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[personal profile] idriya's birthday was this past Wednesday! Since I am an atrocious sibling, I did not do anything for her that was nearly as awesome as the boatload of A:tLA icons that she made me last year; but in spirit, I'm sure that shoving her through the first season of H2O: Mermaid Abbey Just Add Water totally counts. :D I used A:tLA to describe the character dynamics to her beforehand (come on, Emma and Rikki are totally Katara and Toph), and the mental image of Zuko snorkeling is a gift that never stops giving.

New Netflix: having returned Alice in Wonderland (which I adored except that the second-to-last-or-so scene brought reality down so hard in ways that I feel sure Disney was not even thinking about and, just, D: "the first to trade with China" "the culture is rich" NO OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING NO THE OPIUM WARS ARE NOT A GODDAMN HAPPY ENDING, Disney, just quit while you are slightly less far behind than you could be) I am now receiving the first season of Nikita! The old one, which I hope to get through in order to progress to the new one. I've watched it before, back when it used to show ... before Xena: WP? On ... Oxygen? Am I making this up? Anyway, it's been a while, and I'm sure a lot of it went waaaaaay over my head the first time through, so. We'll see how it goes.

Because Kiefer Sutherland, my mother watched the pilot of Touch last night, but I was mostly not paying attention; I am so so leery of the disability + special power formula. But also there is Gugu Mbatha-Raw (aka Martha Jones's older sister/Samantha Bloom from Undercovers), so perhaps I will give it a chance to win me over.
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damkianna: A cap of the Reverend Mother from the Dune miniseries, with accompanying text: "Space cowgirl." (Default)
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