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I'll be honest with you right off the bat: this letter is >5k by itself. I've tried to set it up and format it as helpfully as I can, but a) you seriously don't have to read all of it, and for that matter b) you don't have to read ANY OF IT. I don't have any triggers or hard DNWs, and anything you were already kicking around when you signed up or that occurred to you when you saw my choice of genre tags is A-okay with me! By all means X away without even finishing this paragraph and give me anything you please. :D This is only here if you want to look at it, to be helpful to you; if you don't need it, SKIP IT. No worries!

If you want my >5k thoughts about these fandoms, then here they are and godspeed. :D I'm hoping to one day get back into the habit of actually posting sometimes, but I'm on the AO3 as Damkianna, and there's a memorial shrine to the free time I once had on LJ/DW at [livejournal.com profile] damkianna/[personal profile] damkianna and on Tumblr at [tumblr.com profile] damkianna. Feel free to poke around my movies tag, my books tag, and my TV shows tag for Past Me's opinions on all sorts of media. If that's actually something you want more of, once you're done with this letter! /o\

Past letters are in my Yuletide tag and my rarewomen/rarelywritten tag—if there's a prompt in any of those for one of these fandoms that strikes your fancy, feel free to run with it even if I didn't repeat that prompt here.

In General | Dark Matter (TV) | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Sinbad (TV) | Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

In General

If you don't want to read this whole thing but do want a quick snapshot/bottom line, here it is: everything right up there was sincere. Whatever it is you're interested in writing, introspection or worldbuilding, epistolary or space AU, or, like, murder and death and terribleness, you should feel NO QUALMS about giving it to me. I'm going to make suggestions based on the genre tags because that's an easy way to (try to) organize this, but IMO the tags (and my prompts, for that matter) are totally just guidelines and/or something to get you started; no need to quibble with yourself over whether it's really a Getting Together fic when it's 5k of pining + opportunities on the horizon, or whatever else.

I love and would be absolutely thrilled to receive any/all/any combination of:
•  shipfic! I multiship chronically in the vast majority of my fandoms, and am equally here for all kinds and flavors of pairings—I'm 100% sincere about every one of the romantic combinations I've requested, and would be delighted to get 5k about any of them. :D (Which includes having them included in the background, or hinted at/with light UST that doesn't necessarily get resolved!)
•  gen! Anything you want to write about any of the characters I've requested individually or any of the platonic combinations I've requested would be wonderful—backstory! Introspection! Missing scenes! New adventures! SHENANIGANS. :D
•  free space! By which I mean anything that the genre tags + my rambling has left off your metaphorical bingo square. Your favorite trope, your most self-indulgent fic idea, anything experimental that you've always wanted to try—5k of second person, or future tense, or fake documentation! Soulbonding wingfic fake dating mermaid AU! ANYTHING.

Plotty fic, quiet fic, five things that add up to 5k; backstory, a chain of missing scenes, post-canon continuing adventures; OCs, worldbuilding, fix-its or Bad Endings or alternate perspectives! I am here for 5k of whatever it is you want most to write in any of these fandoms. ♥

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Dark Matter (TV)

Nyx Harper/Two | Portia Lin, Three | Marcus Boone/One | Derrick Moss, Misaki Han-Shireikan

Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, Canon-Style Plot, Fix-it Fic, Getting Together, Worldbuilding

I'd be delighted with just about anything that includes just about any combination of these characters, to be honest. :D Action-adventure/a canon-style plot with either or both pairings in the background would be fine—a heist or other job set somewhere in S1 that we didn't see, or finding someone to sell that Shadow to in S2, or futurefic where the corporate war has started.

Or! Branch off anywhere you like (what if the crew had met the Seers, and Nyx, in S1? What if Misaki had helped Ryo get out of the palace and gone on the run WITH him?), or keep One or Nyx (or both!) alive as a fix-it and tell me what happens. Absolutely any first-time trope you love would be welcome as a get-together for either pairing (fake dating for a con! fuckbuddies-to-lovers! sex pollen!), and 5k of worldbuilding about the political tensions in the galaxy, the ins and outs of the ship itself, or the court intrigues of Zairon would be spectacular!

This show! I never expected to like this show as much as I do, but I TOTALLY DO. ♥ I love the found family elements and watching the main crew get to know each other and care about each other even when they sort of don't want to—but I also really love how weird and complicated and awful the galactic politics are and how easy it is for everything to fall apart. So: fluff is a go, angst is a go, unresolved or messy feelings of all flavors are a go. ENJOY YOURSELF.

