it into two parts; but I want to post both parts at the same time, because it really was always supposed to be one chapter. (I know, I know, I'm turning into freaking Robert Jordan over here.) By the time I get to Book Four, each chapter is going to be its own goddamn novel, at this rate. /o\

But! Major Crimes has started back up again. I've only watched last week's, not this week's, but I'm just SO HAPPY to see everyone again. SHARON. AMY. RUSTY. TEEEEEEEEAM. So many hearts.

And then, of course, there's the Korra Book Three official trailer on Youtube (with accompanying discussion post on [community profile] white_lotus)! Oh, show, I wish I knew how to quit you, except mild spoilers? )

And of course checking for new information about Book Three led me to the news that four complete Spanish-dubbed episodes were accidentally leaked online the other week. Because I'm a giant spoilerphile, I immediately found them and watched them. So many spoilers; do not click this if you want to stay unspoiled. Don't even look too hard at this cut text. SPOILERS. )

And now I should really get back to work. :D
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I cannot understand how I can simultaneously have so much time on my hands and still take so long to get caught up on TV. /o\

Revolution 1.02-1.04, spoilers everywhere. ) I may keep watching just because a) there could be more Charlie/Nora moments and I'd ship that in a hot second, and b) whatever explanation they have for this bullshit anti-electricity field, I WANT TO HEAR IT; but damn, show. One step forward and four steps back.

Major Crimes is like the most amazing vidded kidfic I have ever seen where also some crimes happen, and basically all I need is for Brenda to hear about it and decide to move in to help. Or Sykes. That would work also. Sharon's face in the last episode, oh my god. ♥ That's all I've got.

And the WNBA, omg. I'm still like ten games behind, but I am slowly developing favorite teams - the Sparks, in particular, because: Ogwumike, Parker, Toliver, Beard, Thompson ... is there anyone on that team not to like? I also have a soft spot for the Fever (is it wrong to ship Catchings and Douglas just because Douglas had her arm around Catchings's seat when they were sitting together? I HOPE NOT) and the Mystics. And, of course, the Mercury, who even without Taurasi are pretty amazing. Basically I just love watching women's basketball, and if there's no RPF out there I will be so sad.

Lingering auction fic? DONE AT LAST. Now there is only the terror of the winner not liking it to get through, and then I'll have discharged my responsibilities and will be free to work Katara without feeling guilty. \o/ So many things to finish, so little time before NaNo!
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Watched Major Crimes, of course, but I really don't have anything new to say. SYKES. RAYDOR. AMY. SHARON. ♥

And - I blame my mother for this - I watched the pilot episode of Revolution. Spoilers everywhere. ) But I have to say that my hopes aren't super high, considering that IMDb has Eric Kripke credited not only as creator and producer but also as writer. D:

And now it might be time for me to go back to sleep. Why do I always get sick right when I'm starting to actually be productive for once?
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Long time no post, but I'm caught up with nearly everything - and we even lost power a couple days ago, which means I finally had a reason to sit down and read an actual dead tree book for a little while. \o/

Major Crimes, squee and spoilers. ) /o\ I AM SO EASY FOR THIS SHOW. HELP.

Still watching allllll the WNBA games I can tape, and really enjoying it. I have absolutely no stake in any of the games except my tendency to root for the underdog, so I get all the joy of watching without the stress of being the fan of a single team.

Also, for no particular reason, I ended up with a copy of Delgo (2008). Spoilers, if anyone cares? )

I actually finished some stuff, and yet my fannish to-do list has only grown. UNFAIR. Also, Youtube Let's-Plays are the most addictive thing in the world. It's like watching people play Oregon Trail all through my fourth grade lunch period, times ten.
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I was doing so well, and then the Olympics. (Women's basketball is my favorite, I have tremendous girlcrush feelings for Diana Taurasi.) Sigh.

But they're finally over, which means I'm actually a productive adult again. Sort of. And things have happened in the interim!

My birthday! )

And somewhere back there, I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man, or whatever it is - the new one. Spoilers! )

[personal profile] idriya and I also went to see The Bourne Legacy. Also spoilers. )

And then yesterday there was the Closer finale, and the pilot of Major Crimes. Spoilers again. ) HELP ME I CANNOT HAS OBJECTIVE OPINIONS.

And that's probably enough of a textwall for one post. Next chapter of LttE has cracked 15k with only a couple of sections left to go, so I swear to god it's coming. /o\

Also: my mother only recognized Taio Cruz during the Olympic closing ceremony because of that Korra vid I made. Win.


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