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Somehow I have come to be in the Catholic Center choir. o.O

It's not even actually all that hugely convoluted a story; AT is Catholic, and I asked her if I might go to mass with her at some point, in pursuit of a ritual to write about for Human Cultures. She said yes, and added that I should come with her to choir, because they need people and I sing (not especially well, but reasonably on tune - and, bonus, audibly, as long as I am surrounded by other people who are also singing). So ... I did.

I was a little nervous about it, for several reasons ... )

The mass was really interesting to watch. I've only really been to two kinds of services: Unitarian Universalist, with my dad, which I mostly went to for the brownies that came after the actual service was over, and which was ... pretty much nothing like a Roman Catholic mass, and Quaker, which was even less like a mass. A Quaker meeting is, like, an anti-mass, as far as level of organization and ritual goes. And one of the most interesting parts was how much of it my mother remembered as I was telling her about it on the phone today (it's her birthday, so I made sure to call). She went to Catholic school when she was younger, but has kind of lapsed since.

In conclusion: I think I'm going to stick with it. I hadn't realized how much I missed singing in a group, learning new music and practicing it and being taught to sing it well. \o/
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It weirded me out more than I was expecting that they all had voices - I've been looking at pictures of them all for so long without any sound that it was very peculiar to hear them talking. It was like seeing people from the radio show up on TV - they are radio people, okay, they have voices, not faces - except the other way around. Also, I keep getting confused and thinking to myself that the reason Uther is so weird about magic is because he still hasn't forgiven Ethan for - oh, wait, dammit, UTHER != GILES, brain!

I am starting to have a humongous thing for Katie McGrath; obviously they know she's crazy gorgeous, and are working it by giving her all of those most-likely-ridiculous-but-also-crazy-gorgeous costumes. Morgana is clearly miles smarter than anybody else on this show - except perhaps for Gwen (well, okay, and Nimueh, she is also very smart)! Gwen is brilliant, I love Gwen.

Arthur and Merlin, I cannot even be remotely articulate about, I am just all OMGGGGGGGGGG. They surpassed even my wildest expectations - Merlin was so earnest! Arthur was trying so hard to prevent his inner earnestness from showing! They were both kind of idiots! ♥♥♥! I was hoping to one day get to see the chalice episode; I knew approximately how the whole thing went down already, but I still wanted to watch it, and, my god. It was even better than I expected. It was one thing to be aware that Merlin was going to be doing some sweating and murmuring of Arthur's name and a little long-distance day-saving, while Arthur was going to be off adventuring against his father's orders to get Merlin a flower, but. Actually seeing it on my TV was something else entirely. \o/

Not to harsh the squee, but on a rather more serious note: France and the burkha. )

Generally speaking, I find that the side that allows for more freedom of choice and more safety in making choice, rather than less of either or both, is usually the side I like to be on (there may be exceptions - I can't say for certain that I mind laws banning Holocaust denial, for example); in this case, for me, that means I hope France decides against banning the burkha, as it seems to me to be a movement motivated more by fear than by a genuine concern for the well-being of Muslim women.

Discussions like this always put me in mind of that one episode of 30 Days about the man who goes to live with a Muslim family in Dearborn, MI - the look on his face, when he learned that Islam and Christianity are both related to Judaism, and that the Christian God and Allah are the same god. It was a wonderful episode; I should try to track down the DVD sometime.


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