•  Action/Adventure: This and Canon-Style Plot mean almost the same thing to me for this show! But I'd be thrilled with any action or adventure you want to write about.
    >  For Nyx/Two, go wild! Nyx getting retaken by the Seers and Two kicking ass to rescue her, or Two getting retaken by Alex Rook and Nyx kicking ass to rescue her, would be amazing, as would anything set between episodes in S2—or in that alternate universe where the corporate war's already started, from 2.08.
    >  For Three/One, anything set in the first season would be wonderful—any one-off jobs you'd like to set in between canonical episodes, with mutual rescuing and grumpy banter ... or mutual failure to rescue that leads to getting tied together again. :D Could any of Derrick Moss's corporate rivals successfully track him down (maybe after the Transfer Transit episode—was Derrick Moss's DNA logged?), or somebody with a grudge against Jace Corso—or Marcus Boone, or both?
    >  For Misaki, there are a zillion action/adventure possibilities for an imperial guardswoman/captain! Has she served militarily during the war with Pyr? Have there been attempts on Hiro's life, or his mother's, that she's had to thwart? Or, heck, attempts on her life, once she's become captain of the imperial guard? Has she undertaken any sort of covert missions for Hiro or his mother, that went well or poorly?

•  AU - Canon Divergence: Fork-in-the-road me from any point you please! *__________*
    >   For Nyx/Two—what might have happened if the crew had tangled with the Seers in S1, and found Nyx on their ship? Or if Two had ended up as Nyx's informal sparring partner more often than not? If Nyx had been able to help the crew secure the blink drive before going back for Milo, so they could escape the Seers with him afterward (and, if you'd like to go fluffy, he saw Nyx/Two coming before Nyx did? :D)?
    >   For Three/One—if either one of them had accidentally gotten re-imprinted during S1, or both of them (Moss still bent on killing Boone, and Boone with no idea), what might have happened, during or after (assuming it gets reversed)? What if Boone's old gang had managed to find him again in S1 instead of S2—what would One have thought of them, and of the backstory they illuminated?
    >   For Misaki—what might have happened if she'd come with Akita in 1.09? Or if she'd left the imperial guard to go looking for Four on her own at any point? Heck, write me 5k of the version of the show where she's the crewmember, wiped memory and all, because she got herself aboard the Raza hoping to track down Ryo from there! :D

•  Canon-Style Plot: I don't think there's any real need for a second layer of bullets here, haha—I'd love anything set in S1 where there was a bit more of a job-of-the-week pattern going on, with the focus on One and Three interacting somehow, or anything set between episodes of S2 with some sort of heist or con job and Nyx and Two in the middle of it. Or even a bit of a reach, in futurefic: if Ryo learned that Misaki had killed Nyx, would he exile her for it? Could she end up on the Raza as a result? (5k of her popping up, able to provide them with info on Zairon that's undeniably useful, and everybody else deeply wary and sleeping with knives under their pillows while she tries to figure out who she is when she's not killing anyone who touches Ryo? *______*! YES PLEASE.)

•  Fix-it Fic: And same here! Because there are only a couple things I really want fixed, and they're probably pretty obvious: NO ONE DIES, PLEASE. /o\ Any variation you are interested in—somehow One manages to not die, and corporate life might have worked for Derrick Moss but that's not who One is anymore, so he, like, orchestrates being somewhere the crew is going to rob to get himself back on the ship? A++. Nyx doesn't die, for absolutely any reason you can come up with (SHE'S IMMUNE TO IOCAINE POWDER. MISAKI DOES NOT MANAGE TO BREAK THE SKIN BEFORE THE ANDROID ARRIVES TO INTERCEDE. IDEK), and Two is able to walk through space to the ship (UPGRADED NANITES) and EVERYTHING IS FINE? Yes good. One doesn't die AND the fic's set in S2, and he and Nyx are friends because they both are so earnest and want to help everyone so badly? ILU. And Misaki—I mean, from my perspective fix-it fic = she loved Ryo Ishida once, but realizes she doesn't know him as well anymore, he's not the same person and neither is she, and she learns to find meaning in fighting/calligraphy/one of Ryo's prospective wives. From Misaki's perspective, fix-it fic = Ryo never finds out she killed Nyx and she becomes his stone-faced sword-wielding empress and slays all his enemies with systematic care. And tbh I'd read either of those. :D

•  Getting Together: Any of your personal favorite shipfic tropes is a-okay here, no joke—sex pollen, accidentally married on a planet with a very simple traditional ritual, pretending to be married for a job, I mean. Absolutely nothing is too cliché for me. BUT if you want something a bit more specific to work with—
    >   For Nyx/Two specifically—does Nyx ever see a split-second possibility of Two touching her, or kissing her? Let it happen, or let it pass? Feel free to use Two's nanites to handwave some accidental telepathy or something! Or have another blink drive incident pop Two or Nyx sideways into a universe where they're married—or have never met?
    >   And for One/Three—I am a huge, huge sucker for people who claim to hate each other but can't maintain that front when the chips are down, so anything you wanted to write about these goofs that leaned on that would be a wonderful gift. Especially if you wanted to make use of Three's propensity for getting tortured/shot for other people. :D And I am 100% open to the epic tale of five times they banged and one time they (finally) kissed, or just the most self-indulgent fuckbuddies-to-lovers story you've got (if that's something you're interested in! I ALSO LIKE LIGHT UST WHERE ALL THIS REMAINS UNSPOKEN).

