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I'm taking the liberty of interpreting the prompt for Day 2: Senses REALLY loosely; basically this is just an excuse to picspam the (major) women of Sinbad (TV), but enjoy the halfhearted logic I use to justify it! :D

four different kinds of sense )
damkianna: A cap of Asami from The Legend of Korra. (All you need to do is show up.)
I always see [community profile] halfamoon happening but am basically never organized enough to do anything for it—it just moves too quickly! I'm too lazy! &c. &c.

SO. This year I'm going to try a new thing where I kind of take the prompt themes and maybe try to post about them sort of in or around February sometime, without regard for the actual halfamoon schedule. Also maybe about different women/fandoms each time, and also probably not fic because that would take me for-e-ver.

Which means I'm starting late with Day 1: Women Being Awesome. And in response to that prompt, what sprang to mind was a mini-picspam/iconspam about the (major) women of Quantico—who are not only awesome, as I privately maintain basically all characters are if you let them be, but whose canon actually seems to know they are awesome, which is way way rarer (especially for women).

 photo 101.21.43_zps9fzvwkag.jpg  photo 101.10.46_zpssocvwmnb.jpg
 photo  photo 101.24.42_zpsp8fe7rfu.jpg
 photo 102.11.44_zpsrkus0sjf.jpg  photo 102.41.06_zpsvnviujxv.jpg

LOOK AT ALL THIS AWESOME. (Spoilers for Quantico S1, obvs., though as few as possible.) )

So! That's it for Day 1. God only knows whether I'll ever get around to Day 2 ...


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