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So! I utterly failed at More Joy Day, but the weather didn't - even if it's raining today, it SNOWED yesterday, all is forgiven - and [personal profile] idriya didn't, either! I am in awe of her persistence; it has been over a year since I accidentally wrote almost 20k about the vanished mothers of A:tLA, and she steadily produced portraits for every single woman!

From Five people Lu Ten's mother might have been:

Kang Mashei

A woman looking to the right, with a wry sort of expression.

Kang Mashei eyes him with great skepticism, and takes a delicate sip of her tea. "Are you always this good a conversationalist?" she asks, after several moments of silence.

An Li

A woman looking to the left, sober, with straight shoulder-length hair.

Iroh is supposed to be conferring with General Yao over their battle plans for the valley of Sun-Jiang; but when he reaches the command tent of the army that has joined him from the east, General Yao is not there.

"I am An Li," says the woman who is; she doesn't look up, but keeps frowning down at the maps spread across the table.

From Five things Iroh and Ozai's mother never did:


A woman, older, looking to the right, with a royal Fire Nation hairpiece.

Ilah looks at him impassively, and then beyond him, to where Ursa is standing, pale but composed. "He did not know who poisoned him," she says, looking Ursa in the eye. "Before he passed, he bade me take the throne."

"You?" Ozai says.

Ilah can't help it; she lets herself smile, just a little bit, and behind Ozai, Ursa slowly mirrors the expression. "Yes," she says.

And, of course, from Five sets of children Yue never raised:


A young woman, white-haired, looking to the left, with a furred hood.

Yue wishes she could say that she knew beforehand; that she sensed that there were two, with a mother's quiet intuition. But she doesn't know she's having twins until Katara says, "It's a boy, Yue, he's so - oh - uh, wait a second-" and motions frantically for Suki.

:D :D :D :D :D Flying Blossoms was actually kind of difficult for me to write, because what it basically amounts to is TINY TINY pieces of a couple dozen AUs and backstory fics, and so if I had not had [personal profile] idriya to talk me down, they would each have been 200k and none of them would be finished. /o\ But she rewarded me, as always, with some really gorgeous artwork. ♥♥♥♥♥


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