•  Worldbuilding: Another genre tag that's a bit more general! ANYTHING you'd like to tell me about what it was/is like to be a Seer (what it was like on the ship, drugged to the gills, and what it's like now that that isn't happening anymore) through Nyx's POV, or what it's like to be constructed through Two's (did the nanite upgrade change things—can she feel them now, or even link to them like she linked to the ship's computer?) would be awesome. As would any political worldbuilding you want to do about the state of the galaxy or corporate structure in this setting, with One trying to learn more about Derrick Moss. Or the details of the Raza itself, its size and its accommodations, five things that were in the vault or five things Two learned about the ship's functions. Or, of course, absolutely ANYTHING you'd like to tell me about Zairon—about Misaki's family, about how she was chosen for the imperial guard, about her training or some of the court intrigue she's seen conducted (or gotten involved in herself?), or any of the details of that world that she would know or observe. :D :D :D

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Chirrut Imwe/Baze Malbus, Jyn Erso & Leia Organa, Jyn Erso/Leia Organa

Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, Fix-it Fic, Getting Together, Worldbuilding

I've hardly even dipped a toe into this fandom, oops, but I loved the movie so much that I can't resist a chance to ask for it! Feel free to use or ignore any additional information from the novelization/other sources as you see fit, by the way. A rebellion mission/adventure of any kind with these characters would be wonderful! Change anything you like (make Chirrut not a temple guardian, or Baze, and have them meet another way? Have Jyn intersect with Leia while she's still hanging around Saw—or immediately after, when she's trying to figure out where to go from here?), or just give me a straight-up Everyone Lives AU. :D

I'd also love to read about Chirrut and Baze getting together at any point (as young men? During the movie? Anywhere in between?), and anything that brings Jyn and Leia together long enough for them to kiss/bang/fall in love (or all of the above). Or feel free to tell me more about any aspect of the Star Wars universe that interests you, using any of these characters (kyber temples? The history of Jedha? Life in Saw's group, or on Alderaan as Queen Breha's daughter?)

This movie ruined me emotionally and I have no regrets. :D I'm pretty easy for Star Wars in general (hence also requesting TFA!) but there are so many things about Rogue One that felt like they were designed for me—how it focuses just a bit to the left of the OT, on all these people who were faceless and nameless before; and Jyn's arc from aggressively not caring to so earnest and thoroughly determined and committed; and the whole ragtag band of misfit toys, bonding on the quest to save the galaxy! I LOVE ALL THOSE THINGS A LOT. /o\ :D

(Side note: I have not picked up the novelization, but I am familiar with lots of different bits of Star Wars Legends/the old Expanded Universe, so feel to pick and choose whatever details you'd like to use. Or stick solely to movie canon! Either is totally fine.)

•  Action/Adventure: *claps hands* Please tell me anything you like about any of these people on adventures! (I'm assuming that anyone offering Jyn & Leia or Jyn/Leia is comfortable with mostly AU suggestions, since they have no actual chance to meet in canon.)
    >   For Chirrut/Baze—I'd be delighted with anything you want to tell me about their backstory, novelization-compliant or not, and absolutely any adventures you have in mind for them as Guardians of the Whills. What happened when the Empire first arrived on Jedha? Or go back further: how did they become guardians? Did they have to go on any dangerous quests or the like to qualify for or earn their positions? Are temple guardians called on to resolve other sorts of conflicts—or were Chirrut and Baze something else before they were guardians, thieves or bounty hunters, and then they chose a new path?
    >   For Jyn & Leia, I mean, anything where you can tweak the circumstances enough to even put them in the same place would be great—Leia stows away on the ship when they're headed off to see Saw! Or Jyn & co make it off Scarif with enough time to spare to deliver the plans to Leia's transport personally, so Jyn is sneaking around trying to figure out how to break Leia out of that cell block from ANH. :D Or AU Jyn's backstory a little further back, and have a young woman who doesn't want to be found by the Empire joining up with the rebels—just until she decides where to go next, naturally, except then she ends up assigned to protect this one idealistic princess ...
    >   For Jyn/Leia ... the previous bullet but with kissing? ;D I just love the thought of how much spark there would be between Jyn as she is early in the movie or pre-movie, all jaded and full of abandonment issues and (pretending to be) detached, and Leia caring so fiercely and optimistically, and I'd be psyched to see that play out! (That would also be a really fun fuckbuddies-to-lovers dynamic, in that AU where Jyn's in the rebellion earlier. *_______*) Or, of course, post-movie live Jyn and Leia both captured by the Empire, helping each other stay strong and being all mutually self-sacrificing. ♥

