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Long time no post, but I'm caught up with nearly everything - and we even lost power a couple days ago, which means I finally had a reason to sit down and read an actual dead tree book for a little while. \o/

Major Crimes, squee and spoilers. ) /o\ I AM SO EASY FOR THIS SHOW. HELP.

Still watching allllll the WNBA games I can tape, and really enjoying it. I have absolutely no stake in any of the games except my tendency to root for the underdog, so I get all the joy of watching without the stress of being the fan of a single team.

Also, for no particular reason, I ended up with a copy of Delgo (2008). Spoilers, if anyone cares? )

I actually finished some stuff, and yet my fannish to-do list has only grown. UNFAIR. Also, Youtube Let's-Plays are the most addictive thing in the world. It's like watching people play Oregon Trail all through my fourth grade lunch period, times ten.


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