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I just cannot keep up!

Revolution: Seriously, the complete inability to explain to me why steam power is not everywhere is so hurtful. Honestly, most of the episode was me thinking about the train and muttering to myself, but things actually did happen!

- They had Giancarlo Esposito beat up like three different unfortunate white boys! It's like they're portraying his character as really strong and violent for some reason. HMM.
- They had Charlie make a kind of stupid mistake, again, so that Uncle Crankypants could yell at her, again, so that she could confront him with how they're ~family, AGAIN. I really adore a good chosen-family story, but between this and OUaT I'm starting to think no one who writes in TV has ever encountered the concept. (I also find it hard to buy that someone who has presumably done a lot of hunting doesn't know how to follow someone else stealthily; but I'm willing to pretend it's because Charlie's not used to lots of buildings and open streets.)
- NORA. I love every piece of her that this show is willing to give me. It is ridiculous to me that she got stabbed, but they couldn't kill her after what they did to Maggie last time, so, hey. I hate that her breaking point is supposed to be Useless Danny's life, like, that's the one person she can't bear to let die? Are you serious? But I like the actual line she had, and, just, I like everything about her, the end.

The previews for two weeks out look so terrifyingly atrocious, my god. I'd ask how low this show can sink but I don't actually want to know.

Once Upon a Time: in a nutshell, YES YES YES no.

Let's start with the "no": I hate this bio-family bullshit. HATE HATE HATE. I hate every time someone says "you're my mother" or "you're my daughter" or whatever, I hate how much emphasis they put on it, I hate that they treat it like a real reason to do anything, I HATE IT. I completely respect that having children can mean a lot to people, and given the medievalish aesthetic there are perfectly good reasons why having James's kids would be really important to Snow; but combined with everything else that whole subplot just made me want to punch the TV.

But nearly everything else about this season so far? YES YES YES. Yes to Aurora, yes to Mulan, double yes to Mulan/Aurora; the way they started out fighting over Phillip was SO TERRIBLE, but I was patient and this is OUaT so he got fridged and the two of them are more important. :D :D :D Yes to Emma and Snow getting dumped into Fairytale-verse, yes to all the Emma-Regina arm-gripping magic-doing in the pilot, and anytime Emma wants to take off her jacket that is JUST FINE with me oh my god her arms.

The only other thing that was terrible was the unabashedly literal dead-bro-walking. I was so happy Lancelot was a black guy because this show is sooooooooo white, and I figured this was surely the beginning of a longer Fairytale-verse plot where he'd be around for a whole bunch of episodes being hot and having things to do, and then ... no. D: I just hope he's actually still alive someplace and they'll meet real!Lancelot later?

Elementary: I was expecting to like this, but there was some kind of timing issue and when we tried to record the pilot we ended up with a Hawaii 5-0 episode instead. So I was kind of stuck until [personal profile] idriya had a chance to, um, get hold of it. But finally I got the chance to catch up, and: I like it!

I vastly, vastly prefer adaptations of Sherlock Holmes that have a Watson who is equal parts intrigued and put off, and definitely not awed, by Holmes; Holmes is a dick in just about every adaptation, but when Watson points it out and pushes back, I love that. (One of the many reasons I do not like Sherlock is because I didn't get that vibe from it, and when that kind of dynamic isn't there I basically fucking hate Holmes.) Make that Watson Lucy Liu, and I am SOLD. ♥ I do not get a nasty feeling from their interactions even when Holmes is being kind of a douche, and I've found that the writers have put in sufficient back-and-forth to make me happy: Watson seems to me to clearly enjoy investigating in her own right, and while it's pretty much always going to be Holmes's prerogative to put the pieces together, Watson is integral to finding the pieces in the first place. Particularly in the first episode, but really in all three, Watson does not put up with what a shit Holmes can be because she ~admires him so, or because he's just too amazing to handle!; she does it because it is literally her job, and even that won't keep her around if she doesn't want to be there. Every time she tells him to leave - to get out of the victim's house, to go get her a bag of chips - he does it; and she can and will leave herself when she wants to.

All told: I would like some more episodes please. :D

And I don't know how this happened, but I watched the new(er) Three Musketeers, mostly because Milla Jovovich.

I really wish I drank alcohol, because then I could say that maybe I liked this so much because I was drunk. But I don't! So I am stuck with: I really liked this movie, and I was sober. Part of it was the hilarity of Percy Jackson with that ridonkulous hair, part of it was how I am a sucker for lots of swordfighting, and part of it was that basically any movie in which an airship founders on the steeple of Notre Dame is a movie I am going to enjoy.

I love the way Three Musketeers adaptations start, with D'Artagnan getting himself into the three duels in a row; I love the way they tend to treat Louis XIII and Anne of Austria even though I'm sure it's completely ridiculous; and I love how unpretentious they generally are. They know that they're movies about four guys who really shouldn't be able to beat up forty other dudes by themselves but they can anyway because they're just that awesome, and this version in particular just totally embraces its own cheesiness. One look at Orlando Bloom's hair, and you know this movie is enjoying itself, which is one of the easiest ways to guarantee that I enjoy it also. D'Artagnan is a thoughtless jackass, Athos is a dick, Porthos and Aramis kill a lot of guys but really don't get a lot of character time, and it's all so shiny.

And: I love Milady de Winter, I love Constance, and I love Anne. Of course they don't spend enough time together, but the movie ends in a way that just guarantees further shenanigans, and I would roll around in this wacky gaudy not-quite-steampunk France all day. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. One of the best things about this version is that de Winter lives, which definitely didn't happen in the '90s one with Jack Bauer and G Callen, and which I was half-ready to declare true even before the movie told it to me. And they take full advantage of having Milla Jovovich, she swordfights and breaks into vaults and gets to the queen's necklace by hurling herself sideways through a room full of invisible razorwire. I mean, I just. What. I loved it. HELP ME. Please don't watch this movie, you'll never respect me again.

I have a Google doc full of people's Yuletide and Festivid prompts that I might be able to fill as a treat, sorted by fandom, with the full text of the request and a link back to the DYW/DFV post each prompt came from. I ... I think I'm developing a system for this. \o/
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