•  AU - Canon Divergence: Saving the most obvious AU request for the Fix-it Fic tag ...
    >   For Chirrut/Baze—what if Baze had always been an assassin, and never a Guardian of the Whills? How might he and Chirrut have met anyway? Or the other way around—or if neither of them had been a Guardian at all, and they'd separately made their way to the rebellion and met there? When they were younger—or at their canonical ages?
    >   For Jyn & Leia, well, it's almost all AUs! If Leia had been at the site of one of Saw's extremist actions—could she have been taken hostage, and met Jyn that way? FIVE THOUSAND WORDS OF ARGUING ABOUT THE ETHICS OF VARIOUS FORMS OF POLITICAL RESISTANCE, PLEASE. Or if Jyn had been taken along with Galen at the beginning of the movie; how might she have met Bail Organa's daughter—or Darth Vader's, if you want to AU all this even further? Feel free to toss some pining and makeouts in anywhere to make any AU Jyn/Leia, too—friends, enemies, or politically-motivated arranged-marriage wives, I'll take absolutely any iteration of these two that I can get! :D

•  Fix-it Fic: Another general one: EVERYONE LIVES. *weeps* Focus on either pair of characters kept alive, or both—I have no real preference, I just want SOMEONE ALIVE. (You can save one of Chirrut or Baze but not the other, and I will cry perhaps even harder than I did in the movie theater but I'll still be grateful. :D) Change the ending of the movie, or AU things even further—does anyone have to be on Scarif at all? What if Galen had been standing a little further away from that explosion, and had lived, and could have redone the schematics that mattered for them from memory? Would he and Jyn stay with the rebellion afterward, and could Jyn meet Leia that way? In that universe, how would the plan to destroy the Death Star proceed—could it be accomplished differently, or would we still need a Force-sensitive pilot to pull it off? (Could that pilot be Leia, perhaps with encouragement from Chirrut to be one with the Force despite piloting and shooting not being her specialty?)

•  Getting Together: I LOVE first-time/get-together fic, and anything you want to tell me about these people finding each other and falling in love is a thing I want to hear. ♥
    >   For Chirrut/Baze, I'm not picky at all about when you choose to set this! Did they get together as young men, and are actually space-married by the time canon rolls around—or have they been pining for a long time but don't manage to make the leap until somewhere during the movie? (I LOVE PINING. Just FYI. :D) Again, any favorite trope you can make work here is a-okay—do Guardians of the Whills get ~ritually married to each other, and then Chirrut and Baze discover they actually do also want to bang? Or in an everyone-lives!AU, does Chirrut still get shot near the master switch—and Baze gruffly taking care of him afterward leads to ~realizations? (NOTHING IS TOO CLICHÉ FOR ME. NOTHING.)
    >   For Jyn/Leia, again, any AU direction you want to take that allows them to meet and fall for each other is absolutely welcome. :D Might Jyn, daughter of an imperial scientist, be accidentally captured by the rebellion while they're trying to find Galen? Or have Jyn, joining the rebellion out of enlightened self-interest after being abandoned by Saw, be asked by Bail to serve as his daughter's bodyguard, since she can pass for a princess's handmaiden? AND THEN, YOU KNOW, ~BODYGUARD. :D They're soulmates! Leia's so strong in the Force that they SPONTANEOUSLY SOULBOND. *waves hands* Go wild!

•  Worldbuilding:
    >   For Chirrut/Baze—seriously, I know next to nothing about the Guardians of the Whills, so if you're a movie-canon-only person, please tell me absolutely anything about the temple, Jedha and its history, the Guardians and their lives and what they did with their time before the Empire came along. If you're familiar with the novelization and it says stuff I don't know about but there are still blanks, by all means fill them in! How does Chirrut's sight-not-sight work—is he seeing ~through the Force, or is it more that he just allows the Force to guide him so thoroughly that it's almost as good? Where did Baze get that spectacular heavy repeater cannon—from whom and under what circumstances, or did he construct it, custom, for himself?
    >   For Jyn & Leia or Jyn/Leia, I'd love to know anything you want to come up with about—well, anything. :D Leia's life on Alderaan as a princess, and her relationship with her parents (ESPECIALLY Breha!)? How Alderaanian politics function—her mother's role as queen, and hers, and Bail's as prince consort? How she ended up getting involved in the rebellion, and how it functions? And Jyn—any or all of the worlds she's been to, how Saw operated, what she's seen and done; what it's like on a day-to-day basis under the Empire, for someone who's just trying not to look up too much. ANYTHING.

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Sinbad (TV)

Gunnar/Sinbad, Nala/Rina, Taryn, Tiger

Action/Adventure, AU - Canon Divergence, AU - SciFi/Fantasy Elements, Canon-Style Plot, Getting Together, Worldbuilding

Somehow I haven't actually asked for this fandom in an exchange before! Let me tell you right now, I'll be delighted with pretty much any gift you'd like to write me about it. :D Any new adventures or canon-style plot (another passenger or cargo transport job that goes wrong, or someone on the crew in magical trouble they need help getting out of) would be lovely. 5k of any canon-based AU (the storm from the pilot never happens?) would be awesome, too—as would 5k of a scifi AU, if you're so inclined!

