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I have no idea what happened in OUaT last night, because I was off watching The Avengers! \o/ Most of the squee has already been squeed, honestly, so I don't feel like I need to fill this space with paragraphs and paragraphs of glee; but I could, is the point. I very much enjoyed it, I loved Natasha and Maria Hill IMMENSELY and the only way this situation could have improved was a) if they had talked to each other and made this a Bechdel-passer, and b) if the scientist captured by Loki to do his evil bidding who had subconsciously left an opening and then helped Natasha save the day had been Jane. I'm sure if Darcy had been in this movie, Joss would have killed her alongside or instead of Coulson (whom I am not sure I even believe is permadead, by the way, because, comics), so I should be glad she wasn't. But I would have loved to have had her back, tazing the Hulk and beating bored techs at video games. And I would have loved to have had Jane back, being sciency and brilliant and helping Natasha. Not that I do not appreciate Stellan Skarsgård, but it would have been cool! I would almost even have liked having mind control used against a woman - not for rapey threats, or to turn her into Loki's ~evil queen just to make Thor sad, but because she was a genius and they needed her to work with the Tesseract. And she totally could have - Tesseract = door between ends of the universe = right up her alley. And she would have talked to Natasha about the portal! So that would have taken care of everything at once, really.

ANYWAY. Aside from my unpopular personal opinions, it was excellent! Natasha's conversation with Loki was gold (SHE TRICKED THE FUCKING TRICKSTER FUCK YES), as was the Hulk pounding Loki into Tony's floor, the cyborg whale-ships, everything. There were a few clunkers in the dialogue, but then there almost always are; mostly it was ensemble and personal issues and Team against both The Evil and The Authority That's Supposedly Good But Is Actually Just Crusty Assholes Who Don't Understand What It's Like On The Front Lines, which, that has Joss Whedon written all over it. And because it's other people's characters with futures Joss cannot decide alone, he couldn't kill them and/or ruin their lives! \o/ (Except Coulson, but: comics. No one is ever really dead.) I'll probably be going again with my parents (this round was J, K, Ka, and [personal profile] idriya), and I'll be glad to.


And speaking of explosions, my latest Netflix was Battle: Los Angeles. I am easy for explosions okay. It was not good but it was also not bad, and there was Michelle Rodriguez shooting things, which was all I really wanted from it anyway. I am super tempted to treat it as something not unlike a prequel to Falling Skies; I would adore a post-movie fusion story about TSgt. Santos in Falling-Skiesverse. (... I may now be the only person in the world who ships Elena Santos/Anne Glass, but I shouldn't be because that would be awesome.)

Aside from that, the major thing on my plate (besides work, obvs.) is auction fic, which I will finish, dammit. I will.
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