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and then into the sky of this

I feel like I looked away, and then looked back, and ... September's almost over? I haven't posted in months?! THE YULETIDE LETTERS POST IS UP?!? How does this keep happening? *shakes fist*

A (relatively) brief survey of things I've enjoyed since FEBRUARY, wtf:

Batman v Superman! I went to see this on a whim with my dad, because my mom wouldn't go with him and my sister wasn't interested. And it was not a good movie, okay? It was in fact almost incoherent. But somehow Ben Affleck did an incredibly good job conveying Bruce Wayne in a way that I found a lot more engaging than Nolanverse. ??? I can't explain it, I can't even quite recommend it, but I also can't pretend I didn't enjoy that movie. (Also, Bruce is at least halfway in love with Clark by the end. TOO BAD HE'S DEAD. /o\ Oh, Bruce.)

GHOSTBUSTERS AAAAA. HOW PERFECT WAS THIS MOVIE. *___________* I'm only halfway fannish about it, but just because it was so awesome in itself that I'm like WHAT IS THERE TO ADD (aside from Holtzmann kissing women, obviously! But that's the only thing that was missing). I loved the experience of watching women just exist, just be on screen and be friends and talk and eat and fuck up and bust ghosts, SO MUCH that I saw this like three times in the theater and then again at a local re-screening. It was just EXISTENTIALLY SATISFYING. GODDAMN. I was also really delighted to have genuinely enjoyed it—my sense of humor doesn't tend to match up well to Melissa McCarthy, but I was grimly determined to go anyway, and then I did and it was hilarious. :D So that was pretty sweet!

Star Trek: Beyond was honestly more of a relief to me than anything—I still haven't seen Into Darkness and still frankly do not plan to. But I was tentatively willing to give Beyond a try, and it was so comfortable and solid and easy to enjoy. WHEW. I didn't ADORE it, it didn't rewrite me internally like MM:FR did; but Jaylah was great, the whole crew was great, I loved getting to see different groupings of characters interacting like that, and the climactic sequence was gold! (Silly? Possibly. STILL GOLD.) BEATS AND SHOUTING. ♥ Also loved how low-key it was about Sulu's family, I thought that moment was really well done. I don't know, it might be more about how glad I was to get to enjoy a Star Trek movie again than anything else, but I liked it! :D

I don't even remember how I found out Wynonna Earp was a thing, because I watch so little TV on my actual TV that I don't see ads for new shows anymore. BUT I DID, AND BOY AM I GLAD. The amount I have to say is, as it tends to be, inversely proportional to how much I love the thing I'm saying it about: Wynonna Earp is, so far, basically everything I wanted it to be, and I'm SO THRILLED about it. Love Wynonna and all her fuckups, how hard she tries and how hard she tries to make it look like she's not trying hard; love Waverly, love Nicole, SO HERE FOR CANON F/F YAY; love Dolls, love Doc, love all the complicated feelings and missteps and watching these people get to know each other and work together. IDEK I'M JUST ENJOYING IT SO MUCH. WOOOOOOOOO

I realize now I never posted much of anything about S1 of Dark Matter, except for all that helpless yelling in last year's Yuletide letter! But I just finished up S2 and am still willing to say I enjoy it. I disengaged from it just a bit when One was killed off, mostly because if I can't trust a show to keep the main cast alive, I'm just not going to commit to it completely. Which turned out to be a good decision, because NYX NO OH GOD WHY D: AAAAAAAA. So while I'm probably going to keep watching as long as Two's still alive and in charge of things, it's becoming clear that I want different things from this show than it's going to give me.

That said, though, I really did enjoy a lot of S2. Nyx was great, and the whole subplot with the blink drive was interesting and made a lot of sense in-universe (not something I'm used to with Mallozzi and Mullie, I'm comfortable saying). I also love Truffault and love that she keeps popping up, and not just because it's so nice to see Elizabeth again. :D And I'm definitely enjoying all the political finagling/corporate shenaniganry; it feels genuinely complicated to me in the way things do when everyone is pursuing their own interests at the same time, which I appreciate in fiction. And the main crew and their relationships with each other are still really satisfying to me—Two and the android and whatever Portia Lin did, Five and Three and Three trying to get himself ~left behind~, oh my GOD, and Three and Six trying to work through the betrayal at the end of S1, and EVERYBODY coming together to help Two when her nanites were failing, I just. YAY CREW. ♥

Other than that, still watching Major Crimes and still so happy with it that I have nothing to say about it. Slowly working my way through Miss Fisher and enjoying it so far. Lucifer's just started up again—I watched S1 and enjoyed it a lot, but I felt the same way about Sleepy Hollow, so we'll just see how S2 goes. And ... that's all that springs to mind, though I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

As for real life? ... I can't believe there's anyone left who's undecided about the presidential election, and that's about all I want to say about that. There are times when I love living in a safe blue state, and there are times when it makes me feel incredibly helpless.