Or get either of these pairings together, any way you like, and by all means feel free to use any magic-adjacent trope you want (amnesia curse? truth spell?)—or go with 5k of pining. :D Or tell me about more of any part of Sinbad's world that interests you: Gunnar's homeland, how Taryn learned magic and from whom, people Tiger's tracked down and places she's been while doing it. Anything!

This show! It's goofy and a little ridiculous and also doesn't make a lot of sense if you try to pick the arc plot apart, but the characters are so charming that I love it anyway. ♥ I love how they sort of fall into one another's orbits by coincidence and accident, how all of them (even Taryn!) are a little bit hurt and a little bit messed up and a little bit unhappy, and how all of them (... even Taryn, sort of) manage to reach out anyway and care about SOMETHING (each other, for the crew, and Alehna, for Taryn). I love the setting and the costumes, the magic and the shenanigan-of-the-week, and EVERYBODY IN THIS BAR. :D

•  Action/Adventure: Almost the same thing as Canon-Style Plot, in some ways—but I'm totally open to anything where you really want to focus on the action and adventure aspects!
    >   For Gunnar/Sinbad—I mean, mutual rescues are always A++ in my book. :D And there are so many different ways in which the crew could take on a job that leads to action/adventure! Do they start taking on passengers again, and one of them is, you know, carrying something valuable that someone else is looking for? Or has a price on their head that someone else is hoping to collect? If you're interested in it, by all means feel free to resolve that #@$% cliffhanger the show ended on—what is it that's possessed or is controlling Alehna, and what does it want with Sinbad? (Whatever it is, I expect Gunnar's got something to say about that. ;D)
    >   For Nala/Rina—always here for Rina getting herself or others into trouble by stealing stuff! :D Something set between episodes when Nala is still on the ship would be great, as would post-canon where you get Nala back on the ship or the crew back in Basra any way you want to. Does the crew agree to steal a thing, and then Rina gets caught—and Nala does something about it? (Pretends to be a noblewoman tracking down a troublesome servant, or looking for this thief who stole something from her, too?) Or maybe the crew returns to Basra, and somebody's taken Nala, wanting ransom? Or does Death come after Nala a second time, and Rina's got to steal her back?
    >   I'm here for aaaaaaall the Taryn backstory, and/or anything post-canon you're interested in. If she had to undertake quests or trials to earn the magical knowledge she has in canon, maybe, or if Sinbad wasn't her first attempt to make it to the Land of the Dead—how far did she get on any previous tries (are there other people with maps they claim will show the way?), and how exactly did she figure out that she needed somebody who was dead and not-dead at the same time, and that Sinbad fit the criteria? (Presumably not the easy way, if there is one. /o\ Oh, Taryn.)
    >   And Tiger! ALL THE BOUNTY-HUNTING STORIES. What series of events got her into that business in the first place? How did she come to Taryn's attention? What experiences did she have with Brother Angelico that led them to like and trust each other so much—and how does a monk end up knowing the way to the Land of the Dead? Was Tiger with him for that particular adventure, or did they go on another where the details about that came to light? (Has anyone come looking for Brother Angelico before because he knows the way?)

•  AU - Canon Divergence: There are ALL KINDS OF FORKS you could take that I would absolutely read 5k about—please don't feel like you have to use any of the ones I'm suggesting!
    >   For Gunnar/Sinbad—I'd be intrigued by just about anywhere you want to split off, either during canon or anywhere in what backstory we do know. What if Sinbad's father hadn't died? Would he be the emir's court magician, in a completely different Basra? What would Sinbad be like, and how might he and Gunnar still have met? Or if the Providence hadn't encountered that storm, and Sinbad had stayed locked up below—would they still have found themselves making friends, slowly? Or give me 5k inspired by that alternate universe Sinbad had a vision of: if Gunnar had given up on being a trader before he ever even had a chance to be on the Providence, and had sunk to the point of setting himself up as a ~barbarian fighting in the street—and then one day Sinbad tried to steal from him (or get advice on punching people? Or both!) ...
    >   For Nala/Rina, I would LOVE 5k of Nala staying on the Providence—or the crew (or even just Rina) choosing to stay with her in Basra to help get Taryn's mess cleaned up and put things to rights. ♥ BUT I would also be 100% there for any other variation branching off from any point: Nala and Rina meet in Basra, before Nala and her father have even decided they need to leave the city on the Providence; or the Providence never encounters that storm, again, with the focus on Rina and Nala this time—Rina can't hide below forever! How might they encounter each other—would Nala notice things going missing, food and jewelry and the like?
    >   For Taryn—most of these are probably going to boil down to "What if she hadn't ruined other people's lives as much?" /o\ OH, TARYN. If Sinbad's grandmother had talked to her, while Taryn was keeping her in that circle on the floor, and found out why Taryn was doing all this ... I mean, she knows what it's like to lose a kid one way or another, whether she's Sinbad's paternal or maternal grandmother. Would she have offered to help, or to convince Sinbad to? If Taryn had (warily) taken her up on it, what might have happened? Or a little further back, if Taryn hadn't left the ship in 1.05—if having Sinbad and the Providence meant she didn't need Akbari anymore, she just needed the map—how might she have forced or bribed the crew to take her to Tiger, or to Malta? Would they have discovered why she was doing what she was doing along the way, a little bit at a time?
    >   And Tiger, oh, anything—what if she'd met the crew earlier? Might Nala and her father have hired Tiger on as a bodyguard, and brought her on the Providence with them? (... Tiger/Nala = YES PLEASE.) Or could someone else have hired her to track down Gunnar, wanting revenge for something he'd done in the Valsgard? Or if she'd tried to get close enough to catch Sinbad another way—by pretending she was down on her luck and wanted to join the crew, or needed passage? (And then she'd MEANT to grab him, she really had, but there wasn't a good moment, and then she got to know everyone ... Did I mention I like tropes, and also found family? :D)

