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I had a breakthrough while fiddling with my Book Three outline that just made the entire second half of that book and part of the next FALL PRECISELY INTO PLACE. \o/ I DRINK FROM THE KEG OF GLORY

The only thing I have to say to OUaT is: I will keep watching you until your next episode no matter how bad your dialogue gets. SO THERE. I am still interested as long as I let the actual words getting said (or, say, dresses being worn, because WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT THING THEY PUT AMY ACKER IN) blur out of my mind. I am intrigued, for example, by Belle in the mine, and I hope there's more about her (is this a clue that she's with the nuns or something in Maineverse? Is that why Rumpelstiltskin has issues with them?). There were no particular plot bits I objected to, except perhaps the idea that it was up to Dreamy/Grumpy to do the right thing and ... make Nova's decisions for her. It's just the execution that makes me want to cringe. I spent three-quarters of this episode just screeching at [personal profile] idriya, "THIS IS AWFUL, WHO WROTE THIS, THIS IS SO BAD." Although I suppose nobody said "fearless bravery" this time.

Also watched the pilot ep of "Awake". No particular comments; it seemed fine, the actors were all pretty good. I have no idea where they're going with the central plot, and it's not something that really grabs me, but I'm sure my mother will be sticking with it, and by proxy so will I.

And! :D :D :D That was fun! I like my facepunching with a backdrop of social commentary, and Banlieue 13 is certainly into that - even less subtly this time, I think, and the end got kind of corny, but Tao was great! Even with the ridiculous hair-knife thingy. Bummer that she and Lola weren't in the same movie, but I choose to believe she listened to Leïto because Lola is the love of her life her girlfriend. And I really really need the fic that comes after this movie, where everybody has to work together to slowly rebuild Banlieue 13, and there's tension and politics and justice prevails and Tao and Lola actually meet onscreen. And Leïto runs around without a shirt on, but that's a given. And the subtitles were weird and stupid again! So I have begun fansubbing it for myself, as one does. It'll be good for me, I haven't used French for anything in ages.
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