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So, I had a thrilling day in Biology on Tuesday, part of which involved a locked door and me taking it upon myself to hold it open for people - and, in my rush to let someone in, slamming my upper thigh into the corner of a chair arm. I now have a similarly thrilling bruise, which, for some unknown reason, has manifested its darkest regions in the shape of a small three-fingered hand. I am not even kidding, it's like I've been groped by a handsy Elfquest elf.

I also had a thrilling day in Biology today, as it happens, although this was thrilling in a better way: I nearly missed the professor's announcement that he was letting class out early because I was listening to music on my not!Pod and planning fic in my notebook. :D

Less randomly, I have suddenly fallen absolutely ass-over-teakettle for Avatar (the cartoon series, not the movie - not either of the movies, for that matter, although technically the word "Avatar" isn't in the title of the more pertinent one). It's one of those things that makes me curse the Animation Age Ghetto (warning: TVTropes link), because the world is captivating, and the animation is often really gorgeous, and the writing ... sometimes hurts me inside. Like, I used to think L&O and SVU got pretty anviltastic, but Avatar ... yikes. The general impression I have is that most of the eps I've seen would benefit hugely from being an hour long, instead of just a half-hour. The compression tends to turn what should be emotional arcs into emotional scribbles, instead, and the same thing happens to the plot sometimes, too.

Granted, there are exceptions. Uncle Iroh is awesome beyond the telling of it, and Zuko's redemption arc is dragging on so long I kind of want to scream a little. Admittedly, I was spoiled for how, you know, he does eventually turn good; maybe if I hadn't known that going in, I'd be more interested in watching his moral tug-of-war. As it is, though, his eventual Heel Face Turn seems painfully obvious, and they just keep thwarting it by making him emotionally obtuse and completely unable to accept good advice. But I can't seem to stop myself from going back and watching more. Oh, and: I LOVE TOPH. TOPH BEI FONG IS MY FAVORITE EVERYTHING. ♥♥♥♥♥

Given that my first introduction to the existence of Avatar was F_W, and the massive wankpocalypse that struck the hardcore Harmonian Zutara shippers after the finale, I ... kind of can't believe that I've started an Avatar section in my Cliché Bingo prompt list document. /o\ Curse me for being so easily hooked.


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