•  AU - SciFi/Fantasy Elements: This one is mostly because a scifi AU of this show is such a great idea, and I think there should be many such fics. :D Feel free to focus on anybody you're interested in—tell me about Gunnar/Sinbad or Nala/Rina IN SPACE, or adapt Taryn however you'd like (does she have unusual powers because she's been enhanced somehow, and/or has figured out how to give herself telekinesis/psychic abilities? Or is it more that she has extremely advanced technology that looks near-magical to most people—but it's really swarms of nanites?), or Tiger (was she raised by SPACE TIGERS? :D Exactly how epic are her space-bounty-hunting solo adventures?). Any scifi tropes or themes you want to focus on are totally welcome, and if you'd like to make this a fusion (stealthy or not-so-stealthy) with a pre-existing scifi universe, I'm familiar with LOTS of them, so you're probably good to go. ;D

•  Canon-Style Plot: Another more general one! I'm happy for Gunnar/Sinbad, Nala/Rina, or both to be happening somewhere in the background, or hinted at but unresolved, or for the canon-style plot to focus on Tiger or Taryn or neither. Or, of course, this can be shipfic with a canon-style plot as underpinning! WHATEVER YOU LIKE. The magic and the settings in Sinbad are so handwavy that you can do almost anything you please—someone's trapped in a time loop! The crew reaches an island covered in sex pollen plants, or literal lotus eaters who manage to enchant somebody who then needs a rescue! Someone drinks the wrong thing and discovers they can't lie anymore—or maybe that they can't tell the truth? :D Seriously, here for any show-style shenanigans with as much or as little of an ensemble as you like.

•  Getting Together: I'm open to absolutely anything—quiet and contemplative five-things/five-times to tropey bedsharing warmth-huddling hurt/comfort, or anything in between! :D For prompts that are more specific to the pairings I requested, though—
    >   For Gunnar/Sinbad, anything that dwells on how awful Gunnar feels about his past would be wonderful! I LOVE THAT GUILTY ANGST. /o\ Sinbad getting ensnared in magical difficulties that Gunnar has to, like, quest or sacrifice something to get him out of would also be solid gold. :D BUT I also love this the other way around, with any tropey or magical circumstances that might require Sinbad to be all clever and kind and brash and Sinbad-y to get Gunnar out of a trap/someone's clutches safely. ♥ Or, of course, just any string of quiet easy moments on the ship that adds up to 5k, them getting to know each other better and growing slowly closer. OR LEARNING THEY ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED ON THIS ONE ISLAND BECAUSE THEY DRANK FROM THE SAME CUP. :D
    >   For Nala/Rina, I just love their whole princess/thief dynamic a ridiculous amount. :D They totally rub each other the wrong way at first, and anything that captures any part of the transition from that to being friends and crewmates (who still argue) and MAKING OUT SOMETIMES would be wonderful. This would be another awesome fuckbuddies-to-lovers pairing—Rina trying to find a way to sort of have something on Nala, to have something Nala wants even if it's just sex, and then it turning into something else on her unexpectedly. :D Or just something focused on the two of them, where they have to work together to save the rest of the crew, with hints that it could develop into more! THAT'S FINE TOO. Rina gets magicked so everyone's acting like they're in love with her, and only Nala seems unaffected! Something removes Nala from everybody's memories, and she hadn't realized exactly how much Rina trusted her until it stops! *________*

