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I have no idea what happened in OUaT last night, because I was off watching THE AVENGERS. (Spoilers, obvs.) )

And speaking of explosions, my latest Netflix was Battle: Los Angeles. I am easy for explosions okay. It was not good but it was also not bad, and there was Michelle Rodriguez shooting things, which was all I really wanted from it anyway. I am super tempted to treat it as something not unlike a prequel to Falling Skies; I would adore a post-movie fusion story about TSgt. Santos in Falling-Skiesverse. (... I may now be the only person in the world who ships Elena Santos/Anne Glass, but I shouldn't be because that would be awesome.)

Aside from that, the major thing on my plate (besides work, obvs.) is auction fic, which I will finish, dammit. I will.
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By which I mean: yesssssss I finished Chapter Five yesssssss. Now I can stop feeling guilty about how I have already broken 9k with the Trudy/Grace story! \o/ Plus: NEXT CHAPTER IS TOPH TIME. w00t. I have had this book outlined for what feels like forever, I can't wait - but it's only been a little bit more than a year since I started seriously working on Book One. (And it is so weird to remember; I scribbled down the first giant hunks of it during classes. Classes. I am all old and graduated and employed now! D: )

Mostly I am waiting with bated breath for Burn Notice to start up again on Thursday; but I did catch the pilot-premiere-event thingy for Falling Skies last night. Mostly it is super weird to see the Librarian all gun-toting and scruffy. Definite spoilers. )

So. There were definitely some clichés at work; but I am willing to give them at least a few eps to grow the beard. I mean, I stuck it out through all of The Event. I can handle some contrived emotional scenes for the sake of Moon Bloodgood + guns and explosions. Plus I have to admit to a certain weakness for this kind of post-apocalyptic scenario. /o\


damkianna: A cap of the Reverend Mother from the Dune miniseries, with accompanying text: "Space cowgirl." (Default)
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