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We have been joined by Evey (V For Vendetta - and Eve, from Wall-E, for short). She's the triplet in the set including Clarissa and Dorothea; Clary and DG, you could tell apart by their beaks, but Evey's looks about the same as Clary's. So we've had to look at their actual feathers: right behind the eye, where their stripes get squeezed as they twist down their heads, Clary has a spot, DG has a line, and Evey has kind of a question mark/hook shape.

They actually are taking after their namesakes a little, if we pretend that Abby was named for NCIS Abby - she is dark-feathered and sweet and bold, and likes to climb things and bolt around with her wings out. Bella has a particular tone of cheep just for griping, and likes to nap when everybody else is running around. Clary's much better-tempered and calmer, as is DG. Evey, sadly, has not had very much time since she hatched at 10:30 last night to show personality, but I'm sure she will.
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Aaaaaand we have Dorothea! (Double reference: Middlemarch, and we may be calling her Dot, as in A Bug's Life, for short. DG is also a possibility.) She looks very, very similar to Clarissa, but the end of her beak is a lighter color. She's not yet fully poofed out, but she's working on it.

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Abby has now been joined by Bella - yes, really; she's even more ungainly than Abby, and very pale-colored, to boot - and Clarissa.

Yes, for the lack of any real naming scheme aside from nerdery, we are going with the alphabet. (The reasoning is as follows: Abigail is also the name of my sister's coworker's very new daughter, who was also a couple days early; Bella is ... yeah; and Clarissa is the first name of one of my favorite characters, Saunders, from Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Only the latter two are truly nerdy.)

Bella hatched quite excitingly during The Daily Show last night; my dad was the only one who stayed upstairs with the TV, and even he came down once Bella had finally finished kicking her shell off. She dried out relatively quickly, and made friends with Abby almost immediately - it probably helped that they were both very tired, and thus perfectly content to have somebody to nap with.

Clarissa hatched overnight. My mother happened to be up at about three or four in the morning, and decided to check on the eggs, and there was Clarissa, freshly-hatched and about to dunk herself in the water bowl.

All three of them are fluffy, now, and wrestling for the best position on my collarbone, where I am storing them temporarily so that I can use both hands to type. Guineas are relatively easy to tame if you handle them a lot from the very first day; I just can't seem to stop handling them. They just make such sad noises when I put them away in their cage! DDDDDDDD:

Yes, I will probably keep spamming with guinea updates until they're all hatched. Possibly when I get up for lunch, I'll take the opportunity to grab the camera and post pictures. :D
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Well, okay, that's an overstatement - there is only one guinea, a lovely little two-day-early girl we have tentatively dubbed Abigail. She is brown and fluffy and her balance is terrible (I was briefly tempted to name her Bella, no lie). She also cheeps the cheep of the damned whenever I take my hand away from her, which means I'm typing this one-handed and have done nothing useful at all today.

Lucky for her she's so cute.

My mother has heard more peeping from inside the as-yet-unhatched eggs that are still incubating, so hopefully Abigail will have a sister or two out by tonight to keep her company; I am so not holding her all night, no matter how pitifully she cheeps.

... Probably.
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So I was mowing the lawn, like you do, because my mother said I had to and also it looked and still looks like it's going to rain this afternoon, which meant I couldn't put it off much. It was cool enough that I didn't have to change into shorts, but I didn't want to sweat through my shirt if I could possibly help it, so I took it off, and stuck with just a sports bra - not my usual, but nice our house is surrounded by trees, nobody could see me and it really was pretty muggy, if not all that hot. And I was listening to music, which meant I ended up doing a kind of hybrid dancing-mowing-mouthing-the-words thing; very dorky, and always cause for me to be glad that most of the time nobody else is home when I mow the lawn.

Another thing on my list of tasks was to trim the kiwi - possibly I have mentioned this, I don't know, but we have a kiwi ... bush? IDEK, that started out as just a little thing next to the south side of the porch, and has now grown into an enormous monster that covers the entirety of the porch railing on the south and east sides, and has only been prevented from swallowing the north end of the porch, too, by some aggressive pruning. (There's another one across the lawn from the first that grew up the fence and ate it; it gets far less trimming, so it's sort of a mass of greenery with great long tendrils winding out into the air, searching for something else to strangle. I like to call that one Cthulhu.)

Anyway, I was taking the kiwi bits down to the compost, still with the music on, and that was when I noticed some blackberries that were pretty much ripe. Less a story than an attempt to preserve a set of moments in my memory. ) Then I climbed up the slope around the side of the patch and onto the driveway proper, and picked a few last handfuls, and then carried the cat and a bowl full of blackberries back up to the house, with my feet coming down on the beat and Regina Spektor in my ears.

So. Today has pretty much managed to get itself categorized as a good day.
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OMG OMG OMG OMG. AWESOME. *flails* ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!

That settles it, I will love Star Trek until the day I die. Hot damn.


More specific (and spoilery) flail within. )

In conclusion: A++++++++++ WOULD WATCH AGAIN (AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN-), I will campaign as long as I have to in order to get my mother to agree to get this on DVD. Harry Potter may have been the gateway to online fandom for me, but Star Trek was the gateway to fannishness, the thing that showed me what it felt like to immerse myself in a source text and love it, and I will never, ever let it go.

... Man, I'm getting a little verklempt, here. I'm going to go finish bibbling about Starship Troopers before I actually start crying or something. :D


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