•  Worldbuilding: I don't feel too strongly about being 100% canon-compliant here, or 100% compliant with any word-of-god stuff you're familiar with. And obviously you also should feel no pressure to be compliant with actual history, because a) the show sure didn't and b) this is a setting where magic is real! Like, feel free to base any worldbuilding on the real world/actual history, but also don't feel like you need to do exhaustive research or anything, because *waves hands* it is SINBAD.
    >   For Gunnar/Sinbad, please feel free to tell me anything at all that you would like to make up about what things are like where Gunnar is from, how magic is done or what magical creatures live there, what the Valsgard were and did and what Gunnar saw and did when he left them and traveled aaaaaaall the way to Basra; or, on Sinbad's side, what daily life consists of in Basra vs on the ship, what kinds of stories his grandmother told him, how much he knows about his father and about magic—and if you want to try to make something coherent out of the emir supporting science over magic, when that happened and why, be my guest! :D
    >   For Nala/Rina, aaaaaanything you'd like to fill in about Nala's country and people, about Death (was that actually Death in 1.04? Or was him not knowing Nala hadn't cried an indicator that that was a trickster of some kind pretending to be Death?), about her mother, about her flight to Basra with her father, would be great. And Rina and her awful backstory—anything you have in mind about where she's from, what her parents were like and why they sold her ("because they were desperate" and "because they were awful" are equally acceptable answers!), how she ended up in Basra and what places she passed through/experiences she had on the way there, would be great.
    >   For Taryn—some of this came up elsewhere, but seriously, anything about how she learned the magic she uses, who she learned it from and how she did it. If you're into fictional politics, I would LOVE anything about the process she used to worm her way into the emir's court and/or Akbari's confidence, what intrigue she might have set in motion or what openings she found. Anything that fleshes out that reference to the emir supporting science instead of magic—what were things like before that transition, and how have they changed? Did Taryn learn magic before or after? (If before, has she had to hide it since? If after, how was she able to do it, and was it dangerous to try?)
    >   For Tiger, THE WORLD'S YOUR OYSTER. I'm given to understand it's word of god that she was a warlord's daughter, left in the wilderness to die, and found by someone rather than raised by tigers—I would be happy for you to run with that and tell me more about where she came from (does she know, and ever try to go back to confront her father/the rest of her family?), or to totally ignore that and tell me how confusing she sometimes finds humans, where her tigers live and how she came to leave them behind, whether she ever plans to go back. Or the bounty hunting! Anything about previous jobs she's taken on, the people she's found and the circumstances she's found them in. How she ended up on Malta and met Brother Angelico (did those two things happen at the same time, or different times?), and where she's been since! KNOCK YOURSELF OUT.

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Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Mon Mothma, Padmé Amidala

AU - Canon Divergence, Fix-it Fic, Slice of Life, Worldbuilding

I'm so easy for Star Wars that it's a little ridiculous. /o\ Please feel free to write me just about anything about either of these characters! Tweak anything you want—what if either or both of them had never become senators? Would Mon still have ended up in the rebellion? Would Padmé still have met Anakin again? Veering more decisively toward fix-it, is there a universe where a vote of no confidence could have screwed up Palpatine's plans? 5k of straight-up "Padmé does in fact have the will to live" would also be entirely welcome! :D

Or tell me anything you please about the day-to-day lives and worlds of either of these women (or both). What was Mon's childhood on Chandrila like? What are the everyday trials and tribulations of a senator—and how do they change as Palpatine's power increases? What actions are taken or political maneuvers made by the Loyalist Committee, offscreen? The five worst days in the life of either woman—and one of the best days?

Will I ever pass up a chance to yammer about Star Wars? Apparently not. (I mean, sort of yes—this signup could have been solid Star Wars from top to bottom, but I figured that would probably not be a great idea. ;D) There are a lot of things I honestly love about the prequels, whatever else may be said about them, and these two characters are two of them. :D (And I'm familiar with bits and pieces of Clone Wars/Rebels and Legends/the old Expanded Universe, so feel free to use or reference some of that material if you want to—or stick to movie canon and make up everything else! Either is totally fine with me.)

•  AU - Canon Divergence: Most of these kind of lend themselves to a fix-it angle, but that's partly because ... well, canon is the universe where everything went wrong, after all. /o\
    >   For Mon, I'm interested in an AU from basically any point you want! If she'd never been elected in the first place, would she still have become part of the rebellion? How? Or if any of her political efforts as a member of the Loyalist Committee (or Delegation of 2,000, if you want to dip into what is technically Legends) had been successful, and had thrown a wrench into Palpatine's plans? Or (post-canon, technically) if she'd never joined the rebellion—the senate didn't technically get dissolved until ANH, IIRC. What were those years like in the senate, and what would Mon have done during them that might have changed the course of events?
    >   For Padmé, SAME GOES. If she hadn't become a senator after stepping down as queen, how might things be different? Would she and Anakin still have met again somehow? (It is totally okay for the answer to this to be "yes!"—or for it to be "no, clearly she would have married Sabé and become a special advisor to Queen Jamillia!") Or go back even farther: if she'd never been queen at all? If she were a Jedi, and Anakin a senator, in an AU where Tatooine's petitioning for or has just received official entry into the Republic? :D

