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November was all NANO NANO NANO, and now we've flopped into December and I've swapped to YULETIDE YULETIDE YULETIDE. :D :D :D

I'm THISCLOSE to completing my totally amazing assignment, woooooo, which will hopefully make me feel less guilty about somehow already having TWO GIFTS??? One Madness, one main collection, and tentative present-shaking indicates I am YET AGAIN going to have an amazing Yuletide.


But as my brain's being eaten by bears, I haven't had much left for actual canon consumption lately. I've been hugely enjoying Lucifer and Elementary; tentatively still watching Blindspot, though it's starting to feel a little bit like the wheels are coming off; and mostly just mocking Timeless, which is trying a lot of things but IMO isn't really succeeding at them. (I wouldn't really care how bad the episode plots were if I loved the characters, but that show is seriously not managing to convince me that its main characters are a team or even friends. I WANT TO BELIEVE. THIS IS NOT A HARD SELL. And yet.)

However! I did end up going to see Moana, twice, and LOVED IT. I'm not sure I can think of anything I would change about it, in point of fact—I'm not the target audience for the mildly psychedelic crab sequence, but it was technically plot-important, so it can stay. And the kakamora part wasn't all that connected to the rest of the story, but it felt like such a gloriously intentional Fury Road riff that I totally adored it anyway. :D

Seriously, though, everything about Moana's story was basically exactly what I wanted to see. Everyone's casual acceptance of her place as the next chief of her people, her struggles with responsibility, her competence in some areas and willingness to admit she had no idea what she was doing in others, learning how to wayfind and trusting herself and her relationship with her grandmother and and and. ♥ And Maui was great, his backstory and his issues and how they played into his actions—and the finale reveal was just, YES. There's no antagonism, in the end, only misunderstandings and pain and people doing things without thinking, and with compassion and care those things can be fixed.

That is absolutely a fairytale I want to hear told. *___________*


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