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I'm taking the liberty of interpreting the prompt for Day 2: Senses REALLY loosely; basically this is just an excuse to picspam the (major) women of Sinbad (TV), but enjoy the halfhearted logic I use to justify it! :D


c o m m o n   s e n s e

I mean this entirely idiomatically; Nala would look down her nose at me in a withering fashion if I called anything about her "common" to her face. And, hilariously, the literal meaning of the word "common" in this phrase—"widespread; in general use"—has absolutely no relevance here whatsoever, because let's face it: nobody else on the entire show has much in the way of common sense. :D

Nala's role on the crew tends to be as the sensible one who tells other people their plans are foolish and/or rolls her eyes—which is somewhat at odds with the ridiculously beautiful clothes and half-ton of jewelry she brought with her while on the run from Death itself. She's sometimes very haughty and sometimes very stubborn, but always willing to tell people when she thinks they're being stupid—often right to their faces! ♥ NALA.

 photo 1x01_0252_zpspesypmeb.jpg photo 1x01_1017_zpsxmenecnm.jpg
 photo 1x01_1338_zpsebdgei3r.jpg photo 1x01_1410_zpstzt8unzz.jpg
 photo 1x01_1437_zpspkebkpui.jpg photo 1x02_0089_zpsemgudul4.jpg
 photo 1x02_0647_zpsmvaocohb.jpg photo 1x02_1595_zpstfgfl5ar.jpg
 photo 1x03_0249_zpsuirnpqdh.jpg photo 1x03_0547_zpsy9cn5hip.jpg
 photo 1x03_0741_zpsdo9yroxe.jpg photo 1x03_0862_zpsq93zauju.jpg
 photo 1x03_1433_zpsyvlmy2jn.jpg photo 1x04_0023_zpssz434jpp.jpg
 photo 1x04_0199_zpsb80gbq0b.jpg photo 1x04_0516_zpsanhdrihe.jpg
 photo 1x04_1097_zpsfnnwfrow.jpg photo 1x04_1260_zpsspvvlksl.jpg
 photo 1x05_0083_zps1gkdgjtg.jpg photo 1x05_0612_zpsx1ba2g9p.jpg
 photo 1x05_0670_zpswcrleh7v.jpg photo 1x05_1180_zpse0kqkawr.jpg
 photo 1x06_0196_zpsooaulzir.jpg photo 1x06_0260_zps1g93xqek.jpg
 photo 1x06_0355_zpsw4eqewmq.jpg photo 1x06_0559_zpsdmhr0upk.jpg
 photo 1x06_0644_zpsxklysrxa.jpg photo 1x07_0218_zpsp5bhoynj.jpg
 photo 1x07_0431_zpsqlries2g.jpg photo 1x07_0515_zps1bhbdz0t.jpg
 photo 1x07_0789_zpskubxhis9.jpg photo 1x07_0914_zpsroqypiyc.jpg


s t r e e t   s e n s e

This one I don't have to reach for, because the show hands it right to me: Rina is established from the very beginning as the streetwise thief with the bad attitude and miles of (well-earned) trust issues. She's also entirely capable of noticing when you're being stupid, but unlike Nala, she probably won't tell you; she'll just watch you mess up and laugh. Unless telling you might annoy you or distract you long enough for her to take your stuff, that is.

She does, naturally, have a loyal streak, as so many thieves with hearts of gold do, and the conflict between her urge to brush things off or pretend she doesn't care and the depth to which she totally super does care is tropey and delicious and I LOVE IT. Sinbad is not a show I would ever recommend on the strength of its writing, but how her backstory comes out and the way she handles it is one of the moments I think it pulled off excellently.

 photo 1x01_0879_zpshszvjmoj.jpg photo 1x01_1293_zpsw3y41smg.jpg
 photo 1x01_1408_zpspofcd05j.jpg photo 1x02_0118_zpsuaqvdvxr.jpg
 photo 1x02_0350_zpsbrdjwhlb.jpg photo 1x02_1228_zps98mzbn9s.jpg
 photo 1x03_0182_zpsupteubuw.jpg photo 1x03_0185_zpswxur9nxn.jpg
 photo 1x03_0353_zps99sxxbvy.jpg photo 1x04_0391_zpsacahapbt.jpg
 photo 1x04_0564_zpsbh3iyy2y.jpg photo 1x05_0146_zpsquqpz5ey.jpg
 photo 1x05_0468_zpsmkhdobwd.jpg photo 1x05_0935_zpseacuk9x7.jpg
 photo 1x06_0523_zpsdgodrt9f.jpg photo 1x06_1136_zpstqgwbpcv.jpg
 photo 1x07_0157_zps5rijrj0g.jpg photo 1x07_0204_zpstm91rtww.jpg
 photo 1x07_0460_zpsrvc3ksxh.jpg photo 1x08_0166_zpsq9zf6mrv.jpg
 photo 1x08_0271_zpsaarjfhsh.jpg photo 1x08_0405_zpsnadrqfcg.jpg
 photo 1x09_0058_zpsavipivcc.jpg photo 1x09_0133_zpshynakk4i.jpg
 photo 1x09_0381_zpsagyfhozi.jpg photo 1x10_0210_zpsq5bpjaui.jpg
 photo 1x10_0283_zpsuyzkvyjv.jpg photo 1x11_0218_zpsqnxozgut.jpg
 photo 1x11_0427_zpsleinby5r.jpg photo 1x11_0434_zps2ddwmnuh.jpg
 photo 1x12_0130_zpsgtgs9hij.jpg photo 1x12_0669_zps8123wwer.jpg


g u t   s e n s e

Bit more of a reach here, but I'm comfortable arguing that Tiger does in fact go with her gut often enough to justify it. :D After all, she's introduced to the show as a bounty hunter whose job is to hunt down Sinbad and turn him in, and based on a little fighting, a little banter, and a pretty feeble offer, she switches sides. She doesn't actually have all that much reason to, but she—well, goes with her gut.

I read on tumblr somewhere that according to the PTB she wasn't really raised by tigers; but I love that backstory and nothing else was shown in canon, so it's fair to go either way. And either way, it's clear that she's skilled in combat, decisive, a good judge of character when she tries, and rarely backs down—all things that I say take the kind of intuitive snap judgment that I associate with gut feeling. I'm a sucker for her storyline in much the same way I'm a sucker for Rina's; Rina and Tiger both are hiding their feelings in different ways, but are both so squishy on the inside anyway. I only wish she could have been in more episodes!

 photo 1x09_0101_zpsfy69aehl.jpg photo 1x09_0125_zpsjt7oqkhw.jpg
 photo 1x09_0400_zpsc5magorj.jpg photo 1x09_0409_zpsuiskwmdx.jpg
 photo 1x09_0479_zps9qqfhzfa.jpg photo 1x09_0582_zpsn9ouyqml.jpg
 photo 1x09_0690_zpsqotntgjb.jpg photo 1x09_0702_zpsm136zgvv.jpg
 photo 1x10_0008_zpsdtfzf9le.jpg photo 1x10_0012_zpsbqfdvfxf.jpg
 photo 1x10_0079_zpsxdfpuif5.jpg photo 1x10_0286_zpshriseyc6.jpg
 photo 1x10_0292_zps5lgca2po.jpg photo 1x10_0494_zpsmqpokdos.jpg
 photo 1x10_0576_zpsigdgvubd.jpg photo 1x10_0582_zps3pi8r2ys.jpg
 photo 1x11_0090_zpsblvasp8p.jpg photo 1x11_0135_zps7dql93n7.jpg
 photo 1x11_0250_zpsao3ulbjw.jpg photo 1x11_0265_zpsvzulewec.jpg
 photo 1x11_0396_zpssg3sjnmp.jpg photo 1x11_0450_zpsxs0ehtoe.jpg
 photo 1x11_0524_zpsfa5bngoo.jpg photo 1x11_0598_zps5p7g6kgz.jpg
 photo 1x12_0021_zpsnxflutxw.jpg photo 1x12_0026_zpsfjsffhdm.jpg
 photo 1x12_0088_zpsobquvoid.jpg photo 1x12_0107_zpsy1j6gttg.jpg
 photo 1x12_0204_zpsozxe4xzx.jpg photo 1x12_0450_zpslcxpw9iv.jpg
 photo 1x12_0638_zpsmzydxd16.jpg photo 1x12_0672_zpsdtrb3gck.jpg


s i x t h   s e n s e

Okay, look, this is basically because there are only so many phrases that use the word "sense", and Taryn does use magic and have visions and scry, even if she can't actually read minds. Mostly. (That flash she gets of bits of the future when she touches Sinbad in 1.05 is probably the closest to the usual use of "sixth sense".) But there was no way I was going to leave Taryn out of this.

Magic is so central to the way Taryn interacts with other characters and with the world during the show that it actually is almost fair to call it a sixth sense for her. For most of the show, she's doing a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to moving the main plot along, and yet the viewers don't know why until the last couple episodes: there's so much that only Taryn knows, that's unrevealed to anyone else's perceptions. And, actually, we don't really learn it until the characters follow Taryn out of standard (i.e., five-sense-composed) reality. That ... makes more sense than I was expecting it to. \o?

 photo 1x01_0170_zps2xlvhsoh.jpg photo 1x01_0198_zpsmf94hc6g.jpg
 photo 1x01_0586_zpsjgwkuscy.jpg photo 1x01_1369_zpskvicp2cu.jpg
 photo 1x02_0171_zps06bu5c9g.jpg photo 1x02_0215_zpspc0unbf7.jpg
 photo 1x03_0139_zpswuotiem5.jpg photo 1x03_0144_zpshqplj3ka.jpg
 photo 1x03_1107_zpsfifqrfth.jpg photo 1x04_0120_zpsgjg8k3vp.jpg
 photo 1x04_0133_zpszysfb3tk.jpg photo 1x04_0846_zpsn7tjbygk.jpg
 photo 1x05_0332_zpsukv0takw.jpg photo 1x05_0465_zps7tkyvcpa.jpg
 photo 1x05_1087_zpsloowtzkk.jpg photo 1x05_1380_zps8g3su9uf.jpg
 photo 1x06_0587_zpszt4mkcit.jpg photo 1x06_0719_zpsfwntewgq.jpg
 photo 1x06_0907_zpssypsckwe.jpg photo 1x07_0056_zpsaievuluh.jpg
 photo 1x07_0474_zpsg9ues9zw.jpg photo 1x07_0631_zpsdufc8mrv.jpg
 photo 1x07_0679_zpsgsxhx2xn.jpg photo 1x11_0276_zpsahpvz4fe.jpg
 photo 1x11_0601_zpscvpkjspo.jpg photo 1x12_0010_zpsmr67hmtl.jpg
 photo 1x12_0017_zpsp7bnilgf.jpg photo 1x12_0023_zpsfu1rmuoi.jpg
 photo 1x12_0457_zpsifvj7yjq.jpg photo 1x12_0497_zpshzjx1rx3.jpg
 photo 1x12_0598_zps5lvd0xkh.jpg photo 1x12_0643_zpsynwbbww5.jpg
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