•  Fix-it Fic: I know it's sort of the opposite of the point of the prequel movies, but I WANT EVERYTHING TO BE OKAY. ESPECIALLY FOR THESE TWO.
    >   For Mon—I'm repeating myself a little, oops, but seriously, anything where the politics shake out differently due to something she's able to pull off where she couldn't or had no opportunity to in canon would be great. (Politics, especially on this scale, are just so enormous and complex and messy! I refuse to believe Palpatine could predict or control everything perfectly in all possible universes. REFUSE.) What if the Loyalist Committee had done the same thing to Palpatine that he set up to have happen to Valorum, and had (after, of course, making sure they had enough support to make it work) orchestrated a vote of no confidence? (If you would like to write about EITHER Mon or Padmé being elected to replace him, that would be totally magical. :D)
    >   For Padmé, I mean, the big obvious one is NOT DYING. There can absolutely never be too many "Padmé lives" AUs, in my opinion! However, I'd also love to read fix-its where: she perhaps calls for a formal inquiry into the conduct of the Trade Federation, instead of a vote of no confidence in Valorum, in TPM (the Jedi are official representatives of the Republic, and the Trade Federation tried to gas them. HOW IS THERE NO INQUEST); she actually investigates the sequence of events that placed a fully-grown clone army at the Republic's disposal, in AotC (someone using Kaminoan equipment tried to assassinate her. HOW DOES THAT NOT EVER GET MENTIONED AGAIN); or she goes to see what's happened at the Jedi temple when the fires start in RotS, and can stop Anakin before he's completely off the rails.

•  Slice of Life: This is sort of intertwined with worldbuilding, in a certain sense, because there's not actually all that much information in the movies about what queens or senators do with their time, or about Chandrila. But! Hopefully if you offered this, you're up for that. :D
    >   For Mon, seriously, any part of her story or point in her life would be great to see in more detail. (Apparently there's a little bit of background information about her in the Rogue One novelization, and of course she gets a lot more screen time in Clone Wars—if you want to use that stuff, you can, BUT of course you don't have to!) Anything about her childhood, her relationship with her parents, what it was like to run for Chandrila's senate seat, the day-to-day work of being a senator—and of course any political finagling or intrigue you'd like to include or expand on is totally welcome. FICTIONAL POLITICS ARE VERY MUCH MY JAM. :D But also feel free to go lighter/quieter—five vacations she's taken, five really good days in her life! Or if you want to go post-canon (where canon = the prequel trilogy) and a little heavier, there's always day-to-day life as one of the leaders of the rebellion, the everyday issues she has to settle and logistical problems she deals with, the battles and deaths she's always watching/reading reports on but never fighting herself.
    >   For Padmé, again, absolutely any part of her life is a part I would be interested in a 5k slice of! :D Being a girl on Naboo in that political youth program, her family and siblings; being elected queen, selecting her handmaidens, getting to know them and all the little moments there must have been behind the scenes; leaving the queenship behind for her senate seat, how that transition went and the differences and similarities. Anything about being on the Loyalist Committee, their meetings and conversations, what it was like on a day-to-day basis watching everything come apart—she's offscreen for such big chunks of RotS that 5k of missing scenes or how events look from her perspective would honestly be great!

•  Worldbuilding: I don't feel too strongly about being compliant with canon here—because there are so many versions, and there's a fair amount of novelization/Legends information about Naboo and Chandrila, and I only remember like a quarter of it. *waves hands* Movie canon + your imagination is fine, as is anything you feel like picking and choosing out of other sources you're familiar with.
    >   For Mon, I mean, go wild: tell me absolutely anything you want about Chandrila, about its climate and culture and architecture, about any part of growing up on it and participating in politics as its representative. Is Coruscant an adjustment for Mon in any way—or in a lot of ways? What is she used to, and how are the other worlds she visits as a senator different? Traditions, foods, holidays—what does she manage to keep or maintain, and what can she not help but miss? What issues do her constituents care about, before the whole "creeping shadow of war" thing sort of overtakes everything else?
    >   For Padmé, there's slightly fewer blanks to fill because Naboo actually gets some screentime—but that doesn't mean there aren't any. :D If you wanted to, you could probably write me 5k about her clothes when she's queen, and I would EAT THAT UP WITH A SPOON. The whole process of election on Naboo, of choosing handmaidens; the obvious ceremonial and traditional weight behind her clothes and hair; what previous kings and queens have been like, and how Padmé regards her predecessors and successors; state visits she made to other worlds as queen, or attending political conferences of various kinds as a senator. Her staff and assistants, how her preferences for the organization of her office and her files has developed over time! /o\ ANYTHING YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE MAKING 5K OUT OF, I WILL READ.

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I really hope you didn't get to this paragraph by reading that entire thing, but if you did, let me apologize. /o\ I hope this was helpful rather than excruciatingly boring, and that you enjoy this exchange and receive a spectacular gift of your